Daybed or Chaise Lounge: Which Is Better?

Daybed or Chaise Lounge

When it comes to outfitting your own living space, furniture is a vital piece that you need for both function and fashion; any great living area can be made or ruined by a piece of furniture. Daybeds and chaise lounges are a popular choice, as they’re an easy way to sneak in some modern style to your place. However, you may be wondering which one is better since they have similar functions.

Daybeds and chaise lounges each serve their own purpose, so the better option will depend on the type of use expected from them. A daybed is ideal for hosting guests that plan on staying a night or two. A chaise lounge is good for guests that want to keep their feet up while enjoying the comfort of a couch.

The function and fashion that you’re looking for will help determine if a daybed or chaise lounge is a better fit for your living space. Continue reading to learn about the different factors you should consider to determine which piece of furniture is better suited for your needs. 

Are Daybeds or Chaise Lounges Better?

Daybeds and chaise lounges serve different purposes, so it’s worth exploring how they differ before deciding which piece of furniture is ideal for your space. Which is better for you will depend on the following factors: 


When choosing furniture, it’s important to note what you need it for and how often you may use it. In terms of daybeds and chaise lounges, they have some overlap in functionality, but they also have slight differences with specific purposes.


If you’re someone who likes to host friends and larger audiences frequently with the probability of guests staying the night, then a daybed would be the best option. It can serve as a perfect addition to a guest bedroom and feel as close to a traditional bed as possible for your guests. 

If needed, you could place your daybed in the living room for parties, but the downside to that is they’re built more like a bed than a couch, so the back to them is further away from the edge than a traditional couch. So if there’s a circle of people playing games or in a fun conversation, those on the daybed might not have the comfort of leaning back as they might with a traditional couch.

Chaise Lounges

Chaise lounges can be great to add in an office or bedroom and be perfect for your own reading or comfortable work spot. It’s got a different design than a traditional couch and is smaller and more compact than a daybed is going to be. 

If you decide you’d like the ultimate comfort of a chaise lounge but the functionality of a recliner for your favorite TV shows or movies, then you’re able to get the perfect fit for that as well.

There are varying styles of chaise lounges, from an armless upscale futon to a longer and wider single-piece recliner. Regardless of functionality, there is a design to suit your needs.


Both daybeds and chaise lounges can be quite comfortable. However, a chaise lounge is built a bit more for short-term comfort than a daybed. 

Are Daybeds Comfortable? 

As hinted above, daybeds are ideal for hosting overnight guests, as they tend to function more as a bed than a couch. This means they are built to provide an adequate level of comfort so that those who use them can still get a good night’s sleep. 

Is a Chaise Lounge Comfortable? 

Chaise lounges can be comfortable and will vary in comfort based on the type of material you prefer; they can be made with leather, cloth, or suede. You can also find some lounges with more back support and armrests—if you’re okay having it be a little bigger than other chaise options.

If you’re up in the air on which chaise would be better for a larger hosting area in the house, then placing a longer, armless chaise lounge would fit nicely across from another couch or set of chairs with a chic table right in the middle. It adds aesthetics while serving as a few extra spots for your friends to sit and mingle comfortably.


In terms of being fashionable and aesthetically pleasing, the chaise lounge will have a little more wiggle room in terms of styles, designs, and improving the feng shui of the room it’s going to be in. A daybed is nice, but it’s going to be a little more uniform across all the designs due to its function and purpose.


In terms of fashion, the daybed looks pretty good, but at the end of the day, it’s still going to look like a piece of furniture ideal for sleeping on; no surprise, a daybed is going to look like a bed more than anything else.

Unlike the chaise lounge, the daybed probably isn’t best suited for the living or entertaining room. Yes, it can be used for extra seating, but if you’re strictly going for fashion, then it will do much better in a guest bedroom. Some have a bit more of a couch look to them but are still recognizable as a daybed. 

Fashion isn’t going to be as high on the list of checked boxes for a daybed, but it can still look great and be a cozy place for someone to rest their head for the night.

Chaise Lounge

The chaise lounge was originally designed in the Victorian era, used for when women would need to sit and catch their breath, especially after wearing a tightly-fitting corset all day. However, today, they have been turned into modern pieces of furniture that help bring a different feel to any room.

Chaise lounges can make a big and bold statement or add a little more quaint and lavish touch to the environment. Either way, your guests are likely going to see something they haven’t seen before or don’t often see, causing your newly furnished room to be the topic of conversation on their way back home.


If you just need a new piece of furniture and care more about price than how fashionable or functional it is, you can still find a great addition to your space without breaking the bank.

In general, chaise lounges are going to be more expensive than a daybed. On the low end, chaise lounges seem to start at around the hundreds and can quickly get up into the thousands of dollars. 

On the other hand, you can get a higher-end daybed for about the starting cost of most chaise lounges. Whether you need a bigger daybed or one that’s a little smaller but hits more of the aesthetic front, you can find great daybeds starting in the low hundreds. However, depending on what you’re looking for, they can also creep up into the high hundreds. 

So if you’re mostly worried about cost, you should start looking at daybeds first and see where you want to spend—or save—the extra.  

Final Thoughts

Between picking a chaise lounge or a daybed, it really depends on the type of atmosphere you want in your rooms, as well as what you really need the new furniture for. 

If you want to add a quaint and fancy addition, you’re going to want to look at the different styles of chaise lounges. On the other hand, if you want to accommodate more overnight guests or want to outfit a guest bedroom without buying an expensive mattress and separate frame, daybeds will give you the most bang for your buck. Either way, your guests are going to have a new and comfortable experience!


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