Can a Twin Bed Sleep Two?

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Reminiscent of college days, twin beds are a classic space-saving option most adults attempt to avoid. The beds are often found in children’s bedrooms, hostels, and places where a larger size may not be practical. While affordable, twin beds are not a typical go-to for anyone who prefers a bit more space at night.

A twin bed is designed for a single person and therefore is not a comfortable option for two people. In a pinch, two people can squeeze into one twin bed, though it will not be a pleasant experience.

This article will cover everything you need to know about twin beds, including whether or not you should splurge on something bigger. Read on to decide whether a twin bed is the right fit for you!

How Many People Can Sleep on a Twin Mattress?

Unaptly titled a “twin” mattress, single beds are meant for just that: one singular person. Some adults may even find that the average twin bed doesn’t fit them comfortably, especially if they lean on the taller side.

If the situation arises where two people must fit onto one twin mattress, it can be done, albeit uncomfortably. It is only recommended to share a twin bed with someone you’re already fairly intimate with, as you can expect to be sleeping virtually on top of each other.

In some cases, the twin bed may come equipped with a trundle bed compartment that fits underneath the mattress. Choosing a trundle option is a great choice if you imagine you’ll be having guests over frequently.

What’s the Difference Between a Full and a Twin?

A full or double bed is the midway stage between a twin and a queen. Fulls are popular choices for single adults who need a bit more space and may not have the budget or room in their home for something larger. While a twin bed is strictly meant for one person, a full can easily fit two, though it may be a bit tight.

The main difference between a full and a twin is the size of the mattress. According to Early Bird, a full is 16 inches wider than a twin. Both are the same length, however, so a full may not be the right choice if you find yourself too tall for the standard twin.

Fulls are often stated to be a good fit for either one adult or an adult and a child, as they are not always considered large enough to sleep two adults comfortably. However, it is clear that a full is a better choice than a twin for you and a guest.

Full or Twin: Which is the Better Option?

Deciding whether to purchase a full or a twin-sized bed depends on several factors:

  • How many people will be using this bed? If you intend to share the bed with a significant other, sibling, or friend, opt for the bigger size of a full. If the relationship between you and this person is not romantic or intimate in any way, a twin bed with a trundle compartment may be a better call.
  • How much space do you have in your home? Full-sized beds are just over a foot wider than twins. Consider how much space you have in your bedroom before purchasing a bed. If you are living in a smaller space and don’t love the idea of the bed taking up the entire room, a twin may be a more suitable option.
  • What’s your budget? Buying a bed is an expense in its own sense, so you’ll need to be prepared to spend some amount of money regardless. However, if you’re hoping to save as much as possible, opt for a smaller twin bed, which will be cheaper. If money isn’t an object, a full will likely be much more comfortable.

Who Is a Twin Bed Meant For?

Though twin beds are often used for adults in situations like college or small apartments, the small size makes a twin the perfect option for a child’s bedroom. In fact, it is far more common to see twin beds geared towards younger children than fully grown adults.

While twin beds are the perfect size for your little ones, you’ll need to ensure that your child is old enough before making the switch. Kukun recommends waiting until your child is at least four years old before moving them into a twin.

What Size Bed Should a Couple Purchase?

When looking to purchase a bed for you and your significant other, bigger is always the better option. Otherwise, you may find yourselves pushing and kicking each other in your sleep, which only leads to disgruntled attitudes. Instead, ensure you have enough money saved to purchase the proper size before heading to the store.

A couple may choose any bed size larger than a twin for a comfortable fit. However, to give you enough space without taking up your entire bedroom, we recommend investing in a queen. While many couples choose either a full or a king, the former requires a bit of a tight squeeze while the latter can both be expensive and take up too much bedroom space.

Before heading to the store, decide what is important for you and your significant other in a bed. Do you want to save money, or would you rather splurge to have more room? How much personal space do the two of you need? Sitting down with your partner can help the two of you determine which size is the best for you.

Below are the different sizes of mattresses so that you can determine which is the right one for you.

  • Full: 53” wide by 75” long, same length as a twin.
  • Queen: 60” wide by 80” long, both wider and longer than a full and twin.
  • King: 76” wide by 80” long, same length as a queen.

Can I Push Two Twin Beds Together?

Another option to create more space is to push two twin beds together and cover both mattresses with one sheet. However, this process can be a bit tricky, as the measurements of two twin beds may not exactly equal that of a larger-sized mattress. Additionally, the seam between the two beds can be annoying to sleep on.

Generally, two extra-long twin beds pushed together will form a king-sized mattress. Be sure to measure your combined bed both across the width and length before purchasing sheets and bedding. Always go a bit larger with your bedding if need be: if your combination bed is slightly smaller than a king, opting for king-sized bedding will work fine.

However, if your combined bed is slightly larger than a king, you should purchase bedding that fits a larger mattress. That way, you won’t struggle to keep your sheets on the mattress when sleeping.

How to Convert Two Twins into a King-Sized Bed

Creating a larger bed isn’t as simple as pushing together two twins. You will need to add extra support so that the two beds don’t separate throughout the night. This next section will cover the different necessary steps to convert your twins into a king.

  • Invest in a bed frame. While bed frames can be an additional expense, they are absolutely necessary for creating a larger bed out of two smaller beds. This will ensure that the mattresses don’t move apart from each other over time. A standard king-sized bed frame should work just fine for this project. It may be a tad bigger, but that shouldn’t have a negative effect on your overall comfort.
  • Foam padding is a must. The next step is to purchase a mattress topper fit for a king. Here’s where the process gets a bit difficult: you’ll need to trim a piece of foam to fit in between the two mattresses and join them together. You can do this by purchasing large pieces of foam at your local home improvement store, measuring it, and trimming it to specifically fit your space. You can also purchase a bed bridger from home retailers, including online.
  • Add a mattress protector. Along with a sheet, we recommend investing in a mattress protector bag that wraps around the entire mattress. This will add an extra layer of security and ensure that nothing moves around throughout the night. Finish by topping your mattress protector with sheets and a comforter.

Though purchasing a king-sized mattress is much easier than converting two twins, you may find opting for twins to be cheaper or more practical if you already have the mattresses on hand.

How to Make a Twin Bed Feel Bigger

If you find yourself in a situation where a twin bed is the only option, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to make your bed feel bigger and look like it actually belongs in the home of an adult. Below are a handful of suggestions to maximize the space you have and put together a mature-looking bedroom that won’t remind you of your college dorm.

  • Consider an extra-long twin. Most college dorms are equipped with extra-long twin mattresses that fit adults more comfortably than the regular twin mattress. While the extra-long twin remains the same width, the mattress itself is 5 inches longer, making it more suitable for an adult or taller child. Choosing an extra-long twin can help you feel as though you have more space at night.
  • Opt for a headboard. A properly-placed headboard does wonders in framing your bed and making it appear far more grown-up. By adding substance to the bed itself, the entire set-up will come across as larger in proportion to the rest of the room.
  • Avoid pushing your bed against the wall. Go into any adult’s bedroom, and you’ll likely see that the bed is typically placed in the center of the wall as opposed to the corner. While it may seem silly to move a twin bed into the center of the room, this placement can help open up the space and appear more mature as well. Note: if you plan on sharing your twin bed with another person, keep the bed against the wall. This will ensure that nobody falls out during the night.
  • Skip the throw pillows and blankets. While these items add personality to your space, they also can make your bed appear bulky and smaller. Choose one throw pillow, or avoid them altogether to maximize the space you have.
  • Choose lighter bedding. If you really want to open up your space and have it appear larger, choose lighter colors for your bedding. Opting for something darker can make your room and bed feel smaller.

Maximizing Space with a Twin Bed

Because twin beds are popular choices for small spaces, you may find yourself struggling to fit everything that you want into your bedroom. Luckily, there are several ways to maximize your space when purchasing a twin bed.

  • Loft your bed. While lofting a twin bed may bring back memories of college, you can save quite a bit of space by doing so. Lofting your bed gives you the opportunity to place a desk or dresser underneath and free up other space in your bedroom.
  • Choose a twin bed with a dresser component. Some twin beds have built-in dressers underneath the mattress. This can eliminate the need for a standalone dresser or closet and subsequently free up floor space. However, we only recommend this if you don’t have many clothes, as bed dressers can be quite small.

How Much Does a Twin Bed Typically Cost?

The total cost of a twin bed depends on several things:

  • The mattress itself
  • The bed frame
  • Any bedding and accent decor

For the purpose of this section, we’ll be focusing on how much the mattress itself costs, as the other components are optional, and one can save money by avoiding them altogether. While twin mattresses can range in price depending on the quality and brand, you can typically expect to spend around $100 for the mattress alone.

How To Save Money When Purchasing a Twin Bed

While twin-sized mattresses are typically the cheapest option when it comes to purchasing a bed, you may find yourself wanting to save as much money as possible. Whether you’re on a strict budget or would prefer to spend your money elsewhere, below are a handful of tips to help you save when purchasing your twin.

  • Buy secondhand. In general, buying a used mattress is not a good idea due to the possibility of bed bugs. However, you can certainly save quite a bit of money by doing so. We recommend asking your friends and family if they’re getting rid of a mattress or join a mover’s group online, as people may need to rid themselves of their beds in order to move away.
  • Skip out on the luxury. Sure, it may be tempting to splurge on memory foam. However, opting for these components is a one-way ticket to a higher price tag. Avoid brand names that jack up the prices as well. Consult reviews before purchasing!
  • Avoid additional components. If you want your bed to appear more grown-up, you may choose to purchase a bed frame and decorative bedding. However, these components can be quite expensive and are not completely necessary. Save money by placing the mattress directly on the floor or by skipping out on throw pillows and blankets.
  • Choose an air mattress. If saving money is extremely important to you, you can cut the price tag of a twin mattress in half by opting for an air mattress instead. While cheaper, we don’t recommend this option for long-term living as air mattresses are less comfortable and need to be pumped up often.
  • Make the most out of it. Mattresses typically have long lifespans, meaning you won’t be needing to run out and purchase another one any time soon. Therefore, a twin bed may not be the best option if you plan to start dating or have a family. Expect to keep your twin bed around for several years and plan accordingly.

Where to Purchase Twin Beds

Purchasing a twin-sized mattress can be done in many different places, including online. We’ve listed a few options for purchasing your bed below.

  • Big-box stores: Oftentimes, corporate stores such as Lowe’s and Sears will have mattress options.
  • Home store: Local or chain, a home goods store is the best place to go for a mattress, as they tend to have the most options and knowledgeable employees who can help you pick out the right mattress.
  • Online: If you find yourself too far away from a store, twin mattresses can also be purchased online. Do note that due to the size of the product, shipping may be more costly than you were hoping to pay.

Final Thoughts

Though affordable, twin beds are not popular options for sleeping more than one adult. Rather, the small frame should be reserved for children and single adults without a lot of room in their home. We hope that this article has offered helpful information to assist you in your purchasing process!


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