8 Reasons Why Loft Beds are Practical

Reasons Why Loft Beds are Practical

When deciding which bed you want in a room, whether this be for your child or used by an adult, you must take into consideration the practicality. One type of bed that many overlook but can be extremely practical in a variety of rooms is a loft bed. These beds are off the ground and leave space underneath for storage or other uses.

If you have considered a loft bed but are unsure if it will work for your space, we have created a list of 8 reasons why loft beds are practical for a variety of spaces. Read on to learn more about the biggest reasons to invest in a loft bed. 

Loft Beds Come in a Variety of Styles

Loft beds can fit a large variety of aesthetics and styles, which makes them great for both a child’s room and an adult’s room. Like most beds, you can simply add comforters and pillows to tie in the look of the bed with the room’s decor. There are truly styles that fit everyone from younger kids to teens to even adults. 

They Allow for Extra Space Underneath

While we will jump into the variety of ways you can use these loft beds to better organize a room, the extra space they offer is one of the major reasons homeowners opt for loft beds. If you have a smaller room, a loft bed is a great way to get a quality bed without losing space. Since they are off the ground, the floor space remains available for use.

Loft beds come in differing heights and some rooms will not accommodate a very tall bed. However, even those loft beds that are closer to the floor will allow for extra storage underneath. Loft beds are truly one of the best options for those lacking space.

They Work for Almost Anyone

Since loft beds come in a variety of styles, they work for almost everyone. While most think of loft beds as an addition to a child’s room, they are not just for kids. In fact, they are becoming more and more popular for teens.

However, some young adults are even turning to loft beds because of their many uses. If you are considering this for your child, you should ensure they can use the bed safely. The only group that is not ideal for these beds is a very young child that could fall out of the bed or be injured.

They Are Great for a Dorm Room

If you have a teen or are a teen that is going into college, loft beds are a great choice. This is simply because most dorm rooms are small and extra space is a must. Some of the many benefits of adding a loft bed to your dorm room are:

  • You can keep a desk under the loft. This is great for studying and working on assignments.
  • Most loft beds will be able to fit a small desk, some additional lighting, and a desk chair.
  • They can also be used to store additional items that you may not have space for in such a cramped area. 

Overall, loft beds are commonly found in dorm rooms and can be one of the most practical choices in these settings. 

You Can Use Them to Create a Lounging Area

Most bedrooms are not large enough to accommodate both a bed and an entertainment area. However, by adding a loft bed, you will be able to have both entertainment and a quality resting space. Loft beds leave just enough room to add the entertainment options you wish to have in your room. 

Some ways you can make the underneath of your loft bed perfect for entertainment are:

  • Add a small sofa where you can relax with friends. Most smaller rooms will not have space for both a bed and a soft, but adding a loft helps you have both. 
  • Along with your seating, you can add a small television or even a gaming system. You will not have room for anything huge, but a small TV should fit perfectly.
  • Some have even set up snack stations under loft beds. Most will fit a mini-fridge, microwave, and even baskets of snacks. 
  • If you want to make this entertainment area even more interesting, you can hang a hammock underneath your loft bed. 

Overall, you can use the loft bed to create an easy to use entertainment area that is easily accessed and takes up little space. 

Loft Beds Allow You More Storage Space

If you have limited storage space, adding a loft bed to your room can increase this substantially. By adding a loft bed, you will not use up the floor space that is often wasted with traditional beds. If you have one dresser in your room already, it can be difficult to add a second dresser or storage shelf.

However, if you have a loft bed, you can fit one or even two dressers underneath. You can easily include a bookshelf or other storage under the bed area. This is a great way to increase your overall storage space and create a more organized room. 

Use Your Loft Bed for an Easy At Home Gym

If you are interested in your fitness, but do not have space to accommodate your workout gear, adding a loft bed is a practical choice. You can use the space underneath the bed to create a workout area in your room. This is a great way to utilize the space in a way that benefits your overall health.

The area below a loft bed is enough for a yoga mat or even a great place for creating a meditation space. However, you can also fit some weights, kettlebells, and other small equipment pieces that you have. You will be able to easily workout in your room without sacrificing any additional space.

Loft Beds are Great for Those with Pets

One of the most practical uses of a loft bed that many do not take into consideration is that they are great for those with pets. Often our pets are like our family, but we do not always have the space to offer them. With a loft bed, you will be able to have your sleeping space while also having extra space for your pets.

Some ways you can use your loft bed to benefit your pet are:

  • Store Your Pet’s Toys Under the Bed – You can easily add a storage container underneath your bed to store your pet’s toys. Since the bed is off the ground, this will not take up any additional space.
  • Place Your Pet’s Bed Under the Loft – While you may not be the pet owner that allows your pet in your bed, it is nice to have them nearby. By having their bed under your loft, they are nearby while safely in their own space.
  • There is Room for a Crate – If you have a crate trained pet, you can easily store this underneath your loft. These can be quite bulky and this extra space is the perfect location. This will not waste any extra space and gives your pet their own space.

Overall, if you have a pet, adding a loft bed to your home is a great option. This is just one of the many ways that a loft bed can be extremely practical in a variety of homes. 

Give Your Room More Space with a Loft Bed

As you can see, loft beds are a great way to enhance your room while also being very practical in a variety of homes. Loft beds work best in a room that has limited space, as they offer additional storage, play, and work space. Loft beds can easily work in a room for children up to adults. 


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