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The Costs Of A Power Sofa Recliner

I tested three products and found this Blue Cactus 2500mAh battery to be the best pack for longevity, features, and cost. 

For people with mobility issues, a power recliner or lift chair is a necessity for daily living and comfort.  But what happens if the electricity goes out? What do you do if the outlet near the recliner goes bad and the repair is cost prohibitive? A battery pack is the most suitable answer. 

Not to mention, the placement of your new furniture in the room is an important consideration, and with a battery pack, a wall outlet does not need to be nearby. 

I’ve scoured the internet to determine which battery packs for power recliners will provide maximum performance in both longevity and cost. 

The Blue Cactus 2500 mAh battery has the power for a multi-recliner sofa, a stand-alone recliner, or a chair lift with ease and smoothness. The battery capacity will provide hundreds of motion movement cycles before requiring a charge. 

Other battery packs for recliners tested for battery life, charging time, warranty, and features. Our top picks provide a detailed description so that you may select the battery that best fits your needs and budget. 

Please read further to learn about what we’ve found and make your selection effortless. 

Product Mini-Reviews 

Here are the top three best packs for power recliners.

Blue Cactus Universal Battery Pack – Best Overall

The Blue Cactus Company Two Universal Battery Packs for...
  • Freedom From Tangled Cords: Finally, you are free to arrange your power furniture any way you like; No more tripping over cables or worrying about your pet’s chewing habit; This wireless couch...
  • Universal Compatibility: Our high-quality battery pack is equipped with a two-pin connector (one flat and one round) that ensures it works with a wide range of chairs, sofas, and recliners; Suitable...
  • No More Guesswork: You will always know exactly how much battery life is left simply by glancing at the LED display on top of the recliner battery pack; It accurately tracks the remaining percentage...

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The Blue Cactus 2500mAh model is a wireless battery pack that features a universal, two-prong connector compatible with most furniture manufacturers. Simply locate the power connection in your chair or sofa and attach the battery pack via the 2-pin connector. 

Blue Cactus Universal Battery Pack

The battery takes about eight hours to charge completely. A fully charged battery will supply approximately 150 lift or recline cycles. The Blue Cactus pack does require a splitter if you have more than one recliner on your couch. 

Blue Cactus Universal Battery Pack

With two modes, your chair will recline or lift, even in a power outage. For mode one, leave your battery plugged into a wall outlet. The battery will automatically remain charged for emergencies, and you will never be left uncomfortable or unable to rise from your chair.

Blue Cactus Universal Battery Pack Part 2

Mode two is useful when there is no wall outlet available. Alternatively, if you don’t want unsightly, dangerous cords on the floor, charge your battery for eight hours before installing it on your furniture.  When the battery runs low, simply attach the power cord directly from the chair and charge or remove the battery and plug it into a wall outlet. 

Blue Cactus Universal Battery Pack Part 3

This battery has an easy-to-read LED light that indicates the battery power level to ease your mind. You will never have to wonder when to charge your battery or be concerned that it will just run out, leaving you in a reclined position or unable to get up. The battery has a low charge warning, alerting you when your battery reaches 10% capacity. 

Staigo Battery Pack – Best for Any Budget

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This rechargeable battery is an affordable, quality offering for budget-minded buyers without skimping on features and quality. 

Staigo Battery Pack

The 2-pin connector will connect the pack to your furniture and is compatible with most manufacturers. Additionally, round and flat 2-pin connectors are included to ensure a proper fit without the need for additional parts or calls to customer support. 

Staigo Battery Pack 1

Before installing the battery pack, the battery requires a full charge, which should only take about three hours.

The Staigo battery pack provided a little more than 175 lift/recline cycles on a single charge. Depending on how often you use your chair, you may notice a shorter or longer battery length. If you install this pack on a couch with recliners at both ends, you will need a splitter to power both units. 

splitter to power both units

If wall outlets are unavailable where you wish to place your chair, you can install the Staigo battery pack without the worry of power outages. To recharge, either remove the pack from the furniture and recharge using an available outlet or attach the power cord (purchased separately) while the battery remains installed. Both options are sufficient and differ only in inconvenience. 

Ponkor Recliner Power Supply

While there is no LED battery level indicator, there is an audible notification to let you know it’s time to charge. Staigo offers a 12-month warranty against defects in workmanship and 24/7 support via email. 

Lavolta 2200mAh Battery Pack – Best for a Back-Up

On Sale
Lavolta Battery Pack for Reclining Furniture -...
  • PLACE YOUR RECLINER ANYWHERE – Where would you really like your recliner? By the window, on the porch, or in the center of the room? With the Lavolta battery pack for reclining furniture, you can...
  • GO WEEKS BETWEEN CHARGES – The updated 2023 version of the Lavolta rechargeable recliner battery pack holds enough charge to power over 100 cycles for a single recliner. With moderate use, this...
  • CHARGE WITHOUT DISCONNECTING – The battery pack is charged using the existing power supply that was included with your recliner. Simply connect one end of the battery pack to the power supply and...

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This unit also features a universal two-pin connector for compatibility with most manufacturers. This product has a lower price point for cost considerations. 

Lavolta Battery Pack

With a lower capacity, this Lavolta unit offers approximately 100 lift or recline cycles before requiring a charge. The suggested time is six hours to return the battery to full capacity, but the time may vary. 

You can use the Lavolta battery where there is no available wall outlet or cords on the floor would pose a hazard to people or pets. Simply charge the battery to capacity and install it in your chair, sofa, or lift chair. 

Lavolta 2200mAh Battery Pack

This battery’s second charge option is to plug it into a wall outlet for continual charging. With this method, your battery pack is ready in case of emergencies or power outages. The battery has built-in circuit protection for added safety when charging or using while connected to a wall outlet. 

There is an LED light or indicator for how much charge is remaining, but this unit has no low battery warning. 

Buying Guide 

When considering the best pack for a power recliner or reclining furniture, there are several things to consider before making a selection.

Battery Capacity

The optimal capacity of the battery is the first thing you should decide. We tested units ranging from 2000mAh to 2500mAh, but lower capacities are available if an emergency backup is your only concern. 

Added Features

How many features does your power recliner or couch have? If you have USB ports to charge a phone, tablet, or computer, you will need a higher-capacity battery pack to utilize all these functions. It is important to note that frequent usage of these options in addition to the reclining options will drain any battery faster. 

A higher-capacity battery will be required if your power reclining chair or couch offers heat, massage, or heated beverage holders. Again, frequent usage of these features will cause your battery to drain at a faster rate.

Power Requirements

Reclining couches have several motors depending on the design. If there is a recliner at each end of the sofa with added features such as heat or massage, there are heavier power requirements to consider. How often you will be using the comfort of your recliner will be a determining factor for your power needs.

Recharge Notification

Packs for power recliners require recharging. Some models have an LED indicator for the level, making it easy to see when you’ll need to connect the unit to a power supply. Other battery packs have an audible alert when the battery reaches a low level. We found that higher-priced packs offer both indicators. 


Always double-check that the connectors are compatible with the manufacturer of your chair. It is also important to point out that not all battery packs come with every part you’ll need to charge your battery and operate your recliner. Not all battery packs have a power supply included. Read descriptions and directions to make sure you don’t end up disappointed with your purchase. 

The type of customer support and the warranty should also be considered before making a final decision. 


When your power recliner is essential to everyday activities and ease of mobility, it is important to have a battery that you feel secure and confident in using. 

The 2500mAh unit from Blue Cactus offered the most reliable performance, best customer service, and best warranty with no additional parts to order. Even when using USB ports to charge a phone and frequent daily lifts and reclines, this battery pack went weeks without needing a charge. 

To purchase any of the three of our best packs for power recliners, please visit these links provided above.


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