17 Things You Can Do With A Wine Rack

17 Things You Can Do With A Wine Rack

Wine racks seem to be a popular commodity to find. You can find them anywhere from brand stores brand new or you can find them at second-hand stores like thrift stores and antique stores. You may even have one lying around your house ready to be used.

Wine racks are one of the many items that you can refurbish and repurpose easily. You won’t even need to repaint, rebuild, or break down parts of it to use it. Here are the many things you can use a wine rack for that you might not have been aware of.

Why Do People Use Wine Racks?

Wine racks have been around forever. It is an easy way to store your wine and it has a classy appeal. Storing the wine sideways also helps preserve the wine as well as many other benefits. Here are all the reasons why using a wine rack is good for your wine:

  • Helps preserve the wine.
  • It keeps the cork moist so it doesn’t crumble.
  • Easy to find the wine you want.
  • Helps organize your wine choices.
  • Great way to show off your collection to your guests.
  • Adds to the aesthetics of your room.

But if you aren’t a wine drinker, you can use a wine rack for various other purposes as well. Find out what those things are as you continue reading.

17 Things You Can Do With A Wine Rack

Wine racks come in so many different designs and styles that ideas for the repurpose are endless. This also makes it easier to find wine racks that fit your style and the theme of whichever room you decide to put them in. Here are many ideas to use your old furniture.

1. Craft Organizer

If you are a crafty person, you can transform all types of wine racks into a means of storage for all your craft material. You can slide glass jars to house smaller materials and you can simply store your balls of yarn in each area by color, type, texture, and more.

Not only will this give you a craft project but it will transform your crafting station. Your materials will be easier to access. You don’t have to sift through boxes and drawers to find the right ball of yarn or the right material for your current project. It is all organized right in front of you.

2. Towel Rack

Metal wine racks are one of the best options when you want to create a rustic yet classy towel rack for your bathroom. You can hang the wine rack on the wall or you can place it somewhere in your bathroom. You just have to roll up your towels and store them where wine bottles are supposed to sit.

If you are looking for beach-themed or more of a farmhouse style, you may want to look for open wooden cases that are perfect for the atmosphere. It gives the room an open feeling while still providing storage for your towels.

3. Bottle Rack

If you are one to use protein shakes or just like to be environmentally friendly with reusable water bottles, you can use these for just that. Water bottles and shakers are not too different in size from a wine bottles. 

Using this as a water bottle or shaker organizer is more useful when you have a big family. Everyone can have their slot and when they get ready for the morning to leave the house, just grab their bottle and they are off.

4. A Wall Mounted Garden

Wall-mounted wine racks that hold just a few bottles can make for the perfect wall garden. You can recycle old cups, jars, and small pots and then turn them into a small herb garden. Hang this near your stove or somewhere in your kitchen so you can just pluck and cook.

Get yourself some chalkboard stickers to place on the cups, jars, or pots for an added touch. Decorate the stickers with whichever color chalk marker and you can have yourself a cute little garden that is not only useful but beautiful.

5. Wall Decor

Wall Decor

Wine racks often call for a beautiful representation. Great tasting wine always deserves a good place to call home. Because of this, you can make some gorgeous wall decor out of your old wine rack.

You can hang it up in any room and style it to the theme of the room. There are so many possibilities. And with these racks being either square or circular, you will find that adding a pattern to your room will accent the other decor and give your room depth.

6. Office Organizer

You can use larger wine racks in your office when you need a lot of extra storage. Doing this, means you don’t have to buy a bulky new dresser to store all these items. You can find all your office supplies without rummaging through drawers.

Smaller wine racks are great to set on your desk to organize items that you use every day. You can store items directly in the rack or you can insert glass jars for a classic look. Then you can grab your pencils, pens, and more whenever you need them while still having desk space.

7. Magazine Holder

If you are one to get magazines, they can pile up. A simple way to get your magazines organized and presentable is to transform your wine rack. The best types to use are those that are circular and not square but you can use squared wine racks.

These are great to have in the bathroom, reading room, and office so that you can store your magazines. Just roll up your magazine and put them where you would put the wine racks. Now you can easily see which magazine you are pulling and don’t have to go through piles of them.

8. Plant Pot Holder

Instead of setting up an elevated area in your backyard or wherever you like to store all your plants, you can flip a wine rack on its side and use it to hold your pots. The elevated position of the pots is great for watering and alleviating any strain on your back.

You can also decorate your repurposed wine rack to add a little flair and personality. It is always fun to have something unique in your house that you won’t find anywhere else. Just remember that if it is wood, you will have to treat it with outdoor paint or a stain to prevent the wood from absorbing water. The water will destroy the furniture and cause malformations.

9. Shoe Rack

If you have a wine rack lying around and need a shoe rack, try using a wine rack. They make for an easy replacement and you won’t have to refurbish or redesign the rack for this repurpose.

Many shoe racks don’t come with a beautiful design. They are simple and sometimes cheap. A wine rack can upscale your closet or even your entryway, depending on where you store your shoes and where you want to place this piece of furniture.

10. Tool Storage

Whether this is out in your shop, your garage, or your home, you can use a wine rack as tool storage. It is perfect in width to house longer tools but is perfect for everyday tools. It can get your workstation organized in no time.

11. Jewelry Organizer

Smaller wine racks are best for this type of repurposing. You don’t want a large wine rack in your bedroom or bathroom taking up a lot of unnecessary space. Once you find the perfect wine rack, you can now make it into a jewelry organizer.

There are many ways you can do this. You install glass jars into each opening to store jewelry. This is best for enclosed wine racks. Metal or open wine racks are a better option because you can hang your earrings or necklaces off. It makes it easier for you to just glance over your jewelry and see which one you would like to wear.

12. A Stylish Oil And Sauce Rack

If you are a cook and have many types of cooking wines and oils, you may want to repurpose your wine rack to house all of these ingredients. You can use a wall mount wine rack in your kitchen pantry to hold all your oil bottles, cooking wines, and sauces.

If you have a traditional wine rack, you can utilize that as a way to store your oils and other cooking ingredients. It can also provide more countertop space if you were needing it. It all depends on the wine rack design.

13. Storage For Kitchenware

If you are really into baking and cooking, you can use a wine rack for your kitchenware and make it look quite fancy. Not only can you store small kitchenware but other types of kitchenware. This includes:

  • Rolling pins
  • Large cooking utensils
  • Small cutting boards
  • Bottles
  • Shakers

You can store so much in a wine rack that you may need to find more kitchenware to put on it. It gives you the perfect excuse to buy that kitchenware that you have been contemplating buying for a while now.

14. Fancy Glassware Rack

Metal wine racks are the best wine racks to turn into a storage place for your fancy glassware. It will provide a simple yet elegant aesthetic to your kitchen and show off the beautiful glasswork for your fine pieces.

This may not always work depending on the shape of your glasses. If your glassware is formed into odd shapes or is a larger diameter than a wine bottle, you may have to find something else to store your glassware.

15. A Place For Your Clothes

You can use wine racks for organizing your clothes in your closet or room. You will find that wine racks are perfect for the following clothing:

  • Scarves
  • Hoodies
  • Shaws
  • Beanies

You can simply roll up the clothing and set them in each spot or you can drape them through the wine rack. This type of storage is great for clothes that you use more often than clothes you do not and it will make it easy for you to grab what you need quickly.

16. Bathroom Organizer

Smaller wine racks that would normally only hold less than five bottles are wonderful for organizing your bathroom. You can house all your hair styling devices for easy access. You can even start warming up your hair straightener and curling iron without fear you might set your hand on it. The wine rack won’t only be an organizer, it provides protection.

17. Climbing Ivy Decor

For a climbing ivy decor, you will want to use a wine rack that isn’t completely enclosed. It is best that the concept is open to allow vines to grow and wrap around the wine rack. This will make for a beautiful addition to any of your rooms while giving your ivy a way to grow.

You can design your ivy through the rungs of the wine rack however you like. Set the plant at the bottom and climb up and entangle itself throughout the decor piece. You can even put ivy on either side and allow them to reach the middle. Or you can go with a waterfall appearance and set the ivy on top so it can fall through your wine rack.

What Are The Types Of Wine Racks?

There are many types of wine racks out there. They run in so many sizes from holding a few bottles of wine to holding an entire wall full. This makes wine racks easy to turn into so many different storage options.

You will find that many of the wine racks come in different styles as well so you can change up your room with one or you can find something that matches the theme. You can find so many unique designs that you may not ever see one just like it.

Here are the many types of wine racks and what they would be best repurposed for:

  • Stackable wine racks
  • Countertop wine racks
  • Wall-mounted wine racks
  • Wine cabinet
  • Metal wine racks
  • Wood wine racks
  • Cellar cube wine rack

Stackable Wine Racks

Stackable wine racks are quite simple and sometimes if they are cheap and old, it may be best to retire this piece of furniture. If they are still good, these are great to store items in your kitchen. 

You can even add glass jars to organize smaller items for your bathroom, office, and closet. This is all depending on what you want and what you need to be organized.

Countertop Wine Racks

Countertop and tabletop wine racks are the perfect sizes for so many uses. You can store them on your countertops in your bathroom, on your desktop, in your kitchen, and more. They are perfect for small areas that need that organization.

Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

Wall-mounted wine racks are great for storing other items out of the way or on the inside of your pantry door. This is perfect for a wall-mounted herb garden or a few of your oil bottles. You can even hang it on your wall and organize smaller items near your desk, bathroom, and bedroom. The possibilities are endless.

Wine Cabinet

If you find yourself with a wine cabinet, you can use these as storage for clothes in your room. You can even use it to store your shoes. They are similar to portable cabinets, so you can use them for so many things!

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Metal Wine Racks

Metal wine racks are a fun style to find. These can be simple and look great for that elegant yet rustic theme or they can have intricate designs. Normally those intricate designs are grapevines with leaves and grapes but some do come in other designs as well.

Metal racks can be turned into wall mounts or you can just simply put them on countertops. With intricate designs, you may use the decor as a means to hang up your jewelry. The larger ones can be used for storing your fancy glassware.

Wood Wine Racks

Wood wine racks can be used for clothes, jewelry, office items, crafts, and so much more. These styles come in so many different ways. You may have an enclosed wine rack or an open concept. These seem to be the most common styles you will find.

Cellar Cube Wine Rack

This wine rack is in the shape of a square with wood planks forming an “x” inside. It is perfect for organizing your yarn, clothes, and even your oils and sauces. You can even use it as decor in your room and add a few trinkets.


Wine racks can be great for numerous reasons. They are so versatile to change into so many different types of organizers and decor. So whether one is given to you as a gift or you find one at a second-hand store, think twice before passing it up. You may have a use for it that you weren’t even aware of yet.


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