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A dining bench can be a good addition to your kitchen table. Finding the right one that will fit can be a challenge. You need to go with the right depth, width, and height to make sure you fit and feel comfortable. As you search, you may wonder what the right height is for a dining bench.

The average height of a dining room bench should be between 18 to 20 inches. This makes it the right height to fit under a standard 30” height table and allows adults to sit comfortably with their feet on the ground. Combined with the right depth and width, this makes the bench more comfortable. 

Let’s take some time to explore more about how to choose the right height for your dining room bench, how to make adjustments based on your own height, and how to choose the right depth and width too. 

How High Should My Bench Be?

Whether you want to make your own bench or purchase one for your home, you need to make sure that you get the right height. 

The standard height for a bench will be between 18 to 20 inches. This is ideal because:

  • The average person can sit here with their feet on the ground
  • Fits the standard table size
  • Can be found in most stores along with the table.

Many kitchen tables will have matching benches available to help you get the right one from the beginning. If you are adding a bench to a table that did not have one before, then the measurements above are a good place to start. 

If you plan to go with a table that is not the standard 30″ inches, you may need to go with a different height for the bench. A 36″ counter height dining table will require the bench to be 24 inches from floor to seat height.

What Height Should My Bench Be Based on My Size?

The above measurements are in place assuming that you are the average American height. If you are taller or shorter than this height, then it may not be the right height for you to be comfortable when you sit down. 

The goal with the bench is for you to sit down on it and be comfortable, with the feet resting on the ground. If your feet are dangling, then the bench is not going to be the right height. And if your legs are all cramped up, this is a bad sign as well. Some simple rules to follow include:

  • For someone who is shorter, consider making the bench a few inches shorter. 
  • For someone who is taller, make the bench a little taller. 

Keep in mind you may have to change the dimensions of the table too if this is the method you use. You do not want a table that is too short if you make the bench higher, or too tall if you make the bench shorter. 

What If I Add a Pillow?

When picking out a bench, you may notice a few different styles. Some will just be the wooden seat and others will have a pillow on them for more comfort. While many families like to go with a bench that has a pillow on it, this can add some height to the bench. 

When measuring the height of the bench with a pillow, you will need to include the pillow in the height to make sure that it will fit as well. This will make it easier to get the bench at the right height. 

If you would like to add your own pillow to the bench after purchasing it, there are a few measurements to take:

  • Measure the thickness of the pillow
  • Measure the height of the bench

These should end up being the 18 to 20 inches that you need to feel comfortable under your table. A good rule of thumb to make it easier is that when you add a pillow to the bench, you need to have the bench be an inch lower than what you normally need. When you add the pillow, it will end up being the right height. 

How Wide Should My Bench Be?

The width of the bench is also important. You want it to be comfortable for people to sit on while they eat at the table. Often the exact width that you want to go with will depend on the number of people you plan to have sit on it at a time. 

Most of the time your bench will be big enough to fit between two to four people. The recommended width will be based on the shoulder span of the average adult, with a foot added to both sides for personal space. Some of the measurements you can use include:

  • A bench with two people needs to be between 42 and 52 inches. 
  • A bench with three people needs to be between 53 and 80 inches. 
  • A bench with four people needs to be between 81 and 96 inches. 

It is possible to make a bench that is longer, but it is harder to get planks that are long enough for that and it can take up a lot of room. If the bench is going to be used for children, you will be able to go with a shorter bench width. 

How Deep Should a Dining Bench Be?

The depth of the bench is another thing to consider. To make sure that your guests are able to sit on the bench comfortably, you want to put it somewhere between 15 to 20 inches. This depth is enough for people to have room, even if they need to adjust as they sit down. 

Having the bench too small can have a number of problems. These include:

  • Not enough room for people to adjust while sitting down. 
  • Can make you feel like you will fall off. 
  • Doesn’t allow for even weight distribution

When the depth is within the 15 to 20 inch range, you can avoid all of these problems. Of course, that measurement is based on the size of the average adult. If you plan to have children using the bench, it is fine to make the depth a little smaller. 

How Much Clearance Does My Bench Need?

The right amount of clearance is important when it comes to your bench. This will make it easier to move the bench in and out when people are using it at the table. Your clearance will need to be a little higher than with stationary benches, coming in at four feet instead of three. 

Having this much clearance will make it easier for people to:

  • Scoot the bench backwards
  • Move the bench up when they are ready to be at the table
  • To sit down
  • To get up

The bench in your dining room is often going to be used the same way as a kitchen chair is used. Having enough clearance can make it more comfortable and gives you enough room to use it well. 

Picking the Right Bench for Your Table

There are a lot of measurements you will need to look for when choosing a bench for your dining room. You need to consider your own height, the height of the table, and how much clearance you will need for your bench. 

When you are able to put all of these together, you are certain to get a good bench that will help you feel comfortable at the table. 



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