12 Ways To Use A Room Divider To Hide Your Treadmill

Room Divider To Hide Your Treadmill

While it is all well and good to get a treadmill for at-home workouts, you might have trouble finding the right spot for it in your home. Without a reserved exercise room, a treadmill placed in another area can disrupt the aesthetic in your house. One way to prevent this from happening is by using a room divider. So, what are 12 ways to use a room divider to hide your treadmill?

There are plenty of ways to use a room divider to hide your treadmill. Keep in mind, a room divider does not always have to be a dull, canvas-style divider. You can get creative with your efforts to make your treadmill go unnoticed.

Read on to learn 12 ways to use a room divider to hide your treadmill. Although it is a practical piece of equipment to have in your home, a treadmill should not be the centerpiece of a room’s decor. Using a room divider can hide your treadmill while nicely tying the room together. Depending on your interior design style, there are several ways to approach hiding your treadmill with a room divider.

Use A Basic Room Divider

If you are not one for aesthetic, you may not care about the style of the room. In a way, randomness can be a nice touch for a section of your home. If this is the case, get whichever type of room divider appeals to you. The shape, color, design, or anything else does not matter. As long as the room divider covers the treadmill, you have nothing to worry about.

If you want a room divider simply for the practical use of covering your treadmill, it also may not matter how you position both the treadmill and the room divider. Wherever the treadmill is most convenient should be just fine. As long as there is enough room to cover it with the room divider, your job is finished. Still, if you are looking for a room divider to hide your treadmill, chances are that you have some interest in the organization of your home.

Whether you curve the room divider around the treadmill or set it horizontally zig-zagging to close off the most observable places in the room is also up to you. As long as you can figure out a way to cover the treadmill with the room divider, you should be good. Still, how the room divider looks in the room is essential to making it work effortlessly.

Go For A Unique Room Divider

It is safe to assume that most people likely care what the room divider looks like to some degree. With countless options out there, it can be difficult to choose which room divider to hide your treadmill with. You could go for something unassuming or make the room divider a staple for the specific room in your home. Positioning the treadmill and room divider is another thing to think about.

Whether you choose a room divider based on your personality, sense of style, or anything else is completely up to you. As mentioned, the options are endless because there are so many styles of room dividers to choose from. If you do not have anything else in the room that you feel necessarily adds to your sense of style, the room divider you choose can be your chance to find that style.

Match The Divider To The Decor

Choosing a room divider that matches the color or design of the rest of the room is probably the safest option. It keeps the room looking clean and organized. With the right placement, it might even be difficult for anyone to even guess that there is a treadmill behind your room divider. Plus, choosing a room divider that matches is not dull; it is a way to keep your room looking just as organized as it was before you had a treadmill to hide.

Depending on the furniture and various decor in the room, choose something simple to match the room divider with. If there are lampshades with a unique design on them, get a room divider with a canvas design similar to or the same. If you have a wicker chair, accent the space with a wooden or woven room divider. As long as the addition of a room divider does not make the decor stand out too much, it can work very nicely.

Pick A Divider That Looks Like Art

Choosing a room divider as an art piece can also be a great way to distract from what is behind it. People may not even acknowledge the existence of your treadmill if the room divider covering it has a canvas displaying bright flowers or an open ocean with seagulls flying over. This is a simple way to draw attention away from the treadmill and back into the room and the company within it.

It does not have to be a picturesque canvas. You can choose an intricately designed wooden canvas to add to the artwork in the room. Especially if you do not have very many paintings, framed pictures, or the like, a vibrant room divider can fit in as a major art piece while functioning to hide your treadmill.

Draw Attention To The Divider

Speaking of adding more of a sense of style to the room, a room divider hiding a treadmill could be surrounded with additional decor. If your treadmill is off to the side or in the corner of the room – which it should be – a room divider decorated with various objects makes the whole collection of material appear to accent a simple decorative piece in the corner of the room.

You can place all sorts of objects around your room divider to make it a centerpiece in the room. Whether it be succulents, tall plants, beads, or even a chair, assigning your room divider as a creative space allows you to display a unique set of decor without ever having to worry about people wondering what is behind the room divider. 

In this and similar cases, hiding your treadmill properly can make the presence of a room divider a good thing. Yes, it may be obvious that there is a room divider covering something, but if the room divider and the decor around it have an appealing aesthetic, it does not matter what it is hiding.

Encase The Treadmill

One useful way to hide your treadmill with whichever room divider you choose is to fully encase the treadmill with the room divider. Of course, you will have to make sure the room divider is big enough to do so. If it is positioned diagonally in the corner of the room, surround it with the room divider. Especially if the room divider matches the color of the rest of the room, it may not stand out as much as you think.

This can look a bit awkward, but adding things around the room divider, as mentioned above, is a good way to distract from the room divider if it pushes into the room more than you would like. Still, keeping the room divider zig-zagged horizontally can still work, but you will be able to see the treadmill from different angles. As long as the room divider covers the treadmill from the perspective of the main focal points in the room, awkward angles that reveal the treadmill should not be a problem.

Hang Drapes Or Curtains

A room divider is not only reserved as those zig-zagged panels. You can get creative while covering your treadmill and choose more unorthodox forms of room dividers. Hanging drapes or curtains in front of your room divider is great if the room itself shows more of a soft interior design. By including drapes or curtains, the flowiness can keep the room looking swift and dynamic.

Drapes or curtains are also a very practical use as a room divider. When you actually want to use your treadmill, simply push the curtains aside or tie up the drapes for easy access to the treadmill. Then, when you need to hide it again, let lose the ties to cover the treadmill. Plus, as drapes or curtains are hung from the ceiling or bars just below the ceiling, they can actually make your room seem taller, and as a result, more spacious overall.

Drapes or curtains can also be a great way to cover a larger area than other room dividers, allowing you to hide a small set of weights, a yoga mat, or anything else you may include in your at-home workout routine.

Use A Bookshelf For A Natural Look

It may sound unusual, but a great way to prevent your room divider from standing out too much is by adding as much as you can to eat. In a sense, the room divider would be hiding in plain sight. For example, hide a treadmill in the middle of the room by placing a bookshelf in front of it. As long as the room is big enough and the bookshelf does not stick into the room too much, this can be a very unique way to hide your treadmill.

Keeping the bookshelf centered in the room adds a sense of symmetry. Plus, you can add books, family photos, statues, and other forms of decoration to fill the shelves and make the bookshelf look like any other set of shelves in your home. Making the divider a functional piece of furniture can help keep people’s curiosity away from wondering what is behind it. Keep in mind, however, that if it is in an unusual spot in the room, it might instead entice people to wonder what it is hiding.

Build A Wall

It can seem awkward or impractical at first, but having a wall built is an easy fix to hiding your treadmill. It is worth mentioning that it does not have to be an entire wall reaching from the floor to the ceiling. A simple four or five-foot wall, tall and wide enough to cover the tallest part of the treadmill, can suffice. As long as the paint or wallpaper on the new wall matches the rest of your walls, guests may not even recognize the small divider at first.

To make the wall more appealing, you could opt for a design. Have the part of the wall covering the tall side of the treadmill large enough for complete coverage while the rest of the wall decreases diagonally. Whether it looks like miniature steps, a solid slope, or anything else, it can add a bit of spark to an otherwise dull wall. Still, even a simple wall can add more character than a plain, poorly-made room divider.

Hang A Floating Painting

Hang a large painting with clear fixtures from the ceiling to give the appearance of a floating piece of art. No matter what the painting is, it makes for both a practical way to hide your treadmill while also presenting the possibility of a major topic of conversation. This unique creation of a room divider is a fun way to hide your treadmill.

The main thing to think about if you choose to use a floating painting is whether it is long enough to cover the length of the treadmill. If there are not generous amounts of wiggle room on either side, it could pose the risk of people seeing your treadmill with even a slight brisk of wind. You might also be wondering about how much total coverage a floating painting will get you. Below is one way a floating painting can work as a room divider.

Put Furniture In Front

As you might have guessed, A floating painting does not touch the floor. As a result, you would still be able to see the entire bottom half of your treadmill. There is an easy fix for this. Place a couch or chair beneath and in front of the floating painting so that the bottom half of your treadmill is not exposed. This is another unique way to use a collection of decor to add to the appeal of the room.

If you have a sofa or set of chairs that are tall enough, those alone could probably hide your treadmill very efficiently. Still, you may need to resort to the bookshelf discussed above – or any other large piece of furniture that you can make work: a dresser, vanity, mirror, etc. The most important thing to consider is how “normal” the room divider makes the room look. Still, as you have learned, the type of room divider you use can determine whether it should stand out or not.

Opt For Unique Architecture

If you are willing to invest heavily in your room divider, you can make it the most noticeable aspect of the room in which your treadmill is kept. Rather than building a wall of sorts, consider expanding the horizons. Have a complex, sculpturesque mix of wooden slats placed in front of your treadmill. While something like this can be a bit see-through, it is unlikely someone would first ask about the treadmill rather than the idea behind the brilliant accent in the room.

Other things that could work could be a substantial sculpture, a luxurious bamboo collection, or anything else you might think of. Even if it is an object that does not completely cover the treadmill from head to toe, it does work in one majorly practical aspect: keeping the room open. Other solid room dividers can make the space feel restrictive. Something that allows a bit of light to seep through can maintain a nice airiness in your home.

With a room divider based on uniqueness, you can benefit from the addition of a personality piece. In a way, having the excuse to hide your treadmill is a great way to introduce a creative piece into your home.

Can You Put A Treadmill Against A Wall?

It is not a good idea to put your treadmill in any closed-quarters. Putting a treadmill against a wall can be a dangerous risk. If you fall and the belt continues moving, you can be severely injured if you get pinned between the treadmill and the wall. 

When placing your treadmill, make sure to leave a few feet of space between the side of the treadmill and the wall. This way, a fall might result in a small burn from the belt, but it is much safer than the aforementioned risk.

That is not to suggest the head of the treadmill cannot go against the wall. For the safest use, make sure the front of the treadmill is a few inches off of the wall. Although it is a stationary machine, it can jolt back and forth when used. You do not want your treadmill putting a dent or hole in the wall because it is pushed against it.

As long as you consider the ways to use a room divider to hide your treadmill above, you may not have to worry about your treadmill being close to the wall at all. With the creativity available at your disposal, your treadmill could be hidden in the middle of the room with the correct use of a room divider.


Hiding your treadmill should not be a difficult task. Treadmills can be very distracting, especially in a room where exercise equipment does not fit in in the slightest. Luckily, there are so many ways to get creative with how you use a room divider to hide your treadmill.


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