Accent Chairs as Dining Chairs: Yay or Nay?

Accent Chairs as Dining Chairs

Accent chairs are beautiful fixtures in many living rooms and even bedrooms, but what about accent chairs as dining chairs? You can use one to decorate the room, create spaces to relax or read, or as an attractive way of adding extra seating. Many people consider accent chairs to be decorative, but they can also be used as dining chairs to add a unique look to the dining room or even eat-in kitchen. 

Accent chairs can work as dining chairs. If you want to use a dining chair as an accent chair, you can upholster the chair, paint it or use it as décor. Using an accent chair as a dining chair can be a little more challenging, especially if the chair is too short or too tall. It just takes some extra inspiration and creativity.  

If you’re interested in using accent chairs as dining chairs, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for some ideas to successfully use accent chairs around your home. 

Can Accent Chairs Be Used as Dining Chairs? 

Accent chairs are typically a little shorter, closer to the ground, and more comfortable than dining chairs. There are different chairs that work for different things. 

Dining chairs typically tend to be armless and smaller than accent chairs which can be upholstered, thicker, and sit lower to the ground. They may not fit at the table as well, but they can be used interchangeably. 

If you want to use an accent chair at the dining table, it’s best to find a smaller accent chair with or without arms. The smaller and skinnier they are, the easier they will fit under the table. If you’re looking for a use for a larger chair, they can be at the head of the table. 

Either way, you want to use one, they make the dining room a little more unique looking and can add a stylish feel to the overall décor of the setup. 

How to Buy an Accent Chair to Use the Dining Room

If you’re interested in buying an untraditional chair for your dining room layout, the best thing to look for is a side chair. A side chair has no arms and will fit better pushed in the table. 

One thing to consider is if you want to keep the chair pushed into the table or if you want to push it against a wall and pull it up during special occasions or parties. If you want to keep it pushed under the table, a side chair would be a better bet than a full-size armchair. If you’re looking for a decorative chair that will simply be pulled up to the table to provide an extra seat during a meal, larger chairs can do the trick. 

Another thing to consider is how well it will fit in the rest of the décor in the room. Accent chairs are meant to be decorative, so you will need to make sure they will look as good as you want them to look in the room. If it is meant to go in the living room but be pulled up to the table, it will need to look right in the living room with the rest of the living room furniture. If you want it solely in the dining room, it will need to look good in that room with any décor you have. 

You can always buy or make a cover for the chair. That way, you can customize and make sure it will always look good no matter how you are decorating. 

One other thing you need to look at is how the chair is made. If it is large and has arms, it will not fit under a normal table normally. If it does not have arms, there will be a better chance it will neatly fit under the table, but it still might not. If you want a chair that will fit under the table, the best size will be skinnier, smaller, and with no arms. 

How to Decide if You Want an Accent Chair or Dining Chair

If you are looking for a new and trendier way to decorate your dining room, an accent chair would be good. You could buy matching chairs or some that will go along with your décor and the other chairs, but different. 

Adding an accent chair to your dining room or kitchen décor is like adding an accent wall. It can add a pop of color to a white room with wood chairs/tables. It can also add a touch of something different to a normal-looking scene. 

If you want something that will neatly fit under the table, you may want to look at different dining chairs that you can DIY to turn into accent chairs. It is possible. An accent chair is decorative and usually upholstered. 

You can sew a cushion or make a cover for a dining chair that will turn it into an accent chair, and it will neatly fit under your table. It will also be able to be used as an accent chair in other rooms in your home. 

You can get a bigger accent chair to put in the corner of your kitchen or dining room, or you can put it at the head of the table. There are also bigger, higher, or thicker dining tables that you can buy to make an accent chair fit in better. 

Don’t discredit rocking chairs, either. They may move, but if you get a small rocker, it can fit at the table with ease as well. They make wood rockers in all different sizes, and if you find one that’s made a little skinnier and shorter, you can fit it beneath a table with ease. 

What Are Some Good Rules About Buying New Accent Chairs?

When you are looking for a new accent chair, the best thing to do is look at your couch. You do not want a chair in your living room that will look too small or big next to your couch, and you do not want it to clash either. 

If there is a couch and chair set, those are the best bet. They are made to go together and will tie into a neat look in the room. 

What About Dining Chairs as Accent Chairs?

Yes. You can use a little creativity to make the chair look more decorative, or you can use it the way it is. Adding a dining chair in the entryway can add a bit of décor without being overwhelming. It can be used the same in other smaller areas of the house, where a large chair would look too big. 

Can Accent Chairs be Mixed?

Yes. There are no rules when it comes to mixing and matching décor. If you think it looks good, it’s good. But there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your final design looks fabulous. Do not mix too big chairs together. Make sure you have a variety, so nothing overwhelms. 

Do not mix clashing colors in the same room, and make sure the room will not look too stuffed with several big chairs. Keep in mind there are more than just large, upholstered chairs. A rocking chair can add a nice touch with a larger chair and can be used at the table. 


In the end, the answer would be “Yay,” if that’s what you want to do. It’s your house, your décor, and your taste that truly matters. Some chairs may be too big, some maybe too small, but overall, they can work in any room in the house once you find the right chair. 



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