Emperor Bed Vs Super King Bed: Which Is Bigger?

Emperor Bed Vs Super King Bed

You may have heard the terms single, double, queen, and king, but never really thought about what they are or the differences beyond the king and queen of England. Yet, they are just three of the many bed sizes that vary all over the world. When you are shopping for a new bed, you may have thought sizes stop with king, but that is only the beginning. 

The Emperor bed is bigger than the Super king. There are numerous bed sizes on the market, ranging from a small cot to the larger Super king, the even larger Emperor bed, and the biggest bed on the market, the Alaskan king. Choosing the right bed size for you depends on many factors.

Choosing the right bed size for you and your family can be an intimidating and confusing process. Read on to figure out which is bigger, the emperor bed and the Super king bed, and how they compare to other sized beds that could be more affordable in price. Then you can decide which bed is right for your situation. 

Different Bed Sizes and Which to Choose

There are many things to consider when shopping for a bed and mattress, including who will be sleeping in the bed and what length and width you need to comfortably sleep throughout the night. The rule of thumb is to purchase a bed that is, at a minimum, 10 centimeters longer than the tallest individual sleeping in the bed. 

The length of the bed is important so that your feet are not dangling off of the bed and your head is not hitting the headboard. For example, the length of a standard single and double bed is only 190 centimeters. Therefore, if you are taller than 5 feet, 11 inches, or 180 centimeters, you should consider a bed with a length of more than 200 centimeters. 

There are numerous bed sizes in which to choose in the United Kingdom, and a few are 200 centimeters in length to meet the needs of taller individuals. Yet, a comfortable length is not the only consideration. How many sleepers you have in bed will dictate the width. Below is a list of bed sizes with the dimensions listed in width by length: 

Bed SizeBed Size In Feet & InchesBed Size In Centimeters
Cot23 inches x 47 inches60 centimeters by 120 centimeters
Toddler2 feet, 3 inches x 4 feet, 6 inches70 centimeters by 140 centimeters
Small single2 feet, 6 inches x 6 feet, 3 inches75 centimeters by 190 centimeters
Single3 feet x 6 feet, 3 inches90 centimeters by 190 centimeters
Small double4 feet x 6 feet, 3 inches120 centimeters by 190 centimeters
Double4 feet, 6 inches x 6 feet, 3 inches135 centimeters by 190 centimeters
King 5 feet x 6 feet, 6 inches150 centimeters by 200 centimeters
Super King6 feet x 6 feet, 6 inches180 centimeters by 200 centimeters
Emperor7 feet x 7 feet215 centimeters by 215 centimeters

Most British couples sleep in a standard double-size bed, yet this size only gives each individual a width of 67.5 centimeters or 2 feet, 3 inches of sleeping space. That width is actually less than a toddler size bed and only 7.5 centimeters more than a cot! If you need more sleeping space with your partner, you should consider a larger bed. 

The Super king Is One of the Largest Beds Today

A Super king bed is one of the largest beds on the market today and measures an enormous 180 centimeters by 200 centimeters or 6 feet x 6 feet, 6 inches. Larger beds are particularly appealing to couples who may co-sleep with children or pets and need the extra space. However, a larger bed may also be appropriate for two adults. 

For example, if you are part of a couple who enjoys spreading out at night or likes to move around, a Super king offers a bit more width than the standard king-size bed and should work out well. That way, you can be an active mover without disturbing your partner. If you are a taller or wider individual, the Super king offers more space. 

Although a Super king is a great choice for more room for your family, not every bedroom can support this immense size and you would probably need dimensions of at least 12 feet x 12 feet to comfortably house a Super king’s bed frame and mattress and still have other furniture like bedside tables, a dresser, and still have room to walk. 

A Super king can definitely fit two adults comfortably and you probably will not even realize your partner is in the bed next to you. If you co-sleep with children or pets, a Super king may be comfortable in that it can support around 1,500 pounds. However, if you need more room for your family, there is a size that actually rivals the Super king. 

Larger Than the Super king? Yes, the Emperor Bed

An Emperor bed is the largest standard size bed available in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and many businesses refrain from even making this massive bed. This gigantic bed spans 7 feet x 7 feet, or 215 centimeters by 215 centimeters. Why would you need a bed this large? If you share a bed with a spouse, children, or pets, it is a solid option. 

Maybe you have a spouse who kicks you at night or little ones who jump into bed with you mid-morning. Or maybe your dog is a third partner in your sleeping arrangement. Whatever the case may be, an emperor bed will give you the biggest sleeping option so that you can have a good night’s sleep while sharing your bed with others. 

An emperor bed can be a great choice if a Super king still seems too small for you and your family. Covering your Emperor bed will not break the bank, as you can use regular or king-size pillows to fill out the extra space. You can even use your Super king size flat sheet to fit the Emperor bed if you are upgrading since the Emperor sizes are so similar: 

  • Emperor fitted sheet size – 215 centimeters by 215 centimeters (depth depends on your mattress size)
  • Emperor duvet cover size – 290 centimeters by 235 centimeters
  • King size pillowcase size – 50 centimeters by 90 centimeters
  • Regular size pillowcase size – 50 centimeters by 75 centimeters 

The regular-size pillows will work for an Emperor bed, but the king-size pillows will probably fill out the space of the massive Emperor bed a little better. This bed can comfortably fit two adults and a few small children or pets but could get crowded if there are more than two adults. That is where the largest bed comes into play. 

You Can Also “Make” Your Own Larger Beds

A king-size bed, also called an Eastern king, is a standard-sized bed that is affordable and comes with the largest standard mattress size. This bed measures 193 centimeters by 203 centimeters, making it shaped like a rectangle and is a bit taller and wider than the Super king. A standard king works best in bedrooms that measure 13 x 13 feet. 

A king-size bed is another great choice for actively moving sleepers who need plenty of room to sleep comfortably. However, what if you and your partner have different firmness preferences when it comes to sleeping? You can make a standard king by purchasing two twin extra-large beds because they equal the same dimensions. 

Making a larger bed is a great way to accompany two sleepers who have different sleeping preferences. Putting the two twin extra-large beds together is called a split king and allows sleepers with different preferences to choose their ideal mattress for their side of the bed. There are many options to be creative when making a larger bed:

  • 5 foot Zip and Link – two small singles measuring 150 centimeters by 190 centimeters, or 5 feet x 6 feet, 3 inches) 
  • 6 foot Zip and Link – two standard singles measuring 180 centimeters by 190 centimeters, or 6 feet x 6 feet, 3 inches) 

There are also sizes in the United States that are comparable to UK versions and can give more options. The standard sizes are a twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. There is also a somewhat larger option called an Olympic Queen, which is around 6 inches wider than the standard queen but smaller than the king versions.

What Is the Biggest Size Bed You Can Get?

Believe it or not, the Emperor is not the biggest size bed available on the market today. If you feel you need more than 215 centimeters in width and length, you can look into fitting a Texas king or Alaskan king into your room. You will need a huge bedroom to fit any of these comfortably, as they measure the following impressive centimeters: 

  • Texas king – 203.2 centimeters by 248.92 centimeters (6 feet, 8 inches x 8 feet, 2 inches)
  • Alaskan king – 274.32 centimeters by 274.32 centimeters (9 feet x 9 feet) 

The Alaskan king is the biggest size bed you can get, but you will need a room size or at least 487.68 centimeters by 487.68 centimeters, or 16 feet x 16 feet. Most master bedrooms measure 14 x 16 feet, so you may want the Texas king which needs a room measuring at least 365.76 centimeters by 426.72 centimeters, or 12 feet x 14 feet. 

If you co-sleep with others, the Alaskan king is ideal and measures a perfect square shape. Individuals who are more than 6 feet tall will also find this largest-sized bed to be the most comfortable. Even someone who is 7 feet tall can sleep comfortably and still have an additional 20 to 24 inches in space at the end of the bed. 

If you are interested in a bed size that is smaller than the Alaskan king and Texas king sizes but comparable to the Emperor size, there is also a Wyoming king. The Wyoming king measures 213.36 centimeters by 213.36 centimeters, which is only slightly smaller than the Emperor sized bed. It gives you another option if the Emperor is not available. 

There are Pros and Cons to Massive-Sized Beds

When it comes to fitting a bed comfortably in your bedroom, bigger is not always better. Many times, the popular standard double works totally fine for a couple to sleep comfortably together. This may be why the standard double is so popular with couples in the United Kingdom. They are also more affordable than the larger sizes available. 

The bigger the bed means the higher the cost of the bed. However, there are many pros to purchasing a gigantic bed. Whether it is the Super king, Emperor, Texas king, or Alaskan king, if you can afford the higher cost and your master bedroom can support the larger size then these gigantic beds come with two main pros to be considered: 

  • Definitely spacious enough for numerous family members (and pets) to spread out and sleep comfortably
  • Appropriate for very tall individuals 

The Emperor will give a bit extra space than the Wyoming, while the Texas king works for tall sleepers in a narrow bedroom since it is narrower than both the Emperor and the Wyoming and is shaped like a rectangle. The largest bed, the Alaskan king, has enough room for your entire family to spread out comfortably but comes at a stiff cost. 

Two other beds to consider are the California king, the Caesar, and the Super Caesar. The California king is a bit longer than the Super king while the Caesar and Super Caesar run 244 centimeters by 213 centimeters and 274 centimeters by 213 centimeters, respectively. Still a bit smaller than the larger Alaskan king, these are impressive for oversized bed space. 

Additional Considerations for Having a Larger Bed

As noted above, you need to make sure your room is large enough to fit an oversized bed and still have room for additional furniture. For example, the smaller Wyoming king would fit comfortably in a 14-foot x 16-foot bedroom and still give you plenty of room for additional furniture and walking space around the perimeter of the bed. 

If you are unsure how a larger bed will fit in your bedroom comfortably, you can mark your dimensions with measuring tape to make sure you have at least two feet of space between the bed and the perimeter of your bedroom. That way you will not have overcrowding and will still be able to fit a dresser, end tables, and a desk if necessary. 

Budget should also be a consideration before deciding how large of bed you need for your room. A Wyoming king or Emperor sized bed may run anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 and the Texas king may cost between $2,000 and $3,500. Are you interested in the biggest bed, the Alaskan king? That will run anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000. 

Of course, the number of sleepers will also dictate bed size. If you share your bed with a partner, child, and/or pets, you should consider a Super king bed at a minimum. Bedroom location also matters; for example, if your bedroom is on the second or third floor of your home, a large mattress may not fit through the stairwell or bedroom door. 

What About Accessories?

Finally, if you purchase a larger bed that means you will also need to purchase larger accessories. As mentioned above, the Emperor bed can use the same fitted sheet as the Super king but will need a larger duvet and probably larger sheets. The standard size for a Super king is 260 centimeters by 220 centimeters, compared to: 

  • Single duvet – 135 centimeters by 200 centimeters
  • Double duvet – 200 centimeters by 200 centimeters
  • King duvet – 230 centimeters by 220 centimeters
  • Emperor duvet – 290 centimeters by 235 centimeters, although this can vary 

Pillows for the Super king and the Emperor beds can range anywhere from 48 centimeters by 74 centimeters, 50 centimeters by 90 centimeters, or even a square that is 65 centimeters by 65 centimeters. You do not need to purchase oversized pillows for oversized beds. Instead, you can add aesthetics by filling the bed with many pillows. 

There are non-standard sizes of sheets, duvets, and pillows that can be used for a Super king, an Emperor, or even the largest Alaskan king. However, if something is considered non-standard, it may also elevate in price. For example, standard king sheets are more accessible but do not fit the Super king or the Emperor bed. 

The different dimensions of mattresses also vary by country and you could end up spending quite a bit of money on specialty items. You will want to make sure you can easily purchase a mattress for a Super king or Emperor bed, or larger, before purchasing the bed frame and headboard and having it installed in your bedroom. 


There is no standard-sized bed that meets everyone’s needs, as requirements depend on a number of factors. From who is sleeping in the bed, to the size of the bedroom, to your budget, all of the aspects will influence whether you can do with the standard double, a larger Super king or Emperor size bed, or the massive Alaskan king. 

Once you consider the size of your master bedroom, who will be sleeping in this room, the amount of money you want to spend, and what beds are actually available in your area, you can choose the perfect bed for you. That way, you and your family will be comfortable in the perfect bed size for years to come. 


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