2 Ways to Have Two Dressers in One Room

2 Dressers

Have you ever wondered if you can have two dressers in your bedroom? Maybe you and your significant other want separate space for your belongings, or perhaps it is a children’s room, and you are separating their areas. It might concern you that it won’t work visually. 

Can you have two dressers in one room? Yes. It’s your room, and you get to make the decorative rules. There are multiple ways to have two dressers fit well into your room. 

You can put two dressers in one room if you want to. It is totally up to you, no matter what your reasoning is. 

Will Two Dressers Fit in a Room?

The biggest constraint on fitting two dressers into your bedroom is going to be square footage space, but if you have the physical space, you can put two dressers in your bedroom. If your space is too small, it may not look as nice as you had hoped. After all, dressers are rather large pieces of furniture. 

How to Arrange Two Dressers in One Room

In terms of arrangement or layout, depending on your space, you can either place the dressers side-by-side for the appearance of a long, cohesive piece, or you can separate them to divide the room where they seemingly create separate or complementary spaces. 

1.Touching Side-by-side,  Creating a Long, Cohesive Piece 

In this set up, the dressers will be side-by-side with their edges toughing. Usually, this is done along a wall. It may even look as though it is one piece with the way they are sitting – especially if they are identical. If you don’t have two identical dressers, you could always paint them to match and look more similar. This gives you the added benefit of making your room even more unique. 

2. Separate or Complementary Spaces

With this arrangement, dressers are spaced apart along one wall or they can be on opposite walls. It just depends upon your wall space and personal preference. 

Again, the dressers can be identical or this is another opportunity to create two unique spaces with the dressers. If this is a shared room, those individuals may have different styles. This would allow them to make their space more reflective of them and their individual preferences. They could do that by painting their dresser in a way that suits them, or it may just come down to having different decorations or pictures that represent them. 

Either option can make a room look stunning, depending on what you are going for. It’s your space, and you can feel free to get a little creative with it. 

Choosing Your Dresser Layouts: Things to Consider

Along with square footage being a problem, you also have to take into account the room layout. The other things that can affect your dresser placement are:

  • Walking Space – There needs to be adequate walking space between your dresser and any other furniture. You especially need to allow enough room for the opening of drawers. 
  • The positioning of doorways – You don’t want to position your dresser to where a door will open into it. 
  • Windows – Like doors, you don’t want to obstruct the windows if you plan to use them. 
  • Outlets – You want to locate and not obstruct outlets that you may need to frequently be able to get to. 
  • Cable Input – This might limit where you place a piece of furniture to hold your tv. 

Planning Your Two Dresser Layout

It is always a great idea to plan before you start putting furniture in your room. It may be easier to start with a planning stage before you get bogged down with shuffling furniture around in the room. This will make it more efficient and give you plenty of room to work. 

Here are the steps you should take when planning your room:

  1. Measure the room – you need to know the dimensions you are working with. 
  2. Measure the furniture – use these measurements to determine what will fit and where it can be placed optimally.
  3. Place the bed first – this will be the focal point and the most significant piece in your room. 
  4. Dresser placement – this is the second-largest piece in your room and is often placed across from the bed for balance.
  5. Place nightstands on either side of your bed.
  6. Evaluate if you have room for any other pieces of furniture. I.e., a vanity, chest of drawers, etc. 

Styling Your Dressers

Once the furniture has been arranged for your liking, you can then begin to style your bedroom. Pinterest boards can be a great tool in creating or finding inspiration to build your dream room. It will give you an idea of your style and design goals. 

Once you have some ideas here is where to begin:

  1. Coordinate those dressers. Items you may find on your dresser:
    1. Lamps – maybe you want to read before bed.
    2. Candles – create a very cozy space.
    3. A dish for things such as rings, watches, change, and other jewelry.
    4. Books for decoration – this is a simple way to use something you have on hand and can utilize as simple, yet charming decor. 
    5. Personal pictures and memorabilia
    6. Flowers for decoration – flowers make a space warm, welcoming, and lively.
  2. Displays – another place to show your personality or display things that are unique to you. Display any personal photos here that you may love seeing daily. Many of the same things you have on a nightstand may also work here. 

Your dresser can also be multi-purposed. It can hold your TV in order to save space or even function as a nightstand if space permits. 

Making Effective Use of a Smaller Space

You may be working with limited space, but it can be done in a way that effectively uses our space. Lighter colored walls make a room appear bigger

These are ways to use your space effectively:

  1. Place your bed first in the center of the largest wall. This is the largest piece, and you need to try to create enough space for climbing in and out. 
  2. Skip the nightstands. If you don’t have the room, you can skip the nightstands or use one. Dressers near the bed can often be used to hold things a nightstand normally would. 
  3. Hanging your tv is another way to save space. Mount it on your wall and skip excess furniture. 
  4. Use a tall, skinnier piece of furniture like a chest of drawers. If you don’t have room in the bedroom, maybe there is room in a closet, depending on its size. 
  5. Use mirrors to make your space look more open. The light bouncing and reflecting off the mirrors will make the room appear more airy. 

Most importantly, don’t use too many pieces in your small space. 

The End Results of Your Dream Room

Now you have all the different steps and stages you may need to create your perfect space. We spend a great deal of time in our bedroom, and the room should reflect you and things that make you feel restful. 

There is so much opportunity to make your room exactly how you envision. If you have ever thought, can you have two dressers in one room, then the answer should be abundantly clear. You can do anything that you want in your space. It’s an expression of you and should function in ways that work for you. 

Your room reflects you, and you can use these tips to help guide you as you create that room. These are to give you some starting points. The sky’s the limit, and you can make it relaxing and reflective of you. 


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