Can An Accent Wall Be A Lighter Color?

Can An Accent Wall Be A Lighter Color?

If you think about an accent wall, it is usually a darker color than the rest of the walls in the room. A dark accent wall does exactly as its name suggests; it accentuates a specific wall as a color feature in the room. But what if you want to paint it a lighter shade? Can an accent wall be a lighter color?

An accent wall can be a lighter color but can lack the wow factor of a darker accent wall. However, applying different painting techniques, textures, alternative materials, and patterns to a lighter accent wall can make it come alive and stand out just as well as a darker accent wall.

Are you contemplating whether you should paint your access wall a lighter color but are unsure if it can work? Well, you have come to the best place for answers! This article will discuss whether an accent wall can be a lighter color and what you can do to make it stand out in a room.

How To Make An Accent Wall A Lighter Color

Making an accent wall a lighter shade is possible, but whether it looks appealing is another concern. Luckily, there are many ways a lighter accent wall can make a statement. Light accent walls brighten dark rooms and make the room appear more spacious.

It is important to decide whether you want to compliment the room colors or create complete contrast, in which case texture will come in handy. Pairing like with like gives a room a subtler, more relaxed feel, whereas contrasting adds more dynamic energy.

Some light paint shades have a metallic tint which on its own will draw attention, but if you have a matte finish paint, then the accent might become lost in translation. Not to worry, we have some brilliant ideas on how you can make a lighter accent wall pop!

Add Some Texture To A Light-Colored Accent Wall

Add Some Texture To A Light-Colored Accent Wall

Think beyond paint by exploring some fun textures. Texture gives an extra dimension to a light accent wall, and there are countless ways to do it, such as;

  • Flat Plaster Paddle – Applying paint to your walls with a flat plaster paddle instead of painting it with a brush to create a three-dimensional look.
  • Pattern Wallpaper – Light wallpaper with a pattern in a different light shade adds a touch to your style and makes the wall stand out.
  • Neutral Tiles – adds an extra dimension to the wall.
  • Embossed Wallpaper – Applying light white, light grey or soft metallic embossed wallpaper screams sophistication, and the light color won’t fade into the background.
  • Textured Paint – Make your own textured paint by adding powdered texture additives to your paint before applying it to the wall.
  • Exposed Brick Wall – Painting an exposed brick wall light grey or white gives a room an urban-industrial vibe.

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For inspiration, click the links below and view the stunning textured accent walls;

Make A Light Wooden Accent Wall

Make A Light Wooden Accent Wall

Using wood to create a lighter accent wall gives you many different possibilities to invent something unique. You can create your wooden accent wall in various ways, including;

  • Weathered or aged wooded planks arranged in straight horizontal lines.
  • Cover the entire accent wall with textural and weathered driftwood blocks (4” x 4”).
  • Weathered wood walls are arranged in geometrical diagonal patterns to create a chic, rustic look and feel.
  • Washed out, shabby wood planks are arranged vertically or horizontally on the accent wall with each plank painted a different light color such as white-wash, light grey, off-white, milky mint, and sky blue.
  • White-washed disassembled pallet wood is arranged vertically on the wall for a rustic look and feel.
  • Lightly stained wood panels.

Click on the links to view the gorgeous wooden accent wall ideas;

Install Wall Murals As An Accent Wall

Install a light mural as an accent wall. There are plenty of light murals such as a tranquil beach, ocean, or other nature scenes. Click on the links below to view some beautiful light murals that will turn your room into an oasis;

Create A Light Polished Concrete Accent Wall

Create A Light Polished Concrete Accent Wall

A light polished concrete accent wall is perfect for a contemporary, industrial, or urban home. It has a certain elegance with a rugged touch that will look beautiful in a room with plenty of colors. It will give the space a peaceful element.

Store-Bought Textured Paint

Some paint manufacturers have created textured paint that is ready to use. These magnificent paints add texture to your walls without you having to apply them in a certain way. You have to apply the paint to the wall with the manufacturer’s recommended brush or roller.

To find out more about these textured paints, click on the links below;


There you have it! An accent wall can definitely be a lighter color. Lighter accent walls can make just as big a statement (if not more) as a dark accent wall. It is all about finding a light shade that will complement the rest of the room’s décor while creating contrast.

There are endlessly beautiful and creative ways to make a light access wall the main feature of a room as long as something special makes it catch attention. We hope these creative ideas have inspired you to create your light accent wall. Happy decorating!

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