Do Futons Need Sheets? Choosing the Right Kind

Beds are probably the most straightforward furniture items that you can sleep on, but they are not the only ones. You can have daybeds, pull-out sofa beds, and futons. Futons, for most of us, are a little tricky, if only because of the issues that come with dressing them up. 

Do futons need sheets? Even if you have a futon cover, it is best to select sheets to help protect the futon and keep you comfortable if you choose to rest on it. Most futons work well with standard flat sheets that are 54 by 74 inches in size, but it is possible to find a futon in almost any bed size. 

Getting sheets for a futon is a must, especially if you want to keep it in use for a while. Even veteran futon owners can struggle with finding good sheets for their futon mattresses. Thankfully, this article will help you make the most of your shopping dollars.

Do Futons Need Sheets? 

Technically, they do not have to have sheets if they have a futon mattress cover. However, using sheets makes sleeping in a futon far more comfortable and can also protect the futon from regular wear and tear. 

People who regularly use their futons as beds need to treat them like beds. Otherwise, they are going to be stuck feeling uncomfortable, as if they are sleeping on a couch. That is why sheets are just a good idea. 

Do You Put Sheets on A Futon?

Many people who just use futons as couches do not add sheets at all. Using it as a bed, though, often means you should invest in sheets. If you are not sure whether your futon needs sheets, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

One thing that is different from most beds is that you do not usually have to fold sheets under the futon mattress. Just placing them on top is enough for most situations. It’s a more laissez-faire way of making your bed—err, futon. 

Can You Put Fitted Sheets on A Futon?

Though regular bedsheets work well with futons, fitted sheets do not. Fitted sheets tend to pop off the mattress when you convert the futon from sofa to bed. Since they are not meant for futons, this should not be too surprising.

If you want to put fitted sheets on your futon, consider going a size up when buying your sheets. This will lessen the risk of having your fitted sheets pop off your mattress. 

What Size Sheets Do You Put on A Futon?

This is a tough question since most sheet sets are not made for futons. However, there’s some good news here. The futon that you bought will have a size that correlates to standard bedding sizes. Not sure what size your mattress is? Here is the scoop:

  • Twin. Twin futons are 39 inches by 75 inches. They are the smallest beds of the bunch and are usually given to kids. 
  • Full. Most futons are this size, and that translates into 54 by 75 inches. If you are not sure which size futon you have, it’s often safe to assume it’s a full or queen size.
  • Queen. Queen beds are 60 by 80. This is the second most common futon size used among adults. 
  • King. King beds are the largest futon size that you will probably see on the market, and they will cap out at 76 by 80. 
  • California King. At 84 by 72 inches, this is a rarity among futons.

To find out what size sheets you need for your futon, just grab a ruler and measure it out. If your measurements do not quite match what the general sheet sizes are, don’t panic. Just choose the size that covers both the length and the width adequately.

What Should You Look for When Choosing Futon Sheets?

There is some good news and some bad news when it comes to figuring out what kind of futon sheets you want to get. The bad news is that every person’s sense of style is going to be different, which means you will still have to find a set that works with your style.

The good news is that everyone still has similar standards for sheets. To get great sheets, look for sheet sets that:

  • Fit Your Bed. Sheets that are too small will not be able to offer much for your futon. Though sizing should be done to match your futon, it’s better to have larger sheets than smaller ones if you can’t figure out your size.
  • Are Soft. A high thread count (500-plus), or a specialized microfiber material is a good sign that sheets will be soft. Jersey sheets fit in that category, as are fleece.
  • Have Decent Breathability. No one wants to feel like their sheets trap sweat. Making sure that your sheets are breathable will make things easier on you during the summer. 
  • Are Machine Washable. Unless you are okay with dropping your sheets off at the dry cleaners, you will make this a priority.
  • Have Hypoallergenic Material. If you do not have allergies, this will not be much of an issue. However, if you regularly find yourself sniffling and sneezing, getting hypoallergenic sheets is a good life decision.
  • Awesome Style. Your home is your palace, and it’s where you enjoy your life. It only makes sense to jazz up your place with decorations that reflect who you are—sheets included!  

Can You Just Use A Futon Mattress Protector Instead?

If you’re not a fan of using sheets, you still need to find a way to protect your futon’s mattress. Having a mattress protector that zips up and around the mattress will help protect it from tears, stains, and other mattress-harming elements.

Sheets are strongly recommended, but they are not mandatory, per se. If you choose to forgo sheets, make a point of getting an extra sturdy mattress protector that covers the entire mattress and zips up. Otherwise, you will probably have a hard time keeping your mattress pristine.

Why Buying Sheet Sets Is A Good Idea for Futon Orders

In theory, a single sheet would be enough to put on a futon, but a single sheet can only go so far. Having a sheet set makes sure that you can decorate your futon’s pillows with a similar pattern and give yourself a sheet that you can snuggle into. 

Moreover, having a sheet set means that you can switch things up with your bed. Having linens that do “double duty” is a great way to reduce the amount of money you need to spend on your sheets and save space. 

The 12 Best Sheets to Put on A Futon

Shopping around for your futon can be a little bit of a nightmare, and that’s no lie. Thankfully, we made a point of finding great sheets that will make you futon comfortable and make it easy to make your bed in the morning. 

1500 by The Supreme Collection

If you aren’t sure what kind of sheets you should grab for your futon, it’s okay to stick to the basics. These beautiful, soft, hypoallergenic sheets come in a wide range of different colors that mesh well with almost any color scheme you might have in your bedroom or living room. 

As far as sheet sets go, the hotel-style vibe you get with these will add a touch of class to your home. Since they are easy to clean and easy to place, they even work well in kids’ rooms!

Printed Cotton Sheet Set by Southern Tide

There is something to be said about the fanciful, country club-style summer vibes that come with brightly colored sheets in your beachside cabana. Southern Tide captures that idyllic vibe with this adorable fish print backed on bright, tropical colors. 

If your futon is at a summer home or a beach house, this is a great pick. Better still? It is fade-resistant and bound to catch some attention. 

Quatrefoil 1500-Count Bed Sheets by Elegant Comfort

The higher the thread count a sheet set has, the softer and more luxurious it will feel. That’s why hotels make a point of keeping sheet counts above 600, and why Elegant Comfort’s sheet sets are noted for their silkiness. 

This gorgeous quatrefoil print will look amazing in almost any home, and since it comes in a wide range of different hues, you can always find the right shade for your room. 

Plaid Fleece Sheet Sets by Great Bay

Finding a good set of sheets for colder days and areas can be difficult, especially when you have a futon. These snuggly fleece sheets are exactly what the doctor ordered for those nights where you need some extra warmth.

Though they are made of fleece, these sheets are remarkably breathable. Their super-deep 15-inch pockets mean that fitted sheets will stay put, even with thicker futon mattresses. What’s not to love? 

6-Piece Bamboo Sheet Set by LuxeClub

If you are concerned about keeping your sheet sets pristine, you’re going to love checking out these sheets. Hypoallergenic, bacteria-proofed, and made to be easy to wash, these bamboo-based sheets are both eco-friendly and friendly for people with allergies. 

Along with being excellent for people who are concerned about their allergic reactions, these bamboo sheets come in an excellent range of colors and styles. You cannot get a better pick than that.

Bohemian Sheet Set by Omelas

Though most people love to have plain single-color sheet sets, there is something to be said about adding a special splash of color to your room. The “Bohemian” pattern trend taking over the net is a great way to turn your futon into a room focal point. 

The bright sheets from Omelas’s line carry a wide range of colors, adds some Eastern flair to your home, and will grab attention like nothing else can or will. The fact that it also comes with futon-friendly deep pockets just makes the deal even sweeter.

Buckhead Ridge Flannel Set by Eddie Bauer

Finding sheets for a room can be hard if you want to go for a masculine vibe in your home. Sure, you might be able to get some solid color sheets and hope for the best, but sometimes, you want something a little more rustic. 

Outdoor wear designer Eddie Bauer makes an excellent choice for futon owners that want to have something on the “woodsy, outdoorsy” side of things. This set of warm flannel sheets feel amazing on your skin, have a print featuring bucks, and grip futon mattresses beautifully. 

Stripe Cotton Percale Sheets by Nautica

Nautica has been a major designer of high-quality sheets for decades, and that seems to be their modus operandi today, too. Striped sheets are wonderful for people who want to keep the couch-like look of a futon while keeping sheets on the mattress. 

What makes these sheets unique is that they only have a 200-thread count, but they feel incredibly soft. That alone shows how talented Nautica is when it comes to selecting great materials. 

Style-wise, these are amazing. The stately look of these striped sheets works well with almost every home setting, especially when it comes to guys’ rooms. The soft cotton material is also machine-washable, making this set a great choice for people who do not want to have to deal with high dry-cleaning bills.

Half Moon Sateen Bed Sheets by Rivet

Rivet might not be as well-known as Eddie Bauer or Nautica, but they have some beautiful sheets worth consideration. These sheets are a great example of their design prowess and work well with both futons and beds alike. 

These sheets are made of sateen, a super-soft material made of specialty cotton. If you are looking for a lightweight, breathable set of sheets for your futon, this modern twist will provide just what you are looking for at a fraction of typical satin prices. 

Seafoam Folktale Sheet Set by Where the Polka Dots Roam

Though we may have been searching around for sheets that are geared towards adult futons, it’s important to remember that many children also sleep on futons from time to time. Adding a touch of whimsy to your kid’s bedroom just makes sense—which is why we love this sheet set!

This cute little sheet set comes in a beautiful seafoam green (among other colors) and features playful pouncing foxes on every inch. Kids will love it. Parents, on the other hand, will love the fabric’s wrinkle-resistance, softness, and machine washability. No matter how you look at it, it’s a win-win for your child’s room.

Arianna Medallion 6-Piece Sheet Set by Chic Home

Though many futons abide by bed sizing standards, not all do. If you have a futon that tends to need a little extra sheet length or width, you already know it can be a struggle. This sheet set is going to be a godsend for you since it’s extra-large for its size!

Along with being larger than the norm, the Arianna Medallion sheet set comes in a nice range of bright colors and a 500-thread count. Though it works best in dry cleaning, this microfiber sheet set also can be popped in the washing machine in a pinch. That is because Arianna Medallion sheets are designed to get microfiber softness without microfiber cleaning costs. 

Boho Watercolor Sheet Sets by Sweet Jojo Designs

Finally, if you are looking for something that has a Millennial “hipster” vibe without the over-the-top decor, it’s good to check out the new Southwestern styles that have been hitting magazines. This watercolor cactus sheet set is a great example of a bold trend done with a light touch. 

Made from microfiber with an amazingly durable build, this slick set of sheets is machine-washable, bright, and perfect for snuggling into after a long day of work. Best of all, this sheet set has a wide range of matching accessories, making it ideal for people who love the desert motif and want to match things up. 


While most people think of futons along the lines of couch-beds, the truth is that they are closer to beds than we give them credit for. Since they are basically foldable beds, they need to have a decent amount of protection and a little bit of bedding to stay maintained and comfortable. In other words, you really should put sheets on your futon!

Getting a set of sheets for a futon doesn’t have to be too hard. You might need to measure your futon mattress to get the dimensions, but after that, things are straightforward. Futons can work with regular bedding sizes, so as long as you match up your measurements, you will be able to find a nice array of sheets to choose from.

When you are shopping around for your sheet sets, make sure to look for sheets that are soft, machine washable, stylish, and in the right size for your futon bed. As long as you find a set that fits those standards, you should be able to sleep on your futon in style. 


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