Can You Put A Console Table In The Living Room?

Console Table In The Living Room

Console tables are one of the most useful and versatile pieces of furniture that you can use to decorate your home. But can you put a console table in the living room? Follow our tips below and find out!

The living room is a great place to put a console table. One of the best places to put a console table is behind a sofa, which is a great place to place a lamp and light up the living room. It can also be a good place for your flowers and other decorations.

So, if you’re considering putting a console table in your living room, read this article to find out if it will work for your home.

Can You Put A Console Table In Your Living Room?

Before we get into the discussion, let’s define what a console table is, in case you’ve got it mixed up.

What Is a Console Table?

A console table typically has four legs with a small, “skinny” surface similar to a supporting shelf. It can also serve as a stand-alone surface. 

They are normally used purely for decorative purposes and can be adorned with lamps, vases, and books, but they may also feature draws that you can use for easy storage.

How To Put A Console Table In Your Living Room

Console tables are usually used in living rooms to fill up spaces behind sofas. They are handy in open-planned living rooms to break up large spaces. Sometimes, to save space, console tables are placed against walls and underneath staircases for additional decorative features when you don’t have room for items like lamps, plants, or family photographs.

Sometimes they are referred to as sofa tables because they are usually a similar height to the back of a sofa, providing a stable surface for decorations that complement it or to use as a place for lamps, providing good, low lighting without being obstructed by the sofa.

How To Style Your Console Table

Style Your Console Table

So, now that you’ve found the right place to put your console table, you’re about halfway through the battle. You still have to decide exactly which items to put on the narrow surface and how to style it

Of course, the motif in the room where you’re using a console table is unique, and not every idea will work. But here are a few ideas for a beautiful console table that will take your living room to the next level:

Firstly, try to create a cohesive theme for your console table. So, if you’re using dark wood, like mahogany or something lighter like timber, or even limewashed wood, try to stick to items that fit on the same or similar color spectrums and shades. Using a wide range of mismatched items can be off-putting and spoil the aesthetic.

Secondly, opt for two lamps rather than one. A pair of lamps will help maintain symmetry in your console table’s design, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into most settings. This keeps things streamlined and clean.

Minimalism is another great option for contemporary decor. Your console table may be beautiful all on its own, and you may need nothing more than a single vase of your favorite flowers and a small ceramic decoration on either side of the table. 

Beyond that, having some room on the table to place car keys, cellphones, and other items can be very useful in a living room.

Another idea is to match materials with the table – such as using lamps made of the same kind of wood. Even a sculpture can help bring uniformity to your console table.

Speaking of sculptures, artworks are another excellent addition to any console table. These can be abstract paintings, sculptures, and other carpentry works, among many other options. Antiques like tinderboxes, old record players, or even music boxes can also make your console table “pop.”

One great suggestion for the modern home is to place your Internet router on the console table, especially if you’re putting it in your living room, which would typically be a central and frequently used part of your home. 

This allows your wi-fi signal to get maximum coverage, and you’ll get the best signal in the place where you spend most of your time.

Other Ideas For Where To Put Your Console Table

Dining rooms are another frequently used part of the home that can use console tables. Not only does it give you an opportunity for additional decor, but the extra space can come in handy when the dining table doesn’t have enough room for all of the food that you’re serving, like on Thanksgiving or Christmas day, for example.

Another great spot for console tables is in the hallway, where there isn’t enough room for traditional tables, but it allows you to put up a lamp and some family portraits and other items that will spruce up the area but don’t belong on the floor.

Entrance halls are another great location for console tables and give you a place to put your keys down as soon as you walk through the door.


So, if you’re thinking about putting a console table in your living room, rest assured that it’s not a bad idea. You must, however, ensure that it is breaking up and using the right spaces. You should also make sure that you style it well and place useful and great-looking items on top for a great look and maximum utility. 

But, if you aren’t convinced, there are plenty of other options, such as dining rooms, entrance halls, and hallways, that may be suitable for your home.

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