Can You Have Too Much Wood Furniture?

Too Much Wood Furniture

Wooden furniture is unmistakably pleasing to the eye and gives any home décor an authentic warm, homely feel. The unmatched look of wooden furniture in your home will always stand out from every other piece of furniture. But is it possible to have too much wooden furniture?

Having too much wooden furniture is possible unless you want your home to feel like a countryside lodge. You can mix up your interior by adding other hard surfaces. Lacquered and painted furniture are good options. Metal, glass, mirrors, and acrylic surfaces are other options.

In my post, I will provide some helpful tips to lighten up your home décor by mixing it with furniture other than wood.

How To Mix Up Your Wood Furniture

If your home is starting to look like a countryside lodge with too much wooden furniture, it might be time to liven up your interior and give it a fresher and more contemporary look. There is nothing wrong with having wooden furniture, do not get me wrong.

But sometimes, adding furniture styles other than wooden furniture can make your home look much more modern and less like a wood cabin. Wooden furniture has a warm and homely feel, but adding other pieces to break things up does not hurt.

Here are some helpful tips I’ve compiled as a guideline that you can follow, which will help you add a modern feel to your home interior.

Lighten Up Darker Furniture

Too much dark wooden furniture could make your room look dark and gloomy. Adding in some modern mirrors can brighten up a room and make the room feel less “heavy.” You can also add some painted pine wood furniture to lighten things up a little to give it a more rustic feel.

Lighten Up Darker Furniture
Light Wood Furniture

If you have dark wooden flooring, adding a light-colored rug will help give your interior some added depth.

Not Too Much Antique Furniture

I’m sure we are all sitting with some antique hand-me-downs passed down from generation to generation. Those antique furniture pieces are scarce and hard to find.

However, if we have too many antique wooden furniture pieces in one room, we could end up with a room that looks like something from a Clint Eastwood Western classic movie!

It might be time to let some antique furniture go if too much is in one room or area. You do not have to get rid of everything; instead, you can distribute your antique furniture throughout your home and move them into other rooms. Get rid of the pieces that are damaged or broken.

Revive Old Furniture With A New Look

Remember that dreary-looking half-moon table that you have pushed into the corner of your home? Or that wooden display cabinet that you inherited from your grandparents? Yes, that one. The one you pushed into the corner of your home and completely forgot about!

Instead of hiding away that old wooden furniture, you can give it a fresh look by giving it a new and fresh coat of paint or a light-colored stain and varnish. It might make an excellent DIY project if you’re keen on it, or give it to a professional that can give your old wooden furniture a new lease on life.

You’ll be proud of your new and improved furniture and want to show it off to your family and friends instead of hiding it in one corner of your home.

Add-In Metal Furniture

If possible, adding some metal furniture to mix with your antique wooden furniture can be just the thing you need to split up the monotony of too much wood furniture. You don’t need to go crazy and go full metal.

Add-In Metal Furniture
Wood & Metal Furniture

Do not be afraid to add a mix of furniture styles you’ve never seen before. It might help add other furniture styles you’ve never used or seen before! Just a few unique metal pieces, like a metal table with a glass top or a metal chair with a funky pattern cushion, might be the one piece that will stand out from everything else.

Maybe that old wicker chair you’ve had lying around in your garden can also be used as long as it is presentable and decent!

Does All Furniture Have To Match?

If you aim for a classic, timeless decorating style, then yes, all your furniture has to match. However, there are no set rules for interior decorating. You can throw away the interior decorating rulebook and decorate your home interior according to your taste and style.

Does All Furniture Have To Match?
Matching Furniture & Decor

Mixing and matching furniture will take some practice, but the beauty of mixing and matching your furniture is that you can be as creative as you want. When you mix and match your furniture, you can still create a unique and pleasing style for the eye but do not match completely.

I have compiled some tips for mixing and matching your furniture:

Decide on a color scheme: When mixing and matching your furniture, it is always good to have a color scheme in mind. It would help to choose a neutral color and a couple of brighter colors to complement your neutral tones. With the right color scheme in mind, all your other choices will be more straightforward after that.

Mix up modern and classic themes: If you want a modern-themed look, you can use a few classic furniture pieces to break up your modern interior. If you have a classic look interior, throwing in some modern decorative furniture pieces will make your home look less vintage and give it a retro-modern look.

Mix and match patterns and textures: Playing around with textures and patterns is an excellent way to bring a fresh new look to your home. You can add a textured sofa to your antique furniture or vice versa.


Do not be afraid to play with other textures, styles, and patterns. It might help to look through interior decorating magazines and books to get ideas for adding a fresh, bold new look to your home.

Your home is your personal space, so you do not have to be too limited or restrictive in your creativity. Mix and match old and new, new and old, and your home will no longer look like a countryside lodge.


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