Can a Bed Frame Fit in a Car?

Bed Frame Fit in a Car

Transporting a bed frame is a woe that many people have had to experience. It can cost lots of money to hire a moving van, but it often seems impossible to carry a bed frame without one. If you do not have access to a moving van or truck, can a bed frame fit inside a car?

If you have a bed frame that can come apart, it could fit inside a large car. You might be able to carry it in a small car over multiple trips. The key to fitting a bed frame in a car is that it must be broken down into multiple pieces to fit.

Many factors can affect whether or not a bed frame will fit inside a car. Read on to learn more about the specifics. You can also discover what factors might lead to successfully storing a bed frame inside a car.

Can a Bed Frame Fit in a Car?

In short, bed frames can fit inside cars in some cases. It depends on a variety of factors, however:

  • The bed frame and car length
  • Whether or not the bed frame can be disassembled
  • The overall construction of the bed frame

These details are crucial to its ability to be transported inside a car.

Small frames can fit in cars. Large bed frames can fit inside a vehicle on occasion, but the automobile must be huge. The driver also must be prepared to have large pieces of furniture next to his face while driving. 

Types of Bed Frames 

There are a variety of different bed frames that exist on the market. Some of them can be placed inside a vehicle more easily than others.

The three basic types of bed frames include:

  • Standard: A simple leg and flat combination with a headboard
  • Simple: Basic legs with a flat atop for the mattress to sit
  • Platform: A slightly more elevated version of the standard bed frame

The simple bed frame is the easiest to fit inside a vehicle. It gets a little more complicated with the platform and standard varieties. 

Sizes of Bed Frames

Of course, size is the main issue when determining whether or not a bed frame will stow away inside a car. There are a few different size-based circumstances in which the piece will not fit inside a vehicle:

  • If the length of the bed frame exceeds that of the car
  • If the bed frame cannot be taken apart in any manner

Though there serve to be exceptions, these two are generally impossible cases for bed frames and cars. A large vehicle must be used to transport a king-sized frame, and it must be disassembled to move.

It is critical to use logic in the position when determining if the size of the vehicle is practical for transporting this type of furniture. You should decide based on the size of the frame versus the size of the car. A big frame will not fit in one trip inside a tiny car if it even fits at all. A seven-foot bed will not fit inside a six-foot car without error.

A Note on Headboards

Headboards are a critical item to consider when deciding if a bed frame can fit inside your car or not. Headboards are the pieces that attach to the top of the bed frame, right where the head lays. 

Headboards can be small and nonexistent or large and grand. The biggest headboards might take up the entirety of a car’s storage space. If the bed frame comes with a giant headboard, consider this as a separate piece and plan accordingly. A headboard might fit as an individual piece, or you might need to strap it to the top of a car or truck.

Can Your Bed Frame Be Taken Apart?

Determining whether a bed frame can fit in your car depends a lot on the ability of the bed frame to be taken apart. Individual slats can fit inside a car much better than any frame that has been permanently and fully assembled.

Sometimes, a bed frame may come put together. You might need to take it apart. Other times, it comes disassembled, and you just need to figure out how to fit the pieces inside the vehicle that you have with you.

Taking Apart a Bed Frame

To take apart a bed frame to fit inside a vehicle, an individual will need a couple of tools. These can be found on a site like Amazon and are good to have on hand at all times.

Some tools sold online that are excellent for taking apart almost any bed frame include:

Besides online, these simple pieces are in most garages and toolkits that exist. Taking apart the bed frame is not complicated, but it is critical to have the right tools, so you do not damage the bed frame. Doing so might hurt your chances of being able to put it back together again.

Fitting a Bed Frame Inside Your Car

Placing all of the slats that make up a bed frame inside your car is a tricky process. It is like a giant puzzle, in which you must consider the safety of the driver and the durability of the piece.

The easiest thing to do with the portions of the frame when placing them inside the vehicle is to:

  • Place the longest pieces down the center of the car
  • Place the shortest pieces in the trunk, taking care not to block the rear for the driver
  • Place excess screws, nuts, and bolts inside the trunk

The longest pieces should not be pointed at anyone. This will protect both drivers and passengers if there is an accident and the wood pushes forwards or backward.

Purchasing from a Store

Often, bed frames that you purchase in a store will come already condensed inside a box. Prepackaged bed frames make the process easier when attempting to fit a bed frame inside of a vehicle. The furniture piece will come in a few different boxes. These can be stacked and arranged to fit if they are not longer than the length of the vehicle.

If there are difficulties in getting this done, often a store will offer free delivery or another source so that you do not have to worry about it. It is critical to see if this is an option before attempting to fit it inside a car.

A Solid Bed Frame

What happens if the bed frame cannot come apart? What is the next course of action that should be taken?

If the bed frame does not come apart with the simple tools mentioned earlier, it is impossible to fit it inside a car. It may be within reach to attempt to do one of the following:

  • Hire a moving van: This is expensive, but you can almost guarantee that your bed frame will arrive in one piece
  • Hire a friend with a large truck: The free option, but the truck bed must be large enough to house the frame, or this will not work

With either of these methods, the individual should be able to securely transfer the solid bed frame without issue. It may cost more money, but it is what must be done if there is no way to disassemble the bed.


A bed frame can fit inside a car, but many factors might affect the overall success of that undertaking. The bed frame must be able to be taken apart. It must not be longer than your car, or it will not work. Logic is the most critical item to consider when deciding if a frame will fit inside a vehicle or not. 


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