11 Reasons Why Gaming Chairs Are Worth It

Why Gaming Chairs Are Worth It

Gaming chairs can make your gaming experiences much more enjoyable over time, especially if you play games for long hours at a stretch. Without a decent chair, you leave yourself vulnerable to all kinds of health problems. You also won’t perform as well, and your room will give off distinct I’m-too-cheap-to-buy-real-furniture vibes. 

Below you’ll find some of the biggest reasons why gaming chairs are worth the money and the trouble of picking out a brand with a good reputation. Even if you only game casually, you’d be surprised at some of the benefits you can get from doing it in a chair that takes ergonomics into account. Read on to learn more about gaming chairs and how to choose the best one for you. 

Gaming Chairs Are Comfortable

Probably the top reason you should consider buying a gaming chair if you’re gaming in anything else is for the comfort factor alone. 

Since video and computer games are designed to be played for hours on end, chairs that don’t incorporate structural elements for comfort will end up causing you to fidget with discomfort. Want to avoid your legs falling asleep from gaming in an awkward position? A gaming chair is the way to go. 

Here are a few of the features many gaming chairs include to make them more comfortable and ergonomic to use:

  • Backrest support: Lumbar support is a serious concern for gamers who tend to slouch forward towards the screen while they play. Sitting in a gaming chair that provides a solid backrest can help encourage gamers to sit back from the screen and relax their shoulders to experience less discomfort over time.
  • Armrests: Armrests are a necessity for any chair that you’re going to be spending a long time sitting in. Many gaming chairs come with foam-covered armrests so that you can relax your arms comfortably between gaming matches.
  • Memory foam construction: The cushioned design of gaming chairs sets them apart from cheaper office chairs, and the memory foam construction used in most helps to offset the wear and tear of being sat in over time.
  • Faux leather surfaces: Genuine leather is too expensive for most gaming chairs, but the faux leather (known as PU or leatherette) used in gaming chairs gives buyers many of the same tactile sensations of leather in a more uniform construction material.
  • Ventilated mesh: Lighter gaming chairs often incorporate a mixture of both memory foam and mesh panels to help keep the chair breathable. 

No matter which gaming chair you end up choosing, going with one that is constructed out of high-quality materials can be worth the money if it translates to long-lasting durability, good looks, and a comfortable design. 

Gaming Chairs Improve Your Posture 

When it comes to health in esports, the posture of gamers is one of the chief concerns in the hobby. Because it isn’t anatomically natural for humans to sit upright in a chair (even a gaming chair) gamers need to be aware of their posture while playing. Staying aware of posture can help you avoid causing damage to yourself by slouching.

Here are a few of the dangers that having poor posture while gaming poses: 

  • Sciatica: Sciatica is a nerve compression disorder where sitting in an awkward position or posture can cause burning, numbness, and shooting pains in the lower back, hips, buttocks, and legs. Sciatica usually shows up on one side of the body. Extreme cases of sciatica can lead to leg or bladder weakness.
  • Lumbar pain: Lumbar pain is what is commonly known as “lower back pain” and is one of the main symptoms you’ll deal with if you game for several hours at a time in a bad posture. Gaming chairs help prevent lumbar pain by providing lumbar support with a solid backrest. 
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: Bad posture contributes to an awkward wrist position. This can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, a degenerative disease caused by compression of the medial nerve in the wrist. If it is allowed to progress, carpal tunnel syndrome can eventually cause a gamer to need surgery to correct it.
  • Joint degeneration: Because gaming with a bad posture puts your body in an unnatural position, it can cause joint inflammation and eventually degeneration in areas such as the back, hips, and neck. 
  • Stenosis: Stenosis is the narrowing of the spinal canal that can be caused by bad posture. This can lead to the symptoms of numbness, tingling, nerve pain, and general discomfort in the lower torso, hips, and legs. 

Gaming chairs improve your posture by providing lumbar support and allowing you the flexibility to lean backwards safely without falling out of your seat. This can help prevent you from developing a curled-over slouching posture that can cause neck, shoulder, and back pain. 

Good posture from sitting in a gaming chair also helps prevent you from developing repetitive motion injuries by holding yourself in an awkward position. If you play with good posture, you can play for longer periods without putting your health at risk.  

Gaming Chairs Can Prevent Body Aches

Along with improving posture and comfort, getting a gaming chair can help prevent body aches from gaming for long periods of time. Aside from the health risks related to the poor posture that causes 

Gaming chairs help prevent body aches in the following ways: 

  • Gaming chairs allow you to relax: The comfortable materials and sturdy support provided by gaming chairs allow you to relax your back, shoulders, and neck while you game instead of holding yourself in a tense position. Holding your muscles rigid while you play will lead to muscle fatigue and aches over time.
  • Gaming chairs encourage you to maintain good habits: If you usually game from your bed or a non-ergonomic chair, you will get into the habit of gaming in all sorts of awkward positions that you’ll pay for in aches and pains later. Gaming from a dedicated gaming chair can help train you to sit up and hold a good posture while you play. 
  • Gaming chairs provide a cushion: Sitting on a hard chair or the floor will cause your legs and backside to go numb from nerve compression if you sit in the same position for several hours. The memory foam and cushions help give you something comfortable to sit on so you don’t end up with a sore behind later. 

A good gaming chair isn’t the only prevention you need to look at while you’re gaming to prevent body aches. You also need to remember to stay hydrated and get up at least once an hour and move around to keep yourself from getting stiff and uncomfortable. 

Gaming Chairs Reduce Strain on Your Eyes

You might not think a gaming chair would have much impact over your eyes while you’re gaming, but you’d be wrong. By getting an adjustable gaming chair, you can set yourself up at a good angle where you aren’t having to peer or strain to see the screen. 

Eye strain (the overworking of the muscles inside and around the eyes that affect their movement) is the number one reported ailment associated with gaming, so common that there are even specialized eye drops for digital eye strain

Gaming Chairs Can Improve Your Performance

The health benefits of a good gaming chair are numerous, but there are other practical reasons you should invest in a gaming chair for your hobby too. Sitting upright in a good, well-balanced chair can do wonders for your gaming performance, especially if you’re playing fast-paced competitive games like multiplayer shooters or cooperative games. 

Even if you just play games casually, avoiding the mild discomforts of gaming from an uncomfortable chair can help you game longer and with more focus on the digital tasks at hand. This can help you improve your overall skill at the games you play over time. 

Gaming chairs don’t just improve your performance by making you more comfortable. Many gaming chairs also include digital accessories such as USB ports, microphone ports, and other devices that can help you have an integrated gaming experience. 

Gaming Chairs Can Help You Concentrate

Increased levels of padding, adjustable armrests, and other ergonomic amenities help you subconsciously relieve tension in your body while you’re playing. This in turn can lead to a more positive gaming experience where you can be more immersed in your game without being dragged out of focus by discomfort. 

There are many video games where lack of focus can cost you major points, a match, or even the entire game. The less you’re distracted by things in your environment while you’re gaming, the more you’ll be able to concentrate on holding your own in a competitive game. 

Gaming Chairs Can Help Prevent Thrombosis

Gaming chairs are a great investment to help make your gaming experience more comfortable, but did you know that they can actually help save your life? 

Gamer’s thrombosis (also known as deep vein thrombosis) is a life-threatening circulatory condition where a blood clot is thrown by a major vein, usually in the lower or upper legs. If left untreated, gamer’s thrombosis can quickly lead to an embolism and death if the blood clot moves to the lungs, heart, or brain.

Here are some of the symptoms of a gamer’s thrombosis: 

  • Sudden shortness of breath when you’ve been sitting, not exercising
  • Tachycardia (increased heartrate)
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Pain in the chest or sudden coughing
  • Cold sweats and disorientation
  • Coughing up blood

The biggest danger of gamer’s thrombosis is that this condition isn’t restricted to unhealthy individuals. Gamer’s thrombosis can strike even the healthiest young gamer if they spend too long in one position during a gaming session, especially if the circulation to their lower body is compromised by their posture. 

The most important way to prevent gamer’s thrombosis is to get up regularly while gaming and not sit in one position for too long. But sitting in an ergonomic position when you are playing by choosing a gaming chair can improve your posture and circulation. 

Gaming Chairs Are Meant for Long-Term Use

Even though gaming chairs might seem like a bit of an expensive investment, especially compared to other types of office chairs, they are worth the extra money when it comes to the practical investment. Compared to other cheaper chairs, gaming chairs are designed to last for several years under significant wear and tear without falling apart. 

A high-quality gaming chair can last from five to ten years if it’s taken care of, even if you game in it every day for several hours a day. This is comparable to high-end executive office chairs, and is several years longer than you can expect most mid-range or low-range office chairs to live under heavy use. 

Good gaming chairs usually come with a standard five-year warranty that protects them against manufacturing defects or workmanship issues such as loose stitching, peeling faux leather, or other cosmetic problems that show up over time. Note that most furniture warranties don’t cover normal wear and tear, and this includes gaming chair companies. 

However, many gaming chair companies will accept a gaming chair back within the five-year warranty period with few or no questions if you go through the trouble to ship your chair back to them for a replacement. Due to the hassle of having to go back to the manufacturer to redeem a warranty, many companies are lenient when it comes to ordering warranty work. 

Gaming Chairs Look Nice In Your Space

Gaming chairs are more comfortable and safer to use than other types of chairs for gaming, but those aren’t the only advantages to investing in one. Let’s face it – gaming chairs just look nicer in your bedroom or office than a bean bag, desk chair, or whatever else you’ve been using as a substitute for your gaming activities. 

If you have a personal computer or an entertainment center dedicated to your consoles, adding a gaming chair to your setup can help bring the whole look together for a unified vibe. You can even get fun sensory accessories for your gaming chair like mood lighting or additional speakers to enhance your gaming experience further. 

It might not seem like a big deal to invest in the interior design of your bedroom with a gaming chair, but making sure that your gaming environment is uncluttered and contains high-quality accessories can make your entire session more enjoyable. It can also have the following effects on your well-being: 

  • Improved self-confidence: If you game in your bedroom, adding a nice gaming chair and keeping your gaming area organized can help improve your mood and self-confidence. When you look around your living space and see sleek furniture and electronics, it’ll give you good vibes.
  • Improved socialization: You might end up fighting with your friends over who gets to use the good gaming chair when you game as a group, but setting up a nice gaming area with a gaming chair and other accessories can encourage people to host the next co-op tournament at your place. 

Gaming chairs might not be a cure-all for your gaming abilities and your social life, but they can definitely help you game in style. Taking pride in the appearance of your personal effects can have a snowball effect on improving the rest of your life, too.  

Gaming Chairs Are Strong

Gaming chairs are more comfortable than regular desk chairs, and they’re also stronger. Most gaming chairs are rated to hold body weights between 250 and 330 pounds. This makes them much more comfortable chairs for large and tall people to sit in while gaming. 

If you’re a big person, you might be uncomfortable in smaller chairs or chairs with less cushioning. Gaming chairs are sturdy enough to handle even the tallest and heaviest of gamers for long hours without buckling under the strain. 

Gaming Chairs Are Adjustable

There are plenty of chairs you could potentially use to sit on while you’re gaming, but the main disadvantage of many of them is that they aren’t adjustable. While you might not notice this feature lack if you only game in your non-adjustable chair for short sessions, gamers who spend longer hours will subject themselves to discomfort and injury. 

Gaming chairs have been designed with adjustable backrests, armrests, and seats so that you can customize your chair to a perfect height for your computer desk or gaming monitor. 

Bringing armrests up to a comfortable height and raising the seat to be level with your game’s viewing area keeps you from having to crane your neck to see or hold your arms in an awkward position. These chairs are also easily adjustable on the fly in most cases, so guests can readjust the gaming chair to their own levels without a major hassle. 

How Do You Choose a Chair for Gaming?

With hundreds of different gaming chairs on the market, how do you ever narrow it down to just one? Between the chairs available at local brick-and-mortar office supply stores and the chairs available online, the amount of choice involved with picking a new gaming chair can be overwhelming. This is especially the case if you’re having to save up for a really nice chair. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind that can help you choose a chair for gaming: 

  • Your weight: Most people can easily fit within the weight ratings for a gaming chair, but if you’re especially big, you might want to take a look at the maximum weight on each given chair model before you commit to a purchase.
  • Your budget: While mid-range gaming chairs usually run between two hundred and six hundred dollars, high-end gaming chairs can cost upwards of sixteen hundred dollars. The amount of money you have saved up to spend on your gaming chair will narrow down the choices available to you.
  • Your interior design: Gaming chairs coming in a wide variety of different colors and textures. Taking the decor in the rest of your gaming room into consideration can help you choose a gaming chair that matches well.
  • Your electronics: If you’ve got a gaming headset or other accessories to go with your gaming battlestation, you’ll want to be on the lookout for gaming chairs that are compatible with them. Syncing everything up can lead to a more seamless and integrated gaming experience.
  • Your assembly experience: Most gaming chairs are going to require some basic assembly to put them together, especially if you have a gaming chair boxed and shipped to you. Be sure to choose a chair that’s easy to assemble if you don’t have much experience or ability when it comes to technical skills. 

There are tons of great options for gaming chairs available online. However, if you’re not comfortable buying a chair sight unseen, you can also hit up your local office supply store such as Staples to see if there are any floor models available you can sit on and try. 

Is It Worth It to Buy a Used Gaming Chair? 

If you’re strapped for cash, you might be considering buying a used gaming chair rather than a new gaming chair. Since they last for such a long time, gamers often sell their old chairs when they get ready to upgrade them if they’ve still got some lifespan left. 

Buying a used gaming chair can help save you some money, but there are also some issues with buying a used chair that you might want to consider. Here are some things you need to think about before committing to a used gaming chair: 

  • Sanitation: Let’s face it, some gamers don’t have the best hygiene on the planet. If you buy a used gaming chair, you might end up with a chair that looks okay but smells like several years’ worth of farts and Cheeto dust. Be sure to inspect any prospective used chairs carefully for stains, stickiness, or off-putting sanitary conditions before purchase.
  • Functionality: While some gamers get rid of their gaming chair because they’re ready for a new one, many may decide to offload their chair when something goes wrong with it. Some mechanical problems like a sliding seat or foot wheels that don’t roll smoothly may not be apparent until you get the gaming chair home and start using it.
  • Lack of refunds/warranty: When you purchase a used gaming chair off a Facebook group or Craiglist, it’s often an “as-is” purchase. That means if you get your used gaming chair home and discover that the speakers don’t work or there is some other defect, you won’t be able to easily return it (if at all). 

You might run across a like-new gaming chair for sale on social media, and if you have the extra funds it might tempt you into a purchase that could save you a few hundred dollars. However,if you don’t vet your used gaming chair buy carefully, you could end up with a lemon and no recourse except to save up for another one. 

What Is the Best Chair for Gaming? 

Ask a dozen different people which is the best gaming chair on the market, and you’re likely to end up with at least half a dozen different answers. The reason for this is because the best chair for gaming is going to depend on what each individual needs out of their gaming setup. 

That being said, there are several gaming chairs on the market that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Here are just a few of the best chairs for gaming you can find: 

  • RESPAWN Racing Style Gaming Chair: This sleek gaming chair comes with plenty of cushions and red or blue racing stripes that look great whether you’re on the Forza track or you’re just participating in a little Grand Theft Auto. It’s also very reasonably priced.
  • Razer Iskur X Ergonomic Gaming Chair: While this gaming chair is a bit more on the expensive side at four hundred dollars, it includes multilayered synthetic leather, rotating 2D armrests, and a steel-reinforced frame for both comfort and strength. It also features Razer’s neon-green triskelion logo on the headrest for added style.
  • DXRacer PC Gaming Chair: DXRacer is one of the most popular brands in gaming chairs, and with good reason. These chairs feature an ergonomic head pillow, lumbar support, and a 135-degree reclining backrest. This gaming chair model has sold the highest number of units out of any other brand. 

There are hundreds more gaming chairs on the market than just these three. However, if you want a look at some of the best that the market has to offer, you can do a lot worse than the models above for your entry-level gaming chair. 

Gaming Chairs Are Well Worth the Money

If you’ve spent your gaming career gaming from a bed top or a regular chair, you might not see the need to invest in a real gaming chair for your gaming setup. But those gamers who have made the leap to a gaming chair have quickly discovered the benefits of sitting on a piece of furniture that has comfort and ergonomics built into its design. 

With plenty of affordable options available, even gamers on a budget should take a look into getting themselves a decent place to sit while they game. Gaming chairs are worth it! 


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