Dressers with Mirrors: Cool or Outdated?

Dresser Mirror

Most bedrooms do not have many pieces of furniture. Bedrooms are usually relatively small, and besides the staples, such as a bed, dresser, maybe a nightstand, there is no need for much more. That means that those few pieces of furniture are especially important in creating the style and feel you want in your room. Your dresser is where you add the most décor and personalized items, so it plays an especially important role in defining your space. 

Are dressers with mirrors cool or outdated? Dressers with mirrors are still prevalent in the furniture market and chosen by homeowners to look nice and serve functionally in their bedroom.

If you are torn between dressers with or without a mirror, this article will break down the reasons why people choose both and how they can have an effect on the space you place them in. 

Why Do Dressers Have Mirrors? 

Dressers with mirrors are often chosen by homeowners for a combination of how they look and what they do. The following list explains both the stylistic preference and practical uses that draw people to dressers with mirrors. 

  1. Dressers with mirrors make setting up a room easier. 

A large dresser up against a blank wall can look awkward and unbalanced. Above a dresser, there needs to be some sort of décor to balance the arrangement. Some dressers come with an attached mirror that adds height to the piece of furniture, often taking up enough space to stand on its own. It sounds like an easy enough solution, right?

Choosing a dresser alone can be a long shopping process and tough choice. Are you having to coordinate a piece of wall art, arrange a mix of wall décor, or buy a complementary mirror to hang on top of that? That’s a lot of work. Buying a dresser with an attached, matching mirror removes the added shopping and decorating that a dresser without a mirror often entails. 

2. A matching mirror and dresser help coordinate all the furniture in the room.

Some people prefer to have a consistent, matching style among the main components of their room. A dresser with a mirror achieves this seamlessly because the dresser and mirror are made in the same style and from the same material. A dresser with a mirror can even be part of an entire bedroom set, which can include a matching bed frame, a storage chest, or bedside tables. 

Some people prefer to decorate their homes with a more eclectic style of coordinating, but not entirely matching furniture and décor. A dresser with a mirror can, of course, be one component in an eclectic home as well, but will likely appeal to the opposite group of people. Those who are pleased by consistency and matching throughout their decorations get exactly that with a dresser that has a mirror. 

3. A mirror on a dresser is functional and convenient. 

A mirror on your dresser makes for the perfect place to check your outfit or add any final touches with accessories as you get ready. 

As your dresser holds clothes, it makes perfect sense to want a mirror where you are getting dressed. Many people use the tops of their dresser to store jewelry boxes, watches, or small dishes with their everyday ring or necklace. Having a mirror right there to see how your accessories pair with an outfit is much easier than running across the room or down the hall to see how it looks. 

Having your clothes, accessories, and a mirror in one place saves time and avoids the need to bring jewelry or other small accessories to another room where they can get misplaced in the rush of getting ready. Many people choose a dresser with a mirror for its functionality, along with how it looks in a room. 

Does a Dresser Have to Have a Mirror?

A dresser does not have to have a mirror; in fact, many do not. 

Some people may opt for a dresser that does not include a mirror because:

  • They have a small room with limited space. Dressers without a mirror are often smaller overall and take up less space. Dressers with mirrors are most often wider but short so that the mirror is at an appropriate height to use. Some rooms are better suited for thinner, taller dressers that take up less floor space. 
  • A dresser without a mirror is less expensive. Of course, there will be exceptions to this based on designer, material, and other factors, but generally when you buy a dresser with a mirror the added materials and work to make the piece of furniture will result in a higher price. Buying a dresser without a mirror may be a more budget-friendly furniture choice.
  • Dressers with mirrors are not your style. The furniture, like anything, is not everyone’s style. If you dislike everything matching exactly or want to do more hands-on styling in a room, you may choose to get a dresser without a mirror. Some people may prefer a dresser without a mirror so that they can have more space and choice decorating the surrounding area. 

How To Style a Dresser Without a Mirror

If you do purchase a dresser without a mirror, you may find the wall space above it looks a bit empty on its own. Here are a few ideas on how to fill that space and bring the room together:

  • Your Own Mirror. You can add a large mirror and lean it against the wall on top of the dresser for a bold, space-filling piece. You can also purchase a mirror to hang on the wall above the dresser.
  • Photos and Prints . Added nicely framed photos and prints can fill the wall space and balance the look of the room. You can use various size prints to create a gallery feel or neatly arrange a row of photos, whichever is more your style!
  • Wall Décor. You can, of course, fill the space with some wall décor that complements the room you are decorating. This can be one bold piece centered over the dresser or a collection of smaller, cohesive pieces. 

Are Mirrors Over Dressers Out of Date?

Mirrors over dressers, as a piece of furniture, are not outdated. You may think this because of the old dresser with a mirror that has been in your guest room for as long as you can remember, or that you see at your relative’s house, but dressers with mirrors are still made today and in modern styles. 

If you have seen older dressers with mirrors, you may have gotten caught up in the outdated style of wood, old-fashioned looking knobs, or ornate shaping and decorative detail. This is characteristic of all older furniture and simply reflects a style that is out of date, not the whole concept behind the piece of furniture itself. Of course, if that style is pleasing to you, add it to your home and enjoy yourself! Up-cycling older pieces is creative, unique, and sustainable!

Modern looking furniture is smooth and simple. If you look at common retailers and furniture manufacturers you will find dressers with mirrors that reflect this current style as well. They incorporate the classic, useful concept of a dresser and mirror together and style it with up-to-date elements. 

The Choice is All Yours!

Remember when decorating your home and choosing any furniture that your home is a reflection of you and your preferences, no one else’s. Do not become overly concerned with what is in and out of trend; rather ask yourself what you like.

You do not want to spend a fortune and all your energy only to be unhappy with your space and ready to redecorate. You will be the one surrounded by and living among the furniture and décor you buy, so buy it for you. 


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