Are Pop-Up Trundle Beds Comfortable?

Pop-Up Trundle Beds Comfortable

Pop-up trundle beds are an excellent way to save space, but how comfortable are they?

Our mission is to help you find the best and affordable pop-up trundle bed on the market. We also want you to enjoy your new mattress without any back pain or soreness in the morning.

A pop-up trundle bed’s comfort depends on what type of mattress you use. Some trundle beds require thinner mattresses, which will lead to discomfort. However, when using a thicker mattress (10–14 inches), you will notice that they are more comfortable.

Furthermore, pop-out trundle beds are more comfortable than their counterparts due to the broader range of options to adjust the bed’s height. For example, you can raise the trundle bed to the same level as the parent bed.

Keep reading this guide to learn everything you need to know before you go out and purchase a pop-up trundle bed.

First, we will go deeper into answering the question, “are pop-up trundle beds comfortable?”. Afterward, we will dive deeper into the factors that affect this bed’s comfort, where you can place it in your home, who it’s right for, and whether you should invest in one.

What Is a Trundle Bed?

Trundle beds are low to the ground and rest on casters. Moreover, you can hide under the main bed (parent bed) when you are not using it.

The trundle bed was first invented in the 16th century and has been a staple of sleep for many years.

Many believe that this type of bed became popular because it provided more sleeping space than a traditional single-sized mattress, which often housed two or three people on one small surface.

Nowadays, trundle beds are a space-saving way to accommodate two people in the smallest amount of living room.

In the morning, you can fold that second mattress and tuck it inside your bed frame, so there’s no need for another place to store those pesky things during the day.

Some trundle beds even come with built-in shelves or drawers where you could stash any extra clothes or whatever else might clutter your bedroom.

The bed’s casters make it easy to move the trundle from out of its hiding place and into position as soon as your guests need some extra space.

Moreover, a typical trundle mattress is thinner than most regular mattresses so that you do not have to worry about squeezing all your belongings underneath the bed with it.

What Is the Difference Between Trundle Beds and Pop-Up Trundle Beds?

The difference between trundle beds and pop-up trundle beds is that you can lift pop-up trundle beds higher than their parent beds.

Because of this characteristic, you can raise a pop-up trundle bed as high or higher than its parent counterpart.

Doing so makes these beds more versatile, which means you do not have to worry if there’s not enough room for a roll-out trundle mattress because you can just lift it up and place it next to your regular twin or king-sized bedstead.

Additionally, unlike other beds, which have only one purpose (either side sleeper or back sleeper), a pop-up trundle bed offers both options.

They let you choose what position suits you best in any given nighttime situation—whether reading before sleep at night or working during daytime hours.

Factors That Influence Whether a Pop-Up Trundle Bed Is Comfortable

Throughout this section, we will explore several questions to determine how comfortable pop-up trundle beds and their traditional counterparts are.

How Much Weight Can a Pop-Up Trundle Bed Hold?

A pop-up trundle bed can hold up to 400 lbs of distributed weight. To further emphasize, you must evenly distribute the weight on both sides of the bed and not put too much stress on one side.

If you have a hard time getting comfortable in bed, it may be because the weight of your body is too heavy for one side and not evenly distributed.

A pop-up trundle bed should be able to accommodate your weight without putting undue stress on any particular area of the mattress.

Is a Couch or Pop-Up Trundle Bed More Comfortable?

In short, trundle beds (pop-up and traditional) will be more comfortable than a couch.

Most people believe that a couch is more comfortable than a trundle bed because you can stretch your legs and feet on it when lying down.

However, some argue that the trundle bed offers more support in specific areas such as your back and neck—making it less likely to wake up with aches and pains in those areas than if you were sleeping on a couch. 

Moreover, couch cushions have many crevices where dust mites can collect, leading to possible breathing discomfort while you are sleeping. Conversely, trundle beds do not have the same issues.

Does the Trundle Bed Mattresses’ Thickness Affect How Comfortable It Is?

No, if you buy a thick pop-up trundle, it will be more comfortable.

The debate of the thickness of trundle bed mattresses is a common one. Some people believe that thicker mattresses are less comfortable, while others feel they offer more support. 

The truth may fall somewhere in between. After all, there are many factors to consider when looking for the perfect mattress.

One thing you should know before buying your new mattress is that it will affect how high or low your bed skirts will need to be hemmed (or if you’ll ever need them at all). If you buy a thick pop-up trundle, it will be more comfortable than if you purchased a thin one.

Will Trundle Beds Be Hard for Me To Lie Down on and Get Out Of?

Trundle beds can be hard for you to lie down and get out of if you have back issues because of how close to the ground their frames are. The trundle also does not have any headboard or footboard on either side. So getting in and out of this bed can take some maneuvering.

If you have nowhere else to sleep, we recommend sleeping on the parent bed since it will be higher up. Otherwise, for the most part, you will have no trouble getting in and out of trundle beds.

However, if you are using a pop-up trundle bed, adjust the legs to your ideal height, and you will have no problem getting in and out of it.

If you are looking for a bed that is easier to get in and out of, the traditional trundle bed may not be your best choice. The trundle frame is shorter, which means it can take more effort to climb up into than other beds.

Will I Feel Cramped On an Extended Pop-Up Trundle Bed?

An adult will not feel cramped when sleeping on a trundle bed if you extend the trundle bed all the way and lock its casters.

However, if you leave the trundle near the parent bed, you will have difficulty rolling, leaving you feeling cramped.

How Do I Make a Pop-Up Trundle Bed More Comfortable?

To make your pop-up trundle bed more comfortable for you or your guests, we recommend following these tips:

  • Pull together the trundle and parent beds as close as you can. 
  • Join them together with zip ties by connecting each pair of legs and join them in one piece.
  • By placing a T-shaped bed bridge piece of foam between your two twin beds and strapping them together with one strap, you can convert the mattresses into a king-sized bed.

If you have a trundle bed at home without locking casters, it’s time to solve this problem. Locking casters will prevent your parent and trundle beds from sliding away from each other and allow for easy moving of the mattress.

Moreover, you can consider searching for alternative mattresses or pillows to ease any discomfort.

With a bit of creativity, you can affordably make your pop-out trundle bed more comfortable while saving space.

Other Questions You May Have About Pop-Up Trundle Beds

These beds are easy for you to store and take up less room than a traditional bed frame. With these benefits, it is not surprising that the market for pop-up trundles is growing.

But before you buy one of these beds for your home, there are some questions you may have about their use and safety that need answers first.

Keep reading to find out more about whether or not this type of bed will serve as an excellent investment for your needs.

Are Trundle Beds Difficult To Use?

Trundle beds are not difficult to use. They are pretty easy to use. Pop them up by using the lever and pull them out with a handle for maximum convenience.

Almost anyone can easily set up or take down a trundle bed without much effort. The bed’s ease of use makes it perfect for kids who don’t want to bother their parents when they need to get in or out of bed during the night. 

If you want to get the most convenience out of your bed, you can buy trundle beds that prop themselves up.

How Do You Pop-Up a Trundle Bed?

To pop-up a trundle bed, take the following steps:

  • Slide the trundle bed out from beneath the parent bed
  • Find the latches located on the sides of the bed and release them
  • Unlock the legs by either using a button or undoing the latches
  • Let the legs steadily extend
  • Once your mattress is at an ideal height, ensure that you lock the latches, so your bed’s legs are secure

How Do You Lock a Trundle Bed?

It is essential to know how to close and lock a trundle bed securely and adequately.

To lock a trundle bed, engage the levers on the sides of your casters. However, not all trundle beds come with levers. In that scenario, it would serve in your best interest to invest in a set of locking casters.

Here Is What You Should Know About Trundle Beds Before Buying

If you’re considering getting one yourself but don’t know what kind would best suit your needs, keep reading.

We will cover who these beds work best for and how to weave them seamlessly into any home style without looking like you just threw it together.

Do Trundle Beds Come in Different Sizes?

Trundle beds come in many different sizes, frame types, and materials.

Depending on the size you want (king-size bed, queen-sized bed, full-sized bed, or twin), there are trundle beds available with appropriate measurements. Conversely, if you want a pop-up trundle bed, you will likely only find them in twin, full, and twin XL sizes.

They range from metal frames to wooden boards, upholstered fabric, or even a particular type of foam called latex that is scientifically proven to be better for your back because it doesn’t require body weight distribution as other mattresses do.

Who Are Trundle Beds Best For?

Trundle beds are best for anyone who lives in a studio apartment or homeowners who need a bed for their kid’s rooms or guest rooms to accommodate extra guests.

Trundle beds work best for use by kids and teens who need a bed in their room for sleepovers. That way, their room can accommodate more people.

They are great for your small bedrooms or rooms with low ceilings that do not allow for the installation of a full-sized double-bed frame (a standard height is 12 inches). If you have younger children who still want to sleep with you, trundle beds offer an excellent solution.

These beds are also excellent choices for anyone living in studio apartments. They serve as an excellent place for guests to sleep in case you ever have anyone over.

Moreover, if you have guest rooms that need to accommodate more than one person, it also provides an extra place to sleep for visitors without taking up too much space.

Trundle beds are an excellent option for those who want to maximize their space and provide extra bedding when guests come over. They are also perfect for college dorms.

What Kinds of Rooms Are Good For Trundle Beds?

The kinds of rooms that are good for trundle beds are the following:

  • Guest rooms
  • Kids rooms
  • Basements
  • Small rooms
  • Studio apartments

Trundle beds are a great way to get that extra bed space you need without sacrificing valuable floor real estate or paying a lot for a larger bed.

Rooms such as guest rooms, kids’ rooms, living rooms, and studio apartments all make perfect sense for this type of furniture. You can pull them out when needed and store them once they have fulfilled their purpose.

Can Trundle Beds Be Used on Carpets?

Yes, you can use trundle beds on carpets due to their built-in casters.

Trundle beds have built-in casters that allow you to move them from room to room without damaging your home’s carpeting. Moreover, with these casters, you can place your bed frame on the mattress without any issues.

What Size Bedding Sets Are Needed for Pop-Up Trundle Beds?

You comforters and bedding that fit twin, twin XL, or full sizes mattresses because pop-up trundle beds do not come in king or queen sizes.

The answer to this question is not as easy as it seems. Some people might think a twin-size comforter will work just fine on a twin XL bed, but in reality, that may not be the case.

A full-sized comforter would fit better on a pop-up trundle bed because it will give enough coverage for each mattress.

However, if you connect the parent and trundle beds and want bedding that will cover both people at the same time, we recommend opting for a king-size comforter.

To better illustrate what bedding you should look for, a typical parent mattress measures around 8–10 inches thick. Moreover, a typical trundle bed measures 6 inches. Therefore, you will have to purchase different sheets to suit your trundle bed’s size.

So how big should your comforter be?

You will want to make sure your goal is to either fill out the entire length of each mattress or get close enough to have no space between the bed and the frame.

Should I Invest in a Trundle Bed?

The popularity of these bed types is due to their space-saving abilities and the versatility they offer to accommodate guests.

You can also use them with different room layouts because you can adjust them to fit your needs at any given time.

However, some factors are worth considering before buying a pop-up trundle bed set and what determines their comfortability. For instance, what weight capacity they hold, whether they are pop-up or traditional, the sizes they come in, and more.

Moreover, if you invest in the right mattress and shop for the right bed, you will have a comfortable yet practical trundle pop-up bed that saves space and money.


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