7 Ways You Can Cover a Daybed With Style

Cover a Daybed With Style

Daybeds are a relatively simplistic piece of furniture at their core. They typically look like a combination of a bed and sofa and can vary in styles and function. As a result, there are multiple styles you can use to cover a daybed, depending on how you plan to use it. 

The most popular daybed styles range from rustic to modern, and there are plenty of ways to get creative with them. You can use elements of every style in between, depending on what you use your daybed for. The following article is a shortlist of seven styles you can use to cover your daybed and provides some decor ideas for different daybed functions. 

The Traditional Daybed Look

Traditional Daybed
Traditional Daybed

Traditional daybeds look very similar to regular beds, but they’re much smaller and have a different design. They typically require a twin-sized mattress and have a longer headboard across the back, making the daybed face outward into the room. They can be used as either a bed in your bedroom, especially if you have a small one or a convenient spare bed for house guests. 

Traditional daybeds are usually the most simplistic in style and include a few pillows and perhaps a throw or blanket. They typically have a neutral color palette with a few colorful accents. You can mix and match with the colors and styles until you find something you like and that matches the room the daybed is in. 

Start with picking a color palette, and use sheets and larger pillows that match that palette. Once you have those in place, use a few smaller accent pillows with different colors and designs to give the daybed some character. If you like, you can drape a blanket or pillow over the daybed to finish off the look. 

The Rustic Daybed Look

Rustic Daybed
Rustic Daybed

Rustic daybeds are typically made from wood and have a vintage, previously used look to them. They can still be covered with style, you just need to use the right colors and materials. Since the wood material itself is usually pretty plain, aside from a few chips that give it character, you can use sheets and pillows with more dynamic colors and styles. 

You should use sheets and pillows that complement the color of the wood. For example, if the wood has a warmer tone to it, use sheets that are also warm in color, such as dark oranges or muted reds. If the wood has a darker brown color, then you can use sheets and pillows with lighter colors like white and gray. 

Any number of pillows and throws can be used for the rustic daybed look. For example, if you want to use it as a bed, then some larger pillows and a few smaller accent pillows will do the trick. If you want to use the daybed as more of a lounge seat, then a few large pillows and a throw or blanket will achieve that look. 

Contemporary Daybed Look

Contemporary Daybed

Contemporary daybeds are very sleek and simple, usually made from metallic bars that have been fastened together in a geometric design. They sometimes don’t even have a back to them, just two armrests on each side with round pillows for comfort and decoration. 

Since the contemporary daybed is so minimalistic, the style of the cover and decor should follow suit. The simplest way you can cover a daybed in a contemporary way is to get the fabric upholstered with the color or pattern you want. That way, you don’t need to add anything else, the daybed stands out as the room’s centerpiece on its own. 

If you want to get a little more intricate, keeping the daybed sheets minimalistic and adding one or two pillows with different colors and prints will also achieve the contemporary look. You can also just add a single throw or blanket, draping it over the daybed or folding it how you want. 

Coastal and Beachy Daybed Look

Coastal Style Daybed
Coastal Style Daybed

Achieving this daybed look is fairly simple, you just dress your daybed up with colors and patterns that represent the sea. A few colors you can use for this daybed look include: 

  • Blues
  • Teals
  • Grays
  • Whites 
  • Light yellows 

Navy blue is a great option for a more coastal naval look, while sky blue and teal are perfect for a more relaxed, beachy look. Gray and white colors can go with either of those color palettes, and light yellows are great for incorporating sandy beaches into your daybed decor. 

Kids’ Daybed Style

Daybed For Kids
Daybed For Kids

You can get very creative with styling a daybed for a child. They’re usually even smaller than a regular daybed since they’re meant for a child to sleep on, so you can add extra decor to really give it character and make it fun for your kid’s bedroom. 

For example, you can add curtains or a cool canopy around the daybed. If it’s installed into the wall or near a window, curtains are a great way to give the daybed some character and add a touch of personalization. You can also install a canopy on the ceiling above the daybed and drape those curtains along the sides. 

When it comes to decorating the daybed itself, the sky’s the limit. You can pick any color palette and decor combination that will suit your kid’s personality and the style of their bedroom. 

The Office Daybed Look

Office Daybed
Office Daybed

If you have a smaller home office and need a place to take a break and lounge for a while, a daybed is the perfect piece of furniture for that. Similar to a daybed designed for kids, they’re a lot smaller and more minimalistic so they can fit into a small office and match any decor style. 

The way to cover a daybed to get the office look is entirely up to you. You can match it with the style of your office and your office needs. For example, you can place a small ottoman in front of the daybed and use it as an impromptu coffee table and a place to put your feet up. 

Daybed Style Sofa

Daybed Style Sofa
Daybed Style Sofa

Last but not least, you can style a daybed to be a sofa. This look is great if you have a small living room or need something with a few extra seats that doesn’t take up much space. The main things you need for a daybed sofa look include: 

  • Large pillows 
  • A coffee table
  • Bed skirt 
  • Throws and blankets 

You can still use a twin-sized mattress for this look if you want, but you can also use couch cushions if you find some that you like and will fit inside the daybed. Once you have your foundation, place a bed skirt across the daybed frame, where the mattress or cushions go. This will hide the daybed’s legs and make it look more like a sofa. 

When you have your cushions or mattress and bed skirt in place, you can start dressing the daybed sofa up. Use large pillows to make the daybed look bigger and give you a comfy place to lean back on. Add a few accent pillows. 

To complete the look, place a throw or blanket over the daybed sofa and a coffee table in front of it. These elements will tie everything together and make the daybed feel and look more like a sofa. 

Final Thoughts 

There are so many diverse ways to style a daybed, and each one can be modified to cater to your needs. While this was a simplistic guide, you can use any combination of the elements discussed above to create the perfect daybed look for you. 


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