Can A King Bed Fit In An Apartment? We Find Out

King Bed Fit In An Apartment

Can a king bed fit into an apartment? It’s a perennial question and is a particularly understandable query, given that king beds are a significant investment. Often, apartment-living is more practical than vying for a house, especially when one works in a city, but that does frequently mean you’ll have to deal with smaller rooms.

The short answer is yes. Typically, a king-sized bed will be able to fit into most apartments. Of course, it may still require a degree of determination if the apartment’s dimensions are on the smaller size. Here’s everything you need to know about fitting a king-sized bed into an apartment. 

Can a King Bed Fit in an Apartment?

Now that you know that the basic answer to your question is yes, you might be wondering how it can be done. While physically possible, it can still be difficult, and while it might not always look perfect, it’s certainly doable. 

First of all, let’s go over the amount of space you will need in your apartment to fit your king-sized bed. An 8×12 room has plenty of space for king-sized beds, which are typically 6×7. If you have an 8×12 room in your apartment, you will have enough space on both sides and might even be able to accommodate a nightstand or other small furniture pieces.  

However, anything smaller than a room that is 8×12 feet will likely struggle to fit a king bed. Fortunately, just because your bedroom isn’t that large doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to use a bed of this size. There are some clever workarounds to help get you sleeping soundly on a king-sized bed.

What If Your Bedroom Isn’t 8×12 Feet?

While it can be reassuring to know that a king-sized bed is not an impractical dream, there is the potential that you live in an apartment that doesn’t meet the minimum 8×12 foot threshold. If that’s the case, your next step will depend on how much you value having a king-sized bed.

King-sized beds are large enough to make lounging convenient, even for multiple individuals. However, if your room isn’t of adequate size, you may struggle to add the little extras that make a bedroom feel truly comfortable, such as a side table, nightstand, or chest of drawers.

While there are plenty of advantages to having a king-sized bed, you will have to do some creative thinking if you want to fit one in an apartment that does not have a bedroom that is at least 8×12 in size. 

After all, who says that the bed has to be in the bedroom? In most apartments, the living room is the largest space in the place. If you have an apartment with a tiny bedroom, you just might have to make a little compromise. 

Depending on your lifestyle and how often you have guests, putting the king-sized bed right in the living room could be a great idea! Imagine having the freedom to wake up in a king-sized bed and looking out the window enjoying the view with a cup of coffee or morning tea.

Then again, it could also make a nighttime routine easier. Rather than watching television on the couch and then heading to bed when you’re already exhausted, you’d be able to simply turn the TV off, hit the lights, and go to sleep without leaving your bed. 

The Downside to Keeping Your King-Sized Bed in Your Living Room

Still, keeping a king-sized bed in the living room can have its downsides as well. For instance, if you have company over, you will have to make sure that your bed is made and everything looks neat, organized, etc. 

Another downside is that it will dissociate the idea of having a dedicated space for sleeping that is separate from your living area. When you are sleeping in your living room, it is easy to get distracted and just keep watching television until you find yourself sleep-deprived

You need to commit to the idea of having a bed in the living room itself. Once it’s there, it will be too difficult to move, even when you expect company for an extended period, such as during Thanksgiving. With that in mind, you may want to treat it as a piece of furniture, like a sofa, and be fine with other people sitting on your mattress.

Can a King-Size Bed Fit Through a Doorway?

Yes! Well—at least, a king-size mattress can fit. Most standard door frames are 80 inches tall, and most mattresses are 76 inches wide. A king-sized mattress should be able to squeeze through as long as the doorway isn’t too close to a wall. You will have to consider whether or not, once the mattress is through the door, there is room to maneuver it further.

If the problem isn’t fitting a king-sized bed in your bedroom so much as fitting it through several doors and tight, crowded hallways or flights of stairs, there is another solution.

What If You Want More Than One?

Fitting one king-sized bed into an apartment is typically quite challenging, but what if you wanted more than one bed? While many apartments are usually modest in scale, some apartments are more spacious. 

If you live in a four-bedroom apartment and you want to fit a king-sized bed into each of the four bedrooms, you will need to do a little measuring. If three out of the four bedrooms are 8×12, you can fit three king-sized beds. Alternatively, if one room is an 8×8, you could still squeeze a king-sized bed into it, but there wouldn’t be much room for anything else. 

So, while it’s possible to fit a king into a smaller space, you need to ask whether or not it’s worth it. Having a luxurious sleeping space is wonderful, but if there is no room for other furniture, for your clothes and your possessions, it may not be the wisest choice.

What Happens When You Can’t Fit a King Bed Into Your Apartment?

There are plenty of creative alternatives and tricks that can help you fit a king-size bed into an apartment, even a small one. That said, what happens when you can’t fit a king bed into your space no matter how hard you try? 

You’ll have to be creative to get the comfort of a king without an actual king bed. For example, two twin beds put together make a king. So why not just haul two twin beds up to your room and put them together? While not ideal, it definitely works, and it might be easier to pull off than keeping a king-sized bed in your living room.

The only downside is that you will feel the seam between the two mattresses. If you want to sleep in the middle of the bed, you may find this uncomfortable. However, if you’re sharing the bed with a partner, you each can have your own side. This is also a great way to compromise on mattress firmness if one of you prefers a softer bed than the other!

Final Thoughts: Can a King Bed Fit in an Apartment?

The big takeaway here is that there is always a way to fit a king bed, so go for it! Yes, you may need to improvise and transform your living space into a bedroom or use two twins to get the same expanse, but there are ways to get around having a small apartment or hallways that are too narrow to maneuver a king-sized mattress. 


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