Is an Adjustable Bed Frame Right for Me? A Buyer’s Guide

Adjustable Bed Frame Right for Me

Bed frames come in a variety of different shapes and styles, ideal for a vast number of people. One of the styles is the adjustable bed frame. This allows for the bed to shift into several unique positions, permitting more comfortable seating and lounging arrangements if preferred. You might wonder if this type of frame is right for you.

Read on to learn more about the things that an adjustable bed frame will accomplish, and if this item is right for you and your home. It does not work for everyone, but those that do have a reason to use it will enjoy the experience. It is a unique style of comfort that caters to a wide audience of sleepers. 

Are Adjustable Bed Frames Worth It?

Before investing in an adjustable bed, you might wonder if it is even worth it. Many factors come along with investing in this piece that you will need to consider before spending your money.

In this article, you will learn about the pros and cons of the adjustable bed frame to make you more aware of what you would be getting yourself into. There are both good and bad qualities of this item, but it all depends on your life. Only you can determine if the adjustable bed frame is worth it for your situation and preferences. 

Pros of the Adjustable Bed Frame

First, it is necessary to go over the items that make the adjustable bed frame a great option for a lot of people. There are quite a few benefits, ranging from health improvements to cost-effectiveness.

Read on to take in these pros. They all provide an excellent argument for the purchase of the adjustable bed frame if you are on the fence about this decision.

Your Overall Health May Improve

Health is a huge factor in buying an adjustable bed frame. There are many benefits for your body that come from this, thanks to the frame’s ability to shift into various positions for the users to experience.

Some of the most prominent health improvements you may experience include:

  • Better circulation of blood throughout your limbs
  • A reduction of acid reflux throughout the night
  • Less overall pain in your body, whether in joints or muscles

Shortly hereafter, you will learn more about these benefits in a bit more detail to prove how the bed can improve these items. If you are experiencing any of them, the adjustable bed frame might be a good choice for you to improve your quality of life.

Better Circulation

The adjustable bed frame can allow blood to flow more effectively throughout your body. This can help to improve relaxation and boost energy.

Better circulation is allowed by:

  • Shifting the bed to a position that allows better blood flow
  • Falling asleep in the designated position

A layout where your feet are raised will help your body pump blood more effectively. You can even go to your doctor and ask them how they recommend you position the bed to be the best it can be for your well-being.

Acid Reflux Reduction

Though many do not know it, sleeping on your back can cause terrible acid reflux. This can interrupt sleep and cause pain to the individual experiencing it. An adjustable bed frame can improve this.

For those that sleep on their backs and experience this nasty side effect, all they need to do is incline the bed a few inches. This can make all the difference and helps to keep nasty bile down in the stomach so that the sleeper can get some rest.

Less Overall Pain

Since the adjustable frame can be shifted and bent into almost any position, the user can move the bed into shapes that ease their pain. Sometimes, altering a sleep position might get rid of the pain altogether.

Some of the ways an adjustable bed frame can improve unnecessary pain include:

  • Improving muscle pain through circulation
  • Helping the joints to relieve themselves of nighttime pressure
  • Preventing gravity from pushing down so hard on an individual

Everyone is familiar with the pain of waking up to find that you have crushed your limbs underneath you as you have slept. The adjustable bed frame can help to get rid of that morning agony with the simple touch of a button.

Some Include Additional Features

Along with the ability to adjust, many of these bed frames come with additional features that traditional mattresses and bed frames do not possess. These are unique and can help to improve a good night of sleep for the user.

This article will discuss a few of these features. They are all great additions that will prove helpful to you in your life.

USB Chargers

Some adjustable bed frames have USB charges built directly into them. This means that you do not need to leave your bed to charge your devices or invest in a cord that is a mile long. All you need to do is locate the plug-in area on your bed to keep moving.

Some devices that can be charged with the USB chargers include:

  • Laptops 
  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Gaming systems

Everything you need to accomplish on a device can happen from the comfort of your bed. You do not need to get up to be productive and get started on your day.

Massage Features

Many adjustable bed frames have a massage feature that has been placed underneath the mattress portion of the furniture. Sometimes it is divided into two to provide different levels of comfort to each person that sleeps on each side.

Massage features can make the bed more expensive. However, if back and joint pain are problems, this can help provide relief on top of the ability to adjust to a more comfortable position.

Bluetooth Features

Some bed frames are so full of technology that they possess Bluetooth capability. The sleeper can move their bed up and down just by downloading the appropriate application onto their phone before going to sleep at night for the first time.

This is beneficial because:

  • Remotes are often lost, but people always have their phones on them
  • Remotes break more easily than a phone does
  • An application is often easier to understand

Bluetooth inside of a bed frame is a remarkable feature. It helps to combine more things into one, limiting the amount of junk and items that a person needs to make their advancing home operate correctly.

Alarm Clock Capacity

Certain adjustable bed frames have an alarm clock system that permits the bed to wake up the user. Again, this reduces the number of items that a buyer needs to have in their room at a time. Almost everything can be built right into this bed.

An alarm clock inside the bed simply adds to the intricate system that an adjustable bed frame uses to make life easier for those who invest in them. Along with the massages, Bluetooth, and USB charging, waking up in this bed frame is easier than in a standard bed.

Many Come with Long Warranties

Since these pieces of furniture have so much technology, the companies that manufacture them provide a warranty that lasts. If something goes wrong, you can be sure to turn to your papers to see if your problem can be covered.

Check the warranty on any adjustable bed frame that you want to purchase. The longer the better, because it means that you are covered if something happens to your bed. You will have the chance to get a refund or find a replacement for your damaged furniture.

Adjustable Bed Frames Allow Couples to Choose

Some types of adjustable bed frames are split into two sides. This is a great solution for couples that have different sleeping styles and positions. It can even prevent disagreements and arguments that might result from a bad night’s sleep that comes from differences in sleeping positions.

Some varying situations might include:

  • Side sleepers vs. back sleepers
  • Hot sleepers vs cold sleepers 
  • Movers vs. those who sleep still 

This especially works with couples whose main priority is sleep, not cuddling. A bed that can shift to accommodate multiple people will provide relief to many types of couples.

This is a decision that should be made by both people using the bed. It is not cheap, but it can be beneficial for any pair that has a hard time sleeping at night. Sometimes, it can even save a relationship.

There Are Many Options to Choose From

There are a ton of adjustable bed frames to choose from, both in size and style. This means that everyone can settle on a type that fits them, unlike most ordinary bed frames. Where these limit the user, the adjustable bed frame opens up the future for those that invest in them.

Some of the most popular styles of adjustable bed frames include: 

  • Upholstered, which means that it is covered in thick cloth and fashionable in a ready-made way that tends to cost a bit more
  • Metal, which is cheaper but must be covered up if the buyer does not want the frame to be seen when others visit
  • Split, which is where the bed is split into two adjustable sides for double users to move to their liking, especially popular with couples

Though these are the main types, other styles produce beds for any home. Modernists and eclectics alike can find exactly what they are on the hunt for.

Sometimes, there are features that you can add to the bed frame to make it look a certain way. This allows the piece to adapt and shift in style, just like the adjustable frame that it boasts.

Adjustable Bed Frames Can Allow Independence

For older folks who have lost some of their mobility over the years, an adjustable bed frame can allow for a new kind of independence. The way that it shifts and adjusts means that getting up, sitting up, and lying down do not need to take as much energy or strength as they once did on a traditional bed frame.

Thanks to the adjustable bed frame, an elderly user can:

  • Move the bed into a sitting position to reduce the number of steps required in getting up
  • Take their time lying down as to not injure their backs by falling 
  • Permit the user to move out of bed at their own pace, rather than forcing their body to get them up in one big movement

The unique movements of the bed can provide freedom to elderly users that they have missed for a long time. You can even invest in rails for the side of the bed to provide additional support when getting up or lying down at night.

Older folks can find comfort in knowing that they can do such a basic and yet difficult task all by themself. Aging is hard, and the adjustable bed frame can make a huge difference in the quality of life and older individual experiences.

Adjustable Bed Frames Are Versatile

Adjustable bed frames are incredibly versatile. Due to their ability to shift and change, there are many ways that this piece of furniture can be used. If you live in a small space, it can even serve as a make-shift bed for those who are attempting to get the most out of their money and space.

An adjustable bed frame can:

  • Shrink and shift during the day to take up less room in your home
  • Serve as a sofa or couch during the day in a non-traditional sense
  • Permit the user to sit up or lie down as they please with the touch of a button

The versatility of this type of furniture is excellent for those who enjoy buying items that serve multiple purposes. The adjustable bed frame certainly falls under that category. Though it is more expensive, it can substitute for other furniture and allow the buyer to save a few bucks. 

You should note that it will not look like a sofa. It can be used as one, but it will still look like a bent bed. If you are going for style, you should also invest in a sofa for that purpose. Style is the sacrifice if you want to use this item in a couple ways.

Adjustable Bed Frames Can Increase Comfort

This is perhaps the best aspect of the adjustable bed frame. Since they can move into virtually any position, the user can figure out what makes them the most comfortable. Rather than the sleeper conforming to the bed, the bed can conform to the sleeper.

The buyer can find comfort in:

  • Sleeping at night
  • Waking up in the morning
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Working from home

The adjustable bed frame provides the ultimate support for the body throughout the day. No matter what, there is a position that works for whatever activity is being done at the moment. It does not have to be sleeping.

Comfort should not be hard to achieve. The adjustable bed frame makes it a lot easier to find for those who desire it.

Cons of the Adjustable Bed Frame

Several items might drive a buyer away from the adjustable bed frame. If you are looking at this product, it is vital to consider these two. Ignoring them might cause trouble down the line if one of them is something that you cannot get over.

As you read these, consider how they apply to your own life. If they do not matter, the adjustable bed frame will work for you. If any of them stand in the way of you having a positive experience with this item, consider if the investment is worth it. Some are less important factors than others.

Adjustable Bed Frames Can Be Expensive

Adjustable bed frames can be much more expensive than their traditional counterparts. This is thanks to their adjustable ability. Often, those that adjust with a remote or electronic method cost more than those who shift by hand. The first is the most common type purchased and sold on the market.

Some quality adjustable bed frames include:

  • The Nectar adjustable frame, without a mattress
  • The Saatva lineal adjustable bed base, without a mattress
  • The Ghostbed adjustable base, without a full mattress set-up

This often involves features as well as the ability to be adjusted. A normal mattress and bed frame do not have as many unique features as an adjustable bed. The expense is worth it for some, but if saving money is your priority, this may not be the best choice for you.

It Can be Hard to Find the Right Position

With so many ways to be adjusted, it can be hard to find the right position for you. If your bed does not allow for presets, this can become a problem. It will add additional minutes to your bedtime routine every night, and it might even become a source of frustration for you as you search for that one spot.

You can solve this problem by:

  • Picking a mattress that has a remote with present settings, which will allow you to automatically move into your favorite positions at night
  • Memorizing how you move the mattress into various settings in the evening time

Take action to make sure that you will not encounter this problem with your adjustable bed frame. If you think that this will be a problem and take up too much of your time, the adjustable bed frame is likely not the correct choice for you.

An Adjustable Bed Frame Can Break 

As with any complicated electronic product, there is always the chance that it will break down and die on you. If this happens, you will be stuck in whatever position the bed was in when the failure happened. This can be unfortunate for a couple of reasons.

Some of the worst positions for the bed to die in include:

  • The sitting position, which does not provide a great position for sleeping
  • Legs raised, if this was a reprieve for your body, that was not meant to last
  • Completely flat, if this position causes pain for you throughout the night

Once you are done sitting up or lounging, always return the bed frame to the position that you sleep in. This will ensure that you have a place to sleep, even if the adjustable bed frame decides to die on you. If it does, some companies can provide a way for you to fix it by hiring them or by yourself.

Sometimes, the issue can be fixed all by yourself. Other times, it is best to call a professional. Do not risk damaging your bed further if you do not know what you are doing. Paying for someone to fix the bed will be cheaper than breaking it or damaging it further.

Some Prevent Closeness

As mentioned above, some adjustable bed frames are split into two parts to allow each sleeper to pick a position that works best for them. This is excellent, but it can also prevent those two sleepers from being close during the night. That can be a problem for those who prefer to cuddle at some point in the night.

Closeness is prevented by:

  • The variation in the layout of the bed
  • The split that lies in between the two parts of the bed

Couples should consider this before they invest in an adjustable bed frame. Though it may cause a reprieve in comfort issues, it can also lead to a certain kind of separation at night that not all will enjoy.

Adjustable Bed Frames Can Be Noisier

In some cases, the adjustable bed frame can be noisier than its regular counterparts. This is due to both mechanical and electronic items that are located inside of the frame. It truly depends on the style and style that is purchased.

Noise can become a nuisance, fast. Some of the noises can be caused by:

  • The bed shifting up and down with the use of a remote
  • The mechanics clacking against each other
  • The shifting of metal as it supports the body in new ways

These noises have been reduced and diminished in many modern styles of adjustable bed frames. It is important to shop for yours in person so that you can test and see the noise levels that certain mattresses create if pressure is applied on top of them.

Movement Can be Limited

The specificity of the position that the bed is moved into can be nice for those who stay in one place when they sleep. This is not the case for anyone who shifts and tosses in their sleep. They might find themselves at odd angles that cause more pain than relief at the end of the night.

Take note of this immovability if you are:

  • Someone who sleepwalks frequently, moving in and out of the bed at night
  • Someone who tosses and turns throughout the night
  • Someone who constantly needs to change positions to be comfortable

Movement is severely limited with this kind of bed. A flat frame permits the changing of position with few problems. However, those who find themselves moving around a lot may not like the way that the adjustable bed frame prevents them from shifting.

Adjustable Bed Frames Are Often Heavier Than a Normal Frame

Although some are lighter than others, the adjustable bed frame tends to be heavier than a traditional one. This is due to all the built-in mechanisms that permit the frame to change shape once it has been placed inside the buyer’s home.

Heavy can often become a problem for different kinds of people. Some of the issues that arise from this weight include:

  • Difficulty in moving the frame into the home once it is purchased
  • Issues with moving it around inside the house if the placement is not correct the first time around
  • Trouble shifting it to sell if you ever want to get rid of it

You can always hire someone to move it for you. You may even be strong enough to take matters into your own hands and move it yourself. Either way, it is critical to pay attention to the weight of the item in case it ends up being something that you cannot handle on your own.

Adjustable Bed Frames Require Specific Mattresses 

For the adjustable bed frame, a specific mattress is required. Standard ones will not do since they do not possess the ability to morph and change along with the bendable adjustable bed frame. Many frames come with the mattress on top, but some do not.

The mattress is critical to your night. It is important to note that:

  • Adjustable bed frame mattresses can be expensive
  • Some bed frames require a specific mattress that cannot be swapped out
  • You cannot fit a standard mattress on your adjustable bed frame

If this is not a problem for you, getting an adjustable bed frame should not be an issue. However, if you had the intention of using your mattress to save money, you may want to look into other types of frames that can support traditional flat cushioning.

There are many excellent cheap options on the market, but there are also plenty of scams. Do your research before investing in an affordable mattress. It may be easier to get a bed frame that comes with the mattress already built into the frame. However you obtain a mattress, it will become a vital part in how you sleep at night.


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