Are Loft Beds Hot? Let’s Find Out!

Are Loft Beds Hot?

Loft beds are a fantastic idea for utilizing limited space and creating different areas for sleeping and office and storage space. There’s something about the idea of a studio with a loft bed that appeals to many artists – what’s not to love about having all your art supplies right at your fingertips when you get out of bed? But whether your loft bed is designer chic or a messy artist’s studio, you may wonder how hot a loft bed is.

Loft beds are not necessarily hotter than beds on the floor. It will depend on how low the ceiling is, your lighting, and the room size. A bed close to the ceiling in a small room, with older lighting and small windows, will be warmer, but there are methods to cool it down.

If you have a loft bed in your house, how hot it feels will depend on other factors, some of which may not be in your control. If, for example, you are on the top floor of a building, and your loft bed is very close to the ceiling, you may find the room stuffy and the bed far too warm to be comfortable. 

There are ways to make a loft bed cooler if you have problems, and we’ll run through a few ideas.

Are Loft Beds Hot?

are loft beds hot

A loft bed is not the same as a bunk bed, though you may be forgiven for thinking both have raised beds. A bunk bed has two beds, which are usually, but not always, single beds. Sometimes you’ll see a bunk bed with a ¾ or double bed at the bottom and a single on top.

Both bunk and loft beds are great ways to maximize space in small areas. A loft bed is also raised, but the area underneath is used for other purposes. Sometimes, people have loft beds with built-in desks for a study area, but they can also be storage areas and bookshelves.

Loft beds are fantastic options for students and younger people who need space to work, study, and sleep and only have one room to use. They also make excellent additions to a library or office room that can be used to accommodate an extra guest.

One issue that some people have found with loft beds is that they can sometimes be warmer than beds that are not raised. It’s not absolute because it will depend on how cool or warm the room is and how hot the ceiling gets, but it is a potential problem.

How to Cool Down a Loft Bed

If you have a loft bed and find it uncomfortably hot, you can do a few things to make sleeping in your bed more pleasant. If you have an upper window, you might be able to move your loft bed closer to it to improve ventilation.

Using Fans To Cool Down a Loft Bed

Moving a bed in a small space is impossible, or a window might not be available. Installing a ceiling fan is an excellent addition to getting the air moving and helping cool down the room. Remember that it could be warmer near the ceiling than the floor because hot air rises and a ceiling fan will get that hot air moving again.

A quick and cheap solution is to buy a small clip-on fan for your loft bed.

Tips To Cool Down a Loft Bed

  • Use cotton bedding.
  • Fill a hot water bottle with ice-cold water and place that in your bed.
  • Use lights only when necessary to avoid extra heat.
  • Use curtains or blackout blinds daily to prevent the room from getting too hot.
  • Out a bowl of ice in front of your fan so that it blows colder.
  • Take a cool shower before bed.
  • A lower loft bed may be cooler, so consider space before buying a new loft bed.

Can You Keep a Loft Bed Cool with a Low Ceiling?

Are Loft Beds Taller Than Bunk Beds

If you live in an area with a high cost for square footage, a loft bed may be an ideal solution. Loft beds don’t have to conjure up the image of student digs or children’s rooms but can be made to look chic. A well-designed loft bed can transform a small apartment into a stylish, spacious retreat to maximize your limited space.

If you have relatively low ceilings, you might wonder how it’s possible to have a loft bed in this case. While you can buy loft beds in wood or metal made to standard designs, it’s a good idea for those with low ceilings or awkward spaces to design a custom loft bed.

When a bed is raised, you want to have a certain minimum amount of space above – both for ease of use and so that the bed doesn’t get too stuffy and hot. Because warm air rises, this can be a problem, especially if the room lacks good ventilation.

You can solve these problems by ensuring enough clearing space between the bed and ceiling to allow air to circulate. A loft bed only needs to be raised a little to provide storage space – a low loft bed can be around four feet tall and still give you great storage solutions without getting too hot or too close to the ceiling.

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While loft beds may get hotter than regular beds, this doesn’t need to be a problem if you have a well-designed room or loft bed where the air can circulate. If you need the extra space that a loft bed provides, don’t be put off by the idea that it may be too hot. You can add extra air-conditioning and fans if necessary or use other creative ways to keep a loft bed cool while still making the most of your apartment’s square footage.


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