9 Reasons Why You Should Have a Dressing Table

Why You Should Have a Dressing Table

Getting ready in the bathroom can be a hassle, especially if you share the space with other people. For many, it is the only option if you do not have a mirror or a place to get ready in your bedroom. If you use lots of skincare items or makeup products, they could easily become damaged or misplaced if left in the bathroom.

A dressing table in your bedroom can provide a place for all of your self-care needs, without you having to lean over a sink to put lipstick on. If you are looking for a versatile and stylish piece of furniture, look no further. From decor to organization, read on for nine reasons to switch up your bedroom furniture and add a dressing table. 

You Will Have Your Own Space 

If you share a bathroom, either with roommates or other members of your household, then there will be times when you will not be able to have your own personal space. It is hard to do a skincare or makeup routine at the same time as someone else, especially if your bathroom is small.

Having a dressing table in your bedroom is good if you:

  • Share a bathroom with others
  • Want your own personal space
  • Have a small bathroom

Having your dressing table in your bedroom will allow you to have your own space, and it will keep the bathroom clear for other people to use. This also works if you have a particularly small bathroom that does not have a lot of space.

Dressing Tables Add Decoration

Many dressing tables are also used as decor to enhance the look of your bedroom. You can choose a dressing table to fit your personal aesthetic and style. Most dressing tables are available in several colors, ways of organization, and sizes. And there are many options to choose from.

There are so many styles of dressing table:

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Vintage

The traditional style of dressing table is simple and elegant. These tend to be slick and rectangular. These are perfect to fit into a corner of your room or against a wall. They typically come with a backboard mirror and three or more drawers across the surface of the table. Traditional dressing tables, like most, typically come with a cushioned stool.

Modern dressing tables are minimalistic and stylish. They are also known as contemporary dressing tables. These tend to have circular mirrors, but the shape of the mirror can vary. They have a sleek and clean look. Some contemporary dressing tables might have shelving, which adds more space.

If you are looking to add a touch of glamour and class to your bedroom, then the vintage style of dressing table will be best for you. These are designed to look classic and beautiful. One of the most popular vintage styles of dressing table is the French antique style. These have beautiful, elaborate designs around the mirror or on the drawers, and will add a pop of elegance to your room.

Dressing Tables Provide Organization

Dressing tables are a perfect organization tool, especially if you do not have the extra storage space. It will keep all of your products all in one place, so you do not have to worry about misplacing or losing anything.

You can organize your:

  • Jewelry
  • Skincare
  • Makeup products
  • Perfume

These products are often expensive, so it is good to make sure that you know exactly where they are stored. It will also be a great way to make sure that none of your products are being used or stolen by roommates or other members of the household. 

Keeping your items on your dressing table will ensure that they will not get damaged by the water in a bathroom sink. An organized dressing table will also be excellent when you are running late and need to access your items quickly. This way they will all be in one place.

Dressing Tables Can Increase Comfort

It is important to be comfortable when you are getting ready. Starting off your day with a misplaced product or a poor makeup application can throw off your groove.

Dressing tables have:

  • A big mirror
  • Comfortable seating
  • Short distance between table and mirror

Standing over a sink to do your makeup can be annoying, especially if you do not have good eyesight and cannot see yourself fully in the reflection. With a dressing table, you will be up close and personal with your own face. Dressing tables also come with comfortable stools so that you can avoid standing for a long period of time.

Dressing Tables Have Added Accessories

A dressing table is not just a regular old mirror. It will provide you with so much more than what an ordinary bathroom mirror can.

Accessories can include:

  • Lighting
  • Drawer space
  • Tilting mirror
  • Shelving

These added accessories will be helpful for your beauty and self-care routines. Some dressing tables come with added lights surrounding the mirror to give you better lighting. Some mirrors also tilt, so you can angle it any way you need. A bathroom has drawer space and a cabinet, but depending on how much you store, there will not be enough room for your other products.

Dressing Tables Add a Feeling of Glamour

Everyone needs their own diva moment every once in a while. Dressing tables are commonly associated with Hollywood starlets, or a performer getting ready for a stellar show.

Dressing tables are used in:

  • Theater
  • Television
  • Film

Just like in old Hollywood movies, you too can feel like a movie star! Dressing tables can be seen as a symbol of grandeur and style. It feels powerful to have a place that is uniquely your own for you to get ready in. Every time you sit in front of your dressing table, it will feel like you are getting ready for your own show.

Dressing Tables Can Make You Feel Confidence

Your bedroom is the place where you are your most vulnerable. It is important to feel confident during all times of the day, but it is especially important for when you start the day or get ready for a particular event.

Your bedroom is where you:

  • Sleep
  • Dress
  • Unwind

Having a dressing table in your bedroom will boost your confidence as you get ready for your day in front of it. You will be able to see yourself at your finest moments as you get ready for your everyday life, from special events to important interviews. Having a mirror in your room is also good if you want to check out your outfit before heading out for the day. It feels good to know that you look good.

Dressing Tables Allow for Multitasking

A dressing table does not just have to be a place where you get ready for the day. It could also be added to your bedroom for other reasons.

Dressing tables can be used as:

  • Extra storage
  • Work desk
  • Vanity table

If your room is too small to have both a dressing table and a desk, then you will be able to find a dressing table that accommodates both needs. Or, if you do not need a desk and just need extra storage space, a dressing table in your bedroom could also help with that. Many dressing tables with shelving options and drawer space.

You Can Choose a Versatile Location 

Unlike a bathroom mirror and sink, a dressing table can be relocated anytime. If you ever need to rearrange your bedroom, the dressing table will always be able to move along with your other bedroom furniture.

You can place a dressing table:

  • By a window
  • Next to your bed
  • On a wall

All of these places are excellent choices, and if you do not like how it looks in one corner of the room, try another!

Where Should a Dressing Table Be Placed in a Bedroom?

The great thing about adding a dressing table to your bedroom is that you can put it wherever you see fit. If you have available wall space, you can push the dressing table up against the wall. A corner in your bedroom is also a good option.

The best place to put a dressing table would be where the most natural light flows into your bedroom. 


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