Can You Sleep On A Chaise Lounge? Let’s Find Out

Can You Sleep On A Chaise Lounge

Chaise lounges are a hot commodity these days. They can be found in many homes and even in some offices! But do they serve a purpose other than just looking good? We decided to find out by putting them to the test. 

A chaise lounge can be used for sleeping. Sleeping on a chaise lounge is one of the most comfortable sleep methods. And a chaise lounge is a versatile piece of furniture that provides plenty of space to stretch out while providing ample back support. 

A chaise lounge is not just for sitting and relaxing. It can also be used as a comfortable place to sleep! In this article, we will look at the benefits of using your chaise lounge as an extra bed and how to know if it is good for your back. So, keep reading.

The Pros and Cons of Sleeping on A Chaise Lounge

Pros and Cons of Sleeping on A Chaise Lounge

Sleeping on a chaise lounge can be a great way to save space, especially if you live in a small apartment. They also make for the perfect place to sleep on movie night! Chaise lounges are typically comfortable; some even have built-in headrests that can be used as pillows.

However, one downside to sleeping in a chaise lounge is that it is not always easy or possible, depending on height. 

If you are too tall for the length of the chaise lounge, laying down might prove difficult because of how far back it goes (typically, people over six feet tall will not be able to lay flat).

There are both advantages and disadvantages to sleeping in a chaise lounge. In the following table, we cover both ideas:

The Advantages of Having a Chaise Lounge for Sleeping
Chaise lounges are usually the right length to sleep on, unlike a sofa, but this can vary depending on height. Sleeping on your chaise lounge can be comfortable because of its naturally reclined position.
It is possible that sleeping on a chaise lounge may help you get better back support than if you were lying down directly in bed. This is because it raises your head and neck to a slight angle.

The Disadvantages of Having a Chaise Lounge for Sleeping
You may be too tall to sleep on your chaise lounge comfortably. Some chaise lounges are not designed for sleeping, which can lead to back pain and neck problems. Chaise lounges with arms might make sleeping difficult, depending on how you lie down. Chaise lounges with arms might also cause your head to fall forward and be unable to support it properly. A chaise lounge that is too short and requires you to sleep on your side could put pressure on your hips or knees, leading to discomfort when trying to sleep.

While it may look like there are more disadvantages to sleeping on a chaise lounge, it can be a very comfortable sleeping solution if your pick out the right option. This leads us to our next section, which discusses what a chaise lounge is and the different uses it can serve based on the style and design of the chaise lounge. 

What Is A Chaise Lounge, And How Do You Use It?

What Is A Chaise Lounge

A chaise lounge is a long couch-type chair with a low back, often in a fixed reclining position. The chaise lounge is frequently used for: 

  • Lying down 
  • Relaxing 
  • Resting

You may be most familiar with the chaise lounges used for sun tanning outdoors, but plenty of designs can be just as comfortable indoors.

The most common chaise lounge inside your home probably does not have armrests. This allows you to lie on your side easily: 

  • Without any discomfort
  • Without obstructing your view of the surrounding room
  • With the ability to get up and down easily 
  • With plenty of space for sleeping

Chaise lounges differ in terms of their: 

  • Size 
  • Shape 
  • Color 
  • Fabric covering 

Depending on the user’s needs, some chaise lounges have different options to make them more practical. Some of these features may be: 

  • Armrests 
  • Cushions 
  • Storage bins
  • Tables 

Four Reasons to Choose a Chaise

Here are four reasons that support you investing in a chaise lounge for your home or office: 

  1. Chaise lounges offer a comfortable place to relax and destress after a long day. They provide excellent back support so that your spine remains aligned while sitting down for extended periods, which is especially beneficial if you suffer from back pain or discomfort. 
  2. Chaise lounges can also be used as an extra bed when guests come! This allows them to take up less space in the room than having an additional mattress set up – they are also much more comfortable than the floor. 
  3. Chaise lounges also offer a great place to sleep if you are not feeling well and do not want to get up from bed but need somewhere more comfortable than your floor, chairs, or couch. 
  4. Chaise lounges can be used for many different activities other than sleeping. They make a perfect addition to any living room or bedroom for reading, watching TV, or relaxing after a long day.

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Who Should Sleep On A Chaise Lounge? 

Who Should Sleep On A Chaise Lounge

Anyone can sleep on a chaise lounge. If you are looking for an indoor lounge chair to relax by a window in the sun, work from home, read, or watch TV, then having a chaise lounge is perfect. 

Additionally, if you want something more practical, like a recliner, that provides comfort when sitting upright but still want to get comfy without the look of a recliner, then a chaise lounge is for you.

There are many reasons why you should sleep in a chaise lounge, including the following:

  • Comfortable positioning – Chaise lounges are the perfect place to sleep if you have back problems and need a comfortable position that is not up too high 
  • Versatile furniture pieces – Chaise lounges can also be used as chairs during the day, so they do not take up any space in your bedroom or living room. Alternatively, chaise lounges can be used as a furniture piece to create an inviting and comfortable living room.
  • Great for small spaces – Chaise lounges are practical for small spaces where every inch counts. These chairs are perfect for people who live in small apartments or dorm rooms with little space.
  • Easy to move – Chaise lounges are lightweight, so they are easy to move around when needed making them adaptable for any living space. 
  • A low-cost chair option – They are inexpensive compared to other pieces of furniture, such as couches and chairs, with the same functionality. In addition, many chaise lounges come with sturdy supports, making them easier to sit up from and not sink into, like many couches and chairs.

When Should You Not Sleep On A Chaise Lounge?

Additionally, there are times when you should not sleep on a chaise lounge. A chaise lounge is not a replacement for a mattress or guest bed. If you are looking for a place to sleep overnight, it is best to use a mattress or guest bed, but a chaise lounge can be used in a pinch. 

Additionally, if you are taking a quick nap, a chaise lounge is a great option for sleeping. 

However, sleeping on the chaise lounge would not be advisable if you have back problems such as sciatica symptoms, which are intensified when lying down at odd or unusual angles.

You should never sleep on one of these chaise lounges:

  • If you suffer from arthritis because it is difficult to get into an upright position with this type of chair without help from someone else, especially if the chaise lounge lacks arms to help support and push off when getting up.
  • If your neck and head are not supported by a pillow or armrests
  • Children under six years old may be unable to use chaise lounges safely as they could roll off, especially on lounges without armrests.

But If You Do Sleep On a Chaise…

If you sleep in these chairs, ensure enough room for rolling over. When sleeping on a chair that does not have arms, try putting pillows around it so you do not feel like you will fall off at any moment during the night. 

The following list highlights some important factors to consider when purchasing a chaise lounge:

  • You need proper cushioning to keep from sliding down into an awkward position when using this kind of furniture 
  • You need a good amount of back support
  • You may need armrests or some other way to get comfortable when sitting up in this chair 

Always choose the right chaise lounge before purchasing by looking for one with non-slip cushions that provide good lumbar spine support. If possible, have someone help you test different chairs before making your final choice. Getting a second opinion before making a final decision is always good. 

Benefits Of Sleeping On A Chaise Lounge

Benefits Of Sleeping On A Chaise Lounge

The benefits of sleeping on a chaise lounge include the following:

  • You will be able to get out of bed and start your day much easier  
  • Your sleep will improve because you are using the right furniture for what you should do. It is not a temporary option; instead, it should serve its purpose by providing adequate support, leading to a better-quality night’s sleep.
  • Chaise lounges are designed with comfort, allowing you to lie down fully stretched out on their surface while giving you ample room at your feet or head when lying sideways. This makes them perfect for those who need more space than traditional beds offer 
  • You can easily get up without walking around the bed to leave the room.
  • Chaise lounges are also a great option for anyone struggling to get up from bed. They are designed with arms that you can use to help yourself into an upright position. 
  • Chaise lounges make sleeping on your side, back, or stomach easy because they allow you a full range of movement, which is not always possible in traditional beds. Moreover, sleeping on your side or stomach will likely improve issues like snoring and reflux. This makes them perfect for pregnant women as well. 
  • Some chaises come with pillows attached, so all you will need to do is lie down and go right back off when the mood strikes!

The chaise lounge is one of the most versatile furniture you can have in your home. Chaise lounges are great for sitting and lounging. They also make an excellent reading chair or a place to work from anywhere.

A Surprisingly Good Option

You might not think about sleeping in a chaise lounge, but it is a good option! It offers more support than lying down flat. Chaise lounges come in different sizes, so find out what would be best for your space by looking up dimensions online before purchasing something large that may overwhelm your room.

Chaise lounges can range from $500 to $5,000 depending on what type of fabric upholstery, the craftsmanship quality, and the overall size of the piece of furniture. 

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How To Sleep on A Chaise Lounge Comfortably

When you want to sleep on a chaise lounge, the first thing to consider is whether you want to lie back on the cushions or lay on your side while inclined. 

When sleeping on a chaise, one of these two ways may work best for you:

  • The first way is by placing small cushions between the chair’s back and yourself. Add support behind your head, neck, and the lumbar region as needed. This will increase comfort but also make you more vulnerable to falling asleep in this position. 
  • The second way would be putting pillows on the chaise lounge’s armrests so you can curl up and rest your head on the arm while lying on your side. Some people find that they sleep better when the back of their head is supported by something, and if this feels right for you, try using one of your arms to prop it up as well!

Another option is to forgo pillows altogether. This may reduce the awkward angles that can sometimes be created when you add pillows to your chaise lounges.

Are Chaise Lounges Good For Your Back?

Are Chaise Lounges Good For Your Back

Chaise lounges can be good for your back. Chaise lounges often have a back that is higher than the seat, giving your spine more support and relieving pressure on the lower region of your spine.

In addition, many chaise lounges come with sturdy supports, making them easier to sit up and stand up from and not sink into like many couches and chairs.

If you choose a chaise lounge specifically to sleep on and help with back pain, invest in one that supports the back of your head comfortably. Or, choose an option where you can easily add a few pillows for maximum support. 

No More Elbow Jabs For Snoring

Chaise lounges are also good for your back because they allow your feet to be elevated off the floor and change the angle of your legs with your spine, reducing the pressure placed on your lower back when sitting upright with your feet on the floor. 

Also, in addition to chaise lounges being great for back support, they can help to relieve snoring. This is because of the angle at which you recline. Being elevated helps to reduce the pressure put on your breathing when in a fully laid down position.

How To Make Your Purchasing Decision

When trying to decide on which chaise lounge is best suited for you, several factors come into play: 

  • What size do I want? 
  • What material should it be made from? 
  • How much will it cost me? 

These questions can help narrow your decision regarding which chaise lounge is right for you. 

If you are trying to save money or want more options, try looking into secondhand stores where many used lounges are available.

In Summary: You Can Sleep On A Chaise Lounge 

Sleeping on a chaise lounge can be incredibly comfortable, but it is not for everyone. If you are unsure if sleeping on a chaise will work for you or your home’s layout, take the time to find out before purchasing one. 

You want to ensure you get what works best for your needs and desires. The benefits of using a chaise lounge as an occasional bed far outweigh the cons when it comes down to finding something new and different in your bedroom space without spending too much money!


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