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Walk into the electronic department of any store and what’s the most eye-catching item you’ll find there? The television sets! Televisions come in different sizes and features, and they all weigh differently. With all the manufacturers touting their sets and the additional features of each one, it’s difficult to choose a new one and if it will work in your space, like on your coffee table.

A coffee table can usually hold a TV. However, its strength and ability to hold the device depends on the weight and size of the TV, and if the coffee table is made of sturdy material.

Choosing the right coffee table is important, especially if your TV is on the heavier side. Read on to find out how to match a TV with your coffee table and how to keep the TV safely on top.

Factors That Help A Coffee Table Hold a TV

Many people enjoy having their television on their coffee table, but some wonder about the safety of it. Here are a few things to consider when seeing if your coffee table can hold a tv:

  • Material and strength of the coffee table
  • Weight of the television
  • How the TV attaches to the coffee table
  • Safety and anti-tip accessories

Let’s walk through each of these to figure out if you can safely and successfully put your television on your coffee table. 

Choosing The Right Coffee Table

With the enormous variety of coffee tables to choose from, depending on the overall theme of your living or sitting room, your coffee table will be the centerpiece of the room. Will it be functional or purely decorative? If you intend to use the coffee table as a TV stand, find out what type of table is best.

Glass Top Coffee Table

Glass top tables are easy to clean and can make a small room look less crowded, but placing a TV on top of it isn’t recommended for obvious reasons. While the glass that’s on top is usually a thicker type, it’s still not advisable to put your feet up on it or have a TV on top. Glass is liable to shatter, and having items break because you weren’t careful can frustrate.

Wood Coffee Table

Being of sturdy material, a table made of solid wood is your best option for heavy items like a TV. Ensure that the top is smooth and even so that the TV stands steady on top. It’s best to get one that’s rectangular if you want one that can fit a TV. Do not mistake solid wood for plywood or medium-density fiberboard which aren’t as sturdy.

Rattan Coffee Table

While a rattan table looks nice and gives your room a different vibe, placing a TV on top of it isn’t such a good idea. Rattan or wicker isn’t smooth on top, so it would be impossible for the TV to be steady. While some styles have glass on top, again, it isn’t workable to set a TV on glass tops.

Metal Coffee Table

Metal coffee tables are very modern looking but don’t look too sturdy unless the design isn’t a traditional table. With the different styles available, a metal coffee table is another option if the legs and top are sturdy.

Upholstered Coffee Table

Upholstered tables or ottomans are a fun way to liven up your living room. There’s a variety of materials, styles, and colors that you can choose from, however, this table is not meant to have a TV set on top of it.

Can Your Coffee Table Hold the Full Weight of a TV?

In previous years, CRT TVs were the only sets being manufactured. CRT, which stands for cathode ray tube, are outdated. However, there are still CRT TVs still in use today, and these sets are heavy. A 20-inch CRT could weigh as much as 50 pounds.

With the onset of the LCD and plasma TVs, sets are now lighter and easier to carry. They can weigh from 25 – over 100 pounds depending on the materials used, the weight and size, and who the manufacturer is. 

Insignia’s 70inch Class LED 4K Smart TV is 62.4 pounds. The Samsung 75inch Class Q800T QLED 8K TV weighs 75.6 pounds without the stand. And with the stand? 96.6 pounds. With just a few inches difference in size, there’s a big difference in weight.

With the smaller TVs like Toshiba’s 32-inch Class LED HD Smart Fire TV, the weight for this type is a mere 10.1 pounds and the Samsung 32-inch LED Smart Tizen is similar in weight at 9.3 pounds.

The lighter the TV set is, the easier it will be to choose a coffee table to match it with.

Attaching The TV To The Table

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, TV sets and tall furniture tipping over are not unusual occurrences, but they can also be dangerous. Data compiled by the CPSC on emergency department tip-over injuries shows some disturbing numbers.

Between 2016 to 2018, these are the estimated annual average number of emergency department treated injuries related to furniture and TVs tipping over: 

  • Children under 18 years – 12,500 
  • Adults 18-59 years – 10,300 
  • Seniors 60 and over – 4,200

Between 2000 to 2018, these are the deaths that occurred as a result:

  • Children from 1 month to 14years – 459
  • Adults 28 to 59 years – 20 
  • Seniors 60 years or older – 77

Televisions accounted for 5,500, or 20%, of the tip-over accidents. All these statistics and more may be found in their report.

In 2015, the CPSC started a program called Anchor It! To make parents aware of the dangers of not anchoring their furniture and television sets. This campaign aims at educating parents and caregivers that even if they’re nearby, incidents can still happen. 

While these numbers are sobering, there are things we can do to prevent deaths or injuries from happening.

  • If possible, mount the TV firmly to the wall
  • If the TV can’t be mounted on the wall, then set it on a low, sturdy table (like a coffee table!)
  • Ensure that the table’s size is appropriate to the size of the TV, with no parts of the TV extending beyond the table.
  • Purchase anti-tipping straps to attach the TV to the table, the wall, or the floor. This is also a way of earthquake-proofing your home.
  • Keep the TV and cable cords neatly arranged behind the set, so they don’t get tripped over.
  • Supervise young children so they don’t attempt to climb on the table or play around it.
  • If you still have CRT TV sets at home, it’s recommended that they’re recycled if they’re no longer in use.

Securing the TV on the Table

Once you’ve decided that you really want to leave the TV on your sturdy coffee table, there are a few things you must do to ensure the safety of your TV and of your family.

  • Set the TV on the table and make sure its base is firmly on the tabletop, placed as far back as possible.
  • Purchase anchoring straps – these usually come with the required bolts and screws. Some manufacturers include these in the package. Otherwise, they can be bought cheaply.
  • Thread the straps through the inserts and screw in place.
  • Screw the other end of the strap and bracket into the back of the table or to the floor.
  • If screwing on the wall, ensure that it isn’t attached to the drywall which can come off.
  • Ensure that the screws aren’t too tight otherwise the TV might tilt backward.

Shopping for coffee tables and TV sets can be enjoyable, especially if you already know what it is you want. The goal though is to ensure that the table is sturdy enough and wide enough for what you intend it for. Remember that the safety of your family should be the priority


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