7 Types of Dressers That Go With An Iron Bed

Dressers That Go With An Iron Bed

Iron bed frames are easy to assemble and offer a classic and traditional aesthetic to any bedroom. They aren’t bulky and can be a simple frame or as intricate as having posts and canopies draping your mattress. An iron bed frame can add many cool undertones to a bedroom, where most bedroom furniture gives a warming feel.

Since iron bed frames offer a specific aesthetic, dressing the bed and finding a dresser for the bed frame can be difficult. After reviewing this guide, you’ll have plenty of options for furnishing the rest of your room if you have an iron bed frame. One of the first pieces of furniture people look to buy after their bed is their dresser, which could tie the whole room together.

Finding the Right Dresser for an Iron Bed

An iron bed frame is a specific aesthetic that can be very difficult to match other furniture with. Iron bed frames add a cool touch to a room, regardless of what color they may have on top of the metal. The metallic aspect of an iron bed frame can make it more difficult to match than if it has matte paint over the metal.

Besides the bed, the dresser is the next big piece of furniture found in any bedroom, so it should ideally be a perfect match to the bed, but dressers don’t come with iron frames. They wouldn’t be very functional if they did. One of the best things to do is go with another color that blends with the metal on the iron bed frame and find handles to the dresser that match the bed frame.

Finding a dresser for an iron bed is the easiest if you buy it as a set instead of as separate pieces, but this option isn’t always available for many reasons. One of the biggest things to consider is the color of your iron bed frame when searching for a dresser. 

If you’re shopping in a store, see if you can take a part of the iron bed with you to compare its color and shade to other dressers in the store to make sure the colors blend and don’t clash. You can also do this with paint swatches. If you’re having difficulties finding the right dresser to match your iron bed frame, other clothing storage options will perfectly go with it.

Solid-Colored Dresser

One of the easiest ways to add a dresser to a room with an iron bed is to use a solid color. One excellent example of a solid-colored dresser is the horizontal dresser from PREPAC. It’s available in several colors, so even if you decide to do some DIY and update the colors of your furniture in your room, there are always a few options with this one.

A simple, solid-colored dresser is perfect for an iron bed because it doesn’t take over the room. The dresser is there to accent the star of the room, the iron bed frame. You can pair this simple dresser with a simple, curved iron bed frame or one that is more rigid.

A low-horizontal dresser is great for a room with an iron bed because it also gives more opportunities to further accessorize the bedroom with plants and pictures. To blend or add a little pop, make sure plant pots and picture frames follow a similar color scheme to the dresser, whether they’re the same color or within the same color family.

Rustic Painted Dresser

Nothing says “comfort” and “home” like the rustic style. Iron bed frames can make a room seem so much colder just because they’re metal. Adding a rustic touch to your bedroom can instantly give a warming presence to the room, even if you choose to have cool undertones.

There are many options for a rustic painted dresser that will go with an iron bed frame. Keep in mind that your dresser’s color and handles or knobs should blend with the bed frame’s color. The rustic style isn’t meant to have too many colors or accent pops, just more subtle hues, so consider that when choosing colors for your bedding.

The GPU Bedroom Dresser is perfect for an iron bed frame that is darker and will blend with warm or cool undertones. It comes in two colors and fits in perfectly with the rustic style that an iron bed frame can accentuate and complete. The darker version of this will also blend well with earthy tones in a rustic-styled room and a dark iron bed frame.

If you want more storage space than a dresser, you can go with a wardrobe, armoire, or storage cabinet. The American Heartland Rustic Double Door Pantry can match with any iron bed frame but works best with a matte finished iron bed frame. What makes this rustic pantry even better is that it comes in different colors like red and yellow, which can be an accent color.

Wicker Dressers

An additional dresser style that would fall into the rustic style is a wicker dresser. The Safavieh American Homes Collection wicker storage shelf is a great addition to a rustic-styled room with an iron bed frame. It comes in several colors that will match any iron bed frame. The line also has a wicker storage tower that matches to complete the look.

Classic Wooden Dresser

Another excellent option to add as a dresser style that goes with an iron bed is a wooden dresser. Wooden dressers are timeless, and while their styles have changed, their colors will always blend well with almost any bed frame, depending on the finish.

The wood’s color and finish is the most important thing to consider when choosing a classic wooden dresser to pair with an iron bed. If your wood has darker undertones like cherry or mahogany, you want to pair it with a dark iron bed frame. If your wood has warmer and more orange undertones like oak, you will want to use it with a brassy iron bed frame.

Another thing to consider is the type of handles on the dresser. You want your dresser handles to match the bed frame, so a golden iron bed frame with golden dresser handles (and nightstand handles if you’re adding nightstands to your bedroom). You can also find wooden dressers without handles or change the handles if you’d like.

A fantastic choice for a classic wooden dresser that would blend well with an iron bed frame is the Sauder Orchard Hills 4-Drawer Chest with a Carolina Oak finish. It has plenty of warm tones in the wood, and the handles have a perfect cooling blend to bring the room together. 

Accent Dresser

Even though an iron bed frame can take over and be the room’s main focus, it doesn’t have to be. You can go with a plain, minimalistic dresser or wardrobe to help the look blend, but what if you want something different? You can make your dresser and other furniture, like your night tables, stand out and let the iron bed frame be less of the focus in your room. 

An accent dresser can stand out in different ways, mostly with their colors and patterns on the drawer faces. An excellent dresser that will go with almost any iron bed frame is the Limari Home Iren Collection 6-Drawer Dresser. It has a contrasting chevron wood design on the drawer faces and would blend beautifully with a matte finished or dark metallic iron bed frame.


If you want something a little bigger than a dresser or to add to your dresser and bed, a wardrobe is an excellent furniture addition to any bedroom, especially if you don’t have a closet. Wardrobes have plenty of storage space and tend to look more simple or minimalistic. They come in a variety of styles, just as dressers do.

When choosing a wardrobe to match your iron bed frame, consider the wardrobe’s color, the handles, any accents to the doors and drawers, as well as the shape. Keeping the colors in mind, the wardrobe should match the color of the bed frame. From here, you want to look at the wardrobe’s overall style.

Some wardrobes have a more antique look to them, which will blend well with curved iron bed frames. Other wardrobes will have a more modern feel and be more linear, which will go excellent with a straight-edged iron bed frame.

The Sauder HomePlus Wardrobe has several finishes that will go with almost any shade of an iron bed frame. They even have some more rustic finishes if that is the theme you want to go with for your bedroom. Additionally, they have buying options to have a matching cabinet and dresser if you need more storage solutions in your bedroom.


Armoires are similar to wardrobes but differ because armoires tend to be bigger and more extravagant compared to wardrobes. If you’re choosing an armoire to go with your iron bed frame, you can be assured that even if you have an ornate iron bed frame, the armoire can also be ornate, and it won’t be overwhelming.

Just as with searching for a wardrobe, you want the armoire to have a similar color scheme with the wood and handles. Since armoires tend to be more decorative, try not to dress your room up too much with distracting patterns and go for solid or basic patterns to prevent the room from being too overwhelming. You want to be able to relax in your bedroom, not be so stimulated that you can’t sleep.

An excellent armoire to add to an iron bed frame is the Sauder Dakota Pass Armoire. It has tons of warm and cool undertones so that it will blend well with any metallic shade iron bed frame. The line also has a matching desk and night table if you want to give your room a complete look and still have your iron bed frame be the room’s main focus.

Clothing/Garment Racks

Clothing racks are quickly becoming popular for clothing storage in many homes, especially minimalists. They help limit the choices and time wasted going through clothes to wear. A clothing rack is an excellent addition to a bedroom with an iron bed frame, mostly because they most likely will have the same metallic finish.

Even if you have a dresser or closet to store your clothes, you can still have a metallic clothing rack to prepare your outfits for the week. A great clothing rack that you can use to keep the minimalistic style with an iron bed frame is the SimpleHouseware Dual Bar Adjustable Garment Rack. It comes in three different finishes to match any minimalistic room with an iron bed frame.

How Should You Style a Metal Bed Frame?

Styling a metal bed frame can seem complicated, but a metal bed frame can fit into almost any room style. It all depends on how you dress your bed, paint your walls, and furnish your room with other furniture pieces, such as wardrobes, accent chairs, and dressers.

Metal bed frames tend to stand out more than other bed frames and headboards because they have dramatic colors and shapes. Keeping a more simplistic style elsewhere in the room will complement it much better than having an extravagant style, which will be too busy and difficult to sleep in.

Tips for Styling a Metal Bed Frame

If you’re having difficulties styling your metal bed frame or getting it to fit into your room, there’s no need to worry. Here are some quick tips to help your metal bed frame be a part of your bedroom and not an eyesore:

  1. Pick colors in your bed dressing that are in your bed frame. For example, if your bed frame is white, find blankets and pillows with white traces, so there is a difference in color and texture.
  2. Stick with minimalist furniture and colors. If you’re not one to have a color pop so much in your room, a minimalist style is for you. Find a few accent pieces in gray, black, or white if you have a dark iron bed frame. If your iron bed frame is more of a brass color, add in some beige, cream, and brown pieces.
  3. Bring a quilt onto your bed. Iron bed frames usually have a quaint and rustic feeling to them. If you have mostly solid colors around your room and it isn’t too busy, add a quilt to the foot of your bed with pillows to help the room come together.
  4. Use pillows to create a barrier for your head. While gorgeous, iron bed frames aren’t designed to be comfortable headboards for you to sit up in bed and read a good book or watch a movie. Don’t forget to add some body pillows to help support you and make you more comfortable while enjoying your time in bed.

Other Room Furniture and Accessories for an Iron Bed Frame

When you have an iron bed frame, it can take over the whole style of the room. You want to style the rest of your furniture around it because it is that impactful of a statement piece. Some ideas for other room furniture, besides a dresser and accessories, if you have an iron bed frame, are:

  • Area rugs: Finding an area rug for your room or even small mats for the sides of your bed will be a great way to further dress up a room with an iron bed frame. Shag and other textured rugs will look great to contrast the simplicity of the iron bed frame and add texture to the room.
  • Curtains: Solid colored curtains or lightly patterned curtains to match your bedding will help tie a room with an iron bed frame together.
  • Accent chairs or ottomans: Since iron bed frames can be minimalistic, even if they have ornate designs, having an accent chair or ottoman in your room will add beauty and functionality to your room with an iron bed frame.
  • Bookshelves: A metal framed bookshelf with similar edges to the bed frame would look great, as long as the colors don’t clash too much
  • Vanity table: Adding a vanity table that matches your iron bed frame and dresser will complete the look for your bedroom. Pair it with the chair that comes with the vanity table, or find another accent chair to pull the look together.
  • Mirrors: If you’re going to add a mirror to your room with an iron bed frame, it’s best to make sure you have a mirror with the same border as the bed frame or a mirror without a frame.
  • Nightstands: You can either try to find one or two that come with the dresser or do some more furniture mixing to try to blend multiple styles with the bed frame.


Even though it may seem like an impossible task, anyone can easily find a dresser that goes with an iron bed. Matching furniture and accessories with an iron bed can be difficult, but if you follow these quick tips, creating a room with a blended or eye-popping iron bed has never been easier. Even if you don’t like dressers, other clothing storage options will work!


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