Can a Glass Desk Break? What You Need to Know

Can a Glass Desk Break

Having a desk at home can be both a practical and an aesthetically pleasing decision. However, there are many types of desks you can choose from, including glass desks. Glass desks and tables offer a modern look, but, since it is made from glass, you are sure to wonder if a glass desk can break. 

Glass desks can break for several reasons. Most glass desks and tables are made from tempered glass, which can shatter due to minor cuts and scratches. Moreover, if there is too much weight placed on the glass, it can break. Temperature changes are also known to cause glass desks to break. 

Nobody wants to buy a glass desk only to have it shatter randomly one day. Proper care can help avoid these issues. Read on to discover whether a glass desk can break on its own, and everything else you need to know to avoid this issue. 

Can a Glass Table Break On Its Own?

There are numerous stories of glass tables, desks, windows, and other furniture pieces breaking, evidently, on their own. It is a worry you may have when you are considering getting a glass table or desk. If you already own one, you may be trying to prevent any incidents from occurring in the first place. 

Can a glass table break on its own? Not quite. While it is possible for a glass table or desk to shatter when no one is around, this does not mean something did not cause the table to break. However, when it comes to glass furniture, it can be difficult to see the cause because sometimes it can be very minor. 

Many people have experienced a glass table shattering with a loud crack when they are not in the room. It can be a surreal experience. But what causes this to happen? A table will not just suddenly combust. Even very low-quality glass will need something to cause it to break. It is important to remember the following points when thinking about the possibility of your glass table spontaneously shattering when you are not around. 

  • It is not very common. While the internet is filled with stories of it happening, the odds that it will happen is not very likely. 
  • It can be avoided. There are several reasons a glass table may break, such as too much weight being placed on it. Luckily, with proper care, you can avoid these issues. 
  • When it breaks, it will not have large, sharp pieces. The way a glass table shatters is by design. Tempered glass shatters to avoid large, sharp pieces of glass from potentially hurting people. 

So, while a glass table may indeed break when you are not around, it will do so because of some reason, even if it is something minor like a drastic temperature change. Be sure to monitor your glass table or desk to take care of it. 

Reasons a Glass Desk Can Break

There are several reasons why a glass desk or table can break. There are ways to avoid these issues if you properly take care of the piece of furniture. Nevertheless, it is important to know the reasons a glass desk can break so you can avoid them as best you can. Consider the following reasons:

  • There are small scratches and nicks on the glass’s surface. One of the most common reasons for a glass desk to break is because of minor scratches, nicks, and other superficial marks. These marks can cause the glass to weaken, which can lead to it breaking. 
  • There is too much weight. While a wooden desk can sustain much more wear and tear than a glass desk, a glass desk needs to be carefully monitored. If you place too much weight on its surface, it can put a lot of stress on the glass and cause it to break. 
  • The glass is dirty. When dirt and dust get on the surface of the glass, it can be abrasive. The abrasiveness can lead to scratches, which can lead to a broken desk. It is best to keep the glass clean. But you should not use abrasive cleaners, either. These can also cause damage to your glass desk. 
  • There are drastic temperature changes. A drastic temperature change can cause a glass desk to break. However, this is usually related to something hot or cold like a cup of coffee or an ice pack. Over time, this can put unnecessary stress on the glass. 
  • The glass suffers an impact. As with any glass, if there is a heavy impact on the surface of the glass, it can shatter. 
  • The glass is low quality. Not all glass desks and tables are built of the same quality. Sometimes, there are imperfections that would not exist in higher-quality glass desks. The lower quality can lead to premature breaks. 
  • There are nickel sulfide inclusions. These are small particles that can get trapped within the glass during the manufacturing stage and can expand over time. Higher-quality tables will likely not have these as they are thoroughly tested by the companies. However, if they occur that can cause a glass desk to break. 

Additionally, you must be careful with how you assemble a glass desk or table. When it comes to a glass desk, everything must be done carefully to avoid accidental scratches. 

How to Avoid a Glass Desk from Breaking

Tempered glass is made under high pressure, which is why even a minor scratch can, over time, cause it to shatter. However, you can avoid most of these issues by properly caring for your glass desk. 

Consider these steps to protect your glass desk. By following these best practices, you will help avoid any unnecessary damage.

  • Clean the glass often. Cleaning the glass is important to prolong its lifespan. However, you should not use abrasive cleaners when doing so. Instead, opt for regular dish soap diluted with an equal amount of water. Do not use an abrasive brush, either. Opt for a microfiber cloth or other soft cloth. 
  • Use mats and protectors. If you are going to place items such as a computer, lamps, and other similar items, you should use mats underneath them. These mats will protect the glass’s surface from unwanted scratches. 
  • Use coasters. To avoid any temperature-related issues, use coasters when you have a hot or cold beverage. This will create a barrier between the heat (or coldness) of the cup. 
  • Do not hit the glass. It may be a habit to tap a pencil or some other item against your desk, but this can lead to unwanted scratches on the surface of your desk. 
  • During assembly, be careful. When you are assembling the glass desk, you will be moving the glass around a lot. This is a common time to incur damages to the glass. Using extreme care, you can avoid a lot of issues during the assembly process. 
  • Do not put too much weight on top. Try to keep what you are placing on the table to a minimum. While tempered glass is stronger than regular glass, you should never overdo the weight. Check the manual to see what the manufacturer recommends for weight limits. 

It is easy to avoid a glass desk from breaking. You just need to pay attention and take care of it regularly. While it may require a little more diligence than a wooden desk, it is not any reason to deter you from getting a glass desk. 


Glass desks and tables can add a modern flair to your home office, living room, or other home space. They are usually made from tempered glass, which is far stronger than normal glass. 

Even though they can shatter from minor issues, they are not easy to break. Moreover, it is not common for it to happen. Therefore, if you take care of your glass desk properly, it should last you a long time.Can a Glass Desk Break? What You Need to Know



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