Do Twin Beds Have To Match? Here’s The Truth

Twin Beds Matching

With many fashionable designs for bedrooms, there are so many options to choose from, and personal creative ideas can make any room desirable with matching twin beds. The opportunity is abundant to interchange colors and design to make the beds match. 

Do Twin Beds Have To Match? Here’s The Truth. There is no guideline that say twin beds need to match, but the overall symmetry of the room will be more pleasantly appealing if they do match. It all depends on personal preference. However, you could make a room beautiful, whether it matches or not.

With various patterns and colors, you can really make your twin beds match in any way. That includes matching bed frames, bed covering, and room decor to give the room an additional touch. Alternatively, there are possibilities to make a room glorious and not need to match!

How to Style Following a Theme

You can style a room using various themes in order to have matching twin beds. You can start with the bed frame. Having frames the same will definitely pull the room together. Next, resort to having the same bed covering for your beds. It can be the same color schemes, same patterns with different color schemes, and even pairing matching bedroom furniture to tie in the room. 

Start with Choosing a Commonality

Beginning with choosing a color that keeps your room unified. Pick a pattern you love with a color you desire and make sure the colors share the same intensity. 

Keep the colors in contrast to the color of the wallpaper or paint of the overall room. If the walls are white, sandy-colored sheets with a variation of patterns with a hue of light blue blend nicely. 

Change up the Patterns

It’s up to you how you choose the color scheme, but using colors than blend and contrast well will give your room that cozy feeling. Using various patterns opposed to one color will freshen the tone of the room. Any pattern, whether it be a series of shapes and sizes, professional designers say you cannot go wrong with stripes. 

The choices vary. There are so many patterns from stripes, polka dots to floral. Designers note that any floral print or even animal print, like leopard, go well with a linear stripe design. For example, maybe in a little girls room, you could combine a nice leopard print or some animal print with a soft striped sheet and matching pillowcase. 


Another way to spice up the hue of a room is to play with textures. Some of the most unexpected placements can make a room pop. 

The textures’ beauty can really reflect the mood and atmosphere of a room. For example, ruffled textures with a soft duvet and velvet pillow bring out a soft appearance. 

A fabric’s thickness and stitching is what gives its appearance texture, and the trick to various textures lies within mixing different textures together. 

Styling quilts with layering duvets gives a dreamy combination of textures that designers say can give you the warmth of the room you are looking for. 

Styles you can do to Match

There are so many different styles and opportunities with colors and patterns you can choose from when deciding bedroom décor. You can base it on gender using blues or pinks but not limited to color selection. It could be based on a favorite cartoon or a style your child is favoring during that time. 

Matching Bed Frames

There is an abundance of styles furniture stores can offer. Including wooden frames, metal, and more.

Not limited to, but additionally, the style can be antique or modern to retro to neutral. You can choose a rustic look for those country cottages looks or modern and sleek.  There is not a correct way to go about designing a room, but instead what you prefer. There are so many choices. It’s really a matter of the style you like best.

Matching Bed Covering 

Another way to match is by choosing the same comforter set for each bed. To keep it all together, the bed frames can match as well. That will add a nice symmetrical look to the room.

My child favors the Jurassic World franchise. His room is styled with twin bunkbeds. Jurassic world theme on the bottom bunk for him and Star Wars for his step brother on the top. Their theme matches in the sense that both sets are covered with franchises! 

But they still share their differences since they are different movies. But our theme was movies! 

How to Make to Best Use of Your Space

Having matching twin beds is ideal for a guest room or for kids sharing bedrooms. There are many variations of how to set up the twin beds to utilize the best of the space available. 

Spacing can always become an issue for any room, so it is good to have options when it comes to utilizing it in the most efficient way.

Sometimes it can be tricky to find the best use of the space. Just a suggestion before you start moving furniture around in the room, take the time to take measurements so you know what may fit where.  There are plenty of options to choose for all different sizes rooms offer.

Those include but are not limited to:

  • Aligning the beds along a corner
  • Install twin bunk beds
  • Parallel to one another 

Aligning beds, so they share a nightstand in the corner, forming a ninety-degree angle is ideal for rooms with not a lot of space. Or if you want a design, so the floor plan is larger for more play area. 

Another great style for creating more space is installing bunk beds. We did this for our boys room because we needed more space for them.

Having the beds parallel to one another is a great look. I had a room like this with my brother at my grandparents growing up. The room was large enough that we had plenty of floor space to allow the beds to stand next to each other with end tables in between.  

There are so many designs to choose from all over the internet, but none more than good ol’ Pinterest. You have got to love Pinterest. Ever stuck for at home decor or bedroom designing resort to the app for assistance. 

They are wonderful! 

Magic of Non-Matching Twin Beds

The great thing about designing a room with twin beds is that even when you do not want to match or have extra material to use but doesn’t match, that is perfectly fine!

You can mix match and tie bedroom pieces together to make it desirable. There are many themes to choose from and not limited to. For example, say you have two different bed frame systems. Do not fear, tie them together with themed bedding. 

Or you have the same bed frames but want to spice it up with the bed covering using different colors or patterns.

A room can be unique without matching beds. Just because they differ doesn’t mean there opportunity to make it beautiful is less available. There is so much opportunity  to create a room with non-matching twin beds but simple ways to pull it together. 

The room may share siblings of opposite genders, and they may want different colors or personality that fits their own to their side of the room. Mix-matching bed frames or color schemes for covers is as simple as it gets.


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