Style Guide: Do Coffee Tables Have to Match?

Coffee Tables Have to Match

Chances are, the first room someone is going to walk into when they go into a house is the living room. What are the first things that are going to catch their eye? The couch and the coffee table. So, the question that arises is do you have to have matching coffee tables to make a good impression on guests in the space, or can you get a little creative with it? 

Different styles of coffee tables in your living area will make it more creative, while a cohesive set of furniture has a more put-together effect. Though there is no rule that says that a coffee table must match the rest of the décor, doing so will give a better first impression of the space.

There is never going to be a police officer banging on the door for crimes against the home décor industry for some mismatched furniture. While it is more aesthetically pleasing to have a strong uniformity such as matching coffee tables, it is always up to personal taste. So if the furniture doesn’t perfectly match, do not fret! Keep reading to find a style guide for both matching and mismatching coffee tables.

Do Coffee Tables Have to Match?

Coffee tables, like other furniture, do not have to match at all. It is something that should be considered for a more aesthetically pleasing living space, however. The more cluttered and mismatched a space is, the more chaotic it will feel. In a living room, this is the exact opposite of how anyone should want their guests to feel. 

Sometimes there is no way to make tables match exactly. In this event, it is beneficial to make them at least go together well. They may not match exactly, but some clever décor and placement can ease out any sense of chaos that might have otherwise occurred. 

Some simple things that could be used to help bring consistency between coffee tables that do not match could include:

  • Flowers placed on each of them
  • Metallic accented décor that all share the same color
  • All tables made out of the same material
  • Similar shapes and sizes 
  • Consistent placing within the space

At the end of the day, a home’s space is up to the owner to decide. The couches and coffee tables are going to be one of the first things a guest sees when they walk into the house, so it’s best to at least have the tables go together. Otherwise, they risk making the space look chaotic and messy. The good news is that there are always little ways to bring unity within a space even if the coffee tables do not match.

 Do Coffee Tables and Dining Tables Have to Match?

The only time that someone should even consider matching their coffee tables to their dining table is in a very roomy, open concept space. 

In that layout, having the dining and coffee tables matching will bring a sense of unity across such a large space. The rooms purposely have very little designated individual spaces in order to create an airy and open feeling across the home. Keeping up with it by making the furniture match just helps the space do what it is already trying to do on its own.

Sometimes, these pieces are not going to perfectly match no matter what we try to do. Perhaps something came from a relative, or there was a fantastic deal at the store. 

The problem is that, even if the pieces are from the same set or manufacturer, they may have some inconsistencies between them. In these events, it’s best to consider methods that will help feign the matching look by being aware of how to dress the space. 

Here are a few simple methods to help unify the look between a living and dining room:

  • Match tablecloths and runners
  • Similar décor themes
  • Furniture made out of the same materials
  • Plenty of open space
  • Use the same or similar colors

Chances are, no matter what there is going to be some inconsistencies in how a dining table and a coffee table look. It is not like these pieces of furniture can all be bought at once in the same massive set as if they were some pots and pans. Even furniture from within the same furniture line is not going to look all exactly the same, so at least consider using similar décor to help bring the space together.

Should Coffee Tables Match the Other Furniture?

The best part of setting up a space is deciding how everything is going to look together. It works best if everything matches, but it certainly does not have to. Sometimes, there are just great pieces that are perfect for its purpose but don’t quite look like everything else. This is totally okay!

Coffee tables are some of the most eye-catching pieces in the whole house, so work with that. Make them the focal point and give them a little pizzazz. Good staging can make or break a space, whether the pieces match or not. 

Consider some of the following to bring unity across a space with mismatched furniture:

  • Keep consistent themes
  • Use a focal point or color
  • Do not overcrowd a space
  • Use rugs to designate areas
  • Metallics used to draw attention to them instead

It is definitely best to use the same style throughout an area. More likely than not however, things will not match perfectly. So, being conscious of how everything else looks is a better use of energy than worrying if things absolutely have to match all the time.

Should Coffee Tables be the Same Size?

While there is never going to be a force outside of the mind that is capable of dictating how a space has to look, it is strongly suggested to at least keep coffee tables the same size. If this is not possible, keep them close to it. Drastically different sizes of tables will keep the attention of those in the vicinity bouncing all over the place instead of finding the focus of the room.

Different sizes of tables can actually be useful if used well in a space:

  • One large table in the center with smaller ones to the sides
  • Using a table behind a couch for additional storage
  • Adding small tables to place down drinks next to recliners
  • Having each table serve a different purpose
  • It looks intentional

The best thing about a space is being able to make it one’s own. The happiness and comfort of the owner is what matters most here. So if there are coffee tables that don’t even match in size, there is still hope to use them regardless in a way that is not too chaotic to enjoy.


When all is said and done, there is not going to be anyone pounding down your door for not having matching furniture. Plenty of people have mixed and matched pieces of furniture throughout their homes. However, they are important, eye-catching pieces that feature heavily in the first room people are going to see. Making sure that they match is more aesthetically pleasing and will give a better impression to any guest. 

However, as with anything within the home, that is up for the owner to decide based on their personal taste, not necessarily that of their guests. It would probably make for better first impressions, but that is rarely going to be what someone actually cares about in the end. So if a mismatched set of tables is what makes a space feel comfortable, then by all means mismatch those tables and enjoy doing it.



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