13 Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Shoe Storage Ideas

Shoe storage for small spaces can be quite a challenge. For starters, you really don’t realize how many shoes you have until they’re all laid out in one place. And, there’s double the number of shoes compared to other clothing and accessories, so they do take up quite a bit more space.

If you’ve ever gone to put on a pair of shoes only to find that one is missing, you’re going to want to stick around, this article is for you. Or, if you’re staring at a pile of shoes right now, feeling completely overwhelmed with the thought of how you’re going to organize them without taking up a ton of space, this article is for you too. Keep reading to find out 13 shoe storage ideas for small spaces.

Install a Wall Unit for Your Shoes

Take advantage of unused wall space and create a rack that keeps shoes organized and off the floor. There are plenty of options available on the market for easy-to-install wall racks, like a simple hanging pocket organizer or shoe cubby.

A mounted bar rack is also a valid option. If you don’t have a ton of shoes, individual shoe holders are easy to hang on walls or even the side of a cabinet or armoire.

But, for those of you that like to create and customize, why not build your very own wall rack that fits exactly how many shoes you have, with room to grow your collection, of course. If you choose to go the DIY route, you can even adapt the sizes to make the storage units bigger or smaller, depending on your own shoes.

Pros of a Wall Unit to Organize ShoesCons of a Wall Unit to Organize Shoes
Can be customized to fit any spaceEasy to adapt to shoe size and
number of shoes in a collectionDepending on materials, it’s an
affordable option
Requires minor constructionCan damage wallsYou have to commit to this type of
organizationThere is no hiding unorganized

Use Individual Floating Shelves to Display Shoes

If you’re a shoe lover and you don’t simply want to store your shoes, then giving them a proper display is the way to go. You can install your floating shelves wherever you want, depending on how “on display” you want them to be.

An empty bedroom wall is always a great option, but if you really want to showcase what you have, then why not go all-in on a living room install. Your shoe storage can double as artwork!

There are tons of options as far as color and material go so that you can choose from wood floating shelves or just basic black or white floating shelves. If you’re looking for something beyond the basics, there are plenty of available floating shelves that have decorative features, too.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to measure your shoes and the shelves before you make a purchase. And, you’ll want to map out a plan of how many shelves you’ll need, as well as where you’ll hang each one.

Pros of Floating Shelves to Organize ShoesCons of Floating Shelves to Organize Shoes
Can be affordable, depending on how many shelves are neededGreat way to show off a killer shoe collectionTakes up wall space, so you don’t need wall art• Limited to shoes that will fit on shelves

Try a Simple Hanging Shoe Organizer

A hanging shoe organizer is one of the oldest tricks in the book as far as shoe storage goes, but it’s a tried and true way to keep your shoes organized. It’s easy to install and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Instead of taking up valuable floor space, a hanging organizer fits inside of a closet or even over the back of a door.

Pros of a Hanging Shoe OrganizerCons of a Hanging Shoe Organizer
AffordableEasy to find at almost any home
improvement or big box storeVersatile (you can store other
things besides shoes)
For those with lots of shoes, you might need to buy more than oneLarger shoes won’t fit in the designated cubbies

Keep Shoes Out of Sight with Under-the-Bed-Storage

The space under your bed isn’t just where the monsters live while you’re sleeping. It’s also a great spot to store things! The old saying… “out of sight, out of mind,” definitely applies to shoe storage. Tucking your shoes safely under your bed will keep them organized but also helps prevent tripping hazards.

The effectiveness of this storage solution depends on the height of your bed, as in how high it is off the ground. This doesn’t mean you can’t use this type of shoe storage with a lower-seated bed, but it’s much easier with a taller one. 

You might need to invest in risers to give your bed a little lift and create more space. The higher your bed, the more space you have to store those shoes.

Use soft-sided storage cubes if you feel like you might need a little give in order to squeeze things under the bed, or plastic storage if you want something more durable. Another option is a basket with wheels, which makes accessing your shoes really easy. And putting them away is hassle-free, without a lid.

Pros of Under-the-Bed Shoe StorageCons of Under-the-Bed Shoe Storage
Keeps your shoes hiddenTakes advantage of an otherwise
unused spaceLots of styles and materials
Might require additional equipment (like risers)Won’t work for platform beds or other beds that don’t have space below

Store Shoes at the End of the Bed

In addition to storing shoes under the bed, you can also store them at the end of the bed! This will make them convenient to grab on the way out the door and easy to put away when you return home. 

Not only will end of the bed storage give you easy access to your shoes, but it also will be a stylish addition to any bedroom. The first option for end of the bed storage is to get an ottoman

Ottomans are pieces of furniture that are stylish, sturdy enough to hold weight, and have storage space inside. You can choose to either stack your shoes neatly inside the ottoman or organize them using organizing cubes. Either way, your shoes will be out of sight, and you can make your bedroom even more beautiful with a fancy ottoman. 

Another option for storage at the end of the bed is a bench. By installing a bench, you give yourself a place to sit, and you can store your shoes under the bench. This will make getting ready in the morning easy and convenient. 

Lastly, you can place a small dresser at the bottom of the bed. While you may not be able to sit on it, a small dresser will hide your shoes and will look stylish in any bedroom. 

Pros of End-of-Bed StorageCons of End-of-Bed Storage
A stylish addition to any bedroomHide shoes from plain sight Gives you a nice area to sit and get ready in the morning Make use of otherwise wasted spacePurchasing an ottoman, bench, or dresser can be expensive May not fit in small bedrooms 

Use a Traditional Shoe Rack

While there are several different creative ways to store shoes, have you considered using a shoe rack? While nothing fancy, most shoe racks are a sufficient place to store shoes. They come in many different styles and can be placed anywhere in your home that has extra space. 

There are several different types of shoe racks. You can choose a small one that only holds a couple of pairs to place by your door, or you can purchase a larger one that allows for the whole family’s shoes to be stored. 

In addition to coming in different sizes, shoe racks also come in different styles. Would a wooden shoe rack look best in your home? How about a metal one? Whatever your style, there is a shoe rack out there for you. 

Pros of Using a Shoe RackCons of Using a Shoe Rack
Affordable Many different stylesSeveral different sizesCan be placed anywhereDoes not hide shoesMay add additional clutter to the home

Invest in a New Couch 

Did you know that there are couches with built-in cubbies underneath them? If you have a little extra money to spend, investing in one of these couches could be a great idea! 

Anytime you can use a piece of furniture for multiple purposes, it allows you to save space. Right now, there probably isn’t anything under your couch besides dust bunnies, so why not use that space? 

Your couch can serve as both a comfy place to sit and as storage for your shoes. One of the best parts is that only you and your family will know that the shoes are under there. When you invite guests over, all they will notice is that your home is not cluttered by shoes.

If you don’t feel like buying a new couch, but your current couch has space underneath, you also can consider using storage containers. Just like with under-the-bed storage, you can use storage cubes, plastic containers, or baskets under your couch. 

The downsides to storing shoes under your current couch are that there may not be a ton of room, and the shoes may be visible. If your couch is not lifted high off the ground, you won’t be able to fit many shoes. 

Even if you do fit the shoes, others may be able to see them. If you have the extra money, investing in a couch designed specifically for storage could be the best option. 

Pros of Couches with CubbiesCons of Couches with Cubbies
Shoe storage in disguise Multi-functional piece of furnitureSave space in a small home Use space that is wasted otherwiseHave to spend money to buy a new couch

Install a Bench 

Another great option for shoe storage in small spaces is to install a bench. Benches can be installed in your hallway, by the front door, in the kitchen, or even outside. Installing a bench will give you a nice place to sit while putting your shoes on and taking them off. A bench will be especially useful if you have small children that need help getting their shoes on. 

Installing a bench will allow you to store your shoes underneath. You can choose to cover up the storage area to make it discrete or leave the area open for easy access to the shoes. 

You can decorate the bench to fit your home and your style. If you want to get really creative, you can even build shelves or a coat rack above the bench to store even more items. This will make your life easier when you get home because you can place your shoes, coat, and umbrella all in one spot. 

Pros of Installing a BenchCons of Installing a Bench
Makes putting shoes on and taking them off convenient A stylish addition to your home Can fit anywhere in the homePlace additional storage above the bench Easy for getting kids ready in the morning Shoes can be hidden Can be expensive to installWill take up some floor space 

Reconsider Wasted Space 

Maybe you haven’t realized it yet, but you probably have a ton of wasted space in your home. The first example of wasted space is anywhere two walls intersect. Where two walls intersect, there is a corner, and most of the time, nothing is in that corner. 

Corners are a great place to install shelves that can be used to store shoes. You can probably find unused corners in your bedroom, closets, hallways, kitchen, and living room. Instead of letting this space go to waste, you make it useful and store your shoes. 

Pros of Installing Shelves Cons of Installing Shelves
AffordableUse space that is not currently being usedEasy project May damage wallsShoes could be visibleMay not be enough space for all shoes if you have a family

Another example of wasted space in your home could be in your closet. Do you currently have anything stored under your hanging clothes? If not, you could take advantage of that space and store your shoes! You can choose to either place them on the floor, get a shoe rack to put in the space, or organize using storage bins. 

Get Creative with PVC Pipes

Did you know that you can actually store your shoes inside PVC pipes? If you are creative, you can turn PVC pipes into a stylish storage system in your home! To store shoes in PVC pipes, you can cut the pipes and stack them to create a storage solution. 

One of the best things about this idea is that you can do it anywhere in your home. If you want to have your shoes stored in the hallway, you can make use of the wall space to make it happen. If you want every family member to store their shoes in the closet, you can install PVC pipes in every closet. 

In addition to having the flexibility to install them anywhere, you can also design them however you want. This is an especially fun idea for families with kids because everyone can design their own PVC pipes. It may even encourage your children to remember to put away their shoes in the right spot when they come home. 

Pros of Using PVC Pipes for StorageCons of Using PVC Pipes for Storage
Affordable Can place PVC pipes anywhere Can paint them any way you likeCan be a unique way to decorate your homeFun project to do with childrenCould be difficult to cut pipesHas the potential to damage the wallTakes time to complete the project

Take Advantage of Outside Space

Most of the shoe storage ideas up until this point have revolved around using indoor space. Have you ever considered storing some of your shoes outside? While you may not want to put your expensive designer shoes outside, you could easily store shoes such as boots or flip-flops. 

If you have a covered porch, you could simply place your shoes out there. You also could organize them using any of the techniques mentioned earlier, such as shoe racks, baskets, or hanging storage. 

With a covered porch, you could place most of your shoes outside without the concern of them getting wet. You still probably want to keep your expensive shoes inside to avoid having them stolen. 

If you don’t have a covered porch, there are still opportunities to store your shoes outside. In that case, you will need to purchase plastic storage containers to prevent them from getting wet. Another option is to only store shoes outside that you are okay with them getting wet, such as flip-flops. 

Pros of Storing Shoes OutsideCons of Storing Shoes Outside
Less clutter inside your housePerfect for shoes designated to be worn outsideCheap storage option Potential to be stolenCan not leave nice shoes outsideCould get wet

What About the Garage? 

Another place where you can potentially store your shoes is in the garage. That is if you have a garage, of course! Garages tend to make the perfect spot to store clutter that you won’t want to see daily. If that is the case with your garage, why not add your shoes to the mix?

You can use a shoe rack, wall storage, a bench, baskets, or anything else to store your shoes in the garage. Because the shoes will be out of sight, the looks of the storage method you choose won’t even matter. All that will matter is the functionality. 

If you really want to get creative with storing your shoes in the garage, you can even use an old pegboard to hang shoes. Not only will this match the vibe of the garage, but it also would be a free and easy project for you to complete if you have old pegboards.

One of the best things about storing shoes in the garage is that it limits the need to wear shoes into the house. This is especially true if you park your car in the garage. As soon as everyone arrives home, they can take their shoes off before going inside. This will allow for a lot less house cleaning. 

Pros of Storing Shoes in the GarageCons of Storing Shoes in the Garage
Hide shoe clutterMinimize house cleaning Shoe organizer doesn’t need to be aesthetically pleasingHave to go to the garage to put shoes on

Use Shoe Storage as a Chance to Decorate

Did you know that shoe storage can be an excuse to decorate your home? In addition to using benches, ottomans, and PVC pipes, there are other ways to decorate your home while storing your shoes.

The first way is by using a small step ladder. Many households have been using small, wooden ladders to place decorations such as plants and books. You can take advantage of these small ladders to decorate and store your shoes at the same time. 

While these ladders may not hold a ton of shoes, each member of the household can have their own designated space. 

Another option is to repurpose a bookshelf into shoe storage. Bookshelves are a great way to liven up any room. Instead of putting your books on the shelf, each family member can have their own shelf. You also could have children place their school backpacks on their shelves so that everything is in one spot. 

Pros of Using Home Decorations as Shoe StorageCons of Using Home Decorations as Shoe Storage
It will look nice in your homeCan designate spots for each family member Creative shoe storage idea Can repurpose old furnitureNeed to purchase furniture if you don’t already have itCould be bulky depending on the furniture used

How Can I Organize My Shoes Without a Shoe Rack?

Sure, a shoe rack is a simple, fast solution for organizing your shoes. But, shoe racks cost money AND take up space. Both space and money are hot commodities in adult life and not something we want to give up if we don’t have to.

Thankfully, there are ways you can free up any real estate your shoes are currently taking up without spending a small fortune on a shoe rack. Up next, we’ll share a few clever ways you can organize shoes without using a shoe rack.

Shoe Basket

Baskets are on-trend in home design, being both fashionable and functional. For shoe storage, they’re one of the most simple solutions. Find a basket you like and put it by the front door. You can even put one by the back door if you find that shoes are collecting back there, too.

Shoe baskets are easy to use and don’t require a ton of effort from any family members. It’s easy to walk by and toss any rogue shoes into the basket, but it’s equally easy for everyone to drop their own shoes in when they enter the home. There’s really no excuse to not put shoes in the basket.

Baskets are also a great way to go if you have multiple family members that need a home for their shoes. Each person can have their own basket… bonus. You’ll know exactly who is and who isn’t putting their shoes away.


Along with baskets, another great way to store shoes without the use of a shoe rack is an ottoman. Ottomans look great in any room, and no one will even realize that shoes are being stored inside one. 

Here are a few benefits of choosing to store shoes in an ottoman:

  • Can be used as a bench
  • Comes in tons of different styles so you can choose the best one for your home
  • Discreet- no one will realize shoes are inside 
  • Works great as a footrest

Shoe Boxes

If you want to store your shoes out of sight in a closet, shoe boxes could work better than using shoe racks. Shoe boxes can store multiple pairs of shoes, and you can get as many boxes as you would like. 

Shoe boxes ensure that your shoes stay in good shape because they aren’t being thrown on top of each other, and they stay neatly organized. This can be a helpful trick for the shoes that you don’t wear every day and just want to take out of the closet on an occasional basis. 

How Do You Plan to Organize Your Shoes?

Did you know that there are so many different creative shoe storage options for small spaces? While just using a simple shoe rack works, there are so many more ways that you can store your shoes! You can even use shoe storage as a chance to decorate your home. How do you plan to store your shoes?


31 Cool and Clever Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces!



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