9 Reasons Why Recliner Sofas Are Still in Style

Why Recliner Sofas Are Still in Style

Recliner sofas get a bad reputation. They are known to be large and bulky—two things that are frowned upon in modern design. However, recliner sofas have qualities that allow them to remain relevant in current styles and trends. You can find a recliner sofa to fit the tone of any room.

While it still seems to be a controversial subject in design circles, there is no hard reason that a recliner sofa cannot be stylish. It breaks down to your personal preference. Read on to learn nine reasons why reclining sofas are still in style today. You may come out with a changed perspective.

Should I Buy a Reclining Sofa?

If you wish to own a reclining sofa there is little reason you should not buy one. The only things stopping you might be your available space and funds. Recliner sofas have a bad reputation for the same reason that reclining chairs do.

Traditionally, both recliners and reclining sofas have been known for being bulky and unsightly. In the past, they would be upholstered using what seemed like the tackiest fabric. The fact is that people’s image of them somehow got stuck in the 80s, but it is about time to change that.

If these are things that would stop you from buying a reclining sofa, then you will be happy to know that most modern reclining sofas are designed to move past these issues. Gone are eyesore patterns and a ridiculous amount of stuffing. Consumers now can opt for more modern features and styles that are:

  • Streamlined
  • Simple
  • Sleek

If you like the look of a traditional reclining sofa then there is good news for you as well. Many manufacturers acknowledge that those elements exist for comfort, and they have worked to incorporate them in current designs. Beyond that, many recliner sofas have the same sense of comfort without the bulk.

You can find plenty of reclining sofas for sale second-hand. Even if they appear to be something out of a dated comedy, it takes only a little bit of effort to have the recliner sofa reupholstered to match the current style trend.

Pros and Cons of Recliner Sofas

Before you commit to buying a reclining sofa, you should know that they come with their own set of pros and cons.

While some of these items are easy to work around, pretty much all of them will be attached to any recliner sofa you purchase or own.

Pros of Recliner Sofas

Recliner sofas have a reputation for their comfort, and this is also their main selling point. Even when you are not using the recline feature the additional padding and lumbar support can do so much for aching bones and muscles.

Beyond that, modern recliner sofas have options for electric controls. This means they are safer for families with small children or animals. The risk of pinching fingers in the handle or abruptly cramming the cat under the sofa is less concerning than it once was.

The electric controls also mean that those tiny hands can also control the recline on the sofa, which can be a blessing for their sense of autonomy. If it is something that you do not want your children to do then odds are the remote will have locking features.

Recliner sofas are a favorite for individuals that are taller because they have higher backrests. This means that even without reclining them someone who has more height can get more comfort out of the sofa. Normally taller people would have to slide down on a sofa to rest their neck, but that is not necessary on a recliner sofa.

Cons of Recliner Sofas

Right off the bat, recliner sofas are not such a great option if money is an issue. Recliner sofas will cost a lot more than a traditional sofa because of their size and all the additional features that they have, so they are not exactly known for being a budget choice.

Beyond that, recliner sofas are bulky. This is evident just by looking at one, but the magnitude really comes to light when you get them into a space where they are ill-fitted. Manufacturers have done plenty to combat this issue, but there is only so much that can be done to minimize the space they take up.

You may also find that the bulk is too much for you. Recliner sofas need to be manufactured in a specific way to keep all their mechanisms from poking and prodding out you, but this might prove to be too firm for everyday relaxation.

Recliner sofas are limited by the fact that they cannot go right up against a wall. This leaves you with a few arrangement options. In a smaller space, you will have to put the recliner sofa a few inches from the wall, which can appear and feel awkward. The issue is not so bad in a larger floor plan where the recliner sofa can float in the middle of the room.

1) Style is Relative

Since style is subjective, not every consumer is going to feel the same way about each individual piece of furniture.

First, style is what you want it to be. Unless you are actively working on a degree in design and have to follow specific trends, then adding a reclining sofa to your room will not kill the room’s mood. Choosing not to buy something when you really want to is what will bring you down.

Style is also always changing. While the current trend seems to be sleek and streamlined furniture there could easily be a push for oversized elements in the future. The fact that manufacturers still make recliner sofas means that there is a demand for them, even if consumers do not want to admit it.

When you consider these two facts you can see that the pressure to adhere to the mainstream idea of what is in style should not limit your personal sense of style. A recliner sofa can work in your room even if it is traditional and large and bulky.

2) Manufacturers Respond to Trends

Building off the previous point, manufacturers have seen the way trends are moving and done their best to size down both recliners and reclining sofas.

They are still pretty large because there is a whole world of mechanics that need to be housed within the body of the sofa, but many modern designs are nowhere near the size they were just a decade ago.

Manufacturers also try to implement design elements like adding wooden legs to make the sofa taller. Because so many stores now offer you customization like upholstery material you can take over to make the recliner sofa fit your needs.

3) Recliner Sofas Are Not As Large As You Think

With the recent push toward minimalism, recliner sofas have downsized quite a bit. While they are still larger than a stationary sofa, adding a reclining sofa to your room probably will not eat up as much of the area as you think.

Beyond this, recliner sofas are pretty customizable as far as sizing goes. Your different sizing options include:

  • Love seats
  • Three seats
  • Four seats
  • Sectionals

There is a recliner sofa option for every space, and they pair easily with stationary furniture options.

In fact, there are many times when a sectional will take up less space than a sofa and loveseat combination, and they will almost always provide more comfort.

If you choose a recliner sofa that has a built-in console (which most have anyway) then you might be able to bypass extra pieces of furniture like end tables or coffee tables. This frees up a great deal of space 

4) Recliner Sofas are Easy to Style Around

Recliner sofas come in a variety of colors and styles, so finding one that fits the existing scheme of your room will prove easier than you think.

If you are building the style of a room around the recliner sofa then you are also in luck. There is no shortage of options that can match your visions, especially if you are working on a custom build (which is ideal with such a loud piece).

Because recliner sofas have a lot of features built into them you may find that you do not need to purchase as many pieces of furniture as you thought. A recliner sofa can easily replace:

  • Storage items
  • Charging stations
  • Tables

Instead of needing to look for furniture to fill the space, you can focus on looking for furniture that suits your style. If there is no need for additional furniture you can direct your time, effort, and funds to exciting decor.

5) Recliner Sofas Have Health Benefits

Something that will always benefit your style is your personal health, and having access to a recliner sofa can improve your situation there.

The more straightforward health benefits of recliner sofas include:

  • Stress relief
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced pain
  • Easier motion

You may be searching for a sofa that can offer you one or all of these. With a reclining sofa, you and your loved ones can benefit from all of the above.

Stress Relief

Everyone deals with stress, and everyone could stand a little relief from it from time to time.

A recliner sofa helps you escape stress in physical and mental ways. When you are using the recline feature on the sofa your body is reclined and you have reduced the stress on your spine, decreasing tension overall.

Furthermore, the reclined position supports your back and ensures that your legs are lifted off the ground. The combination of all of these allows relaxation to settle over you, freeing up your nerves so your brain is not so scattered.

Throw in a good book or television show and you are sure to be stress-free, if only in that moment.

Improved Circulation

Poor blood circulation can be painful, but it can also lead to larger complications down the line.

If you are already dealing with poor circulation then you know how important it can be to get your feet up. By having them elevated you reduce the blood following gravity down to your legs and feet.

The improved circulation also reduces any swelling in the area. This makes recliner sofas a good option for people who work on their feet. Recliners are also helpful for people who are prone to swelling in their legs and feet (e.g. expectant mothers).

Reduced Pain

Recliner sofas are especially useful in reducing back pain. This is because their recline feature is superior to resting and attempting to maintain an incline on your own using pillows.

The biggest difference is the lumbar support that you will find on recliner sofas. Even stationary sofas have subpar lumbar support, so recliner sofas can help to reduce back pain as soon as they are set up.

Easier Motion

If you or someone in your household requires assistance when standing or sitting then a recliner sofa can help them get some of their freedom back.

While this is more true for recliner sofas with electric options, even manual recliner sofas can assist to some degree. Typically a recliner sofa is stiffer than a stationary sofa, so even getting out of a non-reclining seat may prove to be easier.

6) Your Comfort is Always in Style

When you are lounging at home you want at least two areas of comfort.

The first is your bed, which is obvious. But the bed should be dedicated to sleeping and other nighttime activities.

A reclining sofa gives you another area in your home where you can lay back and relax, and this can be important at the end of the day. Furthermore, a recliner sofa lets more than one person lay back and relax, which makes it easier for families to come together after a long day.

Extra comfort in a room will pay off in the long run, even if the size of the piece causes you to raise an eyebrow, but the fact is that you can find a recliner sofa that provides both comfort and style.

7) Recliner Sofas are Functional

Everyone loves a piece of furniture that double dips when it comes to getting jobs done, and recliner sofas love to do it all. While their functionality depends on what you buy, most recliner sofas prove to do more than any other sitting furniture in your home.

Storage is nothing new to recliner sofas, though you may find that the newer ones have storage options that have adapted to current life. Even a smaller storage area can keep your remotes in one place, but some recliner sofas will give you room to store things as large as pillows and blankets. This can keep your room looking neat.

Many console areas on recliner sofas also include built-in cup holders, which are important for a few reasons. You will not have to get up to drink if you are sitting in the middle, but beyond that, they can eliminate the need for end tables that function only to hold a bottle of water. 

Recliner sofas have spacious seating, which means you may not even need to purchase another seating option for your room. This gives you more freedom to style it as you wish.

They are also great for hiding mattresses in, so if you plan on hosting people often you may want to look into a recliner sofa that has a built-in sleeper.

8) Recliner Sofas Have Undergone Tech Advancements

If there is anything that can be added to a piece to keep it in style it has been technology, and recliner sofas have added plenty of technology features to keep them up to date and ensure you have the utmost comfort.

Most modern recliner sofas incorporate:

  • Power reclining
  • Power lumbar support
  • Power headrests
  • Heat
  • Massage
  • USB ports

The power features make sure that the recliner sofa is easily customizable to your needs. While in the past you would spend at least a minute rocking around in an attempt to get the recline just right, a power recline feature makes it a breeze.

Built-in massage and heating can make the recliner sofa key in your end-of-day rituals, and USB ports will let you charge and power your devices without needing to move to a less comfortable location.

9) Leather Recliner Sofas Are Timeless

When you think of a recliner sofa you probably get an image of a big, bulky leather couch. What you see in your head may seem outdated, but that is only because it needs to be updated.

This reason only deals with recliner sofas made out of leather, but the material is popular enough that it warrants its own section.

Leather has been used for centuries, and designers have not tired of it yet. In fact, what they have done is updated leather to accommodate people’s style every step of the way, but there is still little variation when it comes down to it.

The fact is that leather is a timeless material. It has a nice, rustic appearance that can be made up into something modern chic. Leather is easy to match to, and it is made to last.

If you are unsure of what material you should pick to give your recliner a nice, stylish appeal you cannot go wrong with leather or a leather imitation.


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