Box Spring Vs Bed Frame: Which is Better?

Box Spring Vs Bed Frame

In the world of sleeping, bed frames and box springs are two critical components for support in anyone’s bedroom. They provide the foundation for the bed that permits a good night of sleep to happen. You might wonder if the box spring or bed frame is better.

The box spring is a better choice for most sleepers compared to the bed frame. It provides support, comfort, and a foundation all in one item, wrapped and pushed together with fabric. The bed frame provides support, but it is not nearly as intricate as the box spring.

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of each item, and how they seat each apart from each other. After reading this piece, you will be able to decide which one works best for you and the way that you intend to sleep at night. 

Box Spring Vs Bed Frame: Comparing the Pros

Both of these items have great benefits. There is no argument that no matter which one you pick, you will receive something satisfactory. However, it is important to compare the two to see how the good things about them differ.

There is good for both of these. You can decide for yourself which good qualities better suit the idea that you have for the space that you occupy. Both of them may end up working for you, which is completely fine.

The Look of the Room

Both of these items can make a room look beautiful. The box spring draws attention to the unique look of the bed. It is not as elegant as the bed frame, but it still makes for a neat piece of furniture.

On the other hand, the bed frame adds a delicate look to the space that the box spring simply does not have. You cannot get the intricate curves and images on a box spring that you can on a bed frame. If you want a specific style to match your room, the bed frame is better. For a look that provides a quality sleeping spot, pick the box spring.

The Quality of Sleep

It is safe to say that there is no major difference in the quality of sleep that the box spring and bed frame provide. So long as you buy one that gives ample support to the mattress, you are good to go. 

With the right choice, both of these items:

  • Give back support that a simple mattress does not have
  • Allow for the increased longevity of the bed
  • Provide a way for those who tend to feel pain at night to relax

Choose either of these for a great night of sleep. Picking one over the other will not sacrifice that in any way.

The Box Spring Price Point

The box spring tends to be cheaper than the bed frame. It is not as complicated, and it is a much simpler surface to deal with.

The box frame also costs a lot less because:

  • Is not as intricate as the bed frame, since it is just a mattress support with springs or slats
  • Does not last as long due to the direct contact it receives
  • Must be moved around to stay fresh and not place the pressure of the body all on one spot

The price point is great for the service that it provides. Those who want more bang for their buck should get a box spring to ensure that they have a good night of sleep with money still in their pocket.

Bed Spring Vs Bed Frame: Comparing the Cons 

As discussed above, the cons are critical to consider as well. We can compare some of them to see how the bed frame and box spring each react to some of the negatives.

After we have gone over these, you should have enough information to make your decision. Whatever works in your home is the option that you should invest in.

The Potential for Bugs

With the box spring, there is a potential for bugs and mold to grow underneath the surface of the mattress. With the bed frame, this is significantly less likely. This is because:

  • Just using a box spring does not allow for airflow, which inhibits the growth and reproduction of invasive items
  • A bed frame permits easy cleaning, whether that means sweeping under the bed or keeping the floor dry
  • A bed frame keeps the mattress off of the floor, preventing moist environments from sprouting up

The best way to solve this problem is to combine the two into one sleeping unit. The bed frame will keep the box spring off of the floor, and the risk for bugs and mold drops significantly.

The Bed Frame Price Point

The bed frame is a lot more expensive than the box spring is. There is a good reason for this, however. It is not unjustified. The bed frame is much more expensive because:

  • It is more intricate and holds a lot of detail in the craft
  • It doubles as decor with the way it is put together
  • It takes more time to create and is grander than the box spring, though some are also basic

Many bed frames are quite appealing to the eye. However, the price point is not ideal for many attempting to move a bed into their home. For those that want to save, select the box spring. For those that want to pick something that matches their home, pick a bed frame.

The Amount of Space Taken Up

Both of these take up a relatively large amount of space, much more than if the bed was nothing but a mattress on the floor. This is important for anyone to consider before they invest in either one of these.

The box mattress will take up less space than the bed frame. This is because it is tailored to fit the size of the mattress. It will not be any bigger than the mattress that you have in your home. The bed frame, on the other hand, is much bulkier. It takes up much more room than the box spring.

Do I Need a Box Spring and a Bed Frame? 

When debating whether a bed frame or box spring is best, you might wonder if you need to invest in both of these items to create the ideal bed for you to sleep on. This is an excellent question since the necessity of both of these makes the differences between them meaningless.

You do not need a box spring for a bed frame, and vice versa. However, many people use them together. The box spring will sit on top of the bed frame in this case, and the mattress will fall on top of that.

There are cases when you should not use both versions. These scenarios include:

  • Having a mattress that is made out of latex, memory foam, or hybrid products
  • Preferring to sleep on the floor with your mattress rather than on top of some kind of structure
  • Wanting something stylish rather than supportive
  • Desiring a specific look or feel for your place

You can use both, but it is not necessary. We will be going over the pros and cons of both of these items, ensuring that you are well-informed about what you are getting into before you make a decision. If one stands out, you can invest in that. If they both work for you, you can use them together to make an excellent place to sleep.

Discussing the Box Spring

Box Spring With Mattress
Box Spring With Mattress

The box spring is a support system for the mattress that is constructed in a variety of sizes to fit any bed that needs support. It is an all-in-one item, a wood frame willed with either a metal mesh or springs and wrapped in fabric. The mattress would go on top of this, and the sleeper would benefit from the solid support that the item provides.

The box spring is commonly used in most homes. They have advanced in ways that have improved their comfort level drastically. We will go over the pros and cons of the box spring, which will then set us up to compare it to the classic bed frame.

Pros of the Box Spring

There are many good things about the box spring. It is a great addition to any bed, and we will go over a few of the beneficial things that it does to see why it works.

By knowing the pros of the box spring, we can compare them to the pros of the bed frame. This will help to determine which one is the best.

Box Springs Raise the Bed Much Higher

A bed spring allows your bed to rise much higher than it would if it was on the floor or just on top of a bed frame. A bed spring is typically at least a foot thick, which is a significant height to add to your bed. 

Making your bed higher can:

  • Make the room look more elegant and appealing
  • Provide a new way for you to wake up in the morning
  • Allow you to clean better under and around your bed if you use it in tandem with a bed frame

Being able to lift the bed to new heights can bring about a ton of unexpected and wonderful benefits. You can look around at your world in a different way, and it can even feel as though you have invested in a brand-new bed. 

A raised bed is great for a room. This is one benefit that cannot be overlooked if you are debating between the two. Of course, the bed could also be much higher if you use the box spring and the bed frame together.

Box Springs Can Absorb Shock

The box spring typically has springs or some kind of metal mesh inside of it. Thanks to these items, it can absorb shock very easily. This means that it is easier on your body in the long run, preventing you from pushing into the bed in a position that could cause lasting damage to your body.

Having a box spring that can absorb shock also means that your bed is likely to last longer. This benefit will allow the bed to avoid the wear and tear that too often comes with a bed that cannot flex and shifts along with the sleeper and whatever else is coming into contact with it.

Box Springs Prevent Sagging

The box spring, especially those with slats or springs that are placed close together, can serve as an excellent preventative against sagging. In many mattresses, a lack of support will lead to the center of the piece sinking in. This immediately becomes less likely with the use of a box spring.

Preventing a sagging center is especially important because:

  • A sagging bed can lead to back and joint problems for you if they are not addressed
  • This issue can permanently damage your bed and force you to buy a new one before its time
  • It can take away from the overall look from the bed with the indented disruption

Using the box spring to prevent sagging is a great way to get good usage out of it. Any preventative measures that you can find to improve the life of your being will serve you both financially and physically.

Box Springs Are Affordable

On the market, the box spring is one of the most affordable bedroom items out there. With a few exceptions, such as high-end luxury brands, a good box spring will not take too much cash from your pocket to provide a solid night of sleep.

Most box springs cost in the range of $300-400. For many, this is a rational price that they can afford to pay out of pocket. If you compare it to the price of a mattress, this add-on is completely reasonable for all that it is capable of doing.

Cons of the Box Spring

As with any item, there are bad qualities that work with the good. These are critical to consider as you should know both sides of the story before getting involved with something.

By knowing the cons, we can also compare them to those of the bed frame. Knowing the good and the bad of both will serve well in making a final decision on which of the two is better.

Box Springs Do Not Allow for Storage

If you are using a box spring without the addition of a bed frame, there is not going to be room underneath your bed for storage or cleaning. This means that the bed is taking up a room that cannot be used for anything else. While this may be fine for some, those in smaller spaces want to make the most out of what they have.

The best ways to solve this problem include:

  • Investing in a cheap bed frame that will lift the box spring off of the ground
  • Putting the bed in a corner or closet that is out of the way
  • Using risers to make it lift up

There are certainly ways to make sure that you still have plenty of room, even with this item. However, if you are trying to save money, you might just need to sacrifice the extra storage that you would have with a different bed.

There is a Chance of Infestation

If the box spring is directly on the ground, there is always a chance that the surface could foster a growth environment for items such as mold or bugs. Thanks to the lack of air circulation beneath the surface, moisture is not dispersed. Thus, the previously stated items tend to congregate and take over the box spring.

There are a few ways to prevent this:

  • Rotating or flipping the mattress every so often
  • Making sure that the floor that it sits on is clean and dry
  • Placing a mat of some kind beneath the box spring

You can take action to keep this from happening. However, the fact that it is a risk is a huge con in itself. The box spring does take a certain degree of work and management to keep it clean and safe for sleeping on.

Discussing the Bed Frame

Platform Wood bedframe
Platform Wood Bed Frame

A bed frame, on the other hand, is a little different. It is typically made out of wood or metal. Slats go across a square frame and provide support for whatever goes on top. Often, a bed frame will have a headboard, legs, and even railings in some cases. It is more decorative and stylish than the box spring.

As with the box spring, some pros and cons come with using the bed frame. We will discuss each of these and then compare the good and bad of the bed frame to the pros and cons of the box spring.

Pros of the Bed Frame

There are many good things about bed frames. We will go over a few of them so that you can come to understand the benefits that would emerge if you purchased one.

Once we have gone over these, we can compare them to those of the box spring. These two unique bed additions each have different and quality purposes in how they will support you at night.

Bed Frames Make a Room Beautiful

Without a bed frame, a room can seem rather drab. The bed frame provides support in a way that looks classy and modern. No bed frame means that your mattress is just sitting on the floor. Unless your room has a very specific atmosphere, this will take away from the decor and theme that you are attempting to have in the space.

Some bed frames are more elegant than others. These include:

  • Those that have upholstered side
  • Those that have carvings placed inside of them
  • Those that use rounded or sharp edges to their advantage

Of course, you do not need your room to look beautiful. If that is not your priority, this benefit may not matter much. However, some need their bedroom to look a certain way. The bed frame plays an instrumental role in pulling everything together.

Bed Frames Prevent Invasive Items

Since a bed frame raises the mattress off of the ground, there is a source of air that flows underneath the item. The constant air flow permits the buildup of water, which can create a moist and humid environment. It is in this environment that various invasive items thrive.

A bed frame can prevent items like:

  • Mold, which can grow on the mattress and spread all around
  • Bugs, which find themselves nestled underneath or even inside the mattress
  • Mildew, which emerges from a moist and wet environment 

Anyone would want to prevent these bugs and growths from invading the space where they sleep. The bed frame can help with that, stopping the invasions before they ever really get started. You do not want to deal with these pests.

Bed Frames Provide Space for Storage

The bed frame provides a gap between the mattress and the floor that can be used for storage purposes. The item makes it so that the bed has a bigger purpose overall than simply serving as a place for you to sleep.

Some items that you could store under your bed frame include:

  • Your shoes, which could be lined up in an orderly fashion underneath the bed
  • Canned food, which comes in use in college and apartments
  • Extra bed items, such as pillows and sheets that can be used for yourself or for guests

The extra space can come in handy if you need a place to store items that are out of the way. Those who inhabit small apartments or bedrooms can rejoice at the uses that a bed frame has.

Cons of the Bed Frame

As with the box spring, there are a few negatives that come with the investment of a bed frame. None of them are so significant that they should deter you from looking into this option, however.

Comparing these cons to those of the box spring will serve as the ultimate comparison point. From here, we can settle on what is best between the two competitors.

Bed Frames Can Be Expensive

A mattress is already an expensive investment, no matter who you are.  A bed frame on top of that could prove to be too much for anyone who is trying to save as much money as they can on their bedroom.

Of course, the cost of the bed frame often varies by design. Some of the most expensive bed frames include additions such as

  • Intricate carvings in the bedposts or headboard
  • Upholstered sides with nice fabrics
  • A material that is worth more than others

To invest in a bed frame, you need to consult your budget. This one can take a hard hit on your wallet, and if you are not prepared, it might harm you even further in the end.

Bed Frames Can Take up Room

Bed frames can provide excellent support for your bed. However, they can also take up a lot of room by doing so. If you do not have a large bedroom or apartment, the bed frame might shrink down your space even further. You should make sure that you measure the frame and your room before you decide on anything.

For many, the bedroom is mainly for sleeping and eating. Thus, the bed taking up most of the space is not a big deal. If you are like this, the space issue will not be a problem. However, if you want more space, you should research the bed frames that you want to see how their size will impact you.

Bed Frames Can Be Noisy

Sometimes, bed frames can make a lot of noise at night. It is not uncommon for a sleeper to experience various creaks and groans as they shift around on their bed frame at night. This can serve as a disruption for someone who wants a rest, especially if they need to move around a lot to be comfortable.

The squeaks are caused by:

  • Old screws that have rusted or gone bad
  • Poorly attached pieces of wood that rub against each other 
  • Design flaws that make the pieces come together at odd angles 

The noise does not happen with all bed frames, but the more they age the more likely they are to produce some kind of noise. Research to see which bed frames give off the least amount of noise if a sleeper decides to move about on top of it.


Both the box spring and the bed frame are beneficial for anyone with a bed. They provide great support, and can even work together to create a solid structure for anyone to get a good night’s rest on top of.

In the end, the box spring is often the better choice for many types of people. The solid surface is a lot more intricate, full of springs or a slatted surface that can raise a mattress to new heights. However, the ultimate way to use this item is to combine it with the bed frame.



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