16 Best Wine Cabinets With A Refrigerator

Wine Cabinets With A Refrigerator

Wine cabinets with refrigerators are functional and efficient, and hence they are growing increasingly popular. There are many wine cabinets with refrigerators, or refrigerator spaces, in the market. It can be overwhelming to search and find the ideal wine cabinet, with a refrigerator, for yourself. 

Keep reading to scroll through the best wine cabinets with refrigerators to find one that is perfect for you.

Firenze Wine and Spirits Credenza With Wine Refrigerator

The Firenze Wine and Spirits bar will give you a luxurious experience each time you use it. This high-quality product is made by top-notch cabinet makers based in Tuscany. The materials that make the Firenze Wine and Spirits Credenza are walnut hardwood and veneers. 

The handmade product has finishing polish in the dark espresso color. Along with the brushed nickel brass, the Firenze Wine and Spirits wine cabinet has a magnificently exquisite look. The Firenze Wine and Spirits Credenza is 40 inches tall, 75 inches wide, and 25 deep. 

This cabinet has a center that includes a removal wine bottle rack; the rack can hold up to 13 bottles. The sides each have a sliding pocket door, behind each of these doors are multi-functional compartments. The sides can be used as shelves, or the shelves can be removed to place a wine fridge. 

Siena Wine Credenza with Two Wine Refrigerators

This antique gray wine cabinet comes in a stylish Italian-inspired design. This cabinet is hand-made with walnut and tulip hardwoods and has brass hardware too. Along with its aesthetic appeal, this wine cabinet will fulfill your wine storage needs with its spacious interiors. The overall dimensions for this product are 39.5 inches tall, 75 inches wide, and 25 inches deep.

The key feature of this Wine Credenza is that it has, not one but, two wine refrigerators. It is easy to fall in love with this wine cabinet. There are three rolling wood shelves; each can carry up to nine wine bottles, including larger bottles. Moreover, there is a spacious storage area with adjustable shelves and a pocket glass door that slides. What’s more, there is a rolling top drawer for any extra knick-knacks you need to store.

STAIGIS Wine Refrigerator 

The STAIGIS Wine Refrigerator carries up to 46 wine bottles. Let your wine stay high quality while looking high quality as well, in this wine refrigerator. This wine and drink refrigerator is made to fit almost any place and situation; homes, kitchens, offices, or bars. 

The STAIGIS Wine Refrigerator is an impressive wine cooler in any place, especially as it is noiseless and energy-conserving. This means you, your friends, your guests, your co-workers or your clients will not be hampered by unwanted noise. 

This product comes in a compact size; it is 33.1 inches tall, 23.4 inches wide, and 22.4 inches deep. The size makes this wine refrigerator great for small and big areas. The size and quality of the STAIGIS Wine Refrigerator make it a lovely gift for wine lovers.

This product contains a stainless steel frame, a glass swing door, and sleek hidden handles. The digital temperature controls let you customize your preferred temperature. The temperatures the upper zone can reach are between 40°F to 50°F.  For the lower zone, it’s 50°F to 66°F. This dual temperature zone will enhance the stored wines’ aroma.

Frigidaire 24-Bottle Capacity Black Wine Chiller 

This is a great discreet Wine chiller that can carry up to 24 standard wine bottles. The sleek black appearance is modern and attractive. The controls are simple and easy to use. The high capacity makes this product useful and efficient. This Wine Chiller runs very quietly, meaning you will not experience noise issues.

The Frigidaire Wine Chiller can keep your wine, and other drinks, chilled in different organized manners. There is also a control for the humidity, so you can keep the ideal humidity for your wines. Moreover, the interior shelves can be placed in different ways.

You can choose to stack the shelves horizontally on top of one another, or you can store them vertically side by side. Having different stacking options lets you have more organizational options for how you store your wine bottles.

The Frigidaire Wine Chiller can go slightly lower than 43℉, and most users keep it at the ideal temperature of 55℉. The interior also contains LED lights, which you can turn on manually. This means the lights will not turn on automatically, every time you open the Frigidaire door.

Wide Drawer Walnut Solid Wood Sideboard Wine Credenza

Made by Italy’s skilled craftsmen, this piece of furniture will be loved by both you and your visitors. This Walnut Wine Credenza is handmade, from tulip and walnut hardwoods, and has a gorgeous walnut stain finishing along with patina applications. 

This durable product contains three wooden shelves. Each shelf can carry up to nine wine bottles, including larger wine bottles. There is one drawer for extra storage. Then there is one large storage area enclosed with a glass door; this area has removable and adjustable shelves. 

The material, solid wood, of this Wine Credenza adds to both its beauty and longevity. This sideboard cabinet does not come with its wine refrigerator. However, it is properly designed to contain, and maintain, wine refrigerators in its storage space. This item is specifically designed for a 28 bottle wine refrigerator, but other wine refrigerators may fit in as well.

Smith & Hanks 32 Bottle Wine Refrigerator

This frost-free wine refrigerator comes in a versatile design so you can keep it free-standing or have it built into a closed space; this wine refrigerator looks great in cabinets or under kitchen counters. The design of this item is also very easy to install. You simply plug in this appliance, and it is ready to use. This wine refrigerator looks great in both homes and professional settings.

The Smith & Hanks Wine Refrigerator can store up to 32 wine bottles, both white and red. The temperature of this product allows you to drink your wine as soon as you take it out of the fridge; this is done through the dual temperature zones featured in this wine refrigerator. 

Moreover, this wine refrigerator is very quiet as its compressor is noiseless. Therefore disturbing vibrations or rattling shelves will not be a problem.

The Smith & Hanks Wine Refrigerator weighs up to 88 pounds and is 34 inches tall, 15 inches wide, and 23 inches deep. This product contains LED lighting, a stainless steel door, and six wood-accented inner shelves.

Morgon Live Edge Metal and Wood Wine Bar with Wine Refrigerator

This gorgeous wine bar with a wine refrigerator will fulfill all your wine storage needs. The beautifully made Morgon Live Edge Metal and Wood Wine Bar is composed of black metal frames and solid natural acacia wood. This piece of furniture gets praise for its versatility. 

The interiors of this wine bar give you the options of a 48 bottle Evolution Wine Cellar, or sliding wine bottle shelves. The wine fridge has a temperature control feature. You can also substitute the wine cooler with a beverage fridge. 

The other side of this wine bar contains shelves that you can adjust, so you can fit in your bottles, glassware, and other accessories no matter what shapes or sizes they are. What’s more, there is a hanging stemware rack that can carry up to 12 glasses.

The top surface of the Morgon Wine Bar is made from Acacia wood and is a lighter-toned color. The dimensions of this product are 68 inches tall, 55 inches wide, and 28 inches deep.

Wine Enthusiast Siena Wine Credenza (Nero)

This Italian-inspired wine cabinet will store your wine and alcohol neatly while adding to your home’s aesthetic appearance. Made by fine craftsmen from Italy, this is a high-quality handmade piece of furniture. The Wine Enthusiast Siena is made out of walnut hardwoods, tulip hardwoods along with solid brass hardware and stained with patina applications. 

The Wine Enthusiast Siena is 40 inches tall, 75 inches wide, and 25 inches deep. This wine cabinet, at first glance, shows three vertical areas. One side is a spacious storage area with sliding pocket glass doors. The center consists of three rolling wood shelves; each shelf can carry nine wine bottles of both larger and smaller sizes. The center also has a rolling top drawer for extra storage. The left side of this wine cabinet is the wine refrigerator.

You can choose the perfect wine refrigerator for yourself, depending on if you prefer 25 bottles, 28 bottles, or a beverage center. The three options for the refrigerator each have their unique features, but they are all freestanding and contain chrome shelves and blue led lighting. Additionally, if you want a customized color for this Wine Enthusiast cabinet, you can reach out to the seller before you buy.

Ivation 12 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator 

Enjoy your wine, aged or new, with the Ivation Wine Refrigerator. This sleek and black wine refrigerator comes in a glossy finishing and promises to preserve your wine’s full flavor and fragrance. 

The temperature control of this product is responsible for maintaining the wine’s flavor and aroma. The Ivation compressor technology is highly resistant to temperature changes, such as high heat, from outside. 

The temperature range is 41°F to 64°F. Additionally, there is a built-in fan to ensure uniform temperature throughout the wine refrigerator interiors. You can change the temperature easily, and the light, through the bright and clear digital display.

The double glass door for this wine refrigerator is double=paned, thermopane and UV-resistant. The features of the Ivation Wine Refrigerator doors make sure the interior stays well insulated while also preventing harmful UV rays from reaching your wine. 

UV light is capable of damaging tannins in your wine, and the entire flavor of your wine too; however, with the Ivation Wine Refrigerator this will not be your worry. The interior of this wine refrigerator contains soft energy-saving LED lighting. The quality of these lights will not impact your wine flavor nor will they fade out bottle labels. 

The shelves inside the Ivation Wine Refrigerator are removable. Hence you are free to remove or rearrange the shelves to match your different sized wine and alcohol bottles. 

Farmhouse Wine and Fridge Cabinet

This Wine and Fridge Cabinet is a unique piece of furniture. It has been built and polished to look good and also be multifunctional. The measurements can be customized, but the average dimensions are 38 inches tall, 20 inches wide, and 60 inches deep. The finishing color is also customizable, though grey, white and espresso colors are the commonly sold colors.

The cabinet has two storage areas in the middle. A small drawer and cabinet on one side, and a space for the fridge on the other side. This piece is customizable before you order, so you can choose whether you want the fridge space on the right or left side.

Moreover, you can customize the size and color based on your wine fridge or mini-fridge. This cabinet can function as either a wine bar or a coffee bar. Either way, customers love this handmade farmhouse cabinet. 

Colzer Classic 15-Inch Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Whether you want to finish your wine fast or leave it for long-term aging, this wine refrigerator will never let you down. The Colzer Class Wine Refrigerator, based on original wine cellar designs, ensures to maintain a stable temperature and humidity levels that are optimal for your wine.

This wine refrigerator has a humidity auto control and an adjustable temperature range; 41°F to 72°F. This way you can choose the conditions for your wine, whether it be red or white or for long-term or short-term storage. 

The dimensions of this product are 15 inches wide, 23 inches deep, and 33.3 inches tall. This Wine Refrigerator can hold up to 30 wine bottles of standard size. Moreover, with this wine refrigerator, you can adjust the interior space through the adjustable and removable shelves. There is also a blue light that you can turn on and off.

The Colzer Class Wine Refrigerator gets praise for its compressor. The compressor is high quality and manages a unique vibration absorption system. It is very stable and strong, hence noise and other disturbances will not be an issue. What’s more, is that this compressor allows the wine to age more naturally and better over time.

The Colzer Class Wine Refrigerator not only offers a lot of adjustable settings but also makes these settings easy to understand and control. There is a one-touch digital control, so you can have easy and efficient operations all on your own.

191 Bottles Wine Cooler Dual Zone 

If you are looking for a wine cooler that can hold a larger capacity, then this product will be one of your best bets, as it carries up to 191 standard wine bottles. With a seamless stainless steel structure, along with an anti-UV glass door, you will be receiving both good looks and high durability with this 191 Bottles Wine Cooler.

The interior has a fan for air circulation, and this air ventilation helps keep wine quality high. Moreover, frost will never be a problem with this item as it is a no-frost product. The strong compressor will keep your wine chilled properly. This Wine Cooler is manufactured to be either a free-standing installation or a built-in installation. 

The internal shelves of this 191 Bottles Wine Cooler are adjustable so that your needs can be met even as your needs change with additions or removals of wine bottles. The shelves are beautifully made from wood, which adds to both quality and design. The overall appearance will enhance the impression of all your fine wine.

Moreover, the adjusting temperature control will allow you to ensure your wine is being kept at the perfect temperature. This item has a dual-zone temperature setting. This means the upper section has a temperature range from 41°F to 56°F, and the lower section has a temperature range from 54°F to 65°F.

EdgeStar CWR462DZ Wine Cooler with Dual Cooling Zones

This is a stainless steel wine cooler. It can store up to 46 bottles. This wine cooler is sectioned into an upper area that can hold 16 bottles, and a lower area that can hold 30 bottles. Additionally, the upper and lower areas of this cooler are independently controlled in temperature.

The EdgeStar Wine Cooler has dimensions of 33.5 inches high, 23.5 inches wide, and 24.5 inches deep. The total weight of this product is 125 pounds. The special features of the EdgeStar Wine Cooler are its tinted glass door which is dual-paned, the safety lock option, LED lightings inside the cooler, a reversible door, and an internal carbon filter.

Please note that the EdgeStar Wine Cooler can only store 46 bottles in total if each bottle is the standard size. The standard size is 750 ml 2.75 inches Bordeaux bottles. You can use this wine cooler for larger bottles too, but you need to remove an inner shelf first.

Country Chic Style Coffee or Tea Bar with One Hinged Door and Small Storage

This Bar cabinet was designed as tea and coffee-purpose furniture, however, the design and look of this cabinet can serve as a great wine cabinet too. This is a high-quality hand-made cabinet made out of wood, Kreg, glue, and hinges. The overall dimensions for this product are 38 inches tall, 48 inches wide, and 22 inches deep.

What’s great about buying this is that it is customizable. The Country Chic Style bar can have the size altered to fit the mini-fridge in perfectly. The fridge section of this cabinet is enclosed on the left side, so the fridge will be inside a cabinet with a hinged door. The back will be open, however, as this allows good ventilation. 

The right side of the Country Chic Style cabinet contains a cabinet door with floating shelves inside. It is important to note these shelves are not removable or adjustable. The finishing color for this coffee, tea, or wine cabinet is also customizable. The following colors are available: white, black, cream, dark grey, and light grey.

For the color, you can choose stain only or stain and paint. The former choice includes only stain, so no paint. The latter choice allows you to choose which pieces you want stained and which pieces you want to be painted.

Amarantos Built-in Wine and Beverage Refrigerator

Wine, beer, soda, or more, you can keep your beverages chilled in this beautiful Beverage Refrigerator. This product comes in two sizes; 15 inches and 12 inches. The 12 inches product is designed to be stored beneath countertops or as a freestanding unit. 

The 12 inches beverage refrigerator can hold up to 18 standard wine bottles, whereas the 15 inches product can hold up to 28 standard wine bottles. The overall dimensions for the 12 inches product are 12 inches wide, 34.5 inches tall, and 23 inches deep. The overall dimensions for the 15 inches product are 15 inches wide, 34.5 inches tall, and 22.8 inches deep.

The Amarantos Beverage Refrigerator is made out of tempered stainless steel, along with a trimmed clear glass door. You can see your stored beverages clearly without needing to open the door. The door is reversible, hence it opens in two ways.

The temperature is easily controlled through a digital touch system and can cool down to slightly below 41℉. Additionally, the interiors contain light blue led lights.

Antarctica Star 24 Bottle Wine Refrigerator Cabinet

The glossy silver Antarctica Wine Refrigerator is designed to complement both kitchens and living rooms. That being said, this product is fit for almost any room as its high-tech cooling system makes it noiseless and disturbance-free. 

This wine refrigerator can hold up to 24 standard wine bottles, for both red and white wines. It can also store canned beer and other beverages. This item comes with black shelves, which you can remove if you want to, a glass door, and legs with adjustable lengths.

You can keep your wine chilled and increase its longevity with this wine refrigerator. The customizable working temperature for this product ranges between 40°F – 61°F. This wine refrigerator is great because, besides temperature, it gives your wine ideal light and humidity conditions. 

The reinforced glass door ensures the interior of this wine refrigerator is sealed well and is airtight, this helps with humidity levels. Moreover, the interior contains light blue LED lights so that it is pleasing to the eyes yet harmless for the wines. 

Are Wine Refrigerators Worth It?

Wine refrigerators are wonderful to have for wine lovers. Though some may view wine refrigerators as an unnecessary luxury, there are useful perks to owning one. Having a fridge or cooler dedicated to just wine is ideal for many people. 

Here are reasons why wine refrigerators are worth getting:

  • Storage: Long-term storage of wine is made easy.
  • Flavor: Can help enhance the flavor and notes of the wine.
  • Age: Wine refrigerators help the wine to age finely.
  • Security: Easy to keep out of reach for children.
  • Functionality: A wine cabinet, space, and refrigerator in one spot are functional.
  • Welcoming: Dinners and parties become more hospitable.

The real answer to whether wine refrigerators are worth it or not depends upon the individual. If you are one who rarely drinks wine, quickly consumes wine after buying it, or does not have extra space for a wine cabinet, then a wine refrigerator is probably not worth it for you.

Chilled wine is sometimes the best wine, but it is important to know that built-in wine coolers are optimal when installing them into a cabinet. 

On the other hand, freestanding wine coolers should not be installed inside a cabinet. Wine coolers that are manufactured to be freestanding, require proper ventilation. This is why freestanding wine coolers should not be put in tight or closed-in spaces that can hamper ventilation.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, now you are aware of 16 wine cabinets and wine refrigerators that are sought after in the market. You can add both efficiency and beauty to your home with the right wine cabinets and wine refrigerators. 

As wine cabinets with refrigerators are growing more popular, their availability and types are also growing in the consumer market. 

Once you figure out your needs for a wine cabinet, such as the size and type, you can be sure to find a wine cabinet, wine refrigerator, or a wine cabinet with a refrigerator that will be a perfect match for you.


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