Can A Nightstand Be Higher Than A Bed?

Nightstand Be Higher Than A Bed

When it comes to bedroom décor, most people probably want furniture that shows off their personal style and is both comfortable and easy to use. This leaves many hoping to find the perfect bed setup wondering whether they should have a nightstand higher than the bed. 

A nightstand can be higher than a bed, according to style experts. However, not just any height of nightstand that is higher than the bed will do, and it’s best to keep the difference in height no more than a few inches. 

Before you go and order your nightstand, there are a few considerations that you’re going to want to think about as you make your decision. You don’t want to pick a nightstand that ultimately doesn’t fit well in your space!

The Ideal Height Of A Nightstand

The perfect height for a nightstand is going to be one that is even with the height of your mattress. If the nightstand is too low or too tall, you are more likely to knock things over because you are unable to see them well. Or, you’ll have trouble reaching for things that are too far out of your grasp. 

With dozens of different bed frame setups to choose from, your personal preferences will affect how tall of a bed you have. There are some beds made really tall by box springs and supports. On the other hand, there are beds that are much closer to the ground if the mattress is laying directly on the slats of a low bed frame. 

The large variety of options makes decorating bedrooms fun! But it does make shopping for a nightstand that is the right height for your bed a little bit tricky. You don’t want to just order any style of nightstand that you like without considering its height first!

Because of the many bed size options, there isn’t any universal nightstand height that is right for everyone. There is no magic number to solve your problem. The height of the nightstand perfect for you is exactly even with, or slightly taller than your mattress, whatever that may be. 

So, we can’t get a straight answer, but we can show you the quick and easy way to narrow your options down. Start by looking at the height of your mattress and its foundation. 

How To Make Sure You Choose The Right Nightstand Height

To make sure that you choose the right nightstand for your bed, you have to measure the height of your mattress. Grab a tape measure and figure out the exact distance from the floor to the top of your mattress. The average height of a bed is around 25 inches, but yours could be slightly taller or shorter than this. You definitely want to double check this before you purchase a nightstand. 

Once you determine the height of your mattress, use this as a guide to help you with your decision of picking the right nightstand. While the best height of a nightstand is probably one that is even with your mattress, often interior designers do say that you can go higher or lower. But if you do this, only pick a nightstand that is slightly higher or lower than even with your mattress. 

If your mattress height is 25 inches, for example, your best bet is probably a nightstand that is somewhere around 22 inches to 27 inches tall. A nightstand that is within a few inches taller or shorter than your mattress height is more likely to be both easy to use and look pleasing to the eye. This tip makes shopping for a nightstand easier!

Decorating A Bedroom with Mismatched Nightstands

When you are picking a nightstand height that works for your bed, you may decide that you need two nightstands. Maybe your bed is centered in the room and shared by two individuals. Each person on their side of the bed will probably want a nightstand! If you do need two nightstands, you might be thinking that they should be part of a set or match completely. 

However, there are many reasons why getting two nightstands for either side of the bed that matches perfectly is a challenge. Say you carried previously used furniture from a move, but you only have one. Don’t throw out a piece that you love just because you don’t have a matching one to put on the other side. Many designers actually encourage people to consider using mismatched nightstands. 

If you are going to do the mismatched nightstand thing, though, you must think about the overall feel of your bedroom, the theme that you are going for, or your favorite textures and materials. If the two nightstands complement each other, the final look will be really sophisticated and still feel like a matching set.

Here are some rules of thumb to help you decorate with mismatched nightstands:

  • The pieces might be quite different in shape, but try to find at least one thing in common. This could be that the material is the same- take a certain stain of wood, for example- but two completely unrelated pieces.
  • Pick two pieces that are completely different but don’t clash. This could give your room a purposeful eclectic look.  
  • Try picking at least one nightstand that is practical. If one of your nightstands holds a lot of storage and is on the larger side, try shaking it up on the other side with something small that is more decorative. They may not match, but they’ll make sense together.

Having the perfect nightstand setup doesn’t necessarily mean you have two nightstands that match perfectly! Keeping in mind the nightstand height rules mentioned at the start of this article, consider getting creative with your bedroom by picking two nightstands that aren’t identical.

How To Balance A Bedroom With Only One Nightstand

Another thing that you could consider doing is skipping the second nightstand all together. If you really don’t need it for storage or convenience, losing the second nightstand helps give a room a really minimalistic look. 

One nightstand in a bedroom can be a great style idea, but it might make the room feel a little bit empty. To balance a bedroom with only one nightstand, consider putting a different type of furniture on the other side of the bed. Here are some ideas that would look great in a bedroom or be functional:

  • Lean a floor length mirror against the wall
  • Put a bookshelf next to the bed
  • Hang a wall shelf or two next to your bed
  • Position your bed against the wall, so there is no empty space to fill 
  • In a room with two beds, place the single nightstand between the two

There is no written style rule that requires a bedroom to have two nightstands. If you only want or need to have one, go for it! However, to keep the proper balance of the room and make this look like a conscious design decision, replacing the stand with a piece that serves a function or elevates your bedroom’s style is a great idea.

Picking The Right Nightstand

There are so many nightstand options to choose from. With such a large variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, the right nightstands for your bedroom are out there for you to find! Knowing which height is best for your nightstand is a great place to start, so measure the height of your mattress to get started. Remember, a nightstand that is even with the mattress is your best bet- but get creative with styles!



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