13 Types of Nightstands That Go with a Wooden Bed

Nightstands That Go with a Wooden Bed

Nightstands are so critical to the bedroom that they are almost like a secondary part of the bed. There are many different styles, but not all of them go with every sleeping arrangement. Wooden beds pose a particular problem, as it can be tricky to match a nightstand to this type of furniture. Luckily, there are many options if you know what you’re looking for in a nightstand.

Keep on reading to learn about a variety of nightstands that go with a wooden bed. Each one matches differently, catering to a multitude of varying styles. All you need to do is pick one that you like, and you will have a fantastic table that will make your room more put-together and exciting to sleep inside every evening.

Does my Nightstand Have to Match My Bed?

It might seem like a lot of effort searching for a perfect nightstand just to get a match for your room. This task raises a critical question. Does your nightstand need to match your bed? Can you just pick one that you think looks cool and move on? This choice is a much easier route for a person decorating their bedroom.

No, your nightstand does not need to match your bed. However, it makes the room look much more cohesive and put together if you do so. It will be appealing for both you and anyone that visit the space. On top of that, several other benefits can emerge from matching your nightstand to your bed, tying together the area where you spend your time.

Having a room that matches and looks put-together can:

  • Increase productiveness: Having a room that looks like it goes together can increase your overall productivity throughout the day.
  • Lower stress: A cohesive room can de-stress you if you are coming home from a long day of work or other strenuous activities.
  • Increase confidence: A clean and organized room can make you more confident in all that you do, impressing those around you.
  • Decrease anxiety: Matching your bedroom can assist you in reducing any anxiety that you might garner in a day, helping to improve your mental health.

These benefits, though not guaranteed, often come from a room that looks clean, matched, and put together. An organized room leads to an organized mind, and this can assist you in living a healthier life than if you have a mismatched space.

So, no. Your nightstand does not need to match your bed. However, doing so can bring many positive things to the space that you spend a good majority of your life inside. It is a solid choice to match your nightstand to your bed.

13 Types of Nightstands That Go with a Wooden Bed

Now, we’ll go over a few nightstands that will match a wooden frame if this is the type that you have in your room. These can be tricky to find at first, but once you understand what goes with a wooden bed, you will have little trouble picking one out for yourself. There are a ton of options out there, no matter how unique your sleeping arrangement is.

All of these vary in price and style. You should select one that matches the look you want for your bedroom. For instance, a modern nightstand should be chosen for those who want a modern style in their bedroom. Besides matching your wooden bed, a nightstand should also go with the other pieces of furniture in the room. A simple color or style change can make this happen.

Utilize a Simple Metal Nightstand

Metal is a material that pairs well with wood. Both of them are super durable materials, so you don’t need to worry about your brand-new nightstand falling apart on you. It’s also a wonderful mix of natural with industrial, pulling together two formats of the outside world inside your bedroom.

Metal is just as simple as wood. It will draw the eye without taking away from your bed as the focal point of your bedroom. These two work together in a way that is unmatched by any other material. Of course, metal functions best if you have this wood-metal style in the space already. This style can come to fruition through a few simple decorations.

Some of the best metal nightstands that you can find on Amazon include:

All of these are excellent choices if you want to look at metal nightstands to go with your wooden bed. They are quality and should last a very long time, complementing your unique piece of furniture in the best possible ways.

In terms of shape, you can pick metal nightstands that are either circular or rectangular. Circular nightstands will make the room feel softer and gentler, while a square shape will do the opposite. It is up to you to decide what will work best for the space that you reside inside.

Make use of the Same Kind of Wood

Sometimes, the best option is to go with something you are familiar with already. You can always pick a nightstand that is made out of the same kind of wood as the bed. You can determine the wood type when you purchase the bed, or by contacting the manufacturer that created your piece of furniture.

If you can’t figure out what type of wood your bed is made out of, you can always select one that looks familiar to it. It should be the same shads, grain, and overall look identical in appearance if you want it to match.

Some examples of great wooden nightstands that are available on Amazon include:

One of these might work as a perfect match for the wood that your bed is made out of. It might be hard to locate a perfect fit, but it will be worth it once you do.

When looking for a nightstand like this, the style should also match the bed. Have the nightstand be more extreme than the bed. To make the room look cohesive and put together, they should match in tone to the eyes. If your piece of furniture is softer in look, choose a circular nightstand. If it’s rough, do square. Match simple and complex with each other.

Use a Different Wood to Create a Unique Match

If you can’t find a wood nightstand that perfectly matches your bed, there is no need to worry. You can also make use of different wood tones. Mixing and matching are sure to create a unique space that others will find enjoyable to view. It might seem hard to do, but it is very simple when you know what you are looking for.

When matching different woods, you need to have your bed as the dominant wood tone. This means that it will have a darker, more intense grain. That way, the nightstand can complement the bed rather than taking away from it.

Some wooden nightstands on Amazon that have a softer wood tone include:

All of these are wooden nightstands that come in lighter tones. They should work well with any wooden bed, particularly those that are much darker in tone.

It is also vital to ensure that the texture of the wood is similar when trying to contrast colors. You want a contrast that is big but tied together by tiny details within the wood. If it matches, you’ll be able to tell. On the flip side, if it doesn’t go together, you will also be able to tell.

Find a Leather-Accented Nightstand

For anyone familiar with home décor, you’ll understand the importance of leather in any space. It is easy to clean, smooth to touch, and provides a natural, rustic feel to any location. Wood and leather go very well together because they are both materials found in nature. In a bedroom space, a nightstand accented with leather can be a perfect balance for a wood bed.

When selecting leather, there are many different types that you can choose from. Stains, textures, and colors also vary. You should take these into account when selecting one that works best for your room. Depending on your wooden bed, it should not be hard to find a good match.

Some of the best nightstands with leather on Amazon include:

All of these are excellent choices for nightstands that utilize leather as one of their primary materials. They should be able to complement your wooden bed very well.

Using a leather nightstand is sure to make a statement while also pairing perfectly with your wooden bed. The natural materials work together in a way that is pleasant to the eye and the mind. Though these materials are vastly different, they work together very well. You can feel confident investing in this type of nightstand.

Go for a Minimalist Option

An option that is guaranteed to match is anything minimalistic. With less to look at, a minimalistic nightstand will provide a table for you to set items on top of without drawing away from your bed. Often minimalistic pieces of furniture are made out of wood or metal. You should select one that comes in a color that matches your room as best as possible.

The best minimalistic options are not in bright colors. They aren’t obnoxious, noticeable shapes. These nightstands are designed to add maximum function while also taking up as little space as possible. You can feel safe knowing that this type of nightstand will go with your wooden bed.

Some of the best minimalistic nightstands available for purchase on Amazon include:

All of these are excellent minimalistic nightstands that could go with your wooden bed. You will need to determine on your own time if they fit your style and taste.

The minimalist nightstand can look good in any room, but it works especially well in rooms that are chasing after a modern design. Those seeking a sleeker look can pick this nightstand to accompany their wooden bed. It’s sure to make a statement, no matter which one you decide to utilize.

Select Something That Hangs

Hanging Nightstand
Hanging Nightstand

A unique nightstand that can go with a wooden bed is one that hangs from the wall, rather than operating as a typical table. The material will not be as visible with this one-of-a-kind structure, so you do not need to be as worried about matching. Many of these hanging varieties are made out of wood, metal, or a combination that incorporates glass.

It is vital to note that you may need to put holes in your wall to hang this kind of nightstand. This damage might be a drawback to some. The screw is necessary to keep the shelf as stable as possible and prevent your books, snacks, and lights from falling to the floor.

The best hanging nightstands that can be purchased on Amazon include:

All of these are quality floating nightstands. They come in a variety of styles that can work well for any type of room., no matter how complex or unique it might be

Floating nightstands are so cool that it almost does not matter if they match your bed. They are also great if you are attempting to accomplish a minimalistic or modern style. Floating nightstands are becoming more and more common. They are an awesome alternative to a simple piece of furniture and can fit a variety of needs.

Use Unique Details to Counter a Boring Bed

Moving away from the material a nightstand is made from, we can discuss details in a nightstand that might go with a wooden bed. Most beds of this material are rather plain, straightforward, and smooth. One type of nightstand you might use is one with intricate detail. This intricacy can counterbalance the plainness of the bed.

This detail works best with nightstands that are made out of metal or wood of the same material. The nightstand might contain carvings, extra additions, and even paintings that make it unique. These items can help to accent a wooden bed in the best possible ways.

Some of the best-detailed nightstands on Amazon include:

All of these are great examples of what a detailed nightstand can look like in reality. They can draw the eyes around the room without taking attention away from your wooden bed.

Looking for a nightstand that is intricately carved or sculpted works best if you have other items in your room that are a similar style. That way, you will be able to tie everything together and draw the focus back to the wooden bed in the center of the room. Your nightstand should help to solidify the mood of the room, regardless of how beautiful it is without it.

Find Something with Glass Inside

One material that we have not discussed yet is glass. Though there are some scenarios where these two materials do not work together, when they do, it is spectacular. You can select a nightstand that is made out of glass to pair perfectly with your wooden bed. Often, the glass will sit inside a wooden or metal frame for support.

Glass pieces can be very finicky. If a glass nightstand does not go with your wooden bed, it will be clear. You may need to use a trial-and-error strategy to figure out what will work for your space.

Some of the best glass nightstands that you can find on Amazon include:

All of these are excellent nightstands that you can purchase for your room. They each have different materials and shapes that complement the glass placed inside of them. These variations may work well with your wooden bed, and they may not. Only you can decide when all is said and done.

Glass is a quality material because it adds a modern flair to wood that it has a hard time achieving on its own. It’s a must for a bedroom chasing a contemporary style, as it will drive the wood to a level of beauty that it is not on its own.

Accent a Wooden Nightstand with Paint

If you are having a hard time making these styles work, you can attempt something you can tailor yourself. If you have a simple wooden nightstand that you feel does not match your bed, you can take it and paint it with acrylics. This way, you will have something that matches your room and allows you a sense of control in the design process.

When painting a nightstand, you should select colors that go with your bed. Whether that matches the headboard or the sheets, the color should be chosen for a reason. A basic wooden bed should have no trouble matching any color placed next to it, no matter how bright or flamboyant it may be.

The best simple wooden nightstands that you can buy for painting on Amazon include:

All of these provide solid blank canvases that you can paint in the color that you feel would best match your bed. You can have fun transforming them into brand-new pieces of furniture for your bedroom.

The best thing about hand-painting a nightstand is that you can mess up as many times as you would like. You can try different paint colors over and over again until you find something that you enjoy for your space. The options are endless when trying to match it with a wooden bed.

Try Something Stone

Stone is not anyone’s first thought when picking a material that goes with wood. However, the natural combination is very pleasant to look at and can tie your space together in a unique, beautiful manner. Stone and wood have gone together for the longest time, dating back to ancient times.

Of course, stone can be quite heavy. There are nightstands on the market that cut stone down to a more tolerable thickness, easier to use than a solid slab. You can also pick stones in a variety of colors and shades.

Some of the best stone nightstands available on Amazon include:

All of these serve as excellent stone options for those on the hunt for a unique nightstand.

Stone can be heavy, but it certainly makes a statement. Utilizing stone inside your bedroom is sure to create a sense of Zen that will uplift you, no matter what is going on in your life. If you find yourself bored with the typical materials utilized in a nightstand, turn to this one to spice up the composition of your bedroom.

Use an Unusual Item

If you cannot find a nightstand that is working for you, you can always go an unusual route. Find a tall item made out of a material that goes with wood, such as metal or wood of similar grain. This nightstand can include a large piece of wood, a big stone, and even a shelf that was not intended to be a nightstand when it came into existence.

Finding an item like this is excellent for those going for a natural or eclectic look for their bedroom. You can find something like this out in the natural world or locate one from an online source.

Some of the best unusual nightstands that you can buy on Amazon include:

All of these should pair well with a wooden bed, though you will have to see for yourself. Some items may match better with the style of your room than others, depending on the pieces that you have as compliments.

An eclectic nightstand will make your room feel like it is one-of-a-kind. You are sure to enjoy going to bed every night with a piece of furniture like this to accompany the bed. Though not every stand will be a perfect match, there is sure to be one that will fit your taste.

Find Something Mirrored

Mirrored Nightstand
Mirrored Nightstand

Mirrors are another form of glass, just a little shinier and a little more complex. Many mirrored nightstands exist on the market, and these can make for a unique match with your wooden bed. The reflective surface of the nightstand and the dull tone of the wooden bed can make for a great contrast in a bedroom.

You should balance out this match in the rest of your bedroom by using wood and mirrored surfaces throughout the rest of the room. Wood should outmatch the mirrors, or it may be a little overwhelming to walk into for anyone who enters the space.

Some of the best mirrored nightstands available on Amazon that you can purchase include:

All of these are excellent and affordable mirrored nightstands. They can serve as quality complements to most wooden beds, so long as other pieces match scattered around the space.

One of the most annoying issues you might run into with a mirrored nightstand is cleaning. It will take a little more effort to make sure that the reflective surface stays clean. You will likely need to use mirror cleaner at least once a week to prevent excess smudging. Other than that, it’s a unique and quality nightstand that will match your wooden bed very well.

Look for Lacquered

Our final suggestion when searching for a nightstand to match a wooden bed is to find one that is lacquered. This type is a nightstand that is covered in a thin material made out of shellac. It provides a solid, shiny surface on top of any material. It’s sleek and nice to look at, ideal for anyone searching for a fancy match for a wooden bed.

Lacquered nightstands work best if you have other pieces in your room that are also covered in this substance. There are plenty of dressers, chests, and desks on the market that come lacquered. You should have no trouble finding one that will fit your needs.

Some of the best lacquered nightstands on Amazon include:

All of these are excellent choices for a nightstand that will go with your wooden bed. 

Lacquered nightstands are nice because they are an inexpensive piece that looks professional and nice in any space. You don’t need to fork out the big bucks to find a match that looks sleek. They come in almost any color, perfect for matching any style of room.


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