The Purpose of the Bedroom Bench Explained

Purpose of the Bedroom Bench Explained

A bedroom bench is placed at the end of a bed and can be a nice visual and stylistic addition to the bedroom. Most people will already have purchased a bed before considering adding a bench. There are many different types of bedroom benches, depending on your individual needs and preferences, as well as the length and color of your bed.

A bedroom bench is a practical and stylish addition to the end of a bed that provides a range of functional and visual benefits to your bedroom. These benches can range in price and design and they represent an important addition to the overall bedroom feel and functionality.

From different price points to different designs, there are many questions that you may have about which particular bedroom bench to choose from. Read on to learn everything you need to know about different designs of bedroom benches and their practical and visual implications.

Practical Utility of a Bedroom Bench

A bedroom bench can provide a number of practical benefits and can be a useful addition to make your morning and evening routine easier. Regardless of the specific design, all bedroom benches provide some functionality to the bedroom. More specifically, there are three functional benefits that most bedroom benches have:

  • Help with getting ready and putting your shoes, socks, or other clothes
  • Extra storage
  • Extra seating capacity

For example, you can use a bedroom bench in the morning when you are getting ready for work and exercise and need a place to sit to tie your shoes. Most beds are elevated above the ground and are not as convenient for this. As many people keep their shoes in their bedroom closets, this can make it easier to get ready in the morning.

In addition, a bedroom bench can be used as extra storage. Many people keep extra sheets, seasonal clothes, or miscellaneous items in their bedroom closets. To save space, these items can be easily stored inside a bedroom bench and retrieved as needed. Depending on your needs, bedroom benches have different storage capacities.

The most obvious application of the bedroom bench is for extra seating capacity. If you do not feel like laying in bed after a long day, the bedroom bench provides a nice alternative. In addition to seating, you can use a bedroom bench to place your different clothing options as you are trying to decide what to wear.

Visual and Stylistic Considerations

In addition to functionality, bedroom benches also contribute to the bedroom décor. There are different visual considerations to keep in mind when deciding to purchase a bedroom bench. Before you opt for a specific color or design, you should carefully examine your current bedroom design and the existing furniture you have in place.

The first important consideration is that the bedroom bench is compatible with the overall feel of the bedroom and other pieces of furniture that you may already have there. In other words, it should be similar but slightly contrasted in color and design to other furniture that you have. The goal is that the bedroom bench does not dominate the space visually.

For example, if darker colors dominate your bedroom, you should opt for a lighter color and feel. This way, your bedroom bench will be noticeable and stick out as a piece of furniture, but not to an extent where it dominates the overall bedroom feel. Assuming you have already decorated your bedroom, there are many color schemes to choose from.

Another important consideration is the physical dimensions.

  • A bedroom bench should generally be narrower than the bed, for both practical and visual reasons.
  • The bedroom bench should also be slightly lower than the bed itself.

Of course, the size and dimensions of your bed will ultimately determine the choice of bedroom bench.

How Long Should End of the Bed Bench Be?

The length of the bedroom bench will mostly be determined by the size of your bed and the size of the bedroom. For larger beds and master bedrooms, you can opt for the longer end of the bedroom bench. For shorter beds and smaller bedrooms, the opposite is true.

For example, if you own a king bed that is at least 80 inches wide, your bench should be at least 60 to 70 inches wide. The smaller your bed dimensions, of course, the smaller in length will your bedroom bench be. It is recommended that your bench is about ¾ of the length of your bed. You can consult with your merchant about the right fit for your bedroom.

There are important stylistic implications of choosing the right length of your bedroom bench.

  • If your bedroom bench is too small, it will look awkward and may throw off the entire dimensional feel of the bedroom.
  • If the bench is too large and there is no space left on either side, it may overshadow the bed and dominate the entire space.

The best recommendation is to first choose the right bed size and color, in addition to other pieces of furniture in the bedroom. Once you decide on this, then you can choose between different options to determine the right length of your bedroom bench. If you are not satisfied with the look, most merchants will let you return or exchange the item.

Different Bedroom Bench Types

Depending on your intended purpose, there are several types of benches available. In addition to the different dimensions, colors, and textures of bedroom benches, there are other considerations to have in mind. Bedroom benches come in different forms and prices and there are many options available. However, you should probably purchase the bed first before deciding on the right color, length, and style of your bench. 

The first consideration is whether you want a bedroom bench with or without the back. If you plan to use the bedroom bench for relaxing, reading, or extended sitting, then you should choose the one that has a back. This will make it more comfortable. If you have the bench solely for stylistic purposes or as storage, choose the one without a back.

If your primary intent with the bench is to use it as storage, then you should choose from a variety of Ottoman benches. These are relatively affordable, easy to assemble and fit with a variety of bed frame designs. Because they are upholstered, they are not as convenient for relaxation or reading. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide how you want to use the bench. 

Finally, the price should also be a consideration when deciding on the purchase. Bedroom benches are usually not considered an essential part of the bedroom. For those not willing to spend a substantial amount, there is this Ottoman option. For those willing to spend more, Pottery Barn has more luxurious designs.


Most people add bedroom benches for functional purposes and visual or stylistic reasons. They can provide the final touch to the bedroom that completes the overall décor, in addition to providing a functional element. Before you decide to purchase one, there are several things you should consider.

If you plan to use the bedroom bench for more than just storage and visual addition to your bedroom, it may be worth it to invest more money and buy the ones on the expensive end. 

However, if you plan to use the bedroom bench solely for storage or as functional aid as you are getting ready for work or outdoor activities, the simple Ottoman design will suffice. Ideally, the bedroom bench should be about ¾ of the length and height of your bed frame. 


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