Converting Sofa-Sleepers To Regular Sofas

Sofa-sleepers are a thing that not everyone would prefer to have in their own living room. Sometimes it can be a pain to pull it up into a sofa-bed and then changing it back into a regular sofa can be a challenge. With that in mind, let’s try and grasp one possible question for when you had enough of your sleeper-sofa:

Can you convert your sofa-sleeper into a regular sofa? The answer is that you technically can convert it into a regular sofa, but in order to do that, there are a few tips and tricks for removing them, all in order to convert it into a full-fledged sofa. Although these methods can work, it may be suited for every type of sofa-sleeper.

By understanding the foundation upon which the sofa-sleeper is built upon and how it can be used to our advantage, it can make all things all the easier and less complicated to deal with simply having to buy a whole new couch at your Ikea, Ashley furniture, or wherever you buy your furniture in general.

Can You Convert A Sofa-Sleeper Into A Regular Sofa?

The answer is yes, you can fully convert a sofa-sleeper into a regular sofa, but it comes with a few perks and a process to boot. In order to fully understand how to convert it into a sofa, one needs to understand the foundation of the sleeper-sofa before one can go through the removal process. If there is no understanding of the foundation, then a few complications may come their way and perhaps some collateral damage as well. 

Thus, there are a few keys and notable factors that need to be taken into consideration before the process begins. These factors range from the type of mattress that is on the sofa to the type of bolt or screw that the hinges have so that the process is easier.

What is beneficial to this is that not only you get a new bed to give out for when guests arrive, but you remove all the fluff and additional badding that the sofa has when it was once a sofa-sleeper. This can add a whole new aesthetic design that was once lost in the fluffiness.

With that in mind, let’s go over how the process is handled and how it can even save you money from buying a whole new couch entirely:

Step 1: Remove Any Cushions As Possible

Before doing all the handyman work and flip the sofa in a position that can enable you to remove the bed frame and convert it into a sleeper sofa, the first step is to remove any and all cushions that can cause a hindrance in your path towards conversion. 

Once they are all removed and placed in an area that won’t cause any slip or possible collateral damage, then the process becomes easier. Blankets count in this endeavor as well, for no one wants to slip on a blanket that was once forgotten in the process.

Step 2: Pull Up & Extend The Mattress

Once all the possible collateral damage is out of the way, then it becomes easier to pull out the bed from its resting place. This step shouldn’t take that much of your time, but it is important and could make the difference between removing the mattress or buying a totally new couch. 

One thing to consider as well is that the sofa must be extended completely so that the process is easier for mattress removal and so that you can have a better idea as to how the bed frame is structured, so removal of that part becomes easier as well.

Step 3: Remove The Mattress

Now that the mattress is fully extending, it is now time to say goodbye to the mattress and remove it entirely from its bed frame. To avoid any further collateral damage or even to have a clear space while performing this DIY, it is best to remove the mattress and place it somewhere where the cushions are at the moment. Again, no one wants to slip or trip on a mattress and cause any damage to the sofa upon its operation.

Step 4: Position Sofa For Removal

This step requires a bit of muscle power as you would want to then push (or pull) the sofa in a position where you can easily pull back the bed frame. This step also requires that the frame is placed back where it once belonged so that the moving process becomes easier and so the frame doesn’t break. The reason for this step is so that the bolts or screws that hold the bed frame together can easily be seen as well as removed.

Step 5: Remove The Screws Or Bolts Bed Frame Contains

When the sofa is positioned properly so that the screws or bolts are located easily, then the removal part is next. For this step, you would need a few handy tools such as a wrench, screw gum, or socket depending on the type of bolts or screws that were used for it. Once you got your tools raring to go, then removal should be easy. 

However, seeing that the entire bed frame is in a position where, if completely removed, there could be a chance that it can hit you or someone in the process. The best advice we can provide for this is to have someone hold the frame while the screws or bolts are being removed. This allows for easier accessibility to then move the frame out of the way.

Step 6: Pull Out The Bed Frame 

As soon as you are able to remove the screws or bolts from their original place, then the hauling of the bed frame is right around the corner. This requires multiple sets of helping hands as ensuring that the bed frame doesn’t break in the process, nor does it cause any damage to the foundation of the sofa as a whole is crucial. 

It is important that it is removed slowly but surely so that no accidents can occur during this step as well as someone else slowly tilting the sofa back in place so that it’s all the easier to pull out the bed frame. Once the frame is removed, then place the sofa back in place and get ready for the final step.

Step 7: Place Everything Back To Normal

The seventh and final step is to place the sofa and its cushions back to where they were previously, except this time around, you should have more space and less fluff to deal with now that the mattress is fully removed as well as the bed frame. 

As for those two items now exposed from their original place, make sure that the mattress can be stored in a place where it can still be utilized in the future, be it for guests. The bed frame should be duct-taped around in case it ever plans to expand to its full shape. This avoids any unnecessary clutter and to neatly store it along with other items you no longer are using.

In the end, the choice is ultimately yours if you even decide to keep or remove the bed and convert the sleeper-sofa into a regular sofa. These steps are here to guide you towards a much easier process, but if you really can’t go through with the process and its method of full removal, then the choice of buying a whole new sofa/couch is up for grabs.


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