5 Reasons Why Buffet Tables Are Used

Buffet Table

Buffet tables have been around for centuries. They came into play when buffets became more common. This piece of furniture was necessary to help display the food being offered and house all the dishes.

But like many pieces of furniture before the buffet table, its uses become more varied. People begin to use it in different ways. 

1. Additionally Serving Surface

Traditionally, the buffet table has been used as what its name describes. People would put serving dishes full of food on it, and people fill their plates. This is a great option if you have to entertain a large number of guests.

The buffet table allows you to serve more dishes while simultaneously displaying the food for everyone to see. When sitting down at the dinner table, it may difficult to see what options of food. You also have to go through the hassle of passing food around. This eliminates that obstacle.

This furnitures is perfect for finger foods when you have your get togethers. Many people innately understand what a buffet table is meant for and so it’s easy for guests to navigate to the food.

Having this type of display of your food also provides the benefit of crowd control. People get into line and aren’t gather around an area. You get to see everything as you look over all the food, and when you’re done, you sit down. A win, win.

2. A Display Area

If you are ever having a party, yes, this piece of furniture is great to display finger foods, but it can show off other things. You can beautifully organize your desserts to wow everyone. You can make a cupcake tower or show off that wondrous cake you made.

You can also use it as a way to show the guests where to put their presents. Buffet tables are great for you to have the guests put gifts on and join the party.

If you have a more formal meeting that people may need a schedule, pencil, pens, or paper, you can set those on this surface, so people know what they need to grab for the meeting.

Many owners use this furniture to display a variety of things. If you have something you want to show off to the world, the buffet table is the route to go. Utilize this surface. Here are a few things you can display:

  • Flowers
  • Artwork
  • Family photos
  • Decorative ornaments

3. For Storage

Buffet tables are similar to dressers and cabinets in the sense that your table may have such storage areas. It is optimal to house extra silverware, dinnerware, and napkins. Some even use it to store their fine china when they want to be a little more elegant.

This piece of furniture can sometimes differ from a regular dresser or cabinet. It may have smaller drawers than a dresser. The reason is because it is meant to house smaller objects and not bulk clothing.

4. As Decoration

With all the designs and options today, you can pick out a buffet table that adds to your room. It can be used as storage as well as a beautiful addition to your diningroom. There are so many styles you can choose from, whether it is an antique or sleek.

You can also decorate its surface to be the centerpiece in your room. It is great to decorate during the holidays or accent what ever piece you would like to put on its surface. It’s the best place to put your favorite holiday scenes and show it off to your guests.

5. Other Replacement Furniture

Buffet tables can be utilized in replace of other furniture. You can use it as a dresser in a spare room or in your bedroom. It is great storage and a wonderful addition to an office. You can even utilize it in many other rooms.

Although it can be a great replacement for some of these pieces, it isn’t often used as a television stand because of its height. Most T.V. stands are lower to the ground allowed the T.V. to be at eye level when sitting.

Here are someways to optimize the use of your buffet table:

  • Dresser
  • Desk
  • Extra storage
  • Hallway decor
  • Buffet Hutch

You can use this piece of furniture in so many ways. It is only up to your imagination and creativity. You never know how this decor can help you expand and change your room.

What Can A Sideboard Be Used For?


Sideboards historically started as a long piece of the marble-topped table that housed food for whichever meal was being served in the 18th century. Over time, carpenters and other craftsmen have added cupboards and drawers to it, to become the furniture today.

It can be used for many things, just like its counterpart, the buffet table. Here are the many uses for it:

  • A Buffet Table
  • Storage
  • Decoration
  • TV Stand
  • Office Furniture

A Buffet Table

Sideboards and buffet tables are often used interchangeably, but they sometimes do have differences. Side tables may be shorter than a buffet table and have become a little more versatile than its counterpart.

You can use a sideboard as a buffet table because that was its original purpose. You can set out all your food for people to choose from,, which is convenient and can be quite the sight.


With the addition of cabinets and drawers, you can use a sideboard as a means of storage. This addition means more room for your dinnerware or for other objects you own. 

You can optimize the storage depending on the type and style of the sideboard. If it has more cabinet space, you can use it to house blankets and larger items. 

Sometimes sideboards are a little less complex than buffet tables and may not have as much storage. They may act more as an extra table than a dresser or cabinet space. But with all the varieties today, you can find one that gives you the right amount of storage and style.


Fashion and style have become important in today’s society as well as function. Sideboards can change the atmosphere within the room depending on its design. Some can even be a great accent piece or center piece.

TV Stand

Some sideboards are much shorter than buffet tables. Because of this, they have been quite useful as a television stand. With all the storage and its sturdy frame, it does well to house the newer and larger televisions.

Sideboards with cabinets are great as a T.V. base. If you have one that you would like to refurbish, you can always transform a drawer into a shelf to put any entertainment devices. Either way, sideboards are great used this way.

Office Furniture

If you are looking for a little extra storage and a place to set desk materials, this is a great addition to your office. The drawers are great to organize all the different office supplies or storing extra paper for your printer. 

You can use the surface to organize files or set your printer here. Putting these technology equipment here instead of on your desk, keeps your space decluttered which is better for work production.

Final Thoughts 

Buffet tables and sideboards can be used almost interchangeably. They have a few differences, especially in height but can be utilized in similar ways. If you are looking for a little extra storage and something to add to your room, a buffet table or a sideboard would be a wonderful choice!


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