Are Daybeds Suitable For Everyday Use? Let’s Find Out!

Are Daybeds Suitable For Everyday Use

For many, daybeds serve as comfortable lounging places during the daylight hours. They are also excellent napping spots, often situated in a family space where everyone gathers in the home. Because it fits so nicely in every space, you might wonder if a daybed is suitable for everyday use.

Daybeds are great for everyday use. Stylistically, the daybed appears to be a combination of a sofa and a bed. This duo makes it perfect to switch between lounging and resting every day of the week. Of course, some details will make the daybed more or less comfy.

Read on to learn about what makes a daybed great for everyday use. This article will also cover what you can do to make it more comfortable and what items might cause it to not be an option for your daily life.

Are Daybeds Suitable for Everyday Use? 

Daybeds are suitable for everyday use. As such, it is worth discussing the qualities that make a daybed suitable for everyday use. There is much more to them than what they appear to be at first glance.

Investing in a daybed can come in handy for many types of people. If you are on the lookout for a versatile piece of furniture, keep on reading to further understand what makes the daybed so great for use in all portions of twenty-four hours.

Daybeds Fit Inside Any Space

First of all, the daybed is suitable because it can fit inside any space. Since they are about the size of a twin bed, your home should have no trouble at all finding room to squeeze this piece of furniture inside. You can have an apartment the size of a closet and still manage to fit a daybed inside.

This is great because:

  • It doubles as two pieces of furniture, so you are making the most of your space every single day
  • It is not difficult to move around, so you can shift its purpose if necessary
  • You do not need to make a big house adjustment to fit it inside any space

The fact that they can adapt to virtually any space makes them even better for usage. Any room can hold them and provide more lounging and relaxing space for all. The daybed means an easy transformation for your home.

A daybed also typically has room for storage underneath its structure. Not only is it lightweight and small, but it can disguise and house other clutter inside of your home. This is perfect for guests. A sofa is more difficult to utilize as a cover, unlike the daybed.

Daybeds Serve Many Purposes

As discussed with the sleeping comfort, the daybed can serve a multitude of purposes. Items that can be used in many ways are more suitable for everyday use than those that only have one purpose. The daybed can be a couch, a bed, or even a table if necessary. It is a form of decor and a way to lounge.

This is not all that this piece of furniture can do. A daybed can also be:

  • A place to play games if you lack table space, so long as you remove the pillows and smooth out the bumps
  • A spot to store your stuffed animals if you are out of room, which can also replace pillows if necessary
  • A location to rest your eyes if you need to take a break if you remove some of the pillows

The daybed is a soft sleeping surface that is available at all moments of the day. Unlike a bed, it is not confined to the limits of a bedroom. You can use the daybed for a multitude of creative purposes and even provide a space for guests to lounge without bringing them into your room.

The versatility of the piece is one of the biggest reasons why the daybed is great for everyday use. It is a bed and a sofa, but there are also so many other things that it can do. It can almost serve as the staple piece of furniture in a gathering space if necessary.

Daybeds Are Always Comfortable

Even the most comfortable of sofas can feel uncomfortable at times. This is because they are not made up of a mattress, and they have splits in between the cushions. If you pick the right mattress, your daybed will be comfortable at all times. When you are craving a soft resting place at any point in the day, you can rely on the daybed to be comfortable.

This comfort can prove useful when:

  • You have had a long day and need to lie down, but do not want to dirty your bed in your work clothes
  • You need to take a break in the middle of cleaning the house
  • You want to lie down for a moment to read but do not want to go into your room

You do not need to worry about finding a comfortable surface if you have a daybed. It is always there, ready and waiting for you to take advantage of its comfort. This is a great perk of this product and one that certainly qualifies it for everyday usage.

If you want to replace the sofas in your home with daybeds, you can. They are often the ultimate form of comfort in a home. A bed in every room can prove advantageous to almost anyone.

Qualities That Make a Daybed Unsuitable

There are a few factors that make the daybed unsuitable for everyday use. These do not apply to everybody, but they are vital to consider if they may happen to you. The daybed does not work every day for certain people.

Read these so that you are fully informed about the daybed. Along with all the good things that make it wonderful, these are still critical to know. You may not want to spend all of your money on a daybed if one or more of these problems will affect you. If so, your desire to utilize the piece will fade away over time.

Daybeds Need a Wall

Daybeds are not like regular beds. Most of them are structured so that they need the support of a wall to keep themselves intact. For those that do not have wall space for the daybed, this may take away from the ability of this item to be used in an everyday scenario.

It may seem ridiculous that this piece needs a wall to give it support. However, there is good reasoning behind this. The wall is necessary because:

  • The daybed is lighter than a bed or sofa by a significant weight
  • The design tends to lean one way, which requires the additional pressure of a wall to keep it straight up
  • The support is necessary for the stability of the daybed as a vessel for lounging in case the weight is distributed unevenly

Some may not even have an available wall to lay the daybed up against. This can prove to be a problem, as it leaves the daybed susceptible to breakage and damage. You might end up avoiding it for fear of damaging it in some manner.

If you only have one wall available, it might not even be in a space where the daybed can be used throughout the day. This defeats the entire purpose of the furniture if it cannot also be used during the day. At that point, you might as well just invest in a bed.

Daybeds Are Uncomfortable If You Are Tall

If you are tall, the daybed will not work for you. On average, daybeds tend to be around six feet at their longest length. Anyone over this height will be hanging off of the bed. Attempting to sleep in it at night can prove to be impossible.

On top of this, the daybed may not be able to support the weight of someone who is this tall. In truth, the daybed is not as sturdy as other beds. A stronger daybed may be more expensive. If you are determined to get all you can out of the daybed, some options are longer and stronger. They just may cost you more for the features.

Daybeds Often Lack Support

Previously, there was a discussion about replacing the mattress in a daybed with one that is more comfortable. Unfortunately, some cannot be replaced and come with an uncomfortable spring version. Others simply do not have a mattress. It may not be financially viable to invest in one for your situation.

Having one of the spring mattresses, or simply lacking a mattress, is not good for your body if you decide to use the daybed for sleeping. Using a daybed that does not have support could cause:

  • Back pain that gets worse over time as a result of the bed’s support
  • Joint pain that gets worse over time as a result of the bed’s support
  • An indent in the daybed that does not go away thanks to the springs or lack of any format of support
  • Wear and tear on the inside of your daybed that happens fast and destroys your daybed

Daybeds that do not have nice mattresses are not as suited for everyday use as those that do. If you want one that can be used frequently, get one with a comfy mattress. Or, invest in one that can easily have the mattress swapped out for one that provides better support for your back and body.

The better quality a daybed and its components are, the better it will be for your home. It may benefit you to spend a bit more money on a daybed so that you can get more out of it. If you can afford it, it will be worth it for the overall versatility.

Is a Daybed Comfortable to Sleep On?

To make a daybed an everyday staple in your home, being able to sleep on it is critical. If you cannot sleep on a daybed, it cannot be used around the clock. Luckily, this piece of furniture tends to provide a comfortable night of sleep if it is put together correctly. Much of it depends on you, however.

To make a daybed comfortable to sleep on, you need to incorporate:

  • A quality mattress, which can work as both a sitting surface and one that can be slept on
  • Versatile pillows, which can work to disguise the bed and couch in a different part of the day
  • A comfortable comforter, which can work to keep you warm at night and be sat on during the day

Each of these items will be described in more detail later. By purchasing proper versions of these items, you will be able to use a daybed in all parts of your daily activities. Each of these plays a crucial part in making the daybed something that can be used at all hours of your life, no matter the occasion.

Use a Quality Mattress

To be a couch, a daybed does not need a comfortable mattress. However, if you intend to make it versatile and use it as a bed, you will need to get a quality surface to sleep on. Many daybeds come with an uncomfortable spring mattress on top. You should swap this one out and replace it with one of these instead:

  • Memory foam mattresses, which can be covered with comfy comforters, sheets, and blankets to provide a sitting space
  • A traditional mattress, which is more solid and can serve as a lounging space as well during the day
  • A hybrid mattress, which will provide an equally comfortable surface for sitting and sleeping on

Of course, some daybeds do not come with a mattress at all. Some of them are flat pieces of furniture and filled with a small amount of cushioning covered in fabric. These are harder to use every day. They are not as versatile. If you have the option, make sure that you get a day bed with a mattress so you get more out of it.

A quality mattress will also ensure that your daybed lasts for a long time. It will withstand the stress from its use as both a sofa and a bed or other purposes that it may need to serve.

Find Versatile Pillows

Pillows are critical to making any daybed useful at all hours. They can disguise the bed hiding underneath, and they can work as places to rest your head at night. The trick is to invest in decorative pillows and use them to hide the pillows intended for comfort when sleeping. This way, you can make the switch from lounging to relaxation fast.

Some of the best pillows for a daybed include:

  • Those that do not have harsh textures that could disturb a person’s head
  • Ones that are big enough to disguise the bed as a couch and vice versa
  • Some that can be used for sleeping and decorating in case of emergency visitors 

Versatile pillows can be hard to find. However, they will pay off and make your daybed more usable in all circumstances. Do the research and find ones that are sure to last you a long time and endure being both slept and sat on. Washable pillow cases will also serve you well as the daybed is utilized by many guests.

Locate a Great Comforter

A comforter is most commonly associated with a bed. However, to make the switch from day to night easier, a comforter can serve as a sitting surface, too. This item means more research on your end. You should choose one that will keep you warm at night but permits someone to sit on it without sliding off.

The best comforters for daybeds include those that:

  • Have skirts that reach the floor to disguise the legs that it has for the bed
  • Have split corners to give the feel of a sofa in the daytime and create a valid illusion
  • Have unique colors to create an interesting piece of furniture in your home

Choose a material that is not too slippery. These daybed comforters will be able to slide off easily at night and make your piece more usable at all hours of the day. You will simultaneously have more space to sleep in the night and more room to lounge during the daytime.

You can also simply invest in a comforter that fits a regular bed. Guests will not notice, especially if you decorate it with lots of pillows. Whatever is better for your budget will suffice for the versatile daybed so long as you are not picky about the look.


Though not suitable for all kinds of people, the daybed provides a wonderful opportunity for lounging and relaxation during all times of the day. It is comfortable, versatile, and easy to decorate. The daybed can even provide a unique talking point if you bring guests into your home.

As with any piece of furniture, there are parts of the daybed that are not practical for everyday use for all. However, for the most part, this item is wonderful for everything from playing games to lounging. You will not be disappointed if you decide to invest in it for your home, no matter the size or shape of the place that you inhabit.


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