Can a Sofa Table Be Used As a TV Stand? Let’s Find Out

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A television is often the cornerstone to any room, whether it is a living room, family room, or bedroom. Because it is central to the entertainment of your family and friends, you want to have a stylish and supportive piece of furniture to place it on for proper viewing. A versatile furnishing that could work as a television stand is a sofa table. 

Sofa tables are adaptable to nearly any room and can be used as a television stand. They come in a variety of styles and sizes and are durable enough to hold larger television sets. As long as they are a suitable height, since they are meant to be higher than a sofa, they should work just fine. 

Sofa tables can be a great way to add new décor or design to your room by placing it behind your sofa and displaying your favorite accessories, pictures, and books. Yet, they also have a dual use as a television stand. Read on to find out how a sofa table not only works as a design function in any room, but also as an appropriate television stand.

Can a TV Go on a Sofa Table?

The main difference between a console table and sofa table is height, as sofa tables were made to be at least an inch lower than the back frame of your sofa. You will want to measure how high you will need your television to be raised. As long as the sofa table is not too low, it can also work as a television stand because of these benefits: 

  • A sofa table can be an inviting element for guests as a display piece
  • Sofa tables add complexity, depth, and interest to a room.
  • A sofa table can be an enormous plus when it comes to storing items to reduce clutter
  • They also work as display spaces that can show off books and decorations
  • Fill up an empty area attractively while holding the television
  • You can even slip extra seating, like stools, underneath for guests 

A sofa table adds more than just a place to put your television. It can add a new, stylish, decorative layer to your entire room while also acting as a welcoming agent to guests. You can put candy dishes next to the television or books underneath for a friendly, warm element. They come with extra storage and can have baskets added underneath. 

Sofa tables not only work as a television stand, but can also complement the color of your walls, open up the floor plan, and allow you to display some of your larger or favorite accessories. Just do not over clutter a sofa table with smaller items, as that will take away from the visually-appealing benefits of having a sofa table. 

If you need your television to be displayed higher than a sofa table allows, you may want to look into a console table instead. Both items work as great space-saving options to add style and variety to a room, but the console table may be available in more height options. Then, everyone will be able to see the television on a visually-appealing device. 

How to Figure Out if your Sofa Table Will Work Properly as a Television Stand

The main use of a sofa table is not as a television stand, but to sit behind the sofa and ground it with the rest of the room. This is especially important when your sofa is placed in the middle of the room. The height should be no taller than the sofa back and the width should not be more than six inches at either end of the sofa. 

Because the height of a sofa table is usually no taller than a sofa back, there may be rooms in which it may not be tall enough to display your television for proper viewing. A sofa table’s height may be fine when placed behind a sofa or against the wall of a living room to display artwork, plants, or books, but not as a television stand.

You will want to make sure the sofa table you are looking at online or in the store will be strong and sturdy enough to hold your television and also have a height that is comfortable to watch when sitting on the sofa. You can follow these steps first and then review the dimensions of your sofa to make sure it is appropriate as a TV stand:

  • Take the diagonal measure of your television starting at the top left corner and then measuring to the bottom right corner. Your sofa table should be at least as wide as the television. It can certainly be wider, and you will probably prefer this, but it definitely cannot be smaller than the television’s width. 
  • If you have a plasma or flat screen television, also measure the depth to guarantee it will not have any overhang on the sofa table.
  • Measure the area where you want the sofa table to display your television. You want to make sure the area has outlets, the necessary cable connections, and can still fit the sofa table properly.
  • Measure the sitting height by sitting on your sofa and taking the measurement from the floor to your eyes. The lower part of your television screen should be at your seated eye level and the shelf of the sofa table should not be lower than twelve inches of the total measurement.

Once you take all of these measurements you can compare them to the measurement of your sofa table. If they do not work out for the television and viewing, you may want to purchase a television stand and just use the sofa table as a decorative piece that fits into small nooks and crannies in a room and displaying a lamp, plant or pictures. 

What are the Different Styles of Sofa Tables?

Not only do the measurements have to work when purchasing a sofa table to duplicate as a television stand. Sofa tables come in so many different styles and décor choices, you will need to assess the room in which you are watching television and decide what type of style will work best and compliment the furniture, wall paint, or wall paper.

There are usually five standard styles of sofa tables in which to choose. First you should decide which type compliments the décor and style of your living area. Then you can start searching for the same flattering style of sofa table that will work for you:

  • Contemporary – These sofa tables look modern and usually work well in areas with limited floor space.
  • Traditional – Sofa tables that are usually made of wood, have rich, decorative detailing, and are larger than the contemporary option.
  • Country – These sofa tables are more artistic and represent a specific cultural area, such as colonial or Victorian-style pieces.
  • Rustic – These sofa tables are natural wood colors, made of age reclaimed wood, with a rough casual style.
  • Eclectic – Designs that are more personalized to the craftsman and display a mixture of history with the trends of the time.
  • Transitional – A great choice for a television stand because they mix a contemporary look with functional, traditional elements such as drawer space.

When reviewing the different styles of sofa tables you also want to make sure you do not mistakenly purchase a console table since the two types of furniture are so similar.

What is the Difference Between a Sofa Table and a Console Table?

The terms sofa table and console table are often used interchangeably, but if you are perusing the Internet you will want to know that there are slight differences. Both a sofa table and console table are wide in length, shallow in depth, rectangular, visually open, have longer legs, and possibly some small storage area like a drawer or shelf. 

The main difference is the height of each. A console table is usually found in a standard height of around 33 inches so that they can be placed anywhere comfortably. Console tables look great against a wall, in a foyer or hallway, in between furniture, or behind a sofa. Console tables are made so that there is more flexibility where they are placed. 

A sofa table, on the other hand, is usually a bit lower in height because, as the name implies, it is usually placed behind a sofa in a living room, family room, library, or even a bedroom. Sofa tables have storage space because they are meant for practicality as well as aesthetics. But besides the height, they are a lot like a console table.

  • Sofa tables may be longer than console tables, around four feet or more.
  • Console tables could be taller than a sofa table, around 33 inches or more.
  • As a television stand, a sofa or console table should not be too long because it will clutter the area.
  • Both sofa and console tables have helpful storage options, such as open shelving, drawers for television items, and possibly magazine racks. 

Although you can use a sofa table to hold a television, they are usually meant to ground the sofa in place and make it look more finished and intentionally-placed in a room. This is especially important if you have a sofa placed in the middle of a room instead of against a wall. The sofa table will complete the look of the room and bring it together. 

Can a TV Go on a Console Table?

Console Table TV Stand

Consoles are one of the most versatile types of furniture and can definitely be used as a television stand. This is because consoles come in a large assortment of sizes, shapes, and styles for nearly any type of room. As long as the console is large and wide enough to support the weight of your television, it can be the perfect addition to any room. 

Consoles also have a small amount of storage underneath, which would work well to hold television remotes, streaming devices, and entertainment and gaming consoles. You can also hide any wires from the devices underneath, either behind the console or in baskets placed in the space-saving areas of the console itself. 

There are also many styles of consoles so you will probably not have a problem finding one that fits the aesthetics of the room where your television is located. No matter the size of your room or the existing décor, there will probably be a type of console that fits in with your sense of style. The style of consoles themselves are also attractive. 

Television stands can be cumbersome and bulky, while consoles are usually uncluttered, simplistic and thinner in design so they will not take attention away from the television itself. They are also much easier to move than a large, heavy television stand, if necessary. Using a stylish console will add to the décor and open up your room. 

Other Options to Holding a TV

Sofa and console tables are not the only options out there for working as a television stand. There are many furniture pieces that can work interchangeably when trying to decorate a room while also displaying your television. As long as you know the measurements and do not over clutter your area, these items could also work: 

  • A dresser – If your living or family room has enough space, a dresser can be repurposed as a television stand. A dresser is durable and offers a great amount of storage so you can hide cords and store essential entertainment items.  
  • A bookcase – If a dresser is too big for a small room and you have a bookcase that is lower in height, it is an excellent idea as a television stand for smaller areas. Bookcases also incorporate storage and display options underneath.
  • A chest – Depending on how high it measures, a chest can add a unique look to any living or family room.
  • A bench – The perfect-sized bench could display a smaller television in a smaller space. Just make sure your bench can safely hold the weight of the television.
  • A fireplace – Having your television either mounted over or placed on a fireplace serves as a space saver and a great look of ambiance and style. Just make sure your television can withstand any heat the fireplace generates.
  • A television easel – Although pricey, a television easel is a good option when wall space is limited or the television may need to be moved around the room. A television easel comes on wheels so it can move the television throughout the home, outside or inside.
  • A coffee table – Many coffee tables also work as a television stand and can be a cheaper option than a larger piece of furniture. The only downside is that coffee tables are short, so the television may be too low to the ground for your viewing pleasure. 

As with a sofa table, you will need to complete the same steps above when measuring your television and viewing from your sofa to make sure one of the above items work. Dressers and chests come in a wide array of styles and colors, but may be too bulky as a television stand. A coffee table may come in a set that already has a television stand.

There are other specifics that you need to look for when purchasing a television stand that go beyond simple measurements. Whether you are using a sofa table or another furniture option, you do not want to purchase your item first only to bring it home and see it does not display your flatscreen, plasma, or traditional television comfortably.

What Specifics to Look for When Purchasing a Television Stand

You now have an understanding of what measurements need to be done before purchasing your sofa table, but there are some other factors to incorporating a sofa table into a television stand. Before you go online and purchase the perfect sofa table, you will need to do some homework to make sure you are enjoying the viewing.

The material that makes up the sofa table also matters when purchasing one specifically to be used as a television stand. Wood and metal usually work best depending on your room’s style. Wood will add a more rustic, traditional look while metal looks more modern. There are a few types of wood that work really well: 

  • Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Maple
  • Cherry 

All four of those woods look great, are sturdy and reliable, and can fit within one’s budget. Those woods also have different styles, and you want to make sure your television stand fits into your room’s décor and brings the entire room together. That is one of the reasons people purchase sofa or console tables in the first place. 

You should also assess what you need to store so that you make sure the sofa or console table provides the adequate amount of storage. If you have cable boxes, entertainment and gaming consoles, streaming devices like a Roku or Apple TV, or Blu-ray players, you will need a place to put everything so that they look neat and tidy.   


Sofa tables can work really well as a television stand. They are versatile, come in a wide variety of shapes, heights, and styles, and are durable enough to hold larger television sets. They also offer an adequate amount of storage space so that you can hide television wires, remotes, streaming devices, and gaming consoles. 

Console tables can also work as a television stand, as could coffee tables, chests, and even fireplaces, but sofa tables are some of the most versatile pieces of furniture that add beauty and fashion to any room. They come in traditional and modern styles, can hold small or large televisions, and blend style and décor with function and storage. 



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