15 Of The Best Bedside Cribs for Your Baby

15 Best Bassinet

Co-sleeping with a newborn baby can help take a lot of the stress and inconvenience of those first few months, but most pediatricians will tell you sleeping with a newborn in your bed isn’t safe. Bedside cribs and bassinets are the best of both worlds, allowing parents to keep their new baby close at hand while also keeping them safe from the dangers of direct co-sleeping. 

Below you’ll find some of the best bedside cribs on the market for your baby. Designed with both comfort and safety in mind, these cribs can help parents soothe their baby, respond to their cries in the night quickly, and get a decent night’s sleep in the process. 

Kidsclub Baby Bedside Sleeper

The Kidsclub Baby Bedside Sleeper is perfect for babies from birth up to around five-and-a-half months, and this sleeper includes plenty of extras such as soft mobile toys and two fitted crib sheets to help keep your infant extra cozy.

One major advantage of the Kidsclub sleeper is that this model is simple to set up even for new parents with limited assembly skills. In less than ten minutes, this crib can be installed and ready for bedtime. 

The adjustable height on the sleeper allows parents to keep their baby at eye level so that both they and the child can relax and sleep easily. This gives it an advantage over some other sleepers which may be too low-set to be useful against tall bed frames. 

  • Pros: Quick and easy setup, sturdy construction, adjustable height
  • Cons: Stock mattress is too firm for some babies, mobile audio player lacks volume control and white noise options
kidsclub Baby Bedside Sleeper with 2 Replaceable...
  • SECURE & CONVENIENT USE - Kidsclub Bedside Sleepers crib Meets or exceeds all US safety regulations, constructed from high-strength aluminum frame and 匚-shaped skeleton, light weight and strong...
  • DETACHABLE SIDE BED - 2 in 1 using mode, the zipper opens for breastfeeding mode, make it easier for new mom to take care of baby boy or baby girl, Building a Micro-angle care of 3-8°, effectively...
  • TOOL - FREE FAST INSTALL - Quick and convenient installation. No additional tools and No wrench screwdriver are required. It can be easily installed in just 3 steps 3 minutes. Mommy can also build an...

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Milliard Bedside Bassinet

The Milliard Bedside Bassinet has a lot to offer as a bedside crib in terms of convenience. With extra storage for night-time feedings and a waterproof mattress, there are plenty of practical features on this sleeper to recommend it. 

The Milliard bassinet incorporates a flexible frame design that allows parents to reach over and gently rock or sway their child to sleep by pushing on the side of the sleeper rhythmically. This bassinet is designed by mothers and for mothers, so it is created with the comfort of both mother and child in mind. 

One of the big attractions of the Milliard bassinet is that this model is completely portable. This makes it a great bedside sleeper for traveling babies or moving the baby’s sleeping arrangements from one room to another easily. 

  • Pros: Mesh construction to increase visibility and ventilation, comes with carrying case, large enough to fit big babies comfortably
  • Cons: Bulky design is awkward in the bedroom, flimsy travel bag
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Milliard Bedside Bassinet Mesh Breathable Side...
  • Local and Safe – We are a US company and design and test our products in New Jersey. We have been trusted by parents for over a decade, and this bassinet meets or exceeds all US safety regulations...
  • Two Modes – This bedside bassinet can be used as a standalone bassinet, and as a side-sleeper bassinet, attached to an adult bed (with included bed straps). Assembly is easy and tool free.
  • Breathe Easy – Breathable mesh walls + 4 storage pockets for baby essentials like diapers, wipes, and more.

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Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper

The Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper is one of the most adjustable bedside cribs available, with seven different height adjustments to fit a wide variety of different bed heights. This helps ensure the baby can clearly see their parents and vice-versa to take full advantage of one of the biggest benefits of co-sleeping. 

This bedside sleeper is good for babies until the age that they’re able to hold themselves upright, so it can be used for months after birth safely until the child is old enough for a full crib. This transitional period is a great time for parents and their new baby to bond, and bedside cribs are a great way to make it happen. 

Since bedside cribs allow for convenient night-time feedings that get both parents and baby back to sleep quickly, this can greatly increase the comfort and mental health of both. Sleep deprivation for new parents is no joke. Luckily, bedside sleepers like this one from Mika Micky take a lot of the pain out of having to wake up with a baby in the middle of the night. 

  • Pros: Standalone bassinet that doesn’t require bedside support, built-in wheels with stationary casters for safety, side pockets for storage
  • Cons: Can be wobbly or noisy, stock mattress too hard for some babies

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Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet

The Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet features a breathable mesh fabric on all sides to help relieve the nerves of new parents about how well their baby can breathe at night while they sleep. Bedside cribs offer all the comforts of keeping your baby close at hand at night without the risks involved with co-sleeping directly in the bed with an infant. 

This bassinet can serve either as a standalone unit or can be converted to a bedside sleeper by unzipping one of the bassinet sides and strapping the bassinet next to the bed. Since it can comfortably accommodate children up to five months, babies can stay in this bedside sleeper until they’re old enough to be comfortable in a bigger crib. 

The tool-free setup of this bedside crib means that it’s easy to move around the house if you want your baby to nap beside you in the living room during the day and sleep beside you in the bed at night. This convenience allows mothers to keep a closer eye on their infants no matter whether it’s bedtime or not. 

  • Pros: Attractive minimalist design, multiple incline options, mesh construction for easy visibility and safety
  • Cons: Can be wobbly, bedside straps have to go under the mattress (box spring recommended)
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Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet | Bedside...
  • MAXIMUM SAFETY: Sleep soundly knowing your baby is safely nestled in the bedside sleeper. Anchors at the bottom firmly secure the bassinet to your adult bed to make sure it stays snug and in place....
  • STYLYISH AND COZY: Your little one will rest on a comfy, yet firm mattress surrounded by breathable, mesh walls that keep air circulating. At Baby Delight, we believe that parents should still have...
  • FULL ACCESSABLILITY: When it is in bedside sleeper mode, simply unzip the panel closest to your bed to bring your baby close to your side. Easily lean over to nurse, comfort, or just check on your...

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Dream On Me Skylar Bassinet

The Dream On Me Skylar Bassinet comes in six different colors, which makes it easier than most bassinets to match a brighter color palette in the bedroom. As a dual-use bassinet, this unit can either stand on its own, or it can be attached to the bedside as a bedside sleeper.

The compact design of the Skylar bassinet means it’s a great option for parents who are trying to co-sleep in a cramped space, and this bassinet is also one of the more portable models available for easy transport. 

An advantage of using a bedside crib is that it helps take some of the load off of a new mother’s back when it comes to taking a newborn in and out of the crib multiple times a night. This sleeper leaves no gaps between the bassinet and the mattress, allowing a new mother to roll over and attend to her infant with no barriers. 

  • Pros: Drop sides for easy access, lightweight design for portability
  • Cons: Requires stability bar to be level and secure, difficult to fit into carrying case, somewhat difficult to assemble
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Dream On Me Skylar Bassinet and Beside Sleeper in Pink,...
  • KEEP BABY CLOSE BY: As a bedside sleeper, the Skylar’s legs fold inward and outwards getting it close to the mattress. Wheels on the front legs allow easy adjustability. The mesh sides allow easy...
  • DUAL USE: Unzip and roll down the mesh sides to convert the bassinet into a bedside sleeper. Lean in for breastfeeding or comforting your child. Five adjustable heights (Adjusts from 26.5 > 27.5 >...
  • SAFETY FIRST: The Skylar is designed with your child’s safety in mind and meets all ASTM standards. It comes with the regulatory 1-inch mattress pad (34.5L x 20.5W x 1H inches). Recommended for...

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Ronbei Bedside Sleeper

The Ronbei Bedside Sleeper is a great option for parents who don’t have space under the bed or space under the bed frame that would allow for a secure attachment. This adjustable cradle can be tilted over the side of the bed so that the baby is completely level with their parent. 

This bedside crib features nine height adjustments, making it one of the most flexible cribs when it comes to aligning it with most standard bed sizes. Even for beds that incorporate extra height from box springs or mattress pads, these height adjustments allow for eye-to-eye connection with your baby. 

The incline option on the Ronbei sleeper is optimal for babies that experience acid reflux at night. A slight incline can help prevent spitting up and can make colicky babies comfortable enough to sleep through the night without fussing. 

  • Pros: Large design allows newborns to grow into it, easy access, sturdy construction 
  • Cons: Mattress pad too hard for some babies, difficulty finding back-up crib sheets, stock sheet material feels cheap
RONBEI Baby Bassinet, Bedside Sleeper,Baby Bed to...
  • Keeps Your Baby Cozy and Close: The RONBEI bedside bassinet was manufactured with soft skin-friendly fabric which exceed safety standards while promoting bedside parent-infant bonding, holds your...
  • Adjustable Cradle for Bedside Use: 9 height adjustment to fit all beds,making it easier for you to care for your baby even in the middle of the night. Retractable feet allows the use with all beds...
  • Breathable Mesh Sidewalls: The open mesh sides allow more breathable comfort and visibility while providing baby with her own private sleeping area.

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KoolerThings 3-in-1 Baby Bassinet

The KoolerThings 3-in-1 Baby Bassinet features a versatile design that allows it to function as a standalone bassinet, a bedside crib, or a portable travel sleeper. Because it’s designed to be light and easy to move, you won’t need to buy additional bassinets for other rooms of the house. You can simply roll this bedside crib from one end of the house to the other. 

The travel-friendly design of this bassinet makes it one of the better bedside cribs for parents who have their baby on the go. This pop-up bedside crib can be ready for bedtime in less than twenty minutes and can be moved around without trouble, even on carpets and rugs. 

Waking up to nurse is tough on new mothers, but breastfeeding can be a lot less of a hassle when your baby is within arm’s reach. The larger weight limit on this model means that you can co-sleep with your baby for longer too. 

  • Pros: High-quality materials that feel luxurious, soft supportive mattress pad
  • Cons: Drop-down side edge is not babyproof, larger size makes it awkward to move despite its lightweight design
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3 in 1 Baby Bassinet, Bedside Sleeper, & Playpen, Easy...
  • Standalone Bassinet: Our baby crib can be used as a standalone bassinet. You can use this baby bassinet in the bedroom, living room, or while you are on the go. This crib sleeper can be used anywhere...
  • The Bedside Sleeper: You can quickly convert this bassinet to a bedside sleeper by pulling down the zipper. In bedside sleeper mode, it snugs right up against your bed, making it ideal for a newborn...
  • Adjustable Design: This bedside crib features scientific five gear adjustment levels. With adjustable 5 heights, you can easily accommodate this sleeper bassinet to your bed. This will make it easier...

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TCBunny 2-in-1 Baby Bassinet

For babies suffering from acid reflux, the TCBunny 2-in-1 Baby Bassinet can be a major help. This bassinet features five adjustable incline options that allow the baby’s head to be elevated to prevent acid reflux and spitting up. 

This functional bedside crib isn’t just useful for co-sleeping. It can also act as a great interactive space for mothers to safely interact with their new baby or a place to quickly change a diaper without having to move to a changing table. The waterproof mattress and washable sheets that come standard with this unit help make clean-up from either diapers or spit-up a breeze. 

Coming in at under twenty pounds, this bassinet is surprisingly sturdy for its lightweight design. This makes it a safe and secure option to keep new parents relaxed through the night without worrying about the bassinet tipping over or wobbling. 

  • Pros: Large side pockets for storage, functional design, easy to transport
  • Cons: May not be suitable for higher beds 
TCBunny 2-in-1 Baby Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper,...
  • Breathable Mesh: Four-side air breathable mesh allows parents to observe the baby's status anytime. The zipper design makes the mattress cover and all crib fabrics easy to remove and clean
  • Secure and Stylish: The crib secures to your bed safely and securely using strong straps and leaving no gap; fully ASTM-approved; safe, stylish, and premium-quality design.
  • Height & Angle Adjustable: There are 5 adjustable heights to meet the different needs of parents. the height of the two sides can be different. The tilt angle will effectively prevent the baby from...

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MiClassic Rock-and-Stationary Bassinet

The MiClassic Rock-and-Stationary Bassinet is a standalone unit that can be used as a bedside crib, and this bassinet features an easy-fold design that makes collapsing it for travel a snap. The design also features mesh on all sides so that you can get a good view of your baby no matter what angle you’re looking at them from. 

One of the best standout features of this bedside crib is its rocking mode, which allows the parent to gently rock their baby by converting the crib into a rocking cradle. Once the baby is asleep, the crib can easily be locked back into a stationary mode to prevent someone from bumping the bassinet and waking the baby by accident. 

Another advantage of this crib is that along with its folding design, the legs are designed to be removed entirely if desired. This makes the bedside sleeper fit much better into tight storage once the baby has outgrown it. 

  • Pros: Practical no-frills design, easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Cons: Not suitable for small bedroom spaces, flimsy carrying case

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Crzdeal Bassinet

The Crzdeal Bassinet may not have a bunch of extra amenities like storage or a mobile, but it makes up for its no-nonsense aesthetics with a focus on soft, high-quality construction materials. This bedside crib has distilled the bedside crib down to its most essential form and based on user reviews, most parents are pretty thrilled with the results. 

The Crzdeal bassinet can hold babies up to thirty pounds, which makes it sturdier and larger than some other sleepers on the market. For parents who intend to co-sleep with their child up to around four or five months of age, this bassinet offers plenty of space and sturdy construction to handle bigger babies. 

  • Pros: Lightweight but tough design, affordable price, durable materials
  • Cons: No incline adjustment, may be too low for some beds

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Papablic 2-in-1 Bonni Baby Bassinet

The Papablic 2-in-1 Bonni Baby Bassinet features many of the same design aspects that make other bedside cribs a great option for co-sleeping, but since it’s been through several design iterations it has gotten a few structural upgrades to make it even more sturdy and safe. 

A major advantage of bedside cribs like the Bonni Baby bassinet is that they allow parents to check up on babies immediately without having to leave the bed. The crib can also be used as a changing station for mothers who prefer to change their babies while sitting down. This makes it easier on mothers with back problems and mobility issues such as C-section recovery. 

Many consumers enjoy the sleek look of this sleeper model, but it does only come in one color. Nevertheless, most parents looking for a functional bedside crib will be happy with this model. It has everything you need to keep your baby safe and close.  

  • Pros: Storage back makes it easy for hand-me-downs, quiet and smooth gliding action
  • Cons: Cheap foam mattress, finding additional crib sheets that fit can be difficult
Papablic 2-in-1 Bonni Baby Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper,...
  • STABLE AND SAFE: This premium bedside bassinet is crafted with the highest quality materials, including a sturdy iron and aluminum frame. We put your baby's safety first.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: This two-in-one Anio bedside sleeper and bassinet has easy-glide height adjustment with safety auto-locks. 5 positions adjust to fit most adult beds.
  • BREATHABLE: Lift open the side wall to position the sleeper at your bed and soothe your baby at night. The bassinet also has soft mesh panels for breathability and visibility.

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Dream On Me Lotus Bassinet

The Dream On Me Lotus Bassinet has a unique design for a bedside crib and features both multiple color options to match with a variety of interior designs and an optional mosquito net. This makes it the perfect standalone bassinet to take along on camping trips or in regions where you need to protect your infant from insects such as mosquitoes or gnats. 

One attractive feature of the Dream on Me Lotus Bassinet that makes it a practical choice is that it includes retractable storage that allows the mother to store all kinds of supplies close at hand such as extra diapers, spit-up rags, and pacifiers.  

  • Pros: Five color options, mosquito net for outdoor use, easy to manuever on carpets
  • Cons: Wobbly design reported by some users, may have leveling issues in co-sleeping mode
On Sale
Dream On Me Lotus Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper in...
  • A MUST-HAVE FOR NEW PARENTS - The Lotus Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper provides parents with timely reassurance that comes from having baby close up. Perfect for nursing moms and parents who want to...
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - The Lotus comes with 4 adjustable height positions that allow you to move it up or down in line with the height of your bed. Plus, it makes picking up and laying your baby down for...
  • PORTABLE - With a sturdy yet, lightweight design, the Lotus is easy to set up and transport. Move it from one room to another or take it along when you are traveling. With its own carry bag, it can be...

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Cloud Baby Bassinet

Unlike other bassinets which tend to go with a gray or beige design, the Cloud Baby Bassinet is bright white and will make you think your baby is sleeping on his or her own fluffy cloud. The wide base of this bassinet makes it strong and durable even for bigger and older babies, and the quilted fabric gives it a cozy homespun look.

This bedside crib features a zip-down side that is easy for mothers to get into even for those middle of the night feedings. Along with the basic features of a bedside crib, the Cloud Baby bassinet comes with a few soft toys and a music box to help lull your baby to sleep. 

Straining to pick up a newborn can be difficult for some mothers, especially if they had a hard birth or they’re fatigued. Bedside cribs like this bassinet are perfect for making things easier on both mother and child.

  • Pros: Professional packaging, easy assembly, securable zip-down panel to prevent suffocation risks
  • Cons: Lack of color options, mobile is cheap quality, thin mattress pad may not provide enough support 
Cloud Baby Bedside Baby Bassinet, Best Bed Cribs for...
  • Effortless Assembly & Portability: Seamlessly combines lightweight construction with a simple assembly process, allowing you to effortlessly set up and move the bassinet wherever needed for your...
  • Adjustable Height: We understand the importance of a perfect fit, which is why our bedside bassinet sleeper features 9 different height settings. You can easily customize the baby crib to align with...
  • Detachable Side Panel: Safety and ventilation are our top priorities. Our Cosleeper and bedside sleeper are equipped with a double mesh detachable side panel, providing excellent breathability and...

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Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

The Halo BassiNest Swivel Sleeper is quite different from most of the other bedside cribs in this product guide since it features a swivel design with a support at the center of the crib’s bottom that allows it to be adjusted 360 degrees in all directions. This makes it great for parents who are having a difficult time fitting a convention bedside crib into their bedroom space. 

The design of this bedside crib is mesh-heavy and lightweight, which is perfect for watching over newborns and smaller babies when they first arrive. The base of the sleeper extends in four directions and features a heavy center so that there is no danger of the bassinet tipping over or becoming unbalanced. 

Unlike other bedside cribs that feature snap-down or zip-down bedside panels, the Halo BassiNest features patented pull-down bedside technology that allows mothers to reach in and tend to their child without making major adjustments to the sleeper.

  • Pros: Unique swivel design, bag storage, waterproof mattress w/ wipe-down fitted sheet, customizable crib inserts
  • Cons: No wheels for transport, relatively high price point
HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper, Baby Bassinet, Essentia...
  • From your trusted brand leader in safe sleep, our award-winning HALO BassiNest is beloved by parents and nurses for its safety, comfort, and convenience. Our best-selling HALO BassiNest is the only...
  • Designed with mothers in mind, the patented lowering bedside wall makes it easier to care for baby from bed, especially for breastfeeding and C-section moms.
  • Patented lowering bedside wall allows you to tend to baby from bed. Wall can be locked in the upright position, if desired.

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Baby Joy Baby Bedside Crib

The Baby Joy Baby Bedside Crib isn’t one of the fanciest bedside cribs, but it’s one of the most reliable and highly-rated ones on the market. This bedside crib features a sturdy steel frame that is protected on all sides by padded and clothed bumpers to prevent the baby from hurting themselves on the hard metal. 

This bedside crib doesn’t have many extras, but it features a strong two-sided mesh and sturdy linen construction that means that your child will outgrow it before it breaks down from wear and tear. It also has a compact design that disassembles easily for storage on planes, trains, and other forms of mass transport. 

A unique feature of the Baby Joy bedside crib is that it features a retractable tripod for additional support. This means that the crib can be safely secured to a wide range of different bed heights without sacrificing comfort or convenience. 

  • Pros: Durable construction, easy to find additional crib sheeting that fits
  • Cons: Lack of color options, no accessories   
On Sale
BABY JOY Baby Bedside Crib, Portable Travel Sleeper Bed...
  • [ Ideal for Night Feeds ] : Equipped with retractable feet and two fastening straps, the baby bassinet can be easily attached to your beds and bring your baby closer to you. Featuring a detachable...
  • [ Adjustable Height & Anti-reflux Design ] : With 4-level adjustable height of 12.5“ - 20“ from bottom to the mattress, BABY JOY bedside bassinet matches most beds and sofas well. What’s more,...
  • [ Breathable Mesh & Washable Mattress ] : The bassinet is designed with 2-side mesh, which provides excellent ventilation and allows parents to keep an eye on baby. The mattress cover and all crib...

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Advantages of Using a Bedside Crib

No matter which bedside crib you end up choosing, there are benefits to going with a bedside crib that you don’t get with a stationary crib in another room. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies co-sleep with their parents in the same room (but not the same bed) for at least six months, but preferably a year. (Source: AAP)

Here are some of the other advantages of purchasing a bedside crib for both child and parents: 

  • Better sleep quality: Both parents and infants are able to sleep more soundly when they’re in the same room if the baby can be tended to as soon as it starts to fuss. Since the mother doesn’t have to leave her own bed to breast-feed, this allows both mother and child to return to sleep more quickly when the night-time feeding is over.
  • Additional support for recovering mothers: Mothers who have undergone a Caesarean section or other medical procedures related to their childbirth may find getting in and out of bed difficult for the first few days or weeks after birth. A bedside crib helps the mother tend to her baby without straining her own health.
  • Reduced SIDS risk: SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is an extremely rare condition but is a nightmare for new parents regardless. Studies have shown that room-sharing with a new baby up to a year after birth can help reduce the risk of SIDS fatalities. 
  • Increased bonding: The first few days and weeks after a new baby is born are some of the most important with regards to a mother and a child’s initial bonding. Bedside cribs allow for increased interaction with the baby and can reduce some of the anxiety that contributes to post-partum depression in new mothers. (Source: Romper)
  • Reflux prevention: Acid reflux (also known as “spitting up”) is a common feeding issue that is found in almost half of all babies. On a level sleeping surface, acid reflux can leave a baby vulnerable to choking on their spit-up. Bedside sleepers with an incline option can help prevent spitting up after night-time feedings. (Source: Bluebell)

Room-sharing or co-sleeping without sleeping in the same bed can have major benefits for both the parents and the child when it comes to sleep hygiene and mental health. It’s also the safest way to keep your baby nearby without taking on the risk of suffocation by co-sleeping with your baby directly in the bed with you. 

How Long Can You Use a Bedside Crib? 

The amount of time you can safely use a bedside crib or bassinet varies from model to model, but most bedside cribs cut off use at around five months of age. When choosing a bedside crib, be sure to check the maximum age or weight limitations to see exactly when you should prepare to switch your baby into a larger crib. 

Choosing a Bedside Crib

When you do compariso shopping to decide on a bedside crib, there are several things you need to consider when you’re weighing the pros and cons of each model. Here are some things you might want to think about before you choose your bedside crib: 

  • How much space do you have for installation? Larger bedside cribs can fit in large bedrooms, while parents wanting to co-sleep in a smaller bedroom should look for a more compact design.
  • How big is your baby? Most bedside cribs cut off use at around five months of age and thirty pounds, but these maximum measurements vary from model to model. Using a bedside crib past this age or weight limit can be dangerous. It’s important to have a back-up unit planned or ready for when your child outgrows their bedside crib.
  • Do you need to travel with your baby? Some bedside cribs are better suited for travel than others and feature amenities like carrying cases and no-toosl-necessary collapsible designs. Others are designed to be more of a stationary unit to be used specifically in the bedroom as a semi-permanent installation.
  • What is your budget? Bedside crib prices can vary pretty wildly from unit to unit. While you might want to look for an affordable sleeper, you’ll also want to provide high-quality materials and sturdy construction for your infant.
  • What size is your bed? Most bedside cribs will give the specifications for their height adjustments, so you can measure your bed to determine whether a certain bedside crib can be adjusted to a suitable height for your sleeping arrangements. 

There are tons of bedside cribs on the market, so going over user reviews and comparing features can help you find the right bedside crib for you and your child. 

Bedside Cribs Bring Peace of Mind

Room-sharing with a new baby has been shown by science to lower the incidence of SIDS by up to 50%, but co-sleeping with the infant in the parents’ bed can significantly increase the risk of accidental suffocation. (Source: WebMD)

Bedside cribs and bassinets provide the best of both worlds, allowing the baby the maternal access they need for comfort and security while also providing them with the safety of their own sleeping area. With the right bedside crib, both mother and child can rest easier. 


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