Can a Recliner Fit in a Car?

Recliner Fit in a Car

It can be expensive to purchase a recliner from a furniture store and pay to have it delivered. Bringing it home on your own could be an option. However, can you fit the recliner in your car? 

The Standard recliner measures 32″ wide, 33.5″ deep, and 37.8″ high. The standard trunk is 46″ wide, 36″ deep, and 15″ high.  In a traditional sedan, the back-seat area is 38″ high, 39″ deep, and 57″ wide. The chair will not fit in the trunk but may fit in the back seat with some maneuvering.

Knowing which vehicle you should use to transport a recliner is something you should figure out before committing to moving it yourself. Read below for the outcomes with the use of different types of transportation. 

Know the Measurements of the Recliner

The measurements of a standard medium size recliner are between 32″ wide, 33.5″ deep, 37.8″ high, and 38″ wide, 34″ deep, and 42″ high. It would help if you first investigated by visiting the store or looking up the recliner on the internet for exact measurements. 

The measurements of a large recliner are 40.5″ wide, 39″ deep, and 39″ high. The large recliner is about 36 cubic feet and would fit in the back of the Dodge truck or the Kia Sportage. Again, you should check these measurements to see if your vehicle will accommodate the recliner.

Can a Disassembled Recliner Fit in My Car?

There is a better chance of the recliner fitting in your car if you disassemble it. These measurements are approximate; please compare them to the table above to see if you can fit the recliner in your car. 

The base piece of your recliner is approximately 22 inches high from the ground to the top of the arm, 38 inches wide, and 34 inches deep from front to back. The back piece is 24 inches high by 38 inches wide. Consequently, you could fit this recliner into a regular four-door sedan. 

Do all Recliners Have Removeable Backs?

On a Lazy Boy recliner, the back comes off. It is locked in place by the manufacturer. When you view the chair’s back, there are two openings in the back on either side at the base where the back joins the chair. 

Once you get the back off, fitting a recliner into a car might be more manageable. Most recliners now have removable backs. See the video to see how to take the back off of a Lazy Boy. If you choose another brand, the salesperson can probably provide directions to remove the back.

Know the Measurements of the Vehicle you are Going to Use 

The Passat and the Camry have four doors and a good size trunk, so they are a good choice. However, the Mustang and the Challenger are two-door sports vehicles and would not be a good choice for transporting the chair. 

The Tesla and the Prius have ample space to transport the chair. The Prius has the option of laying the rear seat forward, which creates the perfect space for transporting your recliner

To help you see which vehicle will accommodate your recliner choose a car from each class to see which would be the best one to use. See the chart below:

VehicleHead RoomSecond Row to First RowFrom Door to DoorTrunk
VW Passat37.8″39.1″57″15.9 cubic ft.
Toyota Camry38″38″54.7″15.1 cubic feet
Ford Mustang34.8″29″47.4″13.5 cubic feet
Dodge Challenger37.1”33.1”47.8”16.2 cubic feet
Tesla Model 337.7”35.2”52.4”15.0 cubic feet
Prius37.4”33.4”51.9”27.4/50.7 cubic feet

If you own a larger vehicle, you will see that there would be no problem transporting the chair that will fit into the following vehicles.  This list includes a sampling of a truck, SUV, and minivan-type vehicle.

VehicleHead RoomSecond Row to First RowFrom Door to DoorTrunk
Dodge Ram Truck39.2″35.665.7″61.5 cubic ft.
Honda Odyssey39.540.961.68.8 cubic ft.
Kia Sportage37.9”38.2”55.1”60.1 cubic ft.

As you can see, larger vehicles would generally be the best choice for moving this cumbersome piece of furniture. The truck and the Kia could accommodate a chair, whether small or large. The Passat and the Honda would hold the chair if the back were disengaged.

Can I Place the Recliner on the Top Instead of in the Car?

Top loading is not the safest method to employ, so use this only as a last resort. In addition, it could be illegal in your area, so inside the car may be a wiser choice. A suggestion would be to use this only for a short distance, and no highway driving. A roof rack would be helpful but is not necessary.

If you cannot put the recliner in your car, follow these suggestions. It would be best if you placed good padding on the roof; several blankets will do for this. Make sure to place the chair on its’ back, which will provide a stable foundation.  

A strong rope is an ideal choice for secure tying. But, first, you must make the lashing around the chair tight and tie the ropes with square knots. Make sure you bring a friend with you to ensure that the ropes stay in place.

Does the Type of Recliner Matter When Fitting it in Your Car?

Recliner types have increased over the years. They have a variety of sizes and a menu of what they offer as to options. These various recliners may or may not fit in different cars. 

What Type of Recliner is Easiest to Fit in Your Car?

The Push-Back Recliner is human-powered. This recliner is smaller and requires you to push back to recline. Because it does not have any added features, it would be easiest to put into a car. The measurements are 38×35.5×38.5.

The Two-Position Recliner has a lever on the side that you pull, and the chair reclines, and the footrest pops up. The only added feature is the lever, and they are usually smaller chairs, with measurements of 40.5×38.x35. This chair will also fit easily.

The Cuddler Recliner is big enough to accommodate a parent and child.  It has electric controls that raise and lower the back and footrest. However, because of its’ size of 42x53x42, it would not fit in a car. 

The Lift Recliner is for people who have difficulty standing up and is fully motorized. It performs multiple tasks, including lifting the seat so the person may stand easier. This chair is not a good choice for moving by car. The measurements are 40x37x34.

The first two above can fit into a car, but you might have to remove the back. The Cuddler will not fit in a car, even with the back removed. The Lift Recliner should not be taken apart, and it will not fit in a car. It has many moving parts and could be damaged if not moved with care.

Should I Rent a Transport Vehicle if the Recliner Will Not Fit in the Car?

A truck costs $19.95 for the rental and 69 cents per mile. The truck is large enough to transport the recliner with room to spare. If you do not have many miles to travel, the rental would be a good option. For example, if you travel ten miles, the cost would be $6.90 + $19.95 = $26.85. However, when you add tax and time, it could still be the better option. 

Also, you should compare the charges for the store to deliver to see if rental is an option for you. If you allow the furniture store to deliver it, it is usually $25.00 to $50.00. When you are moving the recliner out of the car, you are responsible for the cost to replace it if you damage it. However, if the professional movers are delivering the recliner and it is damaged, the furniture store will have to replace it at their expense


If you choose to move a recliner using your car, look at the measurements above to see if it is a viable option for you. Of course, if you own a truck, that would be perfect, or maybe you could borrow from a friend. 


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