The 12 Best Wicker Furniture For Your Sunroom


Sunrooms are a beautiful space that allows you to enjoy the visual beauty of all seasons without being subject to unfavorable weather. Considering the sunroom is often considered extra space, many people tend to toss knick-knacks and odd ends in this room without much thought. 

To make a stunning and comfortable space, think of the theme you want for your sunroom and choose furniture that will add character, accompanied by accessories and decor to match your style. Wicker furniture is a popular choice for sunrooms because of the aerie yet elegant look and, of course, durability.

Turn your sunroom into the most desirable room in your home and appreciate the unique attributes it offers. Instead of an extra room, make this your favorite space.

Types of Sunrooms

To choose the best type of wicker furniture for your sunroom, you must first define which type of sunroom you have. There are different types of enclosures for sunrooms that will affect the types of furniture you buy.

A sunroom has numerous and large energy-efficient windows which allow natural light to flood the living space while simultaneously keeping cold drafts out. Before choosing your sunroom furniture, we will look at the varying kinds.

Three Season Rooms

As the name suggests, a three-season room is for the spring, summer, and fall. These rooms are often additions to an existing patio or deck but with a few structural adjustments. 

The three-season room is usually separated from the main house and has an exterior door. The three-season room is both cooled and heated separately from the rest of the house, or not at all, since it is primarily used in the warmer months.

Four Season Rooms

A four-season room is a sunroom encased by glass, giving a beautiful floor-to-ceiling front row to the outdoors from inside. The frame and roof of the four-season room are thermally engineered so you can heat or cool the space year-round. 

Since the four-season room can have the temperature adjusted just as you would indoors, it is an extension of your house and a place that is as easily accessible and comfortable as your living room.


A solarium is very similar to a sunroom in that it can be cooled and heated year-round, giving you access to this space all year. The main difference is that solarium is glass, including the roof.

Why Wicker?

Before we get into the best wicker furniture for your sunroom, we will delve into why wicker is so prevalent in this particular room. 

Outdoorsy Feel

Wicker has a distinctly outdoor feel, which is why you often find it on decks, porches, and patios. Setting wicker in a sunroom will give it the further impression that you are relaxing in the great outdoors while in the comfort of your home.


Wickers offers comfort with wide frames and comfortable cushions. Visiting with friends and family or sitting in the pseudo-outdoors with a book will be far more relaxing in the sturdy support of wicker.

Fade Resistant

Unlike most fabric furniture, wicker will not fade in the constant eye of the elements. Sunlight, whether through clouds or in full force, will be beating down on and in your sunroom all day, and wicker will maintain its original look through it all.

Wicker is not as likely to fade as much as the fabric that is on the cushions. Most indoor/outdoor furniture will come with a polyester blend or something similar that can withstand the UV rays and maintain bold coloring.

Will Not Mold

While some fabrics like leather and suede may sweat and crack in the warmer months, allowing their appearance to become worn. LIkewise, leather and suede can sweat and ultimately collect mold, which is unappealing and unhealthy.

What to Know Before You Buy Wicker Furniture

While wicker tends to run a bit on the expensive side, it is an investment. A good set of wicker furniture can last decades, especially when in a sunroom and not outside weathering storms. A good wicker set will last years without fading, molding, or losing its structural integrity.

There are some cheaper wicker seats on the market, but you will get what you pay for. For a little more money, you will get a set of furniture that will set the tone in your sunroom for years to come. What sets apart the cheaper sets for the more expensive? There are a few details that determine the cost of wicker.


Some wicker furniture is cheap plastic, while others are from high-density Polyethylene, Ecolene, Rehau, and EnviroFiber. The benefit of purchasing the higher quality (and more expensive) furniture is that they are fade-resistant, resistant to scratches and splintering. 

If you see that there are small stands of material sticking out, it isn’t the best quality. You want to look for a weave that is sturdy and wrapped around the legs and arms of the furniture so that unraveling is less likely.

Support System

Under every great weave is a trusty support system or frame. Without support beneath the wicker, the strands would be under stress and ultimately collapse. High-quality wicker furniture will include solid aluminum support beneath the wicker to help distribute your weight across the entire chair or sofa, not just the part you are sitting on.

The support system should also be made of a galvanized steel or other material that isn’t going to rust. If the frame is a material that could rust, it should be coated with a non-rusting material.


It may surprise you, but that wicker is not the material used for the furniture. Wick refers to the weave used to construct the pieces. Wicker is the technique used to make furniture and other products from pliable materials such as rattan, reed, bamboo, and willow. Some synthetic fibers are used to make wicker furniture, but all are made using the braiding pattern that makes the furniture lightweight and durable.

Cheaper brands will make their sets with leftover stands which is why the bargain sets unravel. The more dependable brands use fewer stands to keep the piece as one. The end stands to wrap around the furniture frame multiple times and are stapled in place to help prevent unraveling.

Can You Put Indoor Furniture in a Sunroom?

If your sunroom is completely enclosed, you can put any type of furniture in a sunroom, as long as the materials are fade-resistant. Since a sunroom is virtually all windows, there will be significant sun exposure for most of the day. If the fabric on the cushions or pillows is not resistant to UV rays, it will fade or bleach over time.

You also want to keep cloth sofas and chairs out of the sunroom if it is not insulated, as the extreme heat or cold could potentially make the fabric sweat and mildew. If your sunroom is insulated and the temperature is the same as the rest of your house, any type is fine.

Wicker furniture is great for any type of sunroom because it has an outdoorsy elegance that suits the light and energy that you experience with a sunroom.

Best Wicker Sets

There are hundreds of choices for wicker furniture sets that will add ambiance to any sunroom. Deciding which furniture to choose can be a little overwhelming, so we’ve narrowed it down for you to get started.

1. Alligael Wicker/Rattan Outdoor Patio Set

Winston Porter is known for blending tradition with contemporary patterns when designing its products. The muted colors and bold prints are stylish and modern without being pretentious. 

This affordable seating set from Wayfair is not only stylish and durable, but it is extremely affordable. The set includes a wicker table, complete with tempered glass. A loveseat and two accent chairs make the perfect setting for entertaining an intimate gathering. 

Each piece of this set is weather-resistant rattan and is supported by a steel frame. While this set will be in your sunroom, it’s still nice to know that it could withstand the weather if you want it to. 

The cushions included in this set are durable, fade-resistant, and have a removable cover for easy cleaning. They also offer comfort and support for longer visits or when you’ve fallen into reading a good book.


  • Loveseat
  • Two chairs
  • Table


  • This set includes a loveseat, two chairs, and a coffee table
  • Cushions are padded for comfort and have removable covers made of polyester (spot clean)
  • Made of resin wicker for long life, especially when used indoors
  • Aluminum frames support the pieces and distribute up to 300 pounds per chair and 500 pounds for the loveseat

Product Specs

  • Loveseat: 30.5” h x 42” w x 24.5” d
  • Chair: 21.5” h x 24” w x 24” d
  • Table: 15: h x 34” l x 18” w

2. Greesum Rattan 4-Person Set 

This stunning set includes four pieces, including seating for four and a table. This set comes with a glass table, dual-seater loveseat, and two single chairs. 

Each piece is supported by an additional inner frame with tightly woven brown wicker wrapped around it for extra durability. The rattan itself is treated to be anti-rust and anti-corrosion to help it withstand the elements. The coffee table includes a glass top, tying in the whole look together for you to entertain.


  • Two single chairs
  • Table
  • Loveseat


  • Perfect for indoor/outdoor spaces
  • Cushions are soft and comfortable
  • Frame for support and durability
  • Use as three different seats for three or four people
  • Weather-resistant outer frame
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Made of rattan/wicker

Product Specs

  • Chair: 18.1″ x 18.1″ x 34.1″
  • Table: 28.1″ x 16.1″ x 15.4″
  • Loveseat: 35″ x 20.7″ x 25″

3. Best Choice Products 3-Piece Wicker Conversation Bistro Set

Some sunrooms are quaint and cozy, the perfect size for this three-piece bistro set. Sit and have your morning coffee and enjoy the outside with this elegant bistro set made of wicker. Perfect for two, it includes two chairs and a table with a removable glass top and features a storage area for magazines, books, and other accessories. 

The all-weather wicker is supported by a rust-resistant steel frame for optimal support, while the seats feature an ergonomic design with high backs and arms for extra comfort and support. As a bonus, it comes with removable and washable covers for easy cleaning. 


  • Two chairs
  • Coffee table


  • Ergonomic design for additional support and comfort
  • Side table with storage and easy clean top
  • Wicker is all-weather and the frame is rust-resistant
  • Padded cushions have removable covers for easy cleaning
  • Cushions are a polyester blend for easy cleaning

Product Specs

  • Chair: 32” l x 26.75”w x 37.75” h
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs

4. 5-Piece Wicker Rattan Sectional Sofa 

This five-piece sectional set is made of weather-resistant polyethylene rattan, so you know it won’t face sun exposure. This rattan sectional is perfect for any outdoor/indoor area. A steel frame made of rust-resistant, galvanized steel supports this contemporary furniture.

The comfortable cushions are water-resistant, which is perfect for a sunroom that is not entirely enclosed. The chairs are deep and wide, providing comfort for anyone. These pieces are easy to clean, and the tempered glass on the table is easy to wipe off. 


  • Loveseat
  • Two armchairs
  • Coffee table


  • Made with weather-resistant polyethylene rattan
  • Rust-resistant galvanized steel frame
  • Deep, wide chairs for added comfort
  • Easy cleaning with removable cushion covers, wipeable rattan, and glass
  • Water-resistant polyester fabric on cushions

Product Specs

  • Armchair: 28.35” x 26.38” x 30.31”
  • Loveseat: 47.64” x 25.98” x 30.31”
  • Coffee table: 34.25” x 19.69” x 13.78”

5. Collingwood 3-Piece Seating Group

The rounded design of this three-piece rattan set is unique and elegant. The set comes complete with a side table, each wrapped in rattan. These pieces are water and weather-resistant, ensuring they can withstand constant exposure in your sunroom. 

The tabletop comes with glass for easy clean-up and a more secure place to rest your beverages. The cushions are weather and mildew-resistant and provide adequate padding for you to sit comfortably. 


  • Two chairs
  • Side table


  • Weather-resistant
  • Cushion material is vinyl
  • Removable cushions
  • Made with rattan

Product Specs

  • Chair: 23.62” h x 29.13” w x 29.13” d
  • Table: 19.69” h x 19.69” l x 19.69” w

6. Clover Cay 4-Piece Wicker Outdoor Patio Set

This four-piece patio furniture set is not limited to the outside but is perfect for any sunroom or indoor lounging. Clover Cay hits the mark with this modern and versatile conversational set that allows seating for up to four with a coffee table and three seats—two chairs and one bench. 

The material is reinforced with acacia wicker to ensure proper weight distribution and support. This set has cushions made from polyester, so it’s both water and UV-resistant, meaning that the fabrics and material won’t fade or mold.

This patio furniture offers unique reconfiguration to allow you the liberty of setting up the pieces in several ways to suit your needs. It comes with extremely comfortable cushion seating that will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors, whether or not you are inside.


  • Coffee table
  • Loveseat
  • Two chairs with cushions


  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Polyester fabric
  • Cushions are removable 
  • Ergonomic design, with arms set-back and curved

Product Specs

  • Chair: 27.57” l x 28.39 w x 31” h
  • Loveseat: 56.71” l x 28.39” w x 31” h
  • Coffee table: 38.52” l x 19.05” w x 16.48” h

7. Cassville Wicker/Rattan 10 – Person Seating Group

Alcott Hill is a brand that makes high-quality and beautiful furniture. This stunning ten-seater set is high quality, durable, elegant, and perfect for the larger sunroom to host large gatherings or to spread out with a good book.

Topping the list as our largest and most extravagant choice, the Cassville set includes two sofas, two chairs, two ottomans, and two coffee tables. The coffee table glass is tempered, which makes it less fragile than regular glass. The glass is also easy to wipe and is held onto the table by suction cups so it won’t slip when you are cleaning it.

The fade-resistant cushion covers can be removed for easy cleaning. The cushions are also weather-resistant, perfect for any sunroom that is not fully enclosed.


  • Two sofas
  • Two chairs
  • Two ottomans
  • Two coffee tables


  • Tempered glass on the table
  • Weather and fade-resistant cushions
  • Made with durable aluminum
  • Durable polyester material
  • Includes sofa covers
  • Rust, water, and UV resistant

Product Specs

  • Chair: 25.6” h x 33.85” w x 28.74” d
  • Table: 11.81” h x 23.62” l x 23.62” w
  • Ottoman: 16.14” h x 23.62”w x 23.62” d

8. Furniwell 4-Person Seating Group

This cute little four-person set by Furniwell is perfect for morning coffee or an evening chat in your sunroom, patio, or veranda. These pieces are affordable and versatile, fitting in with the most decor and adding elegance and character with their unique color scheme.

Comfortable cushions are included with this set and are removable for easy washing. The table is perfect to set your coffee cups or a good book and the seating for four makes for perfect conversation and quality time. The material for this set is wicker/rattan and the seating support is durable steel. 

If you have a smaller sunroom or want to add a small table and chair set to an already decorated room, these are perfect. The stylish glass is easy to clean. Just keep it out of direct sunlight, or it may get a bit hot.


  • Double sofa with cushion
  • Two single sofas with cushions
  • Tempered glass table


  • Made of wicker/rattan
  • Glass is tempered
  • Chair support is steel
  • Cushions are washable polyester fabric with sponge padding
  • Steel frame
  • Lightweight and easily moved
  • Elegant and sleek look
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Rust resistant

Product Specs

  • Single sofa: 18.1” w x 18.1” d
  • Double chair: 35” w x 20.7” d x 33.3” h
  • Table: 28.1” h x 16.1” l x 15.4” w

9. Urban Outdoor Lounge Chair and Ottoman Set

This gorgeous oversized chair and ottoman from Urban Outdoor Lounge is not only beautifully elegant and simple but comfortable and cozy for watching the rainfall on a fresh, spring afternoon.

The base is handwoven for durability, and the materials are weather-resistant. Sink into the soft cushions, which are fade-resistant, and let your worries melt away as you slip into the comfort and style of the chair. The Urban lounge chair and ottoman are perfect wicker furniture for the sunroom.

This product is handcrafted in Guatemala. The purchase of this set helps preserve the tradition of handcrafting all over the world. 


  • Pieces sold separately


  • All-weather handwoven wicker
  • Wicker is sagging, cracking, and fade-resistant
  • Powder-coated frame made of aluminum
  • Olefin cushions are weather-resistant
  • Cushions included
  • Baggy, reversible cushions have removable covers
  • The seats have a foam core

Product Specs

  • Lounge Chair: 41.4” w x 36” d x 26.3” h
  • Ottoman: 32” x 24.1” d x 11” h

10. Protivin 76” Long Reclining Single Chaise Lounge

This wicker/rattan chaise lounge is perfect for relaxing in your sunroom, taking in the rays without the distraction of bugs, or just enjoying a truly chill alone time session. The frame is made of durable steel that is weather-, water-, mildew-, and rust-resistant.

The firm cushion is made of a polyester/polyester blend and is not as thick as some others, but is still comfortable. 


  • Base
  • Cushion


  • Polyester and foam cushion is mildew, mold, and weather-resistant
  • Weather, rust, mildew, and mold resistant metal frame
  • Sturdy base
  • Weather-resistant materials

Product Specs

  • Overall: 12.6” h x 25.2” w x 76” l

11. Tulum Outdoor Lounge Chair and Concrete Pedestal Table Set

The Tulum lounge chair is perfect for a truly natural and relaxed vibe. This chair offers a beautiful and elegant aesthetic and, more importantly, a comfortable place to sit. These chairs are contoured from handwoven rattan for lasting durability.

The curved frame adds a unique elegance to any sunroom, and a wider base offers more durability. The cushions are weather-resistant and provide comfort for the long haul. 


  • Two chairs
  • Pedestal round table


  • Handwoven rattan
  • Aluminum frame 
  • Cushions are weather and fade resistant
  • Reversible back support cushions
  • Polyester cushions are removable for easy cleaning

Product Specs

  • Chair: 29.5”w x 30 “ d x 31” h
  • Table: (top) 18” d x 20h (base) 12”d x 18h

12. Modway Encase Swing Chair Wicker/Rattan

We’ve saved this unique nugget for last. The Modway encase swing chair is perfect for someone who loves to hide in an enclosed space and watch the wonders of nature or read a book. 

This swing chair is great because it has its stand and doesn’t need to hang from a rafter or other weight-bearing point. This modern and cozy swing is synthetic rattan and a powder-coated frame of steel for sturdy support. The swing chair fits nicely into a larger area as an extra furniture addition, but is equally at home in a more intimate space.

The contemporary design goes with any look from rustic to modern to country chic. The cushion, which is water and fade-resistant, is removable and machine washable for easy clean-up. If you are happy in your own company and enjoy alone time, this trendy swing is the perfect wicker furniture for your sunroom.


  • Swing
  • Stand
  • Cushion


  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Seat of the swing is woven with top quality synthetic rattan
  • Cushion and chair are fade and weather-resistant
  • Machine-washable cushion 
  • Stand-alone frame for easy set-up

Product Specs

  • 43.5” l x 40” w x 71” h
  • Weight limit 265 lbs

Final Word

Whether you have a small or a large sunroom, you will find wicker furniture for sunroom options. Decide on the space you have to fill with furniture before you purchase furniture, and have a clear idea of what you want to help you become overwhelmed.

If your sunroom is flooded with sun all day, the fade-resistant fabric is a must, and if you have a three-season room that gets colder in the winter and may allow for your material to retain moisture, you want to select a weather-resistant set. 

Hopefully, our top choices have helped to narrow your decisions, but there are many more sets and options out there. Each set is unique to one’s tastes and the size of their space. Pick the look you want to complete your sunroom and be aware of the amount of room you have available, then happy shopping.


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