Are Chaise Lounges Practical?

Are chaise lounge practical

Whenever it comes time to make a new furniture purchase, it is important to give it some thought. Think about what you and your home need, how you need the space to function, and what cost you are willing to pay for the item.

Chaise lounges are a piece of furniture that never go out of style, dating back several centuries, the chaise lounge has maintained a high level of style, comfort, and purpose as homes have continued to change through the centuries. 

A sofa is one of the main pieces that make up a space. This is why it is important to make sure you are shopping for the right kind of pieces for your space. Do you know your square footage? Do you know the different types of sofas, sectionals, and lounges, because there may be more options than you even know to pick from?

What is a Chaise Lounge?

What is a Chaise Lounge?

A chaise lounge chair is essentially a chair with a seat long enough to be able to support the person’s legs. Making it a cross between a sofa and a daybed. And the only part of the chair that does have a backend is one side, and the rest is open. 

Chaise lounges come in a wide range of styles and have different benefits that make each of them unique. Some of them have arms, others do not, and some have different upholsteries or storage options. Others can turn into spare beds.

Are Chaise Lounges Good?

A chaise lounge provides great comfort while still sitting upright. It is designed for the user to be able to fully stretch out allowing them to relax. Allowing for them to be able to easily read or nap. 

Structurally a chaise lounge is made the same as a regular sofa with a backrest only on one end. And the size tends to be the same as a regular sofa as well, as such you can make it so that two people can sit on the chair at the same time. However, when you do this there is no backrest for the person to use.

Power Reclining Chaise Lounges 

One of the types of chaise lounges is a power reclining chaise lounge. It comes in a relaxing oversized chaise. Most of these can convert into a twin extra-long bed by just holding down the button on the side, this feature is also what gives it its reclining features as well.

Are Chaise Lounges Reversible? 

Due to the way a chaise lounge is designed to be reversible, meaning you can put the chaise on either side based on your preferences. Because of this, it makes it easier to place in your area as you do not have to conform to a particular direction.

Designing with A Chaise Lounge 

Designing with A Chaise Lounge 

One of the best practices when it comes to designing your room with a chaise lounge is to put the chaise on the side or face the area in the room that will receive the most traffic:

  1. If you are intending for the piece to be the main feature, then place it where you would put your main sofa. 
  2. It can also serve as a great accent chair, use a fun color, or pattern that makes it stand out in the room. 
  3. In large spaces do not be afraid of having to chaise lounges in the room, put them next to each other with an end table in-between for good convenience.
  4. Create a reading corner using a chaise lounge and an end table.   
  5. Chaise lounges do come in outdoor models, find a nice wicker chaise to spruce up your patio design.

Before you start designing your chaise lounge make sure to know what the user will be in order to get the best usage out of your furniture. 

Chaise Sectional

Many interior designers will opt into getting a chaise sectional for spaces like a living room as they can provide a lot of space for guests. A chaise sectional is one of the top used sectionals for a small space due to it provides the most amount of space in a compact design. Depending on the room and placement, a chaise sectional can also allow for the designer to make a room look more open and connected to a different room.  

They are also seen as very inviting and comfortable, giving enough for your friends or family to kick their feet up and relax. It is able to provide this space while still allowing others to sit on the couch at the same time. And with the chaise, if you have guests over it also provides that extra seat for someone to sit at. 

Like the chaise lounges, a lot of these chaise sectionals come in many different design options and features, such as sleeper bed options, storage, and design features.

Advantages of a Chaise Sectional  

This type of sofa will work really well in spaces that have corners or have to be up against a wall:

  • Extra seating: Though the elongated part of the chaise lounge is meant to be used as a place to rest your feet, it can also serve as an extra seat when you have visitors. 
  • Chance at Extra Storage: Some models have extra storage that will open up in the elongated where you can store any extra bedding, blankets, pillows, and any other items you may want to put away. 
  • Turns Into a Bed: Other models have the option to turn into a spare bed which can be great if you think you will be having guests stay at your home. 

These advantages will depend on which type of chaise lounge you decide to purchase, as each chaise lounge will hold its own benefits that not all of them will have. 

Disadvantages of a Chaise Sectional 

The chaise lounge can provide you with fewer options to place the piece of furniture. This will be dependent on which type of chaise you purchase, the size of the room, and the shape of the room:

  • Not Good for Small Square footage: Although these types of sofas can come in different sizes if you do not have the square footage for the piece it can lead to some major problems.  A chaise lounge can take up then it may not be the best type of sofa for your space.
  • More Difficult to Place: Because of the layout of the piece of furniture, depending on your space, it can make it a little more difficult to place inside of a room and pair with other furniture pieces.
  • Elongated Portion Less Support: It is important to note that a chaise can provide you with extra space for someone to sit, depending on the quality of the sofa it may not have as much support as the rest of the couch, therefore not being as comfortable to it on.

Like the advantages, the disadvantages can also depend on various factors. These factors can include the type of chaise lounge you pick and the lounge’s quality.

Recap: Are Chaise Lounges Practical 

Depending on your family’s needs, and the needs of the space you are looking to place a new piece of furniture in, a chaise lounge may be the perfect fit for your home.  It is unique, timeless, and can carry a lot of functions. 

Another piece of furniture to look at similar to a chaise lounge would be a chaise sectional, these will provide you with even more room and the same amount of function as a chaise lounge.


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