Does a Trundle Fit Under Any Bed? Complete Guide

From being a comfortable place to sleep for your child’s friends during a slumber party to being an extra bed for a surprise guest, trundles can be useful to have around. However, they won’t be such an asset if they won’t even fit under your bed. Asking if a trundle fits under any bed is a legitimate question, especially if you’re looking to purchase one!

So, does a trundle fit under any bed? Technically yes, but it depends on how low your bed’s frame is. For example, you won’t be able to fit a trundle under a bed that only has a couple of inches of room underneath it. It also depends on the size of your bed. Trundles come in full and twin sizes, so if you have a twin bed, you won’t want to purchase a full-sized trundle. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a close look at trundles, what beds they fit under, and what beds they won’t. 

The Purpose of a Trundle

A trundle is an extra bed that slides under another bed. It acts similarly to a bunk bed but looks neater and can better accommodate people of all ages because it is on the ground (or, in some instances, able to pop up into a higher position). 

While trundles are generally twin- or full-sized, the thickness of the mattress is still smaller than the top bed so that it can fit properly underneath. Trundles are also usually set atop wheels so that they can be effortlessly moved and replaced. 

The purpose of a trundle bed is to give you a decent place for guests to sleep, without taking up more room than the bed you have is already taking up. This makes them great for slumber parties, households with multiple children per room, or frequent guests. 

Complete Trundle Bed Measurements

Generally, trundle beds come in a complete set: the primary bed and the trundle. They’re usually manufactured this way to be more visually appealing. However, you can find separate trundles to fit under a bed with the proper clearance. 

An average trundle will be slightly shorter in length than a twin- or full-sized bed for it to fit underneath. 

  • For a twin-sized bed, the measurements of a well-fitted trundle would be approximately 70-73” long x 38” wide, with the primary twin having the average dimensions of 38” wide x 75” long. A twin trundle’s frame would also be lower to the ground than a primary bed frame, with only about 1 and a half to 3 inches of space between it and the ground.
  • For a full-sized bed, the measurements of a trundle would approximate 53” wide x 70-73” long, with the primary full bed having the standard measurements of 53” wide x 75” long. Like a twin trundle, a full-sized trundle’s frame would also be lower to the ground with only 3 or fewer inches between it and the floor.

Space Clearance

The space under the primary bed should be enough to fit both the trundle frame and its mattress comfortably. For the average metal-framed bed, the minimum height should be 12 inches off of the ground for a trundle to fit correctly

If you plan on putting a box spring on top of the trundle bed’s frame (which we don’t recommend for risk of it not being able to fit), the minimum height of your primary bed increases 6 additional inches to account for the thickness of the box spring (for a total of an 18-inch clearance). 

The Best Trundle to Fit Under Any Bed

If you’re worried about not having 12 inches of clearance under your primary bed, the Kings Brand Twin Size Trundle Bed could be the best fit for you. 

The Kings Brand trundle is a great separate trundle bed that sits a measly 1 and a half inches off of the ground, meaning that an average twin-sized mattress (not included with your purchase) with about a 6-inch thickness could be placed on the frame and slid under any sized bed with no problem whatsoever. That’s a bonus considering most trundles require less comfortable, thinner mattresses to fit underneath a primary bed. 

The trundle’s frame is manufactured with wheels for easy moving, and though there’s no way to lock the wheels in place, we’ve found that even on hard flooring, there isn’t much of a problem with it wheeling around. The tubular metal frame also gives this twin trundle enough support to hold up to 500 pounds, making this an incredibly durable option and suitable for kids and adults alike. 

There’s no need for you to purchase a box spring to support the mattress, thanks to the sturdy metal flats featured on this trundle. Plus, it’s relatively affordable, even for those who may be on a budget. 

What We Like:

  • Can hold up to 500 pounds, making this a good option for both kids and adult guests
  • Affordable and long-lasting
  • Eliminates the need for a box spring because of the metal flats
  • Sits low enough to the ground to fit an average-sized twin mattress
  • Great for use under virtually any sized, average, metal-framed bed
  • Wheels make removal easy but stay in place when the trundle is slept on
  • Frame comes in two colors: cream white and white to match your room’s aesthetic

Overall, this twin trundle is an excellent choice for fitting under any bed. It’s sturdy, it can accommodate a regular twin bed mattress for additional comfort for your kids or guests, and it rolls under and out of the primary bed effortlessly.

Best Mattress for a Trundle Bed

Because box springs aren’t recommended for use with a trundle bed, the best mattress would be a mattress that can hold its shape and be sturdy. The most reliable mattress for a trundle would be memory foam because it doesn’t require that you pair it with a box spring. It’s also incredibly comfortable and doesn’t have the pressure points that spring mattresses do. 

To ensure that you’ll be able to slide your trundle under any bed in your home, we recommend that you purchase a 6- to an 8-inch memory foam mattress, like this 6-inch twin-sized Best Price Memory Foam Mattress. The Best Price Mattress is an exceptional choice that’s highly rated and would work like a charm for a trundle frame.

This memory foam mattress is also available for purchase in an 8-inch and 10-inch option, depending on how much room you have beneath your primary bed to spare. Another advantage of this mattress is the price tag. For the exceptional quality you get, it’s surprisingly affordable compared to the most common cost of a twin mattress, which ranges anywhere from 300 dollars to 600+ dollars, depending on the type and brand you buy. 

Though we recommend the above mattress, you can purchase any type that suits your preferences. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to trundles, it turns out that (for the most part) they can fit under any bed. Just as long as you provide a trundle with about 12-18 inches of clearance, you should be good to go. 

Trundles are ideal for those who have children or frequent guests, but keep in mind that, because they’re so low to the ground (unless they can pop up to an average bed height), they may not be a good option for older adults or those with back problems.

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