Can You Put A Slipcover on a Sectional Sofa?

Sectional sofas are a delightfully large spot for afternoon naps or getting the whole family together for a movie night. But, all of this traffic tends to bring quite a bit of wear and tear, making many wonder how to make their sofa last longer. 

Can you put a slipcover on a sectional sofa? Yes, you can put a slipcover on a sectional sofa, but buying a slipcover made specifically for your sectional is recommended to ensure a proper fit.

Sofas can suffer a lot of damage throughout their lives. Coffee spills, breadcrumbs, dirt, and pet hair are just some of the things that may accumulate on your couch’s upholstery over time. Couches seem to be the perfect representation of our messy lives. 

Finding a Slipcover for Your Sectional Sofa

Due to the customizable nature of sectional sofas, it can be challenging to find a slipcover that will fit your sofa without looking ill-fitting; however, it is possible. There are several options available for finding a good-fitting, beautiful slipcover for your sectional sofa:

Make Your Own

If you love DIY, this is the option for you. Using this option, you can get a fully customized slipcover made specifically to suit your needs. You can choose any fabric you like. I recommend high-quality drop cloth for a vintage aesthetic that stands up to all life throws at it. 

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It will also cost significantly less than having someone else make a slipcover for you. This option does require a lot of time, effort, and proficient sewing skills.

Buy A Custom-Made Slipcover

If you aren’t very good with a sewing machine but still want a slipcover that is ideally suited for your sofa, you can buy a custom-made slipcover. This can be a high-quality option, but it can be more expensive than the other options.

Buy A One-Size-Fits-All Slipcover:

An excellent money-saving option is to buy a one-size-fits-all slipcover. These slipcovers are relatively inexpensive and incredibly stretchy. They can be bought in a couple of basic sizes. They are form-fitting so that they will conform to your sofa’s curves. 

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Depending on your sectional setup, you may need more than one, but these will completely cover your sofa to keep it protected while maintaining a seamless look. 

Buy A Partial Slipcover

Another money-saving option is to buy a partial slipcover to cover your sectional. These slipcovers do not cover your entire sofa, but they cover the spots that are most likely to get dirty. 

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These slipcovers are great options for pet owners that love to cuddle with their pets on the sofa. They can also look a little old-fashioned, but they are budget-friendly and easy to move around.

Why Do I Need a Slipcover for My Sectional Sofa? 

Unfortunately, you can’t simply throw your entire couch into the washing machine or hose it down to clean it. Additionally, merely wiping up crumbs or taking a lint brush to the cushions will not cut down on the smell of the bacteria on your sofa.

Slipcovers are washable. You can put them on your sofa to keep the expensive cushions nice and clean. When your kid spills their chocolate milk, or your cat decides your spot is his spot, you can take the slipcover off the sofa and throw it into your regular washing machine. Put the slipcover back on the sofa, and it is good as new.

Why Do I Need a Slipcover for My Sectional Sofa

Sofa slipcovers are also relatively inexpensive options for redecorating. Personal tastes and popular styles change rapidly, and it’s uneconomical and stressful to buy a new sofa every time your interior decorating magazine tells you to do so. Instead, you can buy a new slipcover that will update the look of your sofa for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time.

Slipcovers can get a bad reputation for being old-fashioned and out of style, but nowadays, a lot of slipcovers are made to look like your sofa’s original upholstery. Modern slipcovers can protect your furniture while keeping your living room looking stylish. However, with the growing popularity of customizable sectional sofas, finding an appropriate slipcover can be tricky, and many sectional owners decide to forego the additional task of purchasing a slipcover.

What Will Happen If My Sectional Sofa Gets Dirty?

Sectional sofas are trendy right now because they can be customized to meet individuals’ different needs and personalities. They are stylish, comfortable, and rearrangeable; however, they can be difficult to keep clean. 

In fact, it’s almost inevitable for something to spill on your sofa. What are your options when you have a glass or two of red wine, and one of them ends up on your beautiful white sectional?

Spot Cleaning

Grab the spot treatment, spray, and dab away. This is certainly a viable option with some stains, but that red wine stain will not go away that easily. Plus, if you do get the stain out frequently, you’re left with a weird off-color ring on your sofa that will serve as a lasting memory of human error.

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Flipping the Cushion Over

You only have five minutes before your wife gets home, and you don’t want her to know you were eating salsa on her brand-new sofa? Go ahead and flip the cushion over. She will never find out. We have all seen that sitcom enough times to know that she will find out and will not be happy about it.


Do you absolutely adore your sofa, but that stain is just too much to handle? Get your sectional reupholstered, but it will cost you. Average sofa upholstery costs can run anywhere from a hundred for a small sectional to a thousand for a very large sectional. Maybe you only need to replace one cushion. That will still cost you around a hundred. Plus, reupholstering will only last until the next big spill. 

Buying a New Sofa

Another option available to you would be to buy a new sofa. Do you not remember how much your first sofa cost? My friend had to pay for her new sofa with a six-month payment plan. Though, sectionals are advantageous in this aspect because you only need to buy a new piece of the sectional rather than a new set. 

This may save you some money, but even sectional pieces can be expensive, and it isn’t guaranteed the exact style and color will still be in stock when you need it.

Getting a Slipcover

The best option to avoid the stress of cleaning sofa stains on your sectional is to get a slipcover to protect it, but how can you get one that fits your unique sectional setup?

How Do You Clean A Sectional Slipcover?

Once you have your new slipcover, how do you keep it stain-free and fresh-smelling? Cleaning slipcovers is a breeze compared to cleaning a whole sofa. 

Every slipcover manufacturer has its own recommended process for cleaning, so check the cleaning instructions on the tag or included in the package. If you made your own, check the cleaning instructions for the specific fabric you used to create it. 

In general, you should use a spot treatment on any significant spots, use a pet vacuum to clean up any pet hair, and then put the slipcover in your standard washing machine with detergent. Bleach can be helpful in keeping white slipcovers bright, but bleach should be used at your own risk as it can damage some fabrics. Always check the label on your slipcover to ensure you do not damage it.


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