Are Dressers Really Necessary? (Find Out Here)

Are Dressers Really Necessary

Dressers are classic furniture pieces traditionally used in bedrooms. They usually feature plenty of storage through the use of handy drawers, and can also include a mirror. Dressers have been a practical storage solution, but now most bedroom wardrobes are designed with built-in drawers. This may make you wonder whether you still need dressers.

Whether dressers are really necessary will depend on bedroom design and personal preference. They will be useful if there is not a lot of storage but can seem redundant if there are other options. Dressers can still provide some benefits, and there are also alternatives that may be a better fit.

If you are choosing bedroom furniture and are wondering whether to purchase dressers, read on to find out more about whether they still serve a purpose in the world of contemporary design.

Are Dressers Outdated?

A dresser is a piece of furniture that can also be referred to as a chest of drawers. It is usually found in bedrooms, where it can provide practical and convenient storage, especially for clothing that does not have to be hung on drawers. Dressers date back to the late medieval era in Europe, where they were first used as chests. 

This long history may make you think that they are outdated, but they can still have a purpose when used as bedroom furniture. While new bedroom wardrobe designs include vast built-in storage options, not all spaces will feature new designs. Classic bedrooms do not offer a lot of other storage, which means dressers should not be discounted yet.

Dressers have been around for centuries in some version or another, and they have continued relevance even in the modern world. They will only seem outdated in particular bedroom designs that make using them redundant, but you can still opt to use them as a way to personalize your space. You can also choose to repurpose them.

Why You Should Use Dressers

If you are considering including dressers in your bedroom, there are plenty of reasons to choose them that remain relevant today. Let’s take a look at the most important reasons to invest in these pieces of furniture.

They Personalize Your Space

Pieces of furniture can be used to personalize the room. Dressers can be important design elements in your bedroom beyond their role as storage units. You can use dressers as statement pieces to complete the overall look of your bedroom. 

You can also use them to create a cozy, lived-in effect, especially if you will opt for a dresser with a vintage look. This is ideal if you’ve inherited a dresser from a family member too. No matter what type of dresser you choose, it should always reflect your style and the design mood you want to achieve in your bedroom.

Dressers can easily enhance the look of a room without effort, especially if you use them to add a pop of color or enhance the design with a particular look. Wooden dressers are great character pieces for a bedroom, but you can also opt for an ultra-modern design.

They Increase Storage

The main reason to get dressers is to take advantage of the storage space they provide. They are great for storing clothing, especially items that don’t need to be stored on hangers. Dressers are ideal for underwear, socks, pants, and t-shirts that don’t wrinkle easily.

However, dressers can be used for more than just storing clothing. Their mix of wide and small drawers can suit numerous items, including blankets, linens, kids’ toys, office supplies, and electronics. If you have items that you need to be stored somewhere, dressers are a convenient solution. 

They Add More Surface Space

Dressers are frequently used as bedroom TV stands, but the storage space they offer can be multifunctional. You can also use them as displays for books or other collections such as perfumes, photos, or stationery. 

You can experiment with combining this double feature of dressers that offers both storage space and display space.

Types of Dressers

If you’re interested in dressers, you may have seen different types of them. There are four main types available, and they suit different needs, both in terms of practicality and visuals. These four types are the double dresser, the combo dresser, the horizontal dresser, and the vertical dresser.

Double Dresser

The double dresser is the typical type of dresser you will usually encounter in master bedrooms. They are wider than the other types, and they look great with a mirror on top of them. Double dressers feature a lot of storage space, but they can also be quite bulky. 

Double Dresser
Double Dresser

Before you purchase a double dresser, make sure that you are aware of its measurements and how it will fit into your bedroom space. If it takes up too much of it, that may take away from the convenience of having a wide dresser for your bedroom.

Combo Dresser

The combo dresser is the ideal type of dresser if you’re looking to store more than clothing in it. There are various sizes of shelves and drawers, which can suit everything from underwear to hats. 

Combo Dresser
Combo Dresser

You will find standard dresser drawers on the combo, but also wardrobe-type doors that allow for further shelves or a convenient area to hang clothes. The combo dresser is the most practical type because it can be multifunctional.

Horizontal Dresser

The horizontal dresser is also referred to as the standard dresser because it is the typical design for it. This type of dresser has long, wide drawers accompanied by smaller ones at the top. It also includes plenty of tabletop space that can be used for various purposes, from housing a TV to displaying collections of books or cosmetics.

Horizontal Dresser
Horizontal Dresser

Some horizontal dressers include a matching mirror that can easily convert part of your dresser into a vanity-adjacent space.

Vertical Dresser

The vertical dresser is the best solution for small bedrooms. They are tall and narrow and make the most out of the space you have available. Vertical dressers are great for clothes storage.

Vertical Dresser
Vertical Dresser

If you feel like they provide too little storage space for your needs, you can pair the vertical dresser with an additional chest. This set-up will still save on physical space while providing you with enough storage.

Still Over the Dresser Idea?

There are some reasons why dressers may not be the right choice for you anymore. They can be too big and take up too much of your bedroom space, which will decrease their practicality. They can interfere with the design flow, especially if your bedroom has an ultra-modern minimalist look.

The bedroom design can also make dressers redundant. Many current bedroom layouts include wardrobes with plenty of built-in storage like drawers and shelves. These can easily replace dressers, so having more of them in your room would just take up space that could be used for something else.

Alternatives to Dressers

If you’re looking to move on from dressers without losing the storage potential, there are a few alternatives you can consider. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Lingerie chest: These tall and narrow pieces are ideal for underwear and sock storage. They take up very little space and can be very stylish.
  • Chests: These spacious storage elements can be placed at the end of beds or even under them. They can add a beautiful vintage touch to the room.
  • Under-bed storage: Many of the newer bedframes include storage space either around the frame or under it. This is a practical storage solution that is perfect for smaller bedrooms.


Dressers continue to have relevance as storage solutions that can also be highly decorative. They can become redundant in modern bedroom designs if there are many storage options already included. The decision of whether or not to invest in dressers will depend on your preferences and the style and layout of your bedroom.


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