Can You Put a Chest of Drawers in a Living Room? (Let’s Find Out!)

Chest of Drawers in a Living Room

Are you looking for a functional yet stylish way to add storage to your living room? You want something that will tie the room together but still has the functionality to hide stored items from guests. Have you considered a chest of drawers?

Putting a chest of drawers in your living room can be the perfect way to incorporate a statement piece that can hide your living room clutter. Depending on the size of the chest it can serve as a side table, media stand, or even as a buffet table.

In this article, we will help identify all the potential uses of a chest of drawers in your living room and how to effectively incorporate this piece of furniture into your living room décor. 

What is a Living Room Chest Called?

If you are looking to purchase a new chest of drawers specifically for your living room, it is important to understand the different options you have when selecting the right chest. A chest of drawers for the living room can have other names based on the chest’s functionality.

A Media Chest Can Double as an Entertainment Center

A media chest is one of the most commonly seen living room chests nowadays. The purpose of these chests is to serve as a stand for your tv, while also housing electronics, DVDs, and blue rays in an orderly way.

Media chests are often taller than your typical entertainment stand and therefore raise the viewing angle of your TV. In addition, they also often have one “open” dresser for you to place your cable box and any other electronic that you may want to leave permanently connected to your TV.

A Bureau is the More Traditional Living Room Chest of Drawers

If you are looking for a chest of drawers that is more of a decorative piece, then it is referred to as a bureau. These are the types of chests that typically complement a mirror, painting, or picture on your living room wall. 

Smaller bureaus can also double as side tables with convenient drawers to store any living room items. However, if you intend on using two side tables, you should consider buying two identical bureaus to keep a clean look. 

A Buffet Table is Used on Larger Walls or Behind Couches

Buffet Table is Used on Larger
Buffet Table is Used on Larger

Buffet tables are long, shorter tables with short legs that often are placed to take up space on long walls or serve as a table behind a couch. While this is not always the case, buffet tables will sometimes have a chest of drawers for storage under the top table. They also offer other storage arraignments, so make sure to carefully look at the piece before purchasing one.

A Dresser Can Also be a Chest of Drawers

Another common name for a chest of drawers for the living room is simply a dresser. While a dresser for a living room typically has a distinctly different look than one used for a bedroom, they can sometimes be interchangeable.

How to Incorporate a Chest of Drawers into Your Living Room

While a chest of drawers’ names can indicate its function, there are many different ways that a chest of drawers can serve a purpose in your living room. Let’s look at all the ways you can incorporate a chest of drawers into your living room décor. 

Incorporate a Chest of Drawers into Your Living Room

Use a Chest of Drawers as a Media Stand

Large entertainment stands for big-screen TVs can be hard to find and expensive. Finding a stand that holds a smaller TV at a high enough angle can be hard to come by. The solution? Use a chest of drawers.

Some living room chests of drawers, especially those that are supposed to be buffet tables, can be extremely long and perfectly suited to hold a big screen TV. Other chests are tall and narrow, making them the perfect height to hold a smaller TV high enough to see.

As a bonus, these makeshift TV stands have all the storage you could want to hold a movie collection, multiple gaming systems, and anything else with which you would want to use your TV. 

Store All of Your Living Room Clutter 

Nowadays, living rooms are the focal point of the house. As a result, they often serve multiple purposes:

  • toy room for kids
  • workout studio
  • office
  • pretty much anything else you can think of 

It’s hard to relax at night when your living room is full of clutter, and you certainly don’t want your guests to walk into a messy house. Adding a chest of drawers to your living room gives you the space to store all of this clutter while still allowing for the versatility you need in this space.

Use a Smaller Chest of Drawers as an End Table

A smaller chest of drawers can be the perfect solution if you are looking for an end table with a little added storage. You can keep remotes, blankets, and chargers in the chest while still having a place to set your glass or a few keepsakes.

If you do plan on having two side tables, make sure that your chests match. Mismatching chests as dual side tables will look a little strange.

As a Decorative Piece

Living room sets look great and can really make the room appear uniform. However, adding one or two unique statement pieces can really add to the room’s aesthetic appeal. Why not make your statement piece a chest of drawers?

As long as you choose a unique or ornate chest, a chest of drawers can be featured as the main centerpiece of your living room. The best part is you can decorate it however you’d like so that it really ties in with your existing living room furniture. 

How to Decorate Your Living Room Chest of Drawers 

Decorating a living room chest of drawers properly can make all the difference. A nicely decorated chest of drawers will help bring the room together and add aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, a poorly decorated chest can make the piece an eye soar and make it appear as if it is out of place.  Here are a few tips to decorate your living room chest of drawers so that it adds value to your living room.

Decorate Your Living Room Chest of Drawers 

Pick the Right Location for the Chest

The key to having a chest go well with your existing living room furniture is to pick the right location for it. The right location really depends on the size of the chest.

If you have a larger chest, like a buffet table or media chest, center it on a large wall. Smaller chests should either go on a smaller wall or be placed on a wall that already has other furniture on it.

You also need to ensure that the chest does not mess with the flow of the room. In this case, we are not referring to the feng shui, but rather the walking path. If the chest makes the room too cramped or blacks a path of entry to the seating area, it won’t be a valuable addition to the room.  

Center the Chest under a Painting or Mirror

Except for a media chest or a chest used as a side table, you should always center your chest of drawers under a painting or mirror. Having a blank space on the wall above your chest will make it seem out of place.

The best option is to choose a painting or mirror that has some color of the chest as well as whatever color you have selected as the main color for your living room. 

Decorate the Chest with Vases, Jars, or Coffee Table Books

You mustn’t just leave the top of your chest of drawers empty. While the drawers may be hiding a world of mess, the top of the chest should look neat and organized. 

One option is to use large decorative vases or an assortment of jars to fill the sides of the top of the chest. Again, choose colors that match the chest and your central living room color. 

You can leave the center of the chest top blank. However, if you find yourself placing clutter on top of the table, opt for a large coffee table book to fill the space.

Add Lamps for Darker Rooms

While floor lamps and overhead lighting are great, nothing sets a relaxing ambiance like a decorative table lamp. If your chest of drawers is in a darker part of the living room, buy two small table lamps for the side of the chest top.

These table lamps should be nicer and decorative as the added light will draw attention to the space. You should only use lamps if your chest is meant to be a decorative addition to the living room.

Add Candles and Plants to Freshen Up the Room

Another great option for decorating the top of your chest is to add candles and plants to help fresh scent and visual appeal. If you choose to use live plants, make sure that the chest’s location will suit the plant’s needs.

The living room chest is an excellent location for a scented candle or wax melter because they are typically not located near the seating area. This way you can add a lovely scent to the room without it being overpowering while you are sitting.

Tie the Chest Together with a Table Runner

If you are using a longer chest, then you should tie the decorative items together with a table runner. Make sure you choose a table runner with a consistent color across all the decorative items and that it is the right length for the top of the chest. 

Don’t Overcrowd the Top of the Chest

As a decorative piece, the top of the chest is not the place to display every keepsake that you own. It’s important to leave an appropriate amount of spacing between items so that the piece looks visually appealing. 

Can You Use a Bedroom Dresser as a Living Room Chest?

If you have a chest dresser in your bedroom that you’re thinking of getting rid of, you may be wondering if you can repurpose it as a decorative piece for your living room. This can be an economical way to reuse furniture and enhance your living room décor. Here are a few things to consider before moving your bedroom dresser to the living room.

Bedroom Dresser as a Living Room Chest
Bedroom Dresser as a Living Room Chest

Is the Bedroom Chest in Good Condition?

If you are looking to replace a bedroom chest, then chances are there’s a reason for it. If you’re replacing it because it’s falling apart, has water stains, and is dated, then you probably don’t want it in your living room. 

However, if you bought a bedroom set and are looking to reuse a chest that doesn’t match your new bedroom set, then the living room might be the perfect place for it.

Is the Bedroom Chest the Right Size for the Space?

Bedroom chests are often very tall or very long because their intended purpose is for holding clothes. An oversized chest might work well in your living room if you are trying to fill a large space but trying to fit a large chest in a tight space won’t work.

Does the Bedroom Chest Match Your Living Room Furniture?

Another thing to consider is how your bedroom chest will look when placed in the same room as your living room furniture. It does not need to be the same color as your other furniture, but it should enhance the overall visual appeal of the room. 

You can tie the piece together with the rest of the room by adding decorative items that are the same color as your chosen continuous living room color. However, if all your living room furniture is black and the dresser is brown, it probably won’t work.

Can the Bedroom Chest be Refurbished?

If the chest itself is in fine condition, but the color is off, or the finish need to be redone you may consider refurbishing your bedroom chest. This is a great option because it is essentially like getting a new piece of furniture for a fraction of the cost. 

A Chest of Drawers Can Be the Perfect Addition to Your Living Room

As long as you do it correctly, a chest of drawers can really improve your living room. Always consider the intended functionality of the piece and how it will fit in with the rest of your living room furniture prior to purchasing a new chest. 

While decorating, consider adding some high-quality vases, jars, lamps, and candles. When choosing items to decorate, consider incorporating the colors of the chest and the colors of other items throughout the room.

If you have a bedroom chest of drawers, consider reusing it in your living room as long as the size and style match your décor. Most importantly, if you choose to use a living room chest make sure it matches who you are as a person and as a decorator. While decorating and design tips can be helpful, you will only be happy with the piece if it is uniquely yours. 


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