Where Should A Bookshelf Be Placed In A Bedroom?

Where Should A Bookshelf Be Placed In A Bedroom?

A good book before bed is something to look forward to at the end of a long day. If you love reading and have a collection of your favorite books, you may be thinking about the best place to put a bookshelf in a bedroom. 

A bookshelf should be placed behind a bed in a bedroom. This is the most popular position for a bookshelf in a bedroom. Among these, other popular positions include either side of the bed, near a window bench, behind your sofa, or in the corner of a bedroom. 

There’s nothing worse than a beautifully designed bedroom with an awkwardly placed bookshelf. Finding the perfect placement for your bookshelf in your bedroom requires some research. To find the best spot, you need to consider a few things, the size and shape of the bookshelf, the space you want to put it in, and the functionality of the bookshelf.

How To Find The Best Place For A Bookshelf In Your Bedroom

How To Find The Best Place For A Bookshelf In Your Bedroom

To find the best place for your bookshelf, look at your bedroom layout. How much space do you have? How big is the bookshelf? Will the bookshelf be too high or too low for you? Once these questions are answered, you’ll better understand the best place to put your bookshelf in your bedroom.

Creating an eye-catching and well-designed room is about balancing the décor and furniture and creating a functional, balanced appeal to your room. Wherever you intend on putting your bookcase, it needs to flow with the rest of the design of your room, and at the same time, you need to be able to access it easily and place it in a spot that works well in and doesn’t end up looking clumsy.

Bookshelves have varying sizes. Sometimes the shelves are shorter and thicker, while other bookshelves have thinner shelves, are taller, and take up more space. Taller bookshelves naturally take up more space in height but may not be very wide. Shorter bookshelves may be a lot wider but not as high.

Depending on what style of bookshelf you choose, you should space out the bookshelf well with all the items in the room. You want to avoid knocking into your bookshelf or knocking books out of your bookshelf due to the lack of space in your bedroom.

Bookshelves are not just for books but can also stack and store other homeware items, plants, trinkets, and tech items. It’s important to arrange your bookshelf in a space where you can easily access other items placed on your bookshelf is also important.

The room’s flow is important when adding a bookcase to a bedroom. Placing a bookshelf directly in front of windows should be avoided as it blocks out the natural light, and you won’t be able to have it up against the wall, making it dangerous or unstable.

The key pointers to finding the perfect space for your bookshelf are finding a space that is easy for you to get to your favorite books and other items on the shelf, a space that prevents you from knocking into your bookshelf, and a space that compliments all other furniture pieces and decor elements in the room.

Placing A Bookshelf Behind The Bed In A Bedroom

Placing A Bookshelf Behind The Bed In A Bedroom

For placing a bookshelf behind your bed, you could go with a freestanding bookshelf or a built-in bookshelf. The benefit of having a bookshelf behind your bed is that it’s easy to access your favorite book. A bookshelf behind the bed can be a focal design point in the bedroom. Lots of decorative shelves make enough room for a library of books.

The best part about having a bookshelf behind your bed is utilizing space that may have been wasted. Whether you have a smaller or bigger bedroom, a bookshelf can easily be placed behind the bed and draw attention away from the space that may have been there without a bookshelf. The bookshelf can also store items that you need easy access to.

Bookshelves Next To The Bed In A Bedroom

Bookshelves Next To The Bed In A Bedroom

If your bedroom is more on the larger side and has lots of space, then freestanding bookshelves will work well in this space. Stationary bookshelves next to your bed can have the dual purpose of acting as a nightstand. If you want to keep a minimalist approach with the furniture in your bedroom, a bookshelf with dual purposes may be ideal.

For safety, freestanding shelves should be secured. Bookshelves on either side of the bed can also be used as storage space for other items you need to store away. You could also use a bookshelf in a kid’s room next to the bed to easily access bedtime items such as stuffed toys, night light, and favorite bedtime books.

Placing A Bookshelf In The Corner Of A Bedroom

Placing A Bookshelf In The Corner Of A Bedroom
Placing A Bookshelf In The Corner Of A Bedroom

Corner bookshelves are great for tight spaces in the bedroom. With a corner bookshelf, you get the maximum space usage in that area. Taller, narrow bookshelves in the corner work best for small rooms. Corner shelves can be used in large rooms but can be lost among the other elements in the bedroom. 

Bookshelves in the corner of a bedroom, especially in a small room, create the illusion of a larger room. Corner bookshelves utilize wasted space and fill an awkward space where other furniture elements can’t be placed.

Bookshelf Near A Window Bench Or Behind A Sofa

Bookshelf Near A Window Bench

Suppose you’re lucky enough to have a little reading nook with a window bench. In that case, placing a bookshelf on either side of the window bench creates a convenient way to access your books before sitting down to read. If you have a bigger room, you could have tall shelves with your books arranged alphabetically. 

You could also place your bookshelf behind a sofa in your bedroom. This is great for space-saving and draws attention to that space in your room. It can be a great focal piece and a creative modern design to elevate your bedroom space. This works well in small and larger bedrooms.


Placing a bookshelf in the best place in your bedroom can save you space and create a beautifully designed bedroom. There are many places to put a bookshelf in a bedroom, including behind or alongside the bed, behind your sofa, in the corner of a bedroom, or on either side of a window bench. 

Bookshelves can also act as side tables and offer storage space, creating a functionally aesthetically pleasing bedroom.


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