8 Reasons Why White Bedding is Best

Reasons Why White Bedding is Best

Have you recently found yourself wanting to update your bedroom but cannot seem to decide on what bedding you like best? The luxury and inviting nature of white bedding is your best option to give your bedroom the feel you have been looking for. Not to mention it will match all your décor in your bedroom.

Even though white bedding may seem dull and boring at the onset, that is not the case at all. The possibilities you have with white bedding are endless because of its versatility and functionality. Keep reading to learn why white bedding is a must-have in your bedroom and 8 reasons why it is, in fact, the best option when compared to colored or patterned bedding. 

White Bedding Goes with Any Décor 

The main reason why white bedding is the best is because of its versatility and functionality. No matter how you plan to decorate your bedroom, choosing white bedding will allow all your décor to match. If you are someone who likes to change your decorations with the changing seasons, white bedding is for you. Think about it. There is no color or pattern out there that does not match the color white.

White bedding is very easy to accessorize, too. You can simply pull out any color pillow or duvet cover and expect it to match your white bedding perfectly. Instead of having to change your bedding and all your décor, white bedding allows for a quick and easy day of redecorating. It is much easier to change your pillows and throws instead of investing in an all-new bed set. 

Not only is it easy to accessorize with different color pillows and throws, but white bedding is guaranteed to also match your surrounding artwork and furniture. The white bedding will be the key focal point of your bedroom. However, any art or surrounding furniture will accent your white bedding better than any colored or patterned bedding ever could. 

Lastly, white bedding not only potentially saves you money by not having to purchase all new bedding, but it also saves you a lot of time from shopping for matching sets. If you have a neutral bedroom scheme, swapping out a pillow or two to go with white bedding is much more inexpensive and convenient than trying to redecorate an entire room. If you also have a piece of abstract art that you absolutely love, you never have to worry about it not matching.

White Bedding Can Make Your Dark Room Feel Brighter and Larger 

No matter the size of your bedroom, your bed will more than likely be the largest piece of furniture in there. Anyone that enters your bedroom will immediately see your bed followed by your surrounding décor and furniture. You do not want them feeling suffocated by how cumbersome it can be. It is important to maximize the space in your bedroom, especially if it is smaller. The best way to do this is with white bedding.

If your bed is decorated with bright white bedding, it will immediately make your room look less cluttered. The color white brightens a room because of the fresh and crisp feel it gives off. Eventually, it will trick your brain into thinking it is bigger than it actually is. This is ideal for those who have a smaller bedroom and want to make their space feel bigger. With the open feel, the white bedding brings, your bedroom will no doubt instantly feel larger.

The other major benefit to white bedding is its ability to reflect light in the room, no matter the source. This is an advantage for those bedrooms that do not have big windows and an abundance of natural light coming into their room. White bedding can reflect any light in your bedroom and make it feel a lot bigger than what it actually is. In contrast, dark colors and patterns absorb more of this light. Because of this, your bedroom will feel much more confined.

In any instance, white bedding will ultimately freshen up your bedroom. This simple update will instantly make your bedroom feel much bigger and brighter than it is. If your bedroom is smaller, white bedding is the way to go. 

White Bedding Is a Fresh and Effortless Update for Your Bedroom 

If you are looking to save money during a renovation or move into a new home, consider white bedding for your bedroom. Again, the bed is often the bedroom’s focal point and takes up most of your space. With a simple white bedding update, it can make your room look brand new and luxurious without breaking the bank. 

If you are in the process of completely updating your bedroom, covering your bed in white bedding ultimately leaves you with a blank canvas for the rest of the room. Covering your bed in all white bedding will allow you to add a touch of your personality using any décor you would like without worrying about it matching with the bed. 

The best part is if you ever get bored with one design, you can easily switch to a new color scheme. You will always be able to use your favorite decorations, no matter how exotic they may be.  Everything goes with the color white, so it is perfect for all décor without the headache of trying to get everything to match.

If your bedroom is already decorated and painted with dark, bold colors, white bedding can break up these color schemes. This is convenient so you are not left painting the entire room over again. Not to mention how much that could end up costing you.

Too much color and too many patterns in your bedroom can often leave you feeling overwhelmed. By implementing white bedding into your bedroom, you can break up these colors and give your room a breath of fresh air. In doing so, your room can look even richer without being too overwhelming for you and your guests.

Lastly, white bedding is simply effortless. Sometimes you are too busy to even think about making your bed. If this happens to you often, there is an added benefit to all white bedding. Because white bedding has a certain cleanliness to it, it will still look rich even if the sheets and covers are not perfectly put together. An unmade bed with white sheets is often charming and rustic in some settings. 

White Bedding is Easy to Clean

When you hear of anything that is white, it is easy to let your mind think it will get dirty easily. Because of this, when many people think about white bedding, they are often deterred from purchasing it. The majority of people think white bedding will be impossible to keep clean, especially if they have animals or children. However, that is actually not true at all. White bedding is the easiest to keep clean.

As with hotels, white bedding is a very practical choice when looking for a new bedroom suit. As mentioned, white bedding can be washed at very high temperatures without worrying about the color fading or bleeding on to any other laundry. In addition, washing at high temperatures will help with those tougher stains that do not want to come out. You do not have that luxury if you decide on colored or patterned bedding because they easily fade under these conditions.

White Bedding is Tough Enough for Bleach 

Not to mention, white bedding can be bleached as much as you would like to remove the toughest stains that may arise from spills or other accidents. If you add bleach to any colored or patterned set, expect to have white bedding by the time it is done in the washing machine. 

On top of having permanent stains and bleached bedding, different bedding colors and patterns are not the most practical option when decorating your bedroom. Being able to use high temperatures and bleach together makes keeping white bedding clean and fresh easier when compared to any other bedding out there. 

Cleaning Just Became More Convenient

Because white bedding is easier to clean, washing the sheets just became a lot more convenient. If you have white bedding, you are more likely to wash them regularly. It is easy to strip the bedding from your bed to wash it without worrying about the type of cycle you use on the washing machine. Even when you seem too busy to take care of the sheets, white bedding will make doing laundry a whole lot more convenient.

It is important to mention that since white bedding is easy to clean, it is a must to regularly launder your white linens multiple times throughout the year. There are many ways to reverse the effects of sustained use. There are also ways to reverse the yellow discoloration that may result from excessive bleaching. Some key tips to keeping your white bedding looking fresh and brand new include: 

  • Soaking your white bedding in bleach overnight before washing them the next day 
  • Wash your white bedding in regular detergent and then again with only bleach in hot water
  • “Bluing” your white bedding to counteract any yellow discoloration that may have occurred from excessive bleaching

You should aim to perform at least one of these tasks two to three times a year to ensure your white bedding stays crisp and looking brand new. Overuse can cause them to look less fresh and to have eventual yellow discoloration. Do any of the above-mentioned washes to keep your white bedding looking like it is brand new for years to come.

White Bedding is Cheaper than Other Bedding Options 

The biggest seller when it comes to considering buying white sheets is how inexpensive they can be. You can order luxury hotel-like white bedding directly online like this set. You can make your bedroom feel like you are on vacation any day of the week with crisp, fresh white sheets without spending a fortune.

Your main concern may be that buying white bedding that inexpensive will mean it will look cheap. There are zero reasons to let this thought cross your mind. All white bedding, no matter where you purchase it from, has the clean and luxurious look of the best hotels. Not to mention, you will not have to sacrifice the comfort or feel if you purchase a more inexpensive white bedding option, either.

Think about this. Have you ever seen a white bedroom suit that has looked cheap anywhere you have been before? The answer is probably no. White bedding, no matter how much you may have spent on it, always looks rich and fresh. This is because it is much easier to spot a cheap colored or printed bedding suit. Even though it has been said before, the major disadvantage of colored bedding is how easy it fades and ages when compared to white bedding. 

Lastly, because white bedding is so inexpensive, you can always keep a spare set in the closet. Even though white bedding is very easy to clean, sometimes those impossible stains to remove do happen. Buying two sets of white bedding is still significantly less than what you would pay for colored or patterned bed suits that are so often overpriced. 

White Bedding Balances the Different Male and Female Decorating Styles

Decorating with your spouse can sometimes result in conflict when your decorative tastes seem to clash. You probably find yourself wanting one thing in the bedroom while your significant other wants something different. The quick and easy compromise? Go with white bedding!

There is no denying the point in time always comes when you and your spouse are at odds over which pillow or rug you both prefer. The same conflict probably comes up when it comes to deciding on the bedding you want in your bedroom, too. 

You may find yourself going straight for the more feminine look, with colorful accents and ruffles. However, your spouse is probably going to want the complete opposite look. They will more than likely prefer the dark, bold, and simple colors schemes, leaving you both at a crossroads.  No need to worry because white bedding is the perfect compromise for both of you. 

White bedding allows either of you to have the bedding of your dreams while allowing you both to decorate with the styles you love most. Whether your tastes are more feminine or masculine, white bedding will leave you both satisfied. White is the perfect balance between feminine and masculine and is perfect for the couple who cannot seem to decide on the right bedding.  

The best way to look at white bedding is as if you both have a constant blank canvas to do whatever you want while decorating. This will give you and your partner or spouse the ability to change the surrounding décor as both of your moods and seasons change. Hopefully, this will also allow you to find a middle ground when it comes to redecorating your home and bedroom. More importantly, it will give you both something that you love.

White Bedding Keeps Your Bedroom Modern and Trendy

The color white is timeless and always looks good no matter the season or year. You may have thought that a blush pink or deep purple bedroom suite was the perfect choice for your bedroom a few years ago. However, fast forward a few years, and you quickly realize one day that those colors are no longer the latest trend. If you stick with white bedding in your bedroom, you never need to worry about it going out of style. 

Even when color trends change and you are ready for something new, having white bedding will help you stay modern and up with the latest trends for a lot less money. As styles change, you will only need to update your pillows and rugs or surrounding décor. There will be no need to invest in new bedding that may leave you having to redecorate the entire room. No matter what you choose, everything you could possibly decorate with will match your white bedding. 

Along with keeping your bedroom modern, white bedding can also be used to decorate any other room in your house. Daybeds and window benches are perfect places for white bedding, too. If you have white walls and use white bedding in one of these places, your daybeds and window benches can appear as part of the architecture. In turn, this quick change will also make your home seem even bigger by changing your depth perception.

In any instance, the color white never ages. White bedding will keep your bedroom stylish without having to try very hard. It will work with the most exotic décor to give your room the most current and modern look. 

White Bedding Can Improve Sleep and Lower Stress Levels

The color white is often referred to as serene. This is because white has a calming effect that evokes a sense of peace within a person. Believe it or not, having white bedding elicits this effect and can help reduce stress levels, too. 

As previously mentioned, having white bedding reduces the sense of a cluttered room. Since clutter often leads to increased stress, having white bedding will help reduce stress levels. With lower stress levels come better sleep patterns. You are almost guaranteed a better night’s sleep as your brain adapts to the white colored environment. 

There is also research that supports the theory that white bedding can cause a placebo effect. White bedding often reminds you of a hotel. This more than likely takes you back to a happier time on vacation when you were more relaxed. Anything that associates your bedroom to a more relaxing time can result in a more tranquil environment for a better night’s sleep. 

The crisp feel of white bedding often evokes a sense of coolness that can be countered with warm accessories. By implementing a lighter colored pillow or throw on the white bedding, you instantly take the cool feel and turn it into a warm and inviting look. This, too, can increase comfort while improving your sleep at the same time.

As mentioned before, you will find yourself washing your white bedding more often because it is more susceptible to noticeable dirt. Because of this, you can improve your sleep by staying healthy with reduced germs on your bedding. It is very easy to forget to wash your sheets regularly when life gets hectic. However, white bedding will keep you honest and healthy while improving your sleeping habits at the same time. 

As with meditation, the more you do it, the more relaxed you become. The same effect occurs the more you see your white bedding before going to sleep. The more you see the white bedding and experience its calming effects, the more trained your brain becomes for a better night’s sleep. 

White Bedding is Simply the Best

No other bedding had the same cloud-like quality as a set of white sheets. If you decide to go with colored or patterned bedding instead, do not think you will not be satisfied with your bedroom and its décor.  White bedding has just proven to be the most popular choice because of its versatility and functionality.  

The best part about white bedding is how it goes with anything and everything you may want to decorate with, too. Because of this, you will no doubt keep up with the latest trends without having to break the bank. Having white bedding will allow you to swap out your pillows or rugs for a quick, cost-effective update.

Most importantly, remember never to be tricked into thinking the color white is boring and plain, especially for your bedroom. Believe the opposite and go for the white bedding during your next move or remodel. You may just find yourself able to redecorate all year long and making yourself feel like you have a brand-new room all over again!


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